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they charged me over 800 to fix my a/c and didnt fix it.

I took the truck, because the A/C was not working, I am an older lady, and I don’t know anything about...

scam and cheating

These are very vicious complaints, but nobody is saying where these horrible things are happening. I can completely understand how horribly things can go wrong in the auto industry in general. Its up to the service managers to do a tremendous job in customer satisfaction. I'm sure I will be bombarded with negative feedback for what I'm saying, but it's obvious when companies are having problems, which is why so many changes are being made. I am and always have been 100% customer driven, working 60-70 hour work weeks, on I won't lie, a halfway decent salary. I went from 300 lbs to 175 lbs literally working my way up the company. I'm by no means a stupid person, I don't waste my life with anything, especially my career. You need to understand, things happen with cars, unless your complaints are 100% directly related to a horrible incident at a particular location, you need to be careful where your directing your words. Unless you work for the company and are the president's right hand many, don't make assumptions. My location is on a very busy road surrounding several other auto dealers, repair facilities, quick lube locations, but my garage always seems to be that much busier, which all has to do with complete customer satisfaction. For obvious reasons I will not reveal what location I'm running, just hope you find us one day so we can show you what auto repair from Pepboys is all about. I know ill have skeptics thinking I'm paid so say what I say, or I'm some bored exec surfing the net... but if we're what you say we are, we wouldn't do that anyway... once again, in future posts, give a state, location, store number, something not too revealing for obvious reasons, but maybe some other managers are doing what I'm doing and caring about you and your vehicle. Have you ever driven 45 minutes for an auto repair even though you didn't have to? Paid less for the same exact thing? My customers have and do all the time for a reason. Imagine typing in a search engine your companies name and finding what I'm finding. Its human nature to be evil, completely understandable, but it's not everybody. Once again, let us know which places are doing wrong, be specific with what went wrong and why and your somewhat unbiased recollection of what went wrong and how it was fixed.

  • Li
    linda y Oct 11, 2008

    Posted: 2008-10-11 by Linda Y [send email]
    terrible service
    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    425 sunrise hwy
    Patchogue, New York
    United States
    Phone: 631-758-0045

    I went to PepBoys at 5 pm 10/11/08 for an auto inspection which I was told would take approx. 1 hr. My car was finally taken in for inspection 2' 40" later after numerous complaints. I left at 9pm without an inspection! My car had failed 2 times & they wanted to try 3rd time? They admitted having problems with dyno machine and I don't really know what the issue is, but my car is fine and I have never had a problem with inspection passage in the past. Ther were 2 other couples that had waited 5' and 7' for their cars and they were also extremly dissatisfied with the service dep't.
    I have never encounterd such poor service in the past at any other auto facility and I really don't know how they stay in business. I will never return!

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  • Ri
    richard ferrante Oct 12, 2008

    Pep boys are a nightmare.I had my tranny fluid changed on a 98 caravan at the one in liverpool ny in april 2004.When i got home there was tranny fluid all over the driveway.I took it back and they tod me I had a blown head gaskit and it would be $1400 to fix.
    I took it to another shop and they told me the plug was loose in the tranny case.They toped off the tranny fluid and did not even charge me.I fought with pep boys for 3 months before they agreed to refund my money.And by the way I just got rid of that van.4 years and 75, 000 miles later.i never had a problem with the head gaskit

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rip off

I purchased a Baja 50cc ATV four wheeler from Pep Boys for my son. That was the worst mistake I have ever...

they are the worst

PepBoys they are horrible! I had to go back to their Newhaven CT twice for not knowing how to fix front end knocks and didn't even put in a battery I bought. I immediately had to bring my car to their Staten Island NY garage for something that should have been fixed at pepboys CT. and my car has been there 5 days now and they can't tell me when I will get my car back. They are the worst! My suggestion to anyone is don't bring your car there. The level of incompetence and poor customer service is the worst that I have ever seen.

i'll never go there again

Last Monday (Aug 25th 08) I went to Pep Boys to have a Truck Tool Box installed.

I left my truck at Noon, said they would call me when it was done, I live across the street from this Pep Boys, here comes 3PM, thought it would be done by now?.

They hadn't even touched my truck, still sitting in the place I left it! I said it has been 3 hours and you haven't even touched my truck, they said it would be another 30 minutes before they could get my truck into the bay.

So I told them to give me a call when it was done.

Here comes 4PM and guess what my truck was still sitting there!

Boy was I pissed at them, I said 4 hours and you haven't even touched my truck!

They were taking customers before me, I was pissed! Nobody seemed to care about my situation, they could have cared less! I said give me my keys I'm out of here, they couldn't even find my keys, no name on the attached tag!

I had to find them myself, went out to my truck and threw all the attached service records etc. on the ground and got the *** out of there!

I'll never go there again!

  • An
    Angry at Pep Boys stores Aug 17, 2009

    On 2007 I took my wife's mini van to get an oil change, they wanted to sell me the store.
    first it took them for ever to get the job done, second they were charging me tires they never sold me nor I purchased, than to make matters worst they put a dent on my car and said that it was there when I brought it in... BS... when I ask to talk to the manager He didn't even wanted to come and talk to me,
    I asked to look at the initial body specs sheet, they brought me a page with two diffrent inks funny thing is that the new dent was on blue ink and the dings where on black... how weird that is... well, to my surprise I drove by the Pep boys dump store and it's now closed.. GOOD... these people shouldn't consider them selfs mechanics nor sales personal, I rather shop at Kragen Auto Parts, at least they are honest...

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bad oil job

Took my 2001 Toyota echo to Pep boys for an oil change and they overfilled the car potentially causing damage to my engine. The car only has a capacity of 3.7 quarts yet they billed me for 5 quarts of oil! Even Jiffy Lube only ever had the balls to charge me for 4 quarts of oil!

I won't dare let them touch it to drain the excess oil -- have read to many horror stories from people on hear who've gone back for re-work only to have their AC or something else mysteriously and "coincidentally" go out. What a crock of a place - no wonder they're going under.

horrible service

I have been in this store or on the phone approximatley eight times in the past week to order rims for my trailblazer, the first rims i picked i was told they wouldn't fit my truck so i switch to the approiate ones for my truck so i thought.I go there 8:00 this morning first customer in the store to have the rims installed after 45 minutes im told these rims wont work.Two hours later my truck comes out looking no different then when it went in why? because someone screwed up along the way and they were not the right rims.I have a hard time with the fact that with the way the economy is that pep boys can afford to pass on almost a thousand dollar order.My family has had an account with this company for years lets just say they lost great customers, word of mouth goes along way as far as where others choose to go I WONT BE RECOMMENDING THIS COMPAY TO ANYONE!!! I would appreciate a response that my complaint has aleast been acknoledge or i will be taking another step to the better bussiness bureau on such a poor excuse for an automotive store who is suppose to accomadate customers.

poor service

I took my car to pep Boys to get a free Brake Inspection, They had told me that I would need

new rear brakes, Master cylinder, two new tires, and to repack the barings. I t would cost $450.00 verbal estimate. No written estimate was given to me, they told me that my car would be done that Friday.

I called it was not done now it would cost another $100.00. Then on Saturday I was told it would need a Mastercylinder and it would cost another $100.00.

I had to miss my mini vacation with my son and he was disappointed. It was not right all customers should be given a written estimate, something to fall back on when this type of business likes to play around and not tell you the whole story.

  • Valerie Jun 05, 2008

    I visit store258 to have a wheel alignment and was told my car was not safe and need to change my brakes, rotator as well as callipers. I’m a woman who really doesn’t know much about these things and became very concerned. The sales person (Frank) again stated my car was not safe so I said wait I will call you back. When I called back to tell them not to do the repairs received an ok. To my surprised they were done anyway. My car just went for inspection not even a week before and none of these things were found. The workers at the store begin talking to each other in a Spanish language which I do not speak. I was forced to pay for something I did not authorize. I feel that if they replaced the old part back on my car it would really be fixed unsafe. Also the next day I returned to the store because I was still having the problem I went there for. I was told they have done all they can do for me. So I return to my car very unsatisfied to find oil boot stains on my carpet 600 dollars later and still have the same problem

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  • Ro
    robert Feb 08, 2009

    pep boys NEVER EVER dose work without an estimate and customer authorization period.. rj

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  • Ma
    Marc Feb 28, 2010

    A long-time customer, although I've never loved or hated them. A better and easier option than going to the dealer. On the last visit, I waited in line for 15 minutes without even an acknowledgement that I was there! I was the next person and I would expect an "I'll be right with you" or "thanks for waiting". At check-out the price was higher than over the phone due to sales tax. I let them know that when I talked to rep over the phone I specifically confirmed that this was the out-the-door total. He confirmed with a yes. That changed when I picked up my car. All around poor service at this visit.

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  • Jo
    Jonr1980 Sep 27, 2010

    I went to a Pep Boys recently to have my oil changed. Richard, the guy who writes up your car, sold me a regular oil change. It took roughly 20 min just for him to get my car in since he was so slow and old. I signed the paper and left. He told me I was the very first car of the day so it should be ready in 10 min. I said that's fine, and went to work. An hour later, Richard called me saying that he damaged my oil filter when he tried to remove it with a hammer. I became furious, since you don't remove a filter with a hammer. He said it wont come out, and I have to go to a "Git'er done" shop to get it out and it will cost me a "Purdy penny." I told him that when I get off of work that I will be having some sharp words for him. 20 min later, Richard showed up at my job. I dont know how he knew I worked there, and it seemed awkward. He started apologizing and I said that sorry isn't enough. He then said, "I will make it all good for you sweet cheeks." Richard touched my balls. It felt so sweet and nice, and he massaged my taint a bit. I totally forgot about what happened and I forgave him.

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lack of service

I purchased 4 new tires on 7/19/2008 at a total cost of $824.50. The incentive was to purchase three and get...

horrible service

Patchogue N.Y. went in for 4 tires on Tuesday, when I went to pick up the car they said 1 tire had a hole in the side and had to order a new one. So they put 1 different brand tire on, ok. Than when I got home I realized that they ruined the rim. Just had the correct tire put on tonight and they said they would look for a junk yard rim to replace it. Ok. when I went outside to leave I saw the lower body moldings popped out and cracked from putting the car on the lift improperly also dragged the greasy air hose across the top of the car scratching the sh-- out of it.

  • Pa
    Paul M. Mar 21, 2009

    I have heard similar complaints about this type of service by Pep Boys. They can't handle any type of basic service. I called them to set up state inspection for my vehicle, told them what type of vehicle it was, they said no problem. I show up for my appointment as scheduled, they ask me what vehicle I am bringing in, I tell them and...they tell me that they can't handle a car that small!!!???? (Corolla) Why the hell didn't they tell me that when I called?

    They are staffed by incompetent boobs and losers.

    PS-the Woodbridge NJ location where this happened went out of business. There is a God!

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  • Ev
    EvK45 Jun 10, 2010

    Don’t do it. Don’t make the sad mistake I did thinking Pep Boys will take good care of you. On 5-11-10 I left my car with them for a whole day to do an engine diagnostic. I told them it was bogging, stalling, and the engine light was on. On 5-15-10 my engine failed. I asked the Assistant Manager Melissa how that could happen; she said “I don’t know.” When I told the Service Manager Paul what had happened he said nothing. When I asked the Store Manager Brad how this could have happened he repeatedly kept saying, “I don’t know.” Are these the people you would trust to work on your car? I will never trust Pep Boys again. Don’t you or your family members visit give them any of your business.

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a good place to throw money away

I've just now read a lot of the pissed off at Pep Boys reviews. What can I add. I only wish that I'd read them before wasting money on a repair that wasn't necessary. The only thing that I can say about Pep Boys is that it's a good place throw money at pretend mechanics on your way to hiring a competent one.

My problem was a stalling car. It seemed like a problem that even the most amateur mechanic ought to diagnosis. After spending $140+ and making two trips to have them correct the problem they suggested that I take it somewhere else. The car of course broke down for good a few blocks after leaving Pep Boys. Then I had to pay for a tow to my dealers on top of the actual repairs on the fuel pump. You'd think that even the stupidest mechanic could check the fuel supply when the car stalls. Well, I now have a new set of plugs that probably weren't necessary. Maybe changing plugs is the only thing they know how to do.

  • Ha
    hackeractivist Mar 17, 2009

    pepboys has so called mechanics that are not even "ASE" certified. they hire back yard mechanics and have them work on your car. people look in any search engine in the internet and you will see how many people have complian about this company and their mechanics. don sorry you were a victim of this company dont worry they will soon go under, dont worry im making sure of that.

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On April 18, 2008, my F150 broke down and was brought to a Ford Dealer who I had used previously used to...

beware of pep boys store# 33

Back in January of 2008, Ricky and I had our 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT into the above PepBoys location for a tune up. They did the tune up, and inserted a new alternator and battery, which seemed to be sufficient, but after this, the car would not start intermittently. In May of 2008 (Three weeks ago) we had the car back into PepBoys for the same issue, in which the car would not start at all. This was occurring especially in damp, rainy and/or cold weather, so we wanted this taken care of. They inserted a new battery and alternator again, but this time unbeknownst to my spouse and myself, they failed to install the battery properly, and we wound up having to take the car back into the same location 4 additional times!! Each instance, they insisted nothing was wrong, because they were able to supposedly start the car. The problem was, that this issue was taking place first thing in the morning (At 5:30PM EST), as Ricky is trying to get into work, so we're getting frustrated over this. Upon the 4th time (June 12, 2008), Ricky is soo distraught, that I began to handle the matter, and when I spoke with the managers (Jose Gonzales and Mike Knowles) Mike did nothing but act condescending to me, telling me that they found nothing wrong with the car, telling me things like, 'the car is old', and that 'they don't make the car anymore', treating me like I'm a dumb female!! I refused to be treated like this, so they relented to having the car in their care for the next couple of days. On Saturday June 14th, we receive 2 phone calls from PepBoys, (7:46 and 8:16 AM EST) but they fail to leave a voice mail message!! When I contacted them again, I spoke with Jose, who informed me, that they had 'finally' found the issue, and that it was 'discovered' that the battery was not installed properly. Apparently, when they installed the battery (According to Jose) there was some type of felt/foreign object between the battery connector and the wiring. This resulted in the constant failure of the car to start first thing in the AM. Funny thing is, that when Ricky told them that he spoke with management on this, he told them that the Fiero Store stated this very thing could be the issue with the car, but they brushed him off. On top of all of this, when Ricky attempted to contact the store, he is told the manager is not available, and treated rudely. After getting 2 voice mail messages that were incoherent, my husband decided that I should be the one to talk with ANYONE from there. (Trust me, he's soooo upset, he might say something he doesn't want to.) I, being the diplomatic one (LOL) contact the store and insist on speaking with the department/store manager, and lo and behold, I get Mike, the very one who treated me like a dumb female!! I proceeded to let him know how disappointed we were with the quality of service we received, the lies, the double talk, and that my husband will be getting the car as soon as our complex finishes the paving job they are doing. I further tell him, that we have reported him to the PA attorney general, and that they will be hearing from our lawyer.

Then, I hung up on him!!

About 24 hours later, we get a phone call from the store manager, Jose/Joe or whatever he calls himself. He continues the bull****, but even has the nerve to add, that they had people working on the car for multiple days, up to 4 hours at a time, but they can't find anything wrong with it. He also acknowledges that we have threatened to sue them, and 'wants to make it right', to which I respond, 'Do your job!' I further tell him, that I found it very despicable to be treated like a dumb female, to which he apologized, and I named the culprit, Mike. I then mentioned how they damaged my husband's car, by breaking the key off in the trunk lock, to which he apologized, and replaced it, but I stated that it was still despicable. I also said that even if the electrical system is the issue, they should have people competent enough to handle electrical systems of cars like my husband's. I further said that if they truly want to make it right, to compensate us for the time we both lost from work (My husband 3 days, I one.), and also for the car rentals. He said that he couldn't promise anything, but if my husband came into the store, something could be worked out.

After nearly a week or more, I get a phone call from Dan McDonagle (?), who is the District Service Manager for this store. He proceeds to act very arrogant with me, he says that Jose and he had been in contact the entire time our car was there, (I found to be untrue, since if this was the case, I would have heard from him a lot sooner!!), says that they "offered us a second opinion opportunity", but we said no, to which I responded that was NOT true, but I stated for them to "Do their job!", and I also said to him, that if/when we choose to seek a second opinion, it won't be from anyone they recommend, because it is suspect. I further tell him and Jose of the disaster that took place when we used their complimentary towing, in which the tow truck operator nearly wrecked the car!! Finally, Dan further makes it sound like Ricky and I are lying about the situation, to which I responded that they were the ones not being truthful. I also stated to him and Jose, that the problem didn't start until AFTER the first battery and alternator were installed, and that we suspect inferior parts are being given to their customers.

Out of all this, the only person who has given us any real or honest information is a mechanic from another Pep Boys named Joshua, who mentioned something concerning a possible "parasitic short", which is slowly draining the battery.

These people are real idiots!!

As of this moment, we have filed a complaint with the PA Attorney General's Office, and would love to hear from an attorney.


  • Re
    Repairgod Dec 04, 2009

    First of all, you have a pontiac fiero that hasn't burned itself to the ground?! Bravo I guess.
    Second, the felt washers that were installed come as part of a Pep Boys battery installation package...you can not decline them, and the service writers can not remove them from the work order either...and they CAN NOT BE USED on a general motors side post battery with factory terminals...ever...but you'll be charged for them regardless.
    As far as Pep Boys having compitent technicians, I can speak from personal experience that because of the constant pay cuts and lack of respect for good technicians...the really good ones go elsewhere for employment.
    So..Find a shop with people you can trust and stick with them forever, the corporate stores are not a place you will find the best qualified technicians.

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“miscellaneous shop charge” is a scam

Do NOT let this company scam you after offering a sale price. I have, repeatedly, put them on the line over the "miscellaneous shop charge" and have refused service once being told that they will apply it.

If people do not complain, they won't get rid of the charge. A sale price should INCLUDE the miscellaneous incidentals like a dab of grease, a little spring that is a routine part of the job, a bolt, etc... Nothing about the way they add this charge is ethical.

And why do we take this company's bull and still go back? Because they are one of the few who does service on the weekends when we are all off.

Let me also add that Pep Boys' labour rate is now flirting with dealership rates--I have gotten several DEALERSHIP oil/transmission/coolant changes that were LESS THAN Pep Boys.

Consider a change when possible. There are other operations doing walk-in service cropping up everywhere. Patronize them because they're most likely starving for some of Pep Boys' customer base.


  • Da
    DamnYank May 13, 2011

    I recently went to the Pep Boys in Matthews, NC to have my oil changed. The only reason that I even went to Pep Boys instead of my usual place is because I received a coupon for a $17.99 oil change. After the oil change was completed, I handed over my coupon and when I went to sign my receipt, I noticed that the total was over $21.00. A closer look revealed a "shop charge" of $2.05. Nothing itemized to indicate what the charge might be for, but just a "shop charge". It just so happened that there were several other customers in the lobby, so I decided to raise some hell.
    I asked the clerk what the charge was for and he said it is a standard charge for all services. I looked around the room and said to him, "I don't see a sign indicating that there is a shop charge fee."
    He simply replied that they charge everyone that fee. Well, I had an audience so I took the opportunity to turn around to the others in the lobby and proclaim, "Is this fee fair? Or is it just another way corporate America rips off the people. I came over here to get my oil changed for $17.99 plus tax, foregoing a trip to my usual place, which charges $21.99 and rotates my tires for free. I mean, I was going to rotate my tires myself to save a few bucks, but instead, I get cheated."
    About that time, a lady stood up and said, "Am I being charged a shop fee too? I have the same coupon?"
    The clerk nodded his head yes.
    The lady said, "Well, you can just give me my keys then. I'll go elsewhere."
    As he was getting her keys, another many stood up and waited for the clerk to return and he too asked for his keys.
    I left feeling like I got my money's worth. I cost Pep Boys two customers.
    People, don't let businesses nickel and dime you to death. Stand up for your rights.
    And don't go to Pep Boys!

    2 Votes
  • St
    Stevepg2000 Jun 20, 2011

    I had the same thing happen to me plus they tried to add additional work. I had dropped my caroff for front end brake work(pads and new rotors) they quoted me $311 plus tax. When I went to pay they charged me 24.95 shop charge which they never mentioned. They explained that all stores do it, never in my life did I ever see a charge like this from STS or Midias. What ever the quote was it what was charged,
    In addition the service rep commeted that I need rear brakes and rotors ASAP the pad are down to the medal. The next day I drop the car off at midias for a rear brake inspection, there remarks were the pad are at 60% used and the rotors were fine. So PEP BOYS was looking to charge me $189 for work I did not need
    In short I would never go back to them, nor would I recommand them to anyone

    5 Votes
  • Do
    Donna Jean Florio Burger Jan 16, 2016

    I also took my car for a Strut replacement. They quoted me a price of $343.00 for one side. When I went to pick up the car they had added a $35.00 shop fee. I realize a company needs to make money but incorporate the extra charges into the repair. Pep Boys will make the extra and the customer will be satisfied. I hope someone at Peps Boys Corporate will read this.

    2 Votes
  • Ke
    Kelly Parker Oct 24, 2017

    I'm pretty sure that my first business with these boys, is my last. They charged me $35.00 "Misc shop fees" for replacing and alternator. When asked about the Misc supplies, the response was that it was "just things...I can not exactly tell you what..." They didn't back-up my system with a keep-alive battery, thereby rendering all computers(radios nav, etc. useless). Now they are telling me that they have to get a special computer into their office to resolve those problems...another 5 days. What a bunch of [censor] and incompetents. ... Never again!

    1 Votes
  • Hi
    HiddenCharge Oct 31, 2018

    It is a hidden charge, added after the service is complete. No where is the customer informed about the shop fee charge. We went in for a 3 year alignment and with that comes a $20 coupon. After signing the key pad and receiving the paperwork I noticed a $13.50 shop fee charge.

    In addition, the 3 year alignment warranty is 3 years/36k.
    The tech wrote 109, 000 and our vehcile has 129, 000 miles which means I only had 16k left the minute the alignment. The staff acted like it was very complicated to correct the mileage.

    This particular location needs to be investigated with an undercover team and exposed.

    1 Votes

bottom feeders of auto industry

Pepboys has to be one of the most poorly run companies in the auto industry. So here are some tips to avoid being ripped off.

1 - Don't go there

2 - Never go there

3 - Don't even think about going there

They sell a maintenance package for $39.99 which is only an oil change that you can get from Firestone or Goodyear for $19.99. The Pepboys maintenance package is a $9.99 tire rotation and a $29.99 oil change. Do the math: when you add that up, its less than doing the package services. How crooked is that?

Watching them in the service department is akin to watching sausage being made, you just don't want to see how its done.

This company is at the absolute bottom of the food chain in the auto repair industry. Get your cleaners and sale items there, but never let them touch your car.

  • St
    steve smith Aug 20, 2008

    Pep Boy's employes stink as bad as Manny, Moe & Jack. But their stink
    seems worse in Northfeild, N.J.

    1 Votes

Terrible quality of products

Purchased A Torin 3ton garage combo set (floor jack and stands) on 1/6/08. Got it out over the weekend to use...

they gypped me out of $75

Pep Boys gypped me out of $75 and I want my money back. I took it there for computer check because my engine light was on. I wanted to know what was wrong with my engine. They said they would put it on the "machine" and tell me what the matter was.

All I got for my money was I needed four new tires and I needed to replace my belt. I asked about the engine light. "You need a catalytic converter. We don't do that repair here."

"Well, what about my doom light that stays on or the car door 'open sensor' when all the doors or shut draining my battery. What's causing that? And I have to replace the coolant in my overflow tank. What's causing that?"

He just looked at me. And went back to where my car was.

Later, someone else came and told me my car was ready. On the way home, I kept hearing a ping under my hood. Checking up under my hood, I saw they left a rag. Next day I consulted another garage was I told I needed a water pump that's why I had the noise under my hood and was loosing fluid.

Pep boys personnel are not very courteous either.

don't use them

About a month ago I went to a PepBoys store to buy an K&N air filter for my JEEP because a friend told me about its efficiency. I got the air filter and place it in my JEEP. Some weeks past and I buy another for my BMW and I notice it is purple so I ask the attendance in Advance auto if all K&N filters are purple? He said yes. I told him that I got one from PepBoys and it was white. He said that some body has change the filter and placed it in another box. So I went to the Pepboys store and they told me that since I throw away they receive and did not complain in time they could not help me. I ask to speak to the manager but he has been away from the store for some weeks now, so the assistance manager has my name written down so the manager will call me. After two weeks I am still waiting. This store is in Puerto Rico on highway 167, Bayamon.

safety check? hah!

This spring my wife and I planned a visit to Arizona. She took her 2000 Saab (70k mileage/well maintained) in for a safety check, advising that we would put on 1500+ desert miles. Two employees signed off A OK. The main radiator hose turned out to be old. The hose blew, car overheated, blown head gasket. Early end to vacation and $3, 000 in repairs and another $6-700 in transportation and car rentals. The certified mechanic in Tucson was livid, stating no way this was looked at and they don’t at least suggest a $35 hose!

When I went in to speak with the manager, get this: he tells me the Bureau of Automotive Repairs has forbidden them from recommending anything be replaced unless they can see it’s already broken! My long-time mechanic says that is nonsense. So we have to file a claim.


I went to Pep Boys early in the morning today (June 3, 2008) for my Honda Accord service for oil change...

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