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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.


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United States - 19355

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AmericanMuscle Complaints & Reviews

AmericanMuscle / customer service as a whole (i.e. c/s representatives on up to upper management

Aug 14, 2019

I placed an order with these bozos and twice they sent me out the wrong item. And now that I have complained and told them how useless they are, they have red flagged my account. I was told that they no longer wish to do business with me. These people only care about themselves, not the...

AmericanMuscle / shipping

Aug 08, 2019

I ordered a tuner on Sunday estimated shipping was Wednesday no update on where my package is after it wasn't delivered Wednesday nor Thursday so I Called and asked about where my package was and low and behold it is lost ! The only way to get another one by Saturday is to pay for it again...

AmericanMuscle / qty: 1 sku: 387198 item: sr performance t3 carbon fiber turbo blanket (79-19 all)

Apr 27, 2019

AmericanMuscleOrdered this part specific to my EcoBoost 2016 Mustang, and it does not fit at all; not even close. Had some of the best experts look at it and make an attempt to see how this could possibley work. The product advertising screamed, "Yes, it will fit your 2016 Ecoboost Mustang!! Called...

AmericanMuscle / returns / gift cards

Jan 15, 2019

Made the mistake to purchase gift cards to get the extras for Christmas. The part was a guarantee fit for the vehicle. It did not work with my vehicle. They made me take it to an auto mechanic to prove it didn't work before they would accept the refund (extra expense). Now all I have i...

American Muscle / basic sensor upgrade kit

Jun 26, 2018

They screwed me on a sensor after I've spent a bunch of money with them in the past and Jackson told me I was SOL, their website said it would fit and it didn't so I shouldn't have to pay for their screw up. But apparently they think I should, that's why I'll go to carid from now on or...

AmericanMuscle / poor customer service on backorders/unreasonable return policy

Jun 12, 2018

Ordered a muffler for one of my customers, it was backordered two times, yet I was not notified of the delays. I then ordered aanother, based on the website videos. When I installed muffler, it sounded nothing like the video. Then they say it cannot be returned, since I installed it, even...

AmericanMuscle / 2018 mustang 5.0 fr500 wheels and tires fitment.

Jun 12, 2018

AmericanMuscleI ordered Rims and Tires on [protected]. After a week and a half of waiting I called in only to have them tell me they have not been shipped due to not being in stock, but i was not informed. They recommended a different size tire, to get them quicker. I asked if they would fit, they said...

American Muscle / awful company

Dec 04, 2017

Don't bother ordering from here, you'll only be disappointed and out of your hard-earned money. I am forced to hassle with them regarding my order that wasn't delivered on time and my money was never refunded. They blamed me for their own mistakes and I guess they will never admit it...

American Muscle / rude. there's nothing american about how they treat people.

Sep 07, 2017

I ordered an intercooler for my ecoboost Mustang after not receiving it on the delivered day i reached out to American Muscle to see what the hold up was. They told me it was processing that it hadnt been shipped out yet. I called once again and this time they told me it was getting...

American Muscle / Don't order from American Muscle!

Feb 10, 2017

Very bad company to deal with, I would not recommend American Muscle to anyone. Save yourself from these money hungry scammers! When I called them for the fist time they were so nice and polite but all that was fake, they just tried make me buy something. After I made my order and they got... / they don't know what parts they really have

Jul 02, 2015

My deal with the company was awful, because I have order car’s parts from them. It was mentioned on the website that these parts in stock. The seller confirmed this information. But 5 days later he excused and told me that they don’t have these parts. I... / They provide bad parts and refused to change them

Nov 22, 2014

I bought Mustang parts from the company Real scam, I paid large sum for them, but parts were defective and after couple of weeks I needed to change them again. It was really stupid and when I contacted the seller and asked to provide refund, this jerk refused and...

American Muscle / Scam and cheating


I ordered an Entire Exhaust system for a Mustang. American Muscle sent me two different size exhaust tips. One was nuch bigger than the other. Both tips have their vendors Trademark 'PYPES' on the tip. Yet, American muscle says they don't make that size...American Muscle...