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none delivery after payment, vehicle still did not start

Failure to deliver services on payment. Vehicle was delivered to Pep Boys Shop on 17 May 2008 via tow. Tower (Mike, not sure of name) was informed vehicle running hot as well as not currently starting, hence the tow. Called to check status of vehicle on Sunday 18May08, shop informed that will not begin repairs until Tuesday. Pep Boys called Tuesday 20May08 around 4pm to inform us that the vehicle was ready for p/u. Called in credit card payment via phone around 6pm. Was then informed I could pick up the vehicle, was unable to because of work at that time. Attempted to p/u the vehicle after payment was made the next day 21May08. Called around 11pm and spoke to Service Advisor (Frank Yarwood), he assured me that the vehicle was starting, radiator/thermostat installed, and repaired hoses. Frank stated that vehicle ran for nearly an hour with no issues. Arrived around 1pm via the bus to pick up vehicle. Shop was unable to find key to my vehicle for nearly 10-15 minutes, after key was found vehicle did not start assured via telephone by service advisory vehicle would. Vehicle was then jump started with intent to send me off with vehicle after it did not start as I was told it would. They then told me I would need another diagnostic/electric ($94.99, original diagnostic performed by Hank Villa) test after vehicle was paid for and did not do what was promised upon service delivery. Attempted to get a discount battery to attempt discovery of issue, why it did not start. They wanted to impose another service fee and charge including diagnostics before checking starter and alternator. They refused to do the work that I was guarantee prior to p/u. I feel that my vehicle was paid to be in a running condition after repair. Refused to help after 30 minutes of waiting and did not receive payment refund, vehicle still awaiting repair at shop.

terrible experience!

Had my car towed to Pepboys to have oil filter removed and to have them change the oil. I had already drained all of the oil from the car which is why I had it towed. I could not get the oil filter off, because it was seized on. I told the desk clerk to tell whoever, not to start the car because there was no oil in it. When I returned the next day to get the car the oil filter had been replaced and new oil had been put in. However, When I attempted to drive the car to work the next day the car was knocking and the further I drove the worse it got, so I returned it to Pepboys and suggested that the mechanic must have driven the car from the parking lot to the bay with absolutely no oil in it. They denied this, but the mechanic did look at the car and said that it was a little over filled with oil and yes it indeed did have a knock, but he could not do anything about without a supervisor approving it. The acting desk supervisor, James Ferrette told me that it was my problem and that they could do nothing about it, and that I must have brought the car in like that. So, I had the car towed by the same tow driver to the Saturn Dealer to have the car checked out and wrote a letter of complaint to the Office of the Attorney General. I am some kind of mad with pepboys customer service.

bad water pump killed my engine

April 26th: I woke up to take my truck to Pep Boys so they could see what the problem was with my truck over...

the truth from an employee

I have worked at Pep Boys now for 5 years, in 3 different Pep Boys stores in 2 different states. They are all the same. Customer service (aside from myself, of course) is just horrible. It's a joke. They do NOT care about their customers. The service department is even more of a joke, really. They ONLY care about MONEY! Probably because they are going broke fast. They will absolutely lie to you to get as much money as possible. They have even tried it on me, and I am an employee! Every last part in the store is very cheap & way overpriced.

Also, Pep Boys did not give ANY employees raises this year. Even the managers were not given any kind of pay increase. Employees who have worked for the company for 10+ years are quitting left and right. The CFO and the CEO both resigned recently. Even they know that the company is failing. I am 99% sure that the entire company will be history in the near future..

From the inside, honestly, go to Autozone.

  • St
    steve jobberson Jun 08, 2008

    You lie!!! I got a raise! i was the only one in store who got one! ha!!! And go to advance, not autozone.

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  • Ja
    Jane Doe Nov 30, 2008

    Employees are treated bad. Employees get the blame for what other employees do.
    A hard worker employee gets fired to keep the bad guys...
    Do not use the service center for your carshop at pep boys and don't work for the company...

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bad service information

I brought my px250 on 12/12/07 the first ride I had on it the lights came off, the next ride my turning lights stop working the right side then the left side. Three weeks later the bike stop run. I am not pleased with your bike. I call baja for help and all the people they had me call do not fix bikes. I need help getting it repair. [protected] the product is falling apart. The people you call like mike give you number that they have not us before bad service. I will not go.

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my bad experience with them

When Dorothy Colbert hired me on July 27, 2007 in the Lakeland store, she said that I be 30-34 hours of week, if that was okay, and I said it was fine because I could work myself up. I been putting hours in the store, as you could look at my account when I clock in, I have over thousand hours because of the others cashier when they don’t come in. I think that this is not fair for Ms. Colbert to give me 22 hours when she feels like. We had a meeting last week, and I did ask her about vacation for part-time, which is in the pep boys memo, which is also said to speak to the store manager, which I did, and she was not professional about it. she said that part-time don't get vacation, she didn't even bother to look into the pep boys memo, which it state in the computer which I printing it out and show it to her, and she didn't wanted to hear anything about it. This is not a professional way to handle worker like that. We put the store together, not the store manager. We do all the work which they getting the credit, not even on the meeting the stated we do great job, it always negative. We have the store running, cleaning doing truck and etc. please look into this matter. Thank you!!

they do bad work

I am not pleased with the service I have a Pep Boys. I find them to be rude and unhelpful to customers. While I was in line to have them fix a problem I already paid for them to fix, I heard one of them tell a little old lady that they do not have the record of installing her battery. He told her they don't keep records of work being done longer than 4 months. LIAR, LIAR!!

I am having vibration problems with my car and took it to another car place to find out what was wrong because I was getting no where with Pep Boys. The other car place told me my tires were out of round and still had good tread, so I should take it back to where I got the tires and get new ones. (FYI - This place did not charge me a DIME to look at my car.) I take it to Pep Boys and after waiting TWO HOURS they tell me they can't find anything wrong and send me on my way! What frustrates me is knowing that I will be going back there tomorrow when my car starts vibrating because my tires are OUT OF ROUND and they didn't replace my tires or take me seriously!

I can't buy tires without buying a hazard waranty

I have been buying tires from pep boys since 1968.I own 4cars and 4 suvs. When I went in to buy tires for my suv I was told that I had to buy the road hazard warranty (a new policy of pep boys). If you check your records I have only brought back one tire because of a defect in 40 years. I went to Americas tire co. and bought 4 tires with no problems about the way I buy tires. Hesperia Ca. and Victorville Ca. stores. I would like to buy your tires with no extra costs added on. I also buy parts for these vehicles at pep boys.

incredibly bad brake service

F150 towed to Pepboys store 697 in Albuquerque, NM because entire right front brake was destroyed.

First thing Asst Mgr Abel Nevarez asked what is wrong! "Give me some parts so I can enter the order." After order entered mechanic went and put down all needed parts. I also asked for an alignment.

Job promised at 1:44. Done at 3. Reasons: waited for long time to get a tube from another Pepboys store in Albuquerque. Had to be reminded about the alignment.

Assistant store manager did nothing. They have NO managers.

Never again to that chain. Website is down.

Rebate receipt lost, then no help

I purchased an oil change (with the assumption that I would get a $10 rebate). When I sent in the rebate with...

I got nothing for 3 hours

I went to Pep Boys to have my brakes and my belts checked. I sat while a "mechanic" took of my wheels (he has on his earphones -how was he going to listen for the noise that I had reported?). He took off my left brake pad and said nothing. He went to work on another car! I sat there for 3 hours before I could get an update on my car. Then they said my alternator sounds like it is going bad -WRONG! These guys were not focused at all Nd they seem tired and could have really crewed up something!!!

  • An
    andrew lev Jan 17, 2015

    at pepboys techs cannot wer headphones since its against osha regs safety concern get the lie right

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lying manager said rats ate up wires

On 4/14/08 at Dayton/Trotwood Ohio location I went to Pep Boys because my windshield wipers would not work and rats had gotten under my car hood. The rats had not eaten the wires that caused the problem but Bob, the manager without looking began to tell me that rats or mice ate the wiring and that it would cost over $800 to fix. I left the store and returned to look at the wires. Not one of the wires had been eaten or damaged at all. He just lied and when confronted he said he just assumed.

liars and thieves

Pepboys replaced 4 new tires and in the process broke off 2 tire pressure sensor valves. Instead of telling me, they replaced them with regular rubber ones. Obviously the light came on. I took it back and said it must be a computer problem with the truck. I took it to Toyota who diagnosed it in 5 minutes and said they see it all the time with PepBoys ripping off customers. PepBoys had me buy the valves for 130.00, said I'd be reimbursed. A month later, still no money and they say "checks in the mail." Corporate could care less. They're liars and thieves. Go to AutoZone. Now I have to take them to small claims to get my money!

  • Pe
    Pepboys Victim Apr 12, 2011

    They are a scam artist...don't ever go to Pepboys . Very poor service

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terrible experience!

Let me start by saying I have been a loyal customer for a very long time. My father and I have been going to your store for many years now. I have spent more of my hard earned money with your company than I can count. With that being said I have never written an email to a company to tell them about the service I received from my experience at their store until today. I needed to get my car fixed because my car would not start or keep a charge. My father drove me by early in the mourning to see if the store would be open and saw a sign that said the store would open at 12:00 because of the Easter Holiday. That was fine because I understand that your workers would be with their families in the mourning as well as I. I wish I could have the luxury of missing work on Monday to take care of fixing my car but I do not due to the line of work I do. My experience started at 11:55 am when I called the store to find out if the service department would be open to work on my car today. A worker then picked up the phone and said "Pep Boys we open at 12:00 hang on" and I had to wait as I heard in the background a conversation between the person who picked up the phone and another co-worker. After about 45 seconds to a minute later the associate then said, "The system is not up and running yet, we cant look up any part requests yet, call back at 12:00". I then said but I just need to know if service is going to be open so I can get my car looked at and fixed. The associate then replied, "Nobody from service is here yet I don't know what to tell you". I then replied but it is twelve and the associate then replied and said "No, it's 11:57, were not open yet" and I then said so then I'll call back in a few minutes when your open ok and hung up the phone. If the store was not open yet why did the associate pick up the phone? Was it just to annoy potential customers? I then told my dad that we just need to go over there now so he gave my car a jump and I was on my way. Now when I got there I said to the service desk representative that "I was told by friend of mine that if I get a diagnostic on my car and fix what ever the diagnostic tells me that the diagnostic charges would be dropped correct" and the representative laughs in my face and say's "No", turned to a co-worker and asked "Have you ever heard of a diagnostic being waived" and the co-worker say's "Never" and turns back to me and say's "No, the charge for that is like a hundred bucks" and looked at me as If I were just some idiot and had a look as if I were wasting his time and say's "So what are you gonna do?" and I just walked out of there because I was insulted. Now I was pissed! We popped the hood of my car and started the car and my father said take the positive cable off of the battery and we can tell if the alternator needs to be changed. So we did and the car stopped. Now we have an idea of what is needed to fix the car. We called the other store location on Military Trail and Belvedere Road but they were only doing oil changes. I went around with my father looking for some other mechanic to fix my car. After no luck we had to go back the store that offended me anyway. Now this time I walked up to the counter and avoided the worker that insulted me and went up to another associate. Her name is "Arley". Now let me tell you first of all there was no thank you for coming to Pep Boys. There was no hello how are you. There was no Can I help you. There was no kind of pleasantry at all! I got a "Next!" and that was it! I told her what my problem was and that we pretty much know that the alternator needs to be changed. She then replied "The jobs not gonna be guaranteed because other things go wrong with a car, we need to find out what else is wrong with the car". I felt like I was talking to a robot. No emotion. No well were going to take care of you. No reassurance that the job would be done right at all! She said that the battery, the starter and alternator had to be checked and that it was like twenty bucks to do the check or the jobs not guaranteed. So I said "I guess I have to get it done then, my car doesn't start so you need to jump it" and she replied back and said "Don't worry we got a way to jump the car" then proceeded to do the paper work and when she was done said that "The job is in so you can sit down now". Now I'm not a third grader and you don't have to talk down to the customer in a demeaning tone of voice and make the customer feel small. I need my car fixed so I said nothing and walked outside where my car was. After a while someone finally came out and walked toward my car with no cables and just my keys and I told them that "The car is not going to start, I told the girl at the counter that it needs a jump" He the proceeded to try and start the car anyway. The car did not start as I told him and he said that "Your gonna have to wait, we need to charge the battery to our jump kit" and walked away! After waiting and waiting I decided to walk up close to the bay to just tell the guy that "We can just jump the car with my cables I have in the car, That is how I got it here" and looked at me as if I were bothering him and said "We can just push it in the bay". I'm thinking to myself, is this guy for real? He then walked up to my car with the keys and put it in neutral and we pushed the car into the bay! I couldn't believe it. 1, I'm paying for a service, 2 you don't expect the customer to do your job, and 3 it is just plain unprofessional! Now the car is finally in the bay and is going to get looked at to finally see what the job is. After they do the check on all three components I was told something I already knew. The alternator had to be changed. So there was my time and twenty dollars gone that I wasn't getting back. Now I had to talk to "Arley" again and nothing has changed. She still had no customer service. She still talked to me with a chip on her shoulder. She still was not treating me like a human being. I have feelings. In my line of work if I were to treat a customer the way I was being treated do you know what would happen? You loose a customer for life!!! Now while at the counter I see two displays of signs that said "Book Today! Call our service department to schedule your appointment. Free Pep boys Auto Car Care Check Up". So I ask "Arley" why did I not get offered this free check up on my car? She then replied in a demeaning voice again "You have to call the number and set it up, it's not a coupon". I can't believe how I was being treated but I still kept my cool. So I call the number to schedule a check up and the phone rings and a guy answers and I explain to him that I wanted to schedule a free check as the flyer says. He said to me "That was yesterday, you missed it and I don't know when the next one is" I then replied and said but I just got one of these flyers and It say’s call to set up your free check up. He then tells me "Sir, this is the third time I am explaining this to you people, I need to put the phone down and take a deep breath before I start to raise my voice at you". In my head I'm think I'm in the Twighlight Zone or something. He say's "I suggest you let me take a deep breath and then I can help you". I say, "Sure go ahead do what you have to do or we can talk to the manager or something". He puts down the phone and takes his deep breath, waits a little bit and picks up the phone and say's "Ok, now I'm level headed and can help you, the flyer you have was for yesterday! It's over! See the date that's on it?" I say, "No, there is now date on this flyer". He then replies to me and say's "Sir do you know how busy the service area is? We don't have time to take those down. Just call and speak to the managers tomorrow. Their names are Denny and Jeremy but they are out today". I then reply "Do you need me to just set them behind the counter for you since you guy's are too busy and would want this to happen to someone else" and believe it or not he said YES!!! Unbelievable!!! This has got to be one of your worst run stores in the country!!! I then tell "Arley" that I just tried to schedule this Free check up on my car and she say's " You just called the store sir, we don't know when the next one is". Just minutes before she told me to call the number to set it up. What is going on? I explain to her that it's misleading to have that display out and it should not be out if the customer can not actually set up this free appointment. She then grabs the displays one by one and slams them underneath the counter!! Wow! Is this really happening? So I go outside to wait for my car to get done and decide to walk to Pollo Tropical, which is in walking distance from the store, and get some food so I can cool off and get out of that environment. On my way to get some food I see a coupon on the ground that says "10% off your next service ". Picked it up a kept walking to get some food. After a while I get a call. It was "Arley", "Your car is done". I say, "Ok, I'll be right there". I wanted to end my experience with your company as soon as possible. I get to the counter and "Arley" is working with someone. When she gets done she takes her time does a few things and says to me" That's $325.18, Cash or Credit?" I don't know about you but where I'm from most people don't carry that much cash. When I worked behind the register the question was "And which charge card would you like to pay with today?" assuming that was how the transaction was going to be paid because of the amount of the total. I say "Charge" and she starts to process my sale. As she is doing the transaction I remember I have the coupon in my pocket. I then proceeded to give it to her and she takes it. Looks at it and say's "This was for customers who attended our clinic yesterday". In my head I'm thinking how does she know if I attended the clinic or not? I say to her "What makes you think that I was not here?" She replies "First of all I would not have had to explain to you earlier about how the check up works and second I heard you calling before trying to set yourself up with the check up". I then said "I found it in the parking lot, now who's not to say that a friend of mine was here yesterday and then gave me the coupon to use, you wouldn't know that". I say, "So you're not going to honor the coupon?" She replies "No!" in a nasty voice! And say's "I could, it only depends on the situation". I then say, "So if you wanted to you could but your not cause you don't like me or something?" She then replies "No! I'm just not gonna honor the coupon for you and that's that!" I even asked to get the coupon back because I did find it on the floor and it should be mine and she said "No!" and kept it! The coupon was for ten percent! Do you think that the $32.52 would have saved my life? Do you think this amount could make or break me? No. I do think that this young lady has a little power trip with her position, thinks she has a safety net, thinks she knows it all, and gets off on doing things like this! You NEVER tell a customer that you could do something and don't do it!!! Don't say you can do something and don't deliver! You know what? You have just lost my father and I as a customer for LIFE!!! I am going to tell everyone I know to boycott and stop spending money with your company! I am paying for a service. Customer Service IS A BIG PART OF WHAT I PAY FOR as well!!! If this is the kind of people you want in your organization I am going to do my best not to ever have anyone in my family or any of my friends experience what I have experienced today!!! I could not even tell a manager about the incident because THEY BOTH WERE OFF!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! What type of service orientated store gives both managers the day off??? How does it affect the work place? I'll tell you how, PURE CHAOS!!! Everyone showing his or her true colors!!! The associate you think is a good worker is really a goof off, irresponsible, and not even worth giving a paycheck. Do you even spot-check the service with secret shoppers at this store? I bet if you did, this store would fail every part of the questionnaire!!! The Service was horrible! The people unprofessional! The environment Chaotic! No sense of store pride or even showing that they like their job or what they are doing!!! I love my job and that is why I do it. If I didn't then I would go find a job that made me happy! BOTTOM LINE, This was the worst experience I have ever had at any store! I had to write and let someone know about this! That is why I am sitting at my computer at 3:05am Monday mourning typing this. I have to work tomorrow but could not sleep until I wrote this and hit the send button. You have better believe I am going to start a blog about this! Who knows maybe start a website dedicated for customers who have had a bad experience with Pep boys to all come together and show you how bad your service is! Maybe then you will realize you have a big problem with the culture at your store! Only then when I am able to get a buzz all around the Internet about this and get some people to help with the cause you will see WE ARE FOR REAL! I am going to forward a copy of this email to all of my contacts. I have some good contacts TOO! Once this starts rolling and gets big like a snowball going down a mountain heads should roll in your store. How does this even happen? "Parts, Service and So much More". Please. How about Horrible service and the so much more must mean a headache, stress, treated poorly, and a bad taste in your mouth! You get a ZERO on the score from me. You may think that this ends here. It doesn't. You will hear from my contacts and I soon. Might not be tomorrow, might not be the next day. But you have definitely not have heard the last from me! I will recommend to others to speak up about their experiences and see where this goes. For now just know that you have lost a loyal customer who has spent a lot of money with your store but no longer. I will take my business elsewhere! And I know that your company is big and that maybe losing me as a customer will not even make a dent in profits, but I am going to try my best to get the word out and see if I can at least make this one stores numbers go down the drain. Maybe who knows even get it shut down because the locals will be going to your competition. Thank you for giving me the chance to vent and have a place where I can let at least one person know how I feel. All I can say is you, the one person that is reading this email, get this in the hands of Pep Boys President & CEO Jeff Rachor and let him know of this. If he still is the President & CEO by the time I get done with my campaign! They say Pep Boys has over 560 stores and approximately 6, 000 service bays in 35 states and Puerto Rico. Well If I get my way soon it's going to be 559! One store at a time! Starting with the store on 4301 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth Florida 33461. A Store Where managers have let the stores culture and integrity of a place to get good service be replaced with horrible service, crappy training, and just plane lack of respect for the customer. As I end this email now and it is approaching 3:15am I have one more question, What ever happened to the customer all way's being right? I guess at Pep boys the employees think they are always RIGHT!!!

Daniel M. Vivar
3854 Chickasha Road
Lantana Fl, 33462

  • Bw
    bweef Sep 21, 2013

    I know one store I'm never going to again.

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missing engine parts!

Purchased a new ATV Baja 150. The store had to get it out of warehouse from some other State. Pep Boys agent started ATV prior to loading onto my vehicle. ATV was not ridden at pep boys or anywhere else. ATV went from back of vehicle directly into heated shed via ramp. ATV purchased on 1/18/08 and stored until attempt to run om 1/20/08. Would not start or run more than 30 seconds. Upon reviewing owner`s manual, a vital carburetor component was found to be hanging out of carburetor. Upon further inspection, other engine parts possibly missing. After calling store, voicing my complaint, the store agent said once item leaves store, its out of their hands. It is unacceptable to me and I want to take action.

Piss poor service!

I brought my car in for an overheating engine. I was quoted 215 dollars to replace a thermostat.The The mechanic that looked at it ran a diagnostic test and informed me the thermostat was good but the water pump had failed and needed to be replaced. This would cost me 525 dollars. They disassembled my vehicle and I received a call stating I needed to replace a water distribution hose that ran from the top of the engine to the bottom at an additional cost of 200 dollars. When I complained he said they would stop work and I would be responsible for labor costs and would still have an inoperable car. I was forced to authorize the work. In my amazement I received another call for labor that was done and they said I needed to replace the timing chain at another 500 + dollars. I had enough and refused. The service manager then suggested I replace the plugs since my car was apart and would only charge me 24 dollars their cost. I agreed for fear of my refusing any other additional work. My total bill was 954 dollars in the end. I drove my car off the lot only to come back 3hrs. later complaining my heat and ac did not work. Their first reaction was... we did not touch the ac in any way and I had not let the carrun long enough for the heat to start working. I hold a masters license in HVAC and a universal refrigerant license also. I told them it wasn't working and informed them of my certifications but they still refused to look at the ac yet they gave me a rain check to look at the heat. I am certain they were both working perfectly. I am yet to see if they fix the problem but doubt their competence. I have never had such Piss Poor Service in my life as I did at Pep Boys!

terrible service!

My Lincoln Mark VIII was having a electical problem that caused the car not to start. It was not getting a...

save your time, and aggravation and go elsewhere for your service

I started my business with them by stating i've been taught to ask, whatever gets replaced on my vehicle, i want in a box when i pick up the car. I needed brakes. Long story short. 3 days later, and $685. They said 2 of my calipers were frozen. I needed an air cleaner because ' it looked like something was living in it' and an oil change. They didnt have the old air cleaner for me, so i made them, after much complaining remove the air-cleaner from the bill. So i got it for free. But thats only $25 so its a very small win for the informed consumer. 2 of the pads didnt really need to be changed. The seized calipers are probably due to the fact that the pads showed a big gouge on one side from where they used a single screwdriver to spread apart the caliper, instead of a caliper spreading tool. This probably caused the alleged caliper seize. I've done my own brakes numerous times in the past, i'm no pro, but i know if you dont apply even pressure to both sides of the pad while spreading it, it can cause damage. Anyway, they also lost my remote locker/unlocker which was initially with the key. ( they did eventually find it, but still !!! ) they have a charge ( sku#4120 ) for, and i quote: costs and profits to the motor vehicle repair facility for miscellaneous shop supplies (and fluids).

I know that when dealerships charge you $6 for a can of brake cleaner, ( for example) they use 3-5 squirts and put the can back on the shelf and charge the next person the same, and the next person. Using the same can. So i've been taught to get the remainder of the said cans or bottles. This is your lawful right. Pep-boys gets around this by the computer automatically figuring in a percentage. This also includes, according to them. Compressed air, hydraulic lift, rags. Wear & tear on their equipment, grease etc. This is such a total scam its preposterous. And i am in the process of writing to their ceo and complaining. Their is no shortage of complete horror stories about pep boys. And no surprise they are not part of the b.b.b. Save your time, and aggravation and go elsewhere for your service. Talk to people and find a local mechanic thats trustworthy. It may cost a few dollars more from time to time, but its worth it. I know, my dad used to be one of those trusty mechanics who didn't make a whole lot of money, but never had an unhappy customer.

And to top it off, they still charged me for a bottle of brake fluid. Brake jobs require brake fluid, it should be part of the price. But alas, pep boys loves money, anyway they can get it. Always ask for your old parts and remaining fluid/spray beforehand. Good luck.

I was ripped off by them!

Pep boys#89 white marsh md i purchased a razor elec scooter at this store and charged the battery 2 times on the third time it would not take a charge. So i switched the battery with another scooter that belong to my other grandchild. It worked fine. Then i took a look at the battery it was not a razor battery. So i called razor and they told me that all of their scooters leave the factory with battery clearly marked with the name on the top of the battery. This scooter had a battery made by some generic manufacturer and was switched by someone at pep boys or they sold me a used scooter either way i was ripped off by them. They will not even call me back. I filed a complaint at the bbb of md lets see where it goes i think this is the last nickel of my money they will get from me and i advise anyone to avoid pep boys like the plague.

  • Gr
    Grandad17 Jan 14, 2009

    I think the problem was RAZOR. My Grandson had a razor kick scooter and a spring in the locking part broke. They sent me the wrong part...cost me about $10...WRONG PART !!...finally told me could no longer get the right part. Kept my money for incorrect part and would not give me a discount on a replacement scooter.
    RAZOR is a CROOK company !!! Stay away unless you have money to keep buying new scooters !!!

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brake repair scam

To make a long long story short as possible. I had an issue with my brakes so I had my car "diagnosed" at...