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Safelite AutoGlassWindshield

After making arrangements to have my windshield be replaced I was given a price by Safelite of $599. The sent several messages reminding me of my appointment today at 10 am. While driving to my appointment I get a call from them telling me they had given me the wrong price. Instead of $599 it would be $1100. I told them to cancel the appointment. I found another place to do it for $599. To hell with Safelite!! I'll never use them again!

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    Safelite AutoGlass — Safety and airbag sensors going off, chipped pcm, windshield wipers on wrong, overhead rear view window loose button

    My Pristine car went in to have a cracked windshield replaced. My husband sat there with it for over 5 hour...

    Safelite AutoGlass — The windshield installed is defective

    After only 5 weeks and the mildest winter in the Pocono Mountains ever my windshield is litered with what...

    Safelite AutoGlass — employment practices

    I was an excellent employee of your company for two months. I did whatever I was told and had no performance...


    Safelite AutoGlass — reimbursement of the windshield by subaru was not received by safelite autoglass

    A few months ago I received a partial reimbursement for my windshield replacement. It included a full value...

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    Safelite AutoGlass — additional expense due to technicians shortcut

    I'm resending this complaint with all the photos as evidence. Mr Ferstl, Justin.J from the local office...

    Safelite AutoGlass — defective windshield installed/rear view console damaged

    On 8/9/19, safelite mobile install van came to my home to replace the windshield in my 2018 cadillac escalade...

    Safelite AutoGlass — customer service and scheduling

    I called the Safelite location in Conyers, Georgia on August 14, 2019 at 8:20 am to schedule an appointment...

    Safelite AutoGlasswindshield/wipers

    I decided to have a windshield put in my elderly moms car and the day they were coming out 6/19 I left the cash as per the quote with her. They ended up charging her more and selling her windshield wipers and charging her tax twice. I am furious they took advantage of her. She asked for a receipt and he said he only emails his receipts and I have yet to receive it. I am sure he pocketed the extra taxes charged and I want my elderly mom to get her money back for the charges that he ripped her off. The service was put under my phone number [protected] and it was for a 2005 Mazda Tribute. The service address was 1408 Pennell Road, Brodheadsville, PA. 18322. I believe the gentleman's name was Marlo or something like that a bald gentlemen as they sent a picture. I want my receipt for the services and I want the money back for the double taxes and wipers he forced her into getting. I was already asked about the wipers and declined the service. He took advantage of a 86 year old senior and I am furious and want restitution immediately. Thank you.

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      Safelite AutoGlassunexpected price change for small auto window repair the day of appointment after installation.

      On 4/16/19 I googled and called the main number for customer service to obtain a quote for my auto window repair for a the small window on the back passenger side of my Infiniti G37x. The customer service representative was a woman, and she asked if I would be going through my insurance company or not for the repair. I specifically mentioned to her that if the costs would be more than my deductible ($500), I will rather go through my insurance instead of direct cash for repair. The representative was able to provide a quote which supposed to have applied a discount due to my auto insurance company, which was quoted as a total of $344.63 to include parts, labor, disposal, sales tax, and the mobile repair fee. The representative mentioned if the aftermarket product is not available or if the price change and goes up, I will be notified in advance by phone or email prior to my appointment date. I agreed, and provided my payment information to reserve the appointment slot for 4/23/19. Today 4/23/19, the technician arrives and I meet him at the front of my house while I'm on my cell on a business call and he asked for the keys and mentioned that he will let me know when the work is done. I gave him the keys and returned back inside the house. Once done with my call, I stayed outside as the last touches of the repair was being completed. Once the work is complete I am told by the technician the price for the repair is $500.43 (Attachment 3). Confused, I pulled up my Safelite AutoGlass Service reminder work order [protected] that I received via email (attachment 1), which reflects the original quote I was provided on 4/16/19. At this point, the technician then calls the store location (Im assuming the one nearest to my residence) and speaks with someone to confirm the price, which was stated that the price was 500.43 because the glass (product) was OM, and that there must have been a disconnect between the customer service department and myself. I also mentioned to the technician and whomever the third party was at the store location via speakerphone, that I was NEVER contacted or notified of any price change or hikes, as I was told when I first made the appointment. The technician himself even suggested that I call customer support to get it straight and mentioned they should be able to reimburse me or credit me back the difference. Being as though the work was already done, I had to pay for the service and work it out separately with the customer support line.

      Now, my issue/complaint. As instructed by the technician I called the customer service line and explained the situation to a representative. And explained that I was NEVER contacted by anyone or notified of any price change for the repair, as initially mentioned when I reserved the appointment and provided pre-payment authorization on 4/16/19. After being placed on hold for some time, he returns and explains to me that the technician claimed I was notified of all the details prior to him installing the glass! Completely False, as for not one second while I was on a call did the technician mention anything to me, and even prior to him completing the job and me being done with my call, he did not mention anything to me in regards to the part being OM, if that was the case, I wouldnt be writing this complaint. This situation now becomes an ethical issue, because I should have been notified as mentioned when I first obtained a quote and locked in at that pre-payment price on 4/16/19 without anyone contacting me at all letting me know that there would be a significant increase in price! And to wait until service is complete to then break the news of such payment increase is very unfair, unethical, questionable, and it appears to be an up against the wall tactic to take advantage of me as a customer and customers that may even be on their very last dime and feel pressured into paying a debt that was more than they were expecting and could possibly put some customer's accounts into the negative, which is not a good look for financial and banking institutions! Unexpected repairs are already costly enough, but to then be hit with an unexpected price increase after service has been completed on the very day of the appointment is horrible and unjust. I would like to receive a follow up regarding this matter ASAP, as this is not a good first time experience for me at all and I really expected different. I am requesting a fair refund of the difference that I was charged for with this repair. My contact information is within the attachments. Regards, and I sincerely appreciate your investigation into this matter. Thanks in advance. Mike H.

      unexpected price change for small auto window repair the day of appointment after installation.
      unexpected price change for small auto window repair the day of appointment after installation.
      unexpected price change for small auto window repair the day of appointment after installation.

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        Safelite AutoGlass — rio rancho call center location

        An employee of yours has been harassing customers during her work hours. Employee: Elora Gibson She has an...

        Safelite AutoGlass — windshield installation

        I called the location on Monday 1/28/19 to make an appointment for today Wednesday 1/30/19. The appointment...

        Safelite AutoGlass — rescheduled 3 times from store and no one came

        On 11/14/2018 I scheduled a windshield replacement service for 11/15/2018 12:00 to 5:00. No one came to fix...

        Safelite AutoGlass — lack of service

        10/12/18 - Windshield was replaced. 10/14/18 - Left windshield gasket fell off 10/15/18 - Took back to...

        Safelite AutoGlasswindshield replacement

        This was my first time and will be my last time dealing with this company. Had my original windshield replaced on 9-25-18 after a rock hit it and cracked it. After picking up my car from the shop, I noticed that there is a substantial difference in the amount of noise coming through at the windshield. This includes wind and road noise, especially from other vehicles coming by me. It also rained the following days and I noticed there was a leak under the dash after driving in the rain. I contacted Safelite about the problems and I requested an OEM windshield be installed in the car to remedy both problems. It has been over 3 weeks and multiple phone calls to their customer care center and nothing has been done. Safelite refuses to warranty their work and products they install. I recommend taking your business elsewhere.

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          Safelite AutoGlass — repair done wrong

          on sept 29 about 10:00 am a tech by the name of Jesus arrived to repair a couple of chips on my 2018 corolla...

          Safelite AutoGlasswindshield replacement

          I have a crack in my windshield and contacted Safelite for a repair. I scheduled my appointment, received email reminders the day before. The morning of my appointment I received a call and email that my appointment had been cancelled and I would have to reschedule?! I called to discuss and was informed that the Tech assigned to my job had called in sick. (These things happen, but how is that my fault?) I scheduled another appointment for 2 days later (the earliest next appointment they had), my appointment was from 8am-noon. I received the reminder email the day before and the Tech info that would be coming to service my vehicle (BETWEEN 8-12) that day. About 10:30am we receive a call that the Tech was over booked and that he won't be able to make it during my scheduled time, but that he would be there as soon as he could... should be between 12:30-1pm. I know this doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but I had made arrangements for my son to be available when the Tech was there to replace this windshield and it caused him to possibly be late to prior arranged functions. I discussed my concern with the Tech who was very understanding and apologetic (the only good thing I can say about this company) and we discussed that if my son had to leave before he arrived or before he was finished, we could leave the vehicle unlocked and he would replace the windshield and lock it when he left. I didn't exactly like this idea, but what else could I do? I need this repaired. SO he called me about 12:45 when he arrived to my location and by this time it had started to sprinkle rain. (I know you can't predict or blame the weather), but I feel like I should've been priority first job on the list for this date, as this was my 2nd attempt to get this repair, and the 1st attempt was cancelled by the company at no fault of mine. The tech proceeded to tell me he had other jobs that he would try to do that were in garages and enclosed (IF you know you'll be working outside and there is chance for rain that day don't you do the outside jobs FIRST WHILE IT'S SUNNY? That way you can do the inside jobs if it's raining?!) All in all this has been a very unnerving experience and I do NOT suggest anyone else use this company. There are so many other glass replacement companies out there you can choose from. Oh and beware, their quoting system changes. I went online today to schedule a 3rd (AT THE STORE) appointment to finally get a repair done and talk with them directly about my disappointment with this company and the original price I was quoted went up $10 AND the promo code they advertise on their website DOESN'T WORK!

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            Safelite AutoGlass — damage in vehicle

            Just replaced my 761 miles mazda miata cracked windshield by Safelite glass. Tech replaced my windshield and...

            Safelite AutoGlass — driver of safelite/ racial profiling rude and disrespectful service

            My insurance schedule an appointment on Thursday for repairs to my windshield and upon arrival from the safe...

            Safelite AutoGlass — side window repair

            Claim was filed on Wed. Safelight called to verify, text received for repair The from 8-5 (too wide a...