The Brickdouble boxed bed, double mattress, two pillows, one night table, one dresser with mirror, mattress cover and free gift amazon echo

G Dec 19, 2019

My name is Gurjot Saini, I supposed to get the delivery if all the above as today because when I was in store I was told that it will be 19th Dec as not all stuff is in stock .
Today now 19th the delivery day I didn't receive any call or delivery and called to find out as why I was not delivered as committed date and found that stock is not available.
I made arrangements for today, opened my old bed and cancel some other appointments because of the delivery today which never happened.
When I call customer service I was told that stock is still not available till 26th Dec, 2019.
Why I was not told about this and what if today was delivery and I was not home then the Brick will say that I didn't inform. Who's responsible and why these things are not told to customer Ahead.
Put yourself into my shoes and tell me that it this is right instead of just SORRY.
I should have informed that delivery is not today but later at least 24 hrs before .

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