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Telkom SA SOC reviews & complaints

Telkom SA SOC complaints 2360

Telkom SA SOC - No telkom lines

Since 2022/01/19 we have no Telkom lines. As a result the internet connection is also down.

A fault was logged on 2022/01/20, and was advised that a technician will call us to come out on the same day, however we have still not received any feedback.

I called Telkom again today (2022/01/21) and was advised by the consultant that there are no technicians available at the moment.

As a result of this outage, we are unable to operate our business which is a loss to us.

At least some feedback should be given as to a turn around time.

Date of incident - 2022/01/19
reference number provided - [protected]
service number - [protected]

Contact details - T Pillay

Telkom SA SOC - unethical behaviour

My Telkom contract is due for an upgrade and i have called in and applied numerous times online for products advertised by telkom, but whenever i call 10213 and enquire about a specific deal, I am told that there is no stock. i find this very disappointing and don't see the point of advertising stock when you always have limited stock of deals. i have spoken to numerous consultants and they don't inform me at the time about the deals available or what they have stock of.

i received a call from a Telkom consultant regarding an order of an upgrade that i had done online and he took all of my details but did not put in the order. when i followed up with Telkom, i was told that there was no stock of the item therefore my order would not be fulfilled.

i am now considering cancelling my contract altogether as Telkom advertises deals they have no stock of or their ads go out when stock has already run out.

this amounts to fraudulent advertising and poor customer service.

kind regards

Telkom SA SOC - Pathetic Service

Good Day

I am over my head with frustration from telkom the service provided is pathetic hence can understand why i'v been told telkom is the worst to apply for wifi.

I applied for Wifi in 2021 i cant even recalll the date any more im advised in November after sending emails after emails i should wait for a tech to call me. TODAY NOTHING. I have sent an email in January requesting she follows up and revert back to me she just wipes her wrotten attitude off on me.



Telkom SA SOC - Discontinued business line [protected]

I have had a business line with Telkom for over 20 years..
I have had my line discontinued ..for numerous reasons
for non payment even though my account is in credit R1500...
damage/fault on the line
not servicing copper line...even though fibre is available at the end of the road..
without notification or an alternative being offered...
Still paying MWEB for a service I am no longer recieving

Reactivation 270868702A more than 2 months ago
Have been into Telkom at Forest Hill numerous time...
phoned 10213 too many times...and untold emails...
Please assist
Julia Allen

Desired outcome: Tel line


Telkom SA SOC - Lit box

I took a LIT box on contract so my kids can watch Netflix, i specifically asked them if it supports Netflix, in September they decided to remove netflix from the box without notifying me, im stil on contract, i went to telkom, were told to contact customer care they would give me a voucher for a box, i contacted them, they couldn't help me, so now the box is of no use, but im stil paying monthly. Plzzz help im frustrated, contacted them several times, went to store many time

Desired outcome: I would like a voucher to get a box from takealot, so that my kids can watch Netflix

Telkom SA SOC - Service and information

I am a homeowner citizen of South Africa, I have been using the services of telkom for many years now. On the 4th of May 2017 I signed a contract with telkom for Wi-Fi. My ID no is [protected]/ my...

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Telkom SA SOC - Incorrect billing

Please advise why my dispute is continuously being rejected by the Billing Dispute department when it is clearly a billing issue and not a Sales Issue

This is shocking and reflects a lack of coordination and unwillingness to solve customer issues

The package is correct as per Sales and as per the agents at Billing who I spoke to before

Please refer to the communication below - Refer to all the reference numbers below

This is very very poor service from Telkom. This dispute was rectified and then reloaded incorrectly by the Billing department again

Is there not someone competent enough who can sort this out immediately as this same issue has been dragging on for months now

Awaiting your favourable response
28/12/2021 @ 09h24 @ Billing spoke to Sinazo
DISPUTE [protected] was rejected without any notes -

New reference number [protected] - logged 22Dec and rejected 24Dec to refer to Sales

Confirmed package as DSL home unlimited light 10mbps @ R299pm for first 6 months & then R599pm thereafter
-Also confirmed it has been escalated to Team Manager before but not rectified
-Will escalate again

Relogged with Supervisor to credit account - Reference [protected] - Supervisor will credit account

HP Fransch

Desired outcome: Credit account with funds due

Telkom SA SOC - About the amount of money being deducted from my bank account without agreement.

August 2021 I upgrade for new headset, and paid R1156 monthly for that account, I started to have problem with Telkom after I upgrade my account, every month my line will be suspended without any...

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Telkom SA SOC - I'm complaining about fraudulent activity on my account


My name is PAZ Mbhense ID No [protected]. I have had contracts with you for years but due to bad service i have not renewed my contract.I first noticed in November of 2021 that various amounts of money up to R800 were being taken from my bank account without my knowledge. I have been to one of your stores many times to try resolve this problem as the money is still being withdrawn from my bank account. I am in process of talking to my lawyer about this issue. Please reslove this matter ASAP before I have to take legal action.

Contract numbers:

Desired outcome: Assurance as to why this happened and assurace that this will never happen again

Telkom SA SOC - Mobile

Good day.

Telkom debited my account on the 15th of December with the amount due but the accounts department did not allocate the payment that caused my line to be suspended. I struggled until the 25 with telkom to unsuspend my line phoning about 3 times a day. When they eventually fixed their mistake I requested that they extend my expiration date of my data otherwise I will loose it. Lerato Boleo (team leader) at Telkom is just as useless, and my data expired yesterday. This is unacceptable. I want my data I lost back. No excuses.

Desired outcome: Data I lost back.

Telkom number in question [protected]

Telkom SA SOC - Billing

I took up a contract with Telkom via Facebook. The terms of the contract was not fully explained and no copy was sent to me. I've been complaining about the reversal fee since September 2021. No resolution was made only cases have been logged. Now I paid using the easypay number coz I was paid early, and Telkom still went on to debit my account. Please help. Coz this is affecting me financially.

Desired outcome: Can the contract wording be pulled and the recording of my sale

Telkom SA SOC - Wi-Fi, Landline

My Landline was down from last night and I have no internet access on my wifi, I called 10 times and kept getting pushed from one person to another with absolutely no help! This is pathetic being a telkom customer for over 15 years! I guess for the new year I will have to look for other services rather than to deal with a service that doesn't assist when needed but ever so ready to remind you when a payment hasn't been made and still wants you to pay a full month yet you havent had wifi access for half the month! What a joke Telkom!

Telkom SA SOC - Data

A Telkom agent called and lied about the terms of my contract. I was told that I would receive 80 GB (40 day and 40 night) for R100 and a FreeMe 1GBTopUp for R70. However, I have been billed R199 for 20GB and R100 for a FreeME 1GB. I have called Telkom numerous times and each time I'm being transferred or told to call a different department. No one has been helpful and this is frustrating, I feel like I have been hustled.

Desired outcome: Escalate this matter and get what was agreed on over the phone or cancel my contract

Dec 24, 2021

Telkom SA SOC - debited twice on my account

Good day

I write to you to Lodge a formal complaint about Telkom. This month I was debited twice and I have been given the run around about my refund. Firstly I use my airtime to call and I wait with no satisfactory solutions. My account was debited on the 20th and again on the 23rd of December with R1593. I spoke to a agent by the name of Phinda on the 23rd who said he can see the 2 debits however not yet reflecting and it will take 24 hours to clear and I should call the next day and ask for a refund. When I called the next day 24th I was told by Matsidiso that the money is there but I need to call in 7-14 days to ask for a refund. Now this is unacceptable as I needed to use the money for my family for Christmas and I cannot wait for 7-14 days to then use my airtime again only to be told a different story. I have been having a couple of unpleasant customer experience with Telkom and I will definitely not renew my contract. In the interim I hope to hear from you and I am willing to the the matter further should I not get assistance

ID [protected]
Cell: [protected]

Luleka Duma

Desired outcome: I need the refund processed asap

Telkom SA SOC - Porting my cell number to another service provider

On Tuesday at 8.53am I sent a message to Telkom asking them to port my number, more than 72 hours later still nothing has been done. I sent an SMS on my phone twice, and twice they said someone will contact me, still nothing. Why are Telkom so inefficient. Originally when I looked up porting a number from Telkom to another service provider it said it would take between 24 and 48 hours. How difficult can this operation be?

Desired outcome: I would like my cell number to be ported to MTN as soon as possible

Could Telkom kindly attend to the above complaint

Telkom SA SOC - I am complaining about my new phone Samsung galaxy Zflip3, I really loved the phone but it didn't last for even two months

I have a huge problem, I purchased a contract Samsung galaxy Zflip3 on the 03/11/2021 then the phone started acting up on the 18/12/2021. The was ink spreading in the middle of the screen and the top part was not working only the lower part was working.I went to Telkom where I purchased the phone on the 20/12/2021 I was not happy with the information I got because i thought i will get helped. I was shocked that I have to pay for access for a phone that I didn't break or fall it just acted up. How can I pay access for a phone that I only used for a month and it has insurance? And I'm wondering if now in a month is giving me this huge and shocking problem what about next coming months, I even doubt it will last for 3 years because it's a 3 year contract.

Please advice on the video attached

Kind Regards
Fumane Lerumo

Telkom SA SOC - Frustrated and unhappy customer

Good day

I have terrible experience with Telkom, I have applied for a router contract in August 2019, i was advised that i need to make payment of R700.00 that will be credited back to me once the Contract ended. i went to Jabulani Mall Branch to cancel the contact of which i was dealing with them from the very beginning. My contact was cancelled beginning of September. I was given References from their billing department. First reference was on the 29 Oct([protected]) and second reference was on the 11 December([protected]). I have been taken from pillar to post as i have been told R700 will reflect in my account within 48 hours. The service i am receiving from Telkom head office is pathetic and horrible. Kindly assist by intervening in my matter. I can be reached on my mobile number: [protected]

I am receiving a poor and pathetic service from Telkom my query has been going on since September.

Xolani Ronald Ndlovu

Telkom SA SOC - Telkom mobile services

Hi, please assist me with my Telkom line

I have spoken to basically more then 10 customer service agent and none of them have been able to SUCCESSFULLY help me. Telkom has suspended my account for basically a month now my account is paid in full every time I call to find out whats going on I get told : ' sorry mam your service will be up within 48 hours' and that never happens . I'm basically a month without service but my account is paid up !

please help

Desired outcome: GET BACK MY SERVICES

Telkom SA SOC - ADSL line not cancelled

I would like to lodge a complaint against telkom. I cancelled my telkom line using their website. They did not send a reference number but the cancellation was submitted. The cancellation was done in Jan 2021. I then paid up my account as I moved service to Afrihost.

I have not used the line from Jan 2021, yet I am being billed from jan 2021 for this up until dec 2021.
I have disputed this several times. they are just moving the matter from one person to another. The last person I spoke to in person, said the following, "
I know you have cancelled, but it did not go through the full process, so please re cancel the line". So I did. Now I getting notices that if I dont pay, I am listed as a defaulter for payment.
Can someone please help me? How can I be on the credit buerau when they are at fault here?

Desired outcome: Do not want to pay any invoices or statements sent to me as outstanding amounts

Telkom SA SOC - Cell phone

I recently upgraded my contract - 7 Dec 21 with a Samsung S 21. The phone battery drains so quickly, calls drop and I cannot restore my WhatsApp on this phone yet I can on all other phones. I was at...

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