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Suspension of service despite payments made and no assistance from the call center

Telkom debited my account on the 29th of February 2020and the debit bounced, however soon after i made payment, on rhe 1st of march and used the reference given, i made a second payment on thr 26th of March, yet my services has been suspended and i am not getting much assistance. I have emailed proof of payments to two consultants and still not much assistance l given.

Suspension of service despite payments made and no assistance from the call center

drastically reduce data offering to unduly profit from (covert - 19)

593769 Telkom mobile is taking advantage of people during this coronavirus outbreak, yesterday (23/03/2020) they changed their data offerings knowing that people will be using data at...

Wifi, DSL landline, LTE

Good day

I have a problem with Telkom and I am unable to resolve it by phoning them, as I have done so many times and they are incapable of assisting me.

I had a DSL 10mbps month to month package, on 05/11/2019 a Telkom sales person called me at 16:10 and told me that they would be migrating my DSL service which is softcapped at 450gbs to LTE, he did not disclose the 24month contract clause, nor the FUP of the contract(which is significantly less than my DSL) he also did not disclose that the router was only free on a 24 month contract.

After said phone call I proceeded to research the relevant LTE package and found out that it was indeed a 24 month contract, had a much lower FUP, and that the router was only free if I took the 24 month contract.

I then phoned telkom numerous times to help me resolve this issue.

They however told me that since they were unable to see that I was being migrated on their systems that I should not worry about it.

However on 10/03/2020 a LTE router was couriered to me.

I then proceeded to phone Telkom sales, billing, complaints and spoke to various people who were unable to assist me. 10/03/2020 12:51 One lady however told me that she would send an email to head office to request a cancelation as well as arrange a courier to collect the unopened router. I did not receive any reference numbers from anyone.

I phoned again on 12/03/2020 12:53 and asked what the status of my complaint was and the person that I spoke to could find no mention of it on the system.

I then went on the website, logged in, and requested a cancelation of all my services. I was of course inundated with notifications that doing so would incur early cancelation fees.

I feel it is necessary to mention that my mother passed away on 03/03/2020 and her memorial service was held this past weekend.

I do not have the energy to deal with this now. I am of a mind to hire a lawyer and take Telkom to court.

Can someone please assist me.

Thank you.
CN Herbst


I have been having ongoing UNAUTHORIZED debit orders at Telkom this has been going on for the past year i would say now... I Have contacted Telkom numerous times and given references numbers upon references numbers, with still no resolution. I am now totally out of options and frustrasted as i dont know what to do, i dont see why i should be inconvenienced having to close my Personal bank account due to staff being incompetent and not having to verify documents, as by bank acc details are being used fraudulently to pay some other persons contract at telkom, and each time i call the call centre theres always a story, but never a resolution.
Can somebody please help as this is affecting My acc for unpaid debit orders and i am being charged for unpaid debit my acc is being debited 2-3 times a month.
this has been a nightmare for me.

telkomtelkom sim card

Good Day

My sim card lost connection early January 2020. I went to Telkom Jabulani mall did a sim swap. The sim card only worked when I was at Telkom then lost connection as soon as I left the store. I called Telkom customer care but still was not assisted. I have been without my cell phone number for 2 months now.

Today 27/02/2020 I called Telkom customer care. I spoke to Rameez Sulaiman. Without wasting my time he helped me with my connection problem. I am glad to say I have my number back. He deserves to be a team leader. Thank you so much because this is my main number.

Mr Sulaiman thank you for your great service.

Landline and DATA

Good day,

I cancelled my account with Telkom on the 14/2/20 VIA their portal as I had no option to talk to a human being.

My reason for canceling was due to poor or lack of service. All my services were out since the 5/02/20 and only fixed on the 19/02/20. I have phoned several times within the two weeks I waited for a technician but was told every time that it was not assigned to a technician and they cant tell me when it will be fixed, but they will escalate the fault. I had to buy my own data to go through this two weeks. Telkom is and was in breach of contract.

On the 14th I was informed that a Telkom representative will contact me regarding the cancellation but I am still waiting.

Being charged for a service not provided

Telkom cancelled my WIFI due to the high cable theft in my area and offered my another service which I declined. This was on 2 April 2018 with only 7 months of having the service. They then proceed to keep charging me which i refuse to pay as there was no service offered, handed me to the Debt Company which i submitted all corresponding documents (NDC Debt) they did not do their job and attend to the query. Then got handed over to the P&P Attorneys where i had to deal with Sharlene Rambally(Collections Paralegal) the most extremely rude and unprofessional person. Told me that Telkom reduced my bill when I asked for a statement i was told it wasnt their job to provide a statement. and the very next day sent an email to say I enjoyed Telkom services and is now liable for the original amount plus their legal fees...

To get hold of a human at Telkom that can assist is a mission. But my question is why must I pay for something that Telkom a service provider cannot provide and has a damn cheek to keep billing me and refuse to look into my query????? Now I am threatened to be blacklisted !!!


To whom it may concern

I logged a complaint for a faulty line no [protected]. Two weeks ago it is impossible to speak to a human and the problem is not being resolved. I got a message stating that it was resolved but still encountered the same fault. It would really be of great help to give customers the option of speaking to a person when logging a fault. I don't let you talk to my tv so please return the curtisy of me being able to speak to a human when I contact telephonically. Please could a real person call me at [protected]. I need this fault fixed today please.
Thank you
Yvette Page

telkomcancellation of fax lines and junction line

We are a registered NPO, known as ELSCA (The EAst London Senior Citizens Association) NPO 003-667. I Colleen Petzer, was appointed as the Executive Director for this NPO since 3 March 2010d.. In April 2014 we switched from Telkom to Fusion making use of voip lines which should have been cancellaed. Our account number with Telkon is Account no [protected] which is registered inthe name of Manor House (E.L. Senior Citizens Association) and at the time of opening the Telkom account the previous Executive Director produced a document with the registration no 1997/007888/23 which I do not know where this was taken from because we have no such certificate on record . I myself tried cancelling the following 3 No's linked to the account number [protected]
No: [protected] fax line
No: [protected] Junction Line
NO: [protected] Junction Line
The only time we get a call is not from a consultant of Telkom but from debt collectors as Telkom has handed us over . This is ridiculous that we are exepcted to pay each time because all the debt collector is worried about is receiving his commission for the call he made to me but perhaps Telkom should first look at the reasons why the accounts are in arrears. Once again the debt collector informs me that we must pay an amount of R3887.20 . Only once I have paid this amount must I go online and apply online to cancel the above 3 lines and not bother to email like I have been emailing to: [protected] I have also tried phoning Telkom but they refuse to give me any information even though I have provided them with all the documenation which I have for these lines to be cancelled with immediate effect. This is absolutely ridiculous and maybe a senior official at Telkom should give me a call on [protected] and they should advise me as to how I can cancel these lines or maybe they prefer not to because they can then collect R1, 003.20 per month. If you calculate this, Telkom should be refunding me for 9 months instead of handing our Organisation over to debt collectors. This matter is now serious and is causing reputational risk for the Organisation and NPO do not receive excess money that can be wasted.

cancellation of fibre line

As a manager myself I always pride myself with exceptional customer service and prompt customer queries. I cancelled my line on the 28/12/2019 but I'm still being billed. Today...


I phoned telkom on Monday February 10th 2020, asking them to give me an update for an issue that was reported earlier (30 Jan 2020). during the conversation I asked him to allow me to speak with his direct manager/Supervisor. I was denied the request at first, but after a short while, Cyrus Sinenhlanhla Mwandla (Telkom technician) informed me that his Team leader would contact me. I offered to stay on the phone while he would be getting the attention of his team leader. He (Cyrus Sinenhlanhla Mwandla) offered to send me an email so that we may communicate digitally instead. I waited to receive the email before hanging up as I have experience with telkom support ignoring support requests and clients as soon as the phone call is no longer active. I sent repeated emails to him and tried to contact him again via the call center, but was advised that there is no way to get a hold of him at the call center, and that I should speak to the consultant that answers the phone.
My query was not resolved by the various technicians, and I still have not heard from any team leader as I have been promised.
It is extremely difficult to obtain contact information from telkom that is required to resolve these issues within a measurable time frame, I have therefore included links to the LinkedIn profile of the technician that was involved.**********13

I just want to know the exact status of my issue and when I can expect to hear from someone again, but that information is seemingly impossible to obtain by the likes of telkom. Not sure if it's a training issue or a hiring issue, either way, telkom needs to train their support technicians to be able to handle these issues or screen their recruits properly to avoid hiring incompetent people.

billed incorrectly

Good day 

I just phone the Telkom call centre and was told the R200 fee that was taken in excess this month was for a non payment penalty for when my debit order rejected in November 2019.

I was unaware that R852.30 will be debited off my account this month and therefore only kept R660 available. Because of the R852.30 being deducted without my knowledge, the debit order rejected and I further incurred a rejection penalty fee at my bank as well and judging from Telkom's processes I will be penalized for this again with my Feb premium? 

I need this investigated ASAP. Nowhere was it communicated to me verbally that a higher debit will be taken and quite frankly I feel like this violates all aspects of TCF principles. I refuse to pay a penalty for this month as I was complete unaware and will not fork our R200 extra for the Nov rejection when it was not communicated with me and now I incurred additional financial expenses due to Telkom's lack of ownership in their communication. I have also had no reply from the e-mail address I was given to try and get more info on this.


  • Ni
    Nicholas m Feb 07, 2020

    They also did the same to me, where-by they don't stick to the contract: the debit order supposed to go through every last day of the month, so what they do they make a debit order on the 25th knowing that it will bounce so that they charge you a penalty of R200.00, since i have a contract with this nonsense Telkom all my monthly plans are jeopardized. This is a money making scheme and what they are doing i'ts a breach of contract: fraud and theft. That's bull shit!!

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telkomadsl cancellation and overcharging

This issue started in September 2019. I moved locations and asked Telkom to cancel my service at the location I was moving from and set up and my new location. However Telkom failed to cancel my services and kept billing me for them, for 4months. I had to phone in every month to get the service charges reversed and ask them to cancel again. On the 11 December, I made the same call to again ask that service charges be reversed and the line be cancelled as I haven't lived at the premises I was being charged for, for 3months. This time Telkom went one better, the proceeded to do one better, they not only cancelled my services at the old address but managed to cancel my new service at my new house within a matter of hours. When I phoned to tell them what they had done and ask for my services to be restored, I was told that I would have to place a new order for services as they couldn't restore them. Since them I have moved to another service provider, however Telkom has billed me for the service they cancelled in error, they have charged me penalty fees because it was cancelled without a notice period and they have been trying to debit my account for the funds, which I have blocked, and have them charged me an additional fee each month because I have cancelled the debit order. For 2 months now I have been asking them to rectify the problem, all I'm told is that it has been escalated, however nothing has been done and charges keep being added. The service I have received is appalling and Telkom seems to not care at all about the problems they have caused. I have never met a more incompetent company in my life, no one seems to know what they're doing, the matter just gets passed on to different departments!

  • Di
    Divanvl Feb 10, 2020

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I refer to the attached documents.

    To date I have not received any reply from you. This is really becoming ridiculous, and the only way to get any response from you is to post this matter on Hello Peter and Facebook.

    We simply wanted to cancel the services related to the 012 543 1638 number, for which case number 30751669 was issued.

    Please, for the 10th time, reissue our statement on which the below mentioned services are removed, from 1 December 2019 to date:
    o Your Telephone Line
    o DSL Faster
    o Basic VoiceMail

    Any kind of response would be appreciated.


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4mb smartbroadband wireless fibre unlimited all hours r599pm x24 month contract

I bought and payed for the 2 year contract for the 4mb's SmartBroadband Wireless Fibre Unlimited All Hours internet, I was told by the sales team that I will get 4mb of download/upload speed for the first 100gb then it gets slower the more data I use but since the end of the month (the moment it hit 2020) my internet speed went down to 300kb's maximum I have spoken to telkom support multiple time every time I do they told me they would send in a support ticket to fix it then I get a sms the next day saying it was fixed they did that about 7 times as of now and still my internet is not fixed after I have used my 100mb at 4mb's I am supposed to get 1 slower speed for the next 50gb of data then uncapped at 1, 5mb but even now when I still have all my bundles left I can never get close to 1mb even though that is supposed to be my slowest speed then when I tell that to support they tell me I have to cancel my service or upgrade to a faster speed but I already signed a contract for 2 years at that speed, how can they give me a contract for 2 years then the first month I actually get what I payed for then the first end of month when it resets they change it on me saying I will never get more than 300kb's unless I upgrade to a higher speed did I not already sign a 2 year contract agreeing to the speed of 4mb's and 1, 5mb's ones im capped? my landline number is [protected] / and my name/ surname is Mark Cilliers my desired resolution is to get what I payed for

telkommobile data

The mobile data never works properly Money is taken at will but no service is provided They are blatant liars The service is constantly changing Its either not working at all or its on and off constantly This is ALL OVER JHB
How can these idiots not know their network is faulty Are they the same at Eskom and other BLACK controlled businesses that they just [censored] up everything ??

very slow data service & poor customer service

3 days ago I started experiencing very slow (if any) data until this morning Sunday the 19th Jan 2020 when telkom service was shut down for about 8 hours. I have a 60+60 GB data...

wifi - internet connection

I had taken out a SmartBroadband Wireless10GB contract with Telkom at the beginning of 2018. For the past few months I have been debited with a fixed amount of R 365.10.
In November 2019, I received an invoice advising to pay an amount of R 3, 915.84. I then called Telkom call centre to find out why I am I being charged this amount.
The consultant that had assisted me had advised me that I had gone over my limit and that's the reason for the amount provided. A few days later, when I tried to connect to my WIFI, I was unable to do so as it advised me that I am out of Data. I am not sure how I went over the limit as it would generally cut off once I reached my limit and I did not call Telkom to increase the limit since I've had the router.
I have tried numerous times to contact Telkom regarding the issue but till date have received no assistance.
I refuse to pay the amounts which they keep debiting me for as I want a reason for the ridiculous increase that I was not aware of.

money stolen from my bank account

I returned an iPad within the 7 day cooling off period, after which I was billed and had money debited from my account. Each time I complained about this, I was told my issue was resolved, yet nobody from their credit department has contacted me (over 3 months later) and in December they managed to debit over R10, 000 from my account after I canceled their debit order. They now owe me over R12, 000 in total and still continue to send me statements for the balance of the total they billed me for and nobody can manage to actually resolve this or bother to even take my bank details down to pay back the money they owe me.

product and service ([protected])

I do have a problem with my service provider whereby the new router is not working started from 30/12/2019 until yesterday and no one is willing to help collect it and this matter affect my business because i don't have internet at my premises. I reported this matter at telkom shop in welkom they told me that it is none of they are bus.([protected]

24 voortrekker street, wesselsbron

Telkom Mobilepathetic service

Telkom Mobile Sales, Billing, All have pathetic service - Follow up ASAP

Good Day, So on the 17th December 2019 @ 9.38am, I renewed my mobile contract, **********, all was done and everything went well on 10213.
On the 18th December 2019 I received an sms to say that I owe Telkom an amount of R 1700 and something like that, so I called 180, on the 18/12/2019 at 12.02 pm the voice prompt told me that I do not owe anything, anyway I decided to hold on to chat with a consultant, which i did and we chatted and she told me the same thing that I do not owe anything and the system just sent the sms which was for October 2019, apparently .
Anyway the statement that I received for December 2019 I made payment on the 13th December 2019 and it reflects so as per my payment and statement received I do not have any outstanding balance which was confirmed by the consultant that I spoke to as well .
Well today being the 19th December 2019 @12.03 pm I decided to call for a tracking number for my renewal device and guess what I am told on 10213 that we do not have stock and I was upset about that because I thought on Tuesday everything was sorted out and I was not told anything about no stock .
So I asked for someone to call me ASAP as I needed to know what was going on and by 12.30 I received no response from Telkom so I decided to call in again to find out and you know what the lady said OH, but you are in arrears, I mean *** can someone explain to me whats going on at Telkom's end .
I owe R800 and something .
Can you please explain to me where was I wrong in all this and that I need to hear different stories from all different people
What is the real story and if I owe you anything too bad cause my statement showed me what I owed and I paid in full
The lady even told me that I am in credit balance for R2 something
I want feedback ASAP or else I will take this up and further as well cause this service I received today was pathetic .
Razia Khan

lte smart boltwireless

On the 23rd September 2019, a lady by the name of Nobuhle sold me a package for R399 p/m and apparently this pack has what they call Spent Limit which I was never told of. They moved me from ADSL to this LTE at that rate and was rather told everything works the same as ADSL, i.e. top ups etc are the same. To my surprise after topping up my data for 3 months, I'm sitting on a R11... thousands bill whilst I've spending my money on credit card (double dipping). Today Phenius (customer service agent) tells me there's nothing he can do but my package is structured in a way that I borrow money from Telkom !!! It doesn't make sense at all that I use my credit card details to top up but I'm borrowing from Telkom!!! Scams operate like that, marketing misinformation and then you can't even get out of the so called contract.
All this is not acceptable and Nobuhle was representing Telkom whom should be liable, not me being punished for someones incompetence or trying to push her sales numbers and not disclosing all necessary information that could have helped me to make the right buy/decision.

lte - no delivery expected delivery 06.12.[protected])

Good day,

I was send messages by telkom to switch to LTE due to the fact of the copper cables that is currently being stolen. I called in and did all the relevant that was expected of me. I was given the following number 400375 and was advised that my delivery will be on the 06.12.19. I called in 08:25 on the 29.11.19 if this will assist. I am till without delivery and going on vacation Friday the 20th December at 12:00 please can this be delivered as soon as possible as this is really poor service delivery I have been standing up for Telkom as everyone I know have issues and I said I do not so now you have proved me wrong.
Please contct me on [protected] urgently or [protected] this is urgent and I expect delivery.

retrieving my original telephone number

Good Day Mr Mokoena,

After my discussion with you on the 27 November 2019 you said to me in no uncertain terms that YOU would resolve my issue

It is 2 weeks later today and I still have to receive a reply from you as to the status of my request
As a Manager this leaves very poorly bitter taste as I would have expected at least a reply from you by now

You leave me no option but to go viral on Telkom service and your lies that you will assist me with nothing todate

Thanking you
Kind regards

Dave Farland
DM Farland

Edeck Investments (PTY) Ltd
t/a DF Consulting
Reg.No: 2018/456333/07
Vat. No: [protected]
P.O.Box 15562
South Africa

Mobile: +[protected]
Fax: [protected]
e-mail: [protected]

From: Dave Farland [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: 02 December 2019 08:43 AM
To: 'Dave Farland'; '[protected]'; 'Hannetjie Farland'

Good morning Mr Mokoena,

Do you have any news regarding our discussion and my mail below

Thanking you
Kind regards

Dave Farland
DM Farland

Edeck Investments (PTY) Ltd
t/a DF Consulting
Reg.No: 2018/456333/07
Vat. No: [protected]
P.O.Box 15562
South Africa

Mobile: +[protected]
Fax: [protected]
e-mail: [protected]

From: Dave Farland [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: 27 November 2019 07:59 PM
To: '[protected]'; 'Hannetjie Farland'

Good day Mr Mokoena,

Thank you for meeting with me today where you offered to assist me with my request to retrieve my original telephone home number : [protected]
I have tried from the day that my Wi-Fi line was installed namely 16 September 2019 to get my original number reinstated
You will see on your system that I have tried and in desperation I have come and met with you at Telkom outlet in Centurion
To assist me with this request
I truly hope you will achieve this

My other request is to have my statements invoiced out to Edeck Investments (PTY) Ltd
And NOT as reflected on my statement : MR DAVID MERLYN FARLAND

I feel who ever captured this info from day one has done this incorrectly
And this needs to be corrected but I eagerly await to see if you resolve my Telephone number first

Thanking you
Kind regards

Dave Farland
DM Farland

Edeck Investments (PTY) Ltd
t/a DF Consulting
Reg.No: 2018/456333/07
Vat. No: [protected]
P.O.Box 15562
South Africa

Mobile: +[protected]
Fax: [protected]
e-mail: [protected]

cell phone contract acc: [protected]

I opened 2 x cellphone contracts in Feb 2014. and upgraded at 22 months. i was never advised that telkom would continue to bill me for the old contract until 24 month completion. I however learned my lesson and waited for the 24 month completion of my 2nd contract before i upgraded again in Dec 2017.
24months later (Dec 2019) i wish to cancel one of the phones. yet Telkom is refusing to cancel until 28 Feb 2020. according to them i am still in contract. this is not possible because they double billed me Jan & Feb 2016. Telkom is unable to provide me with any contracts or statements older than 2 years.
I spent an hour on the phone yesterday with Sefiso Senne. he committed that his Manager Tumisang Sedio would call me to resolve the problem.
No assistance. No customer service. This is not LEGAL!!


I placed an order for a Huawei router and a Telkom sim mid February 2019, it then arrived around on the 3rd of March 2019 but unfortunately Telkom doesn't have a poll in my town, i then canceled the contract with MobileTalk and they never started billing me and that was resolved but Telkom continued billing me and now i have arrears of R2000 since, March till today the problem is not yet resolved. Every time i called I'm told it's escalated till today. The sad but it's affecting my credit score and bureau.


They cutted my router off then said they are going to bring a new router for us after n week they delivered the new router then no one wanted to help us to set it up we went in...

telkommy telkom landline [protected]

I have phoned Telkom on 5 occasions so far to complain about the following:-
The cable that connects my Telkom landline to the telephone pole outside my property has become detached from the top of the pole. It is lying across the property next to my house and across my stoep. Its dangerous and the wire is getting chaffed as it rubs on the wall. The wire can easily get stolen. I have to walk under the hanging down wire to my gate.
The dates I phones are 21st November, 26th November, 28th November, 30th November and today 3rd December. I was given two reference numbers - 1st 1291 and then 915377. Each time I phone I am assured that my message will be passed on to the correct department but so far nobody has contacted me from Telkom to tell me what they are going to do about it.
Please can you come back to me with some kind of answer.
Sincerely S van Oudtshoorn.

telkomstruggle to cancel my telkom account

Good day,

I have cancelled my Telkom account [protected] on the 28th of December 2017, due to financial circumstances that changed. I made an payment on the 14th of May 2018 in the amount of R3230.00 in which the account was paid up and i requested again that the account should be cancelled immediately as I do not have money to keep on going with the Yelkom account.

I then received a phone call informing me that I need to pay another R500 in which they will then close the account. That was on the 27th of July 2018 in which a payment in the amount of R500 was made.

I then received emails, phone calls, smses and emails from your collection agency which informed me that I still owe an amount of over R3000. Now I ask what happened to the cancellation? I do not receive ANY incoming phone calls, I do not use the ADSL for anything as it does not work and the modum is not even plugged in, but every month over the past 2 years you have charged me on the account. How does that work? |It is purely day light robbery!!! They never contact me regarding the so called outstanding account but hand me over to collectors who harass me day and night for payment which to my knowledge has been paid in full and SHOULD have been cancelled ages ago.

Please revise your account accordingly!!! AS this account has been paid in full and should have been cancelled almost two years ago.

telkom mobile internet and connection

Never have I had such a bad experience with a network cellc is better and they are pretty bad you hardly have coverage its always service limeted sumtimes for 3 days I now am struggling again with no internet its pathetic you pay for nothing cant even use the network properly I am really gonna change networks I changed to you cause it was said ure the best I beg to differ when I had this problem with cellc they were kind enough to give me 2gb data for free for the inconvenience my email is [protected] but I doubt even getting an answer would recommend telkom to no one


Promises, promises... Telkom is quick to advertise the best lte and the best prises... When it comes to service telkom suck big time... Requested lte 4weeks ago.. Current router...

telkom — poor internet service and major delay in setting up new wireless internet

132850 Throughout the year we have been experiencing intermittent failure of our internet services. Telkom phoned me when I was back in the country on break to offer a new package...


On Friday evening 1st November we had an electric storm, my rooter were damaged. I had to go to my nearest Telkom store and purchase a new rooter on monday, firstly I was not...

telkom mobile

I spoke to a Sipho Hlatshwayo he was arrogant rude and refused me access to the manager.
I had spoken to two ladies previously who had advised my contract was now on rolling status and I just needed to submit cancelation for the 30 day period however all of a sudden i can only cancel in December.
The number in question is [protected],
I had asked the vital question to Sipho Hlatshwayo character that if my contract hasn't come to an end and isnt on roll over status then why has my bill changed fron180.70 to 100 and how is it the contract began in August but is still at 22 months, i have repeatedly requested a copy of the contract that was signed at cresta mall but they advised they are unable to provide that, whereas i was under the impression as advised by the people at the cresta shop, that the document are scanned in and available to all employees?
All i want is to cancle this contract amd start the new one i had processed and waiting delivery on.

I also would like Sipho Hlatshwayo's team leader to listen to the call i had with Sipho last week and advise me of the training provided to their agents.

landline transfer to lte

Good day

Today a Telkom representative called me regarding the transfer from landline to LTE.

I asked the representative numerous times whether the LTE was the same as my current package and whether or not I would receive the same amount of data each month. He repeatedly said the contract is unlimited. He never mentioned the FUP that is applicable to the new contract, which is 150gb at 10mbps then 50gb at 4mbps then 2mbps. My current contract's FUP only gets throttled at 900gb.

He also said that the router is free. It is not. It is payable over a 24 month contract. Now why would I take a new contract for less data and another router I have to pay, when I already have a router.

This is egregious miscommunication with the aim to deceive.

I would appreciate it if you would cancel my transfer to the LTE package.

I have taken a contract for a certain service, I won't pay the same amount for less value.

Thank you for your timeous help with regards to this matter.

I have enjoyed the service I have received thus far and would hate to have to take steps to ensure other people are not taken advantage of in the same manner.

unprofessional service and breach of contract

I am attaching all the relevant documents. I have been dealing with the fact that my ADSL internet was summarily deleted on 28 September 2019, whereafter Telkom offered migration to LTE.

I received the router on 10 October 2019 - still have no internet on the ADSL line - for which I have been billed for two months - and no one can explain to me why the LTE sim card has not been activated - I was given the assurance it takes 72 working hours.

I have since started the process of cancelling the Telkom service - but feel I should not be held liable for a breach of the agreement of the new service - nor should I be charged for a service that has not been delivered.

Dr MP van der Merwe

lte and cell phone billing

In August i was called by Telkom to upgrade from LTE of 299 to 249 with same benefits of 40 gig per month, a day later i got another call to take up a deal of cell phone for 149 . I took both deals as i never experienced a ny challenges with Telkom however that changed when a debit order of 1015 went off my account on the 01 October 2019, i called on the 7th to query the debit order . spoke to Stella ref no [protected] who advised that my discounts were added rather than deducted and promised to escalate to billing team to sort it out. I then called again on the 21 October 2019 spoke to Mfundo Nkosi Telkom who promised that his team leader will call me after an hour after asking her to take the phone however until today Mqobile Thusini who hasn't called me today . I then called again on the 21 October 2019 and spoke to Sithebile habede who promised that i do not need a manager promised to resolved to my disbelief i received an sms by account is resolved on the 29 however nothing happened . I then called today spoke to Stella again who put me through the post call survey rather than resolving my query . I phoned again spoke to Thabisile who put me through team manger Levy Makena who promised to resolve my query however if this if not resolved, please cancel my services by the 7th November, come collect your device and I will not pay any penalties as what you are charging me is not what I agreed on . You have my money and you are refusing to send it back to me or credit my account

not having service for five months

593769 It has been five months We use Telkom services to Skype and such overseas for business and were promised that we will receive a wireless alternative because of the copper theft...

adsl and landline

Service was down on Saturday 26 October and I reported on line and was waiting for reference number which never came until I phoned on Tuesday 29th October and was given a reference number and told to wait for a technician to call I asked for the timeline and was told there is none the Technician will call when they call. On Wednesday 30th at 4 pm I called again and was told that the fault is with the technician. There is no indication of when someone will actually attend to my fault. I am running an online business after work and it is for that reason that I put Telkom ADSL line however I had very little choice in choosing Telkom because there is no fibre in my area at the moment. The service so far I can say is very pathetic. There is no care and concern for customers even when you call you are made to understand that you just have to wait and hope without any indication of the timelines which is bad for business, As soon as I can get out of this pathetic service I wii do do

I do not have a Telkom account

I am very disappointed to discover that I have an outstanding amount owing to Telkom which is reflecting negatively on my Credit Profile.

Please note: I DO NOT and have never had an account with Telkom.

Please remove this from my profile and provide confirmation in writing to this email address that it has been removed.

Email address: [protected]

telkom landline removed with no alternative provided

I am complaining on behalf of my parents who live on a farm an hour's drive from Willomore. They have no means to communicate after Telkom removed their and all the neighboring...