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Telkom SA SOC Complaints & Reviews

Telkom SA SOC / Tablet

Sakinah 786 on May 23, 2017
Hi my husband had got me a Huawei P9 as a Valentine's day present the guy that had served him mentioned to him that they have a promotion on for Valentine's day with the Huawei P9 come a 7inch Huawei tablet so my husband took it and the guy said he hasn't got stock it will come in few...

Telkom SA SOC / line

Hannes Bodenstein on May 23, 2017
Dear Telkom 23.05.2017 You cancel my line without permission from my side now for almost 3weeks my business is without a line I call in about 100 times or more and was 2 times at you Wonderpark Branch the staff there are pathetic really it look like they don’t want to help so if the...

Telkom SA SOC / Telkom Billing department in Centurion

Knodel on May 23, 2017
ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT IN CENTURION: Send lady a mail of the way I understand the amount due on the 16th May 2017, tell her I have made payment and when my line is fixed as it's been down for 2 weeks, and the payment date shows 5th June 2017, they still suspended my line. aLL CORRESPONDENCE Good...

Telkom SA SOC / no internet services from october to date

Elizabeth Pelser on May 23, 2017
Elizabeth Pelser 59013030104084 van Riebeeck Park 1. I took out a contract for and ADSL line as well as a rooter first week of September 2016. I have made my subscription for the installation and costs. I am working from home and the decision was to go this route to assist me with my...

Telkom SA SOC / online pre-order telkom not adhering to own t&c's

Jeremy Benjamin on May 23, 2017
Good day, on 4 May 2017 I submitted an online pre-order for a Huawei P10 plus. I received a confirmation email on receipt of my application with only a link in the email. The link is a .pdf document stating the T&C's of the pre-order. In the T&C's it is stated that the persons will be...

Telkom SA SOC / bad service

I sent through cancellation letter on 24 April 2017. Called in on 10 may 2017 and my request was not even looked at. Called in today and retention department does not take calls today. My internet service is intermittent slow and unresponsive. The day I started on the package I am on now...

Telkom SA SOC / unauthorised payment

Vivien Pitcairn on May 23, 2017
In April I changed my bank details and went into the branch in Richards Bay to make sure that they cancelled the debit order for my old bank and gave them the new bank details. They assured me all was in order but that I would need to do an EFT payment for the end of April which I did for...

Telkom SA SOC / 2 gig day & 10gig data package

Zweli Simelane on May 22, 2017
In November 2016 I took up Telkom 2 Gig Day & 10Gig Data Package which I was expecting to pay a flat fee of R99 (R107.50 including CLI Presentation) over 24 months. What is happening is that I'm billed different figures which are way exorbitant ( eg. R607.50, R458.16, R607.47) I've logged...

Telkom SA SOC / services blocked but payment made

My outstanding invoice amount was R1436.90 on the 25 April 2017 on my mobile account 0799877671. I made an EFT of R1437.00 on the 25th April 2017. On the 03rd May 2017 Telkom closed my line completely. After calling them they said the didn't receive the payment. I forwarded them the proof...

Telkom SA SOC / refund not received

Lizelle1111 on May 22, 2017
Telkom account no 335386614. Financial Account no 501938820. In November 2016 I was contacted by Mobile Talk with regards to a contract which included a Huawei B315 Router + 50GB data @ R699.00 p/m. While on the line the consultant, Vanessa, confirmed router speed in my area at 21mbps. I...

Telkom SA SOC / Charges for ADSL line that we never applied for or used

Johannes123 on May 22, 2017
We have been charged for a ADSL line with data since 2012. When a fault came in on our telephone line we queried the line fault just to hear we also had ADSL. We never applied for such a line or data and told Telkom this. Since November 2016 we have had this dispute going on. We have been...

Telkom SA SOC / mediapad cover

Stanleyb on May 21, 2017
I got a Huawei media pad 10 inch on contract at Telkom The Glen Mall store on the 2nd of March 2016. The media pad was supposed to have a cover but it didn't and I was told that the covers were out of stock and I will be called as soon as they got them, two months down the line I haven't...

Telkom SA SOC / f... irritated

Candy1985 on May 21, 2017
I am so f... gatvol of telkom amd pathetic in competent staff and service. On 9 May 2017 we had our uncapped adsl line installed apparently our order has not been closed by whichever back office person and to this dat we don't have a uncapped line. One of the agents that assisted me...

Telkom / telkom - customer service

Pillay Sandra on May 19, 2017
Good Day, I am writing on behalf of my son JS Devaraj, initially signed a contract for and ADSL line with Telkom on in the beginning of April 2017, he was advised to R700.00 which was done on the 24th April 2017. Since then we have had to follow up all the time with the booking date, the...

Telkom SA SOC / number still not reinstated.

YolisaJ on May 19, 2017
I joined debtsafe last year October, I entered telkom as one of my creditors and the review was accepted by telkom advising to convert my number to prepaid as contract was being cancelled prematurely because debt is being paid off by debtsafe, telkom received the request to convert my...

Telkom SA SOC / The service from the call centre

stuart prentice on May 18, 2017
In March I changed Banks so on phoned in the call centre to change my details in which the agent did not save my details in their system so in April I had to go pay manually which was fine and sorted then comes May and exactly the same ### all over again which I was told to go pay or my...

Telkom SA SOC / home landline and bad service from agents

zhussa on May 18, 2017
A higher level manager needs to call me now... Or I will be Taking you guys to court ref number 160670837A... Telkom account number 449901011599 for Mr. ZAIN HUSSAIN I've had it with telkom lies and deceit... I will not tolerate your agents and supervisors speaking to me as if I am...

Telkom SA SOC / refund

Tums on May 18, 2017
My account was in arrears I then made a call to make an arrangement to pay it off. As always it took forever to get any response from Telkom advising if the arrangement was accepted, was told after numerous calls that it will take about 21 days for the case to be resolved. Them opening a...

Telkom SA SOC / adsl home service

VenessaLees on May 18, 2017
My ADSL has not worked for months. A Telkom representative has come twice and draped the line through the trees and made a hole in my wooden window to get the cable into the house. In both instances the service has been active for a few hours at most. It is a mess and completely...

Telkom SA SOC / telkom services

FedupCapeTown on May 17, 2017
Cancelled my Softcap service from telkom in January 2017 to move to Afrihost but kept voice line with Telkom. I followed the procedure of mailing the service email and received the form which I then downloaded and completed ( as instructed by telkom consultant) and sent back to the email...

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