Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesthe lack of any service

I May 28, 2019 Review updated:

I just wanted to let you know about the piss-poor service at your Pensacola, FL Shake and Steak on May 25th at approximately 9pm.
I'm just going to give you everything in a nutshell, you can go on Yelp and see the reviews for details, or talk to your supposed manager that likes to hang up on people, or your supposed district manager that had nothing to say but I'm sorry over and over again...

There were 17 of us. My oldest grandson had just graduated from Pace HS and he wanted to go to the Steak and Shake… What a mistake! It took almost 40 minutes for someone to ask us if we wanted drinks, and the most of us didn't get them! My one son-in-law never got his order; The waitress was excited to bring my 15 year old granddaughter ranch dressing, but then got huffy at her when my granddaughter said that it would be nice to have food to go with the dressing; After three tries to bring my son what he ordered and screwing it up, my son just gave up. We were served burn't buns, raw burgers or burn't burgers, greasy undercooked fries, no drinks during the meal… it was just ridiculous. After an hour we left and went to McDonalds to get something to eat… but I still paid so the cops wouldn't get involved, only because my son-in-law is a Santa Rosa Deputy Sherriff and it just wouldn't have been good.

But now I understand why that place in Pensacola, FL is so bad. This morning, talking to someone named John who claimed that he was the manager hung up on me three times because he didn't like what he was hearing. With management like that, it's no wonder why that place is so piss-poor! It's obvious that there is no training for the front of the house or for the cooks because nobody knows what the hell they are doing, and don't really seem to care what they are doing and really don't give a damn what they put out! It won't be long before someone gets really sick and the lawyers get involved, then it will really cost you a few bucks and a bunch of bad publicity...
But in the meantime, I'll be letting everyone I know to stay away from that place, and to pass it on to everyone they know. We have a rather large military and retired military community in this area and we share what's good and bad.

My opinion, until you get management that cares about the customers, and you get people that are trained on their job, and cooks that know what the hell they are doing, that place is a hazard waiting to happen.

Ira "Jake" Jakob USAF (Ret)
100% Disabled, Not Ready To Quit!


  • SubSquirrel May 28, 2019

    There is obviously more to this story than you’re telling us. You sat for forty minutes and never asked where your drinks were. One person didn’t get drinks. No one spoke up.

    What are burn’t buns? You repeated that but former military personnel know how to spell. Either burnt or burned.

    The manager hung up three times because you were so polite and calm and never raised your voice.

    Your granddaughter was disrespectful and needs to learn to have patience and be polite. A party of fourteen people is a lot of work and getting fourteen drinks and putting in fourteen separate orders while dealing with other customers isn’t easy.

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  • Um is not an answer! May 29, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Boo:. seventeen! Seven fvking teen!!! No reservations!!!

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  • SubSquirrel May 29, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! Eep! I forgot three family members!

    Seventeen people and no reservations. The staff has to move tables and chairs, get help, warn the kitchen about a large order and deal with Sgt. Dumba$$.

    If I were brought dressing and no food, I’d jokingly say, “mmmm dressing! Will the cow be joining us tonight, too, or is she being milked?” and I’d laugh. The server would laugh and be calmer and know that we weren’t going to be nasty.

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  • Um is not an answer! May 29, 2019

    Your fifteen year old granddaughter is a bratty snot. No one was rude except you and your family.

    You can't expect glamorous service when you use words like piss poor or burn't (🤷)

    Next time, the polite thing to do is to make reservations well in advance with a party that size.

    Anger never results in anything positive. I bet your grandson will either be kicked out of college if he behaves like you or he will run for the hills if he doesn't.

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  • Um is not an answer! May 29, 2019

    Oh, sure. Notice what I said about the grandson.

    Meanwhile. Grandpa can taut all he wants about the military community but the military is based on DISCIPLINE, conduct and respect. All three things the op and his family are incapable of displaying.

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  • Um is not an answer! May 29, 2019

    The following is from GOOGLE!!!

    What a night... almost 40 minutes before anyone took drink orders, 3 times my son got the wrong food, but a waitress was excited to bring 2 of my granddaughters ranch dressing, my 15 year old granddaughter told her it would be nice to have food to go with the ranch... my son-in-law never got his food. There were 17 of us, and these dummies couldnt get a damn order right!
    I would highly recommend you stay away from this place... we will never go back...

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  • SubSquirrel May 30, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! How odd to copy from google and embellish it.

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