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Sears Essentials on Woodyard Road Clinton, Maryland, 20735, pulls bait and switch on lawn mower. Lawn Mower Pictured on the box isn't what's in the box. A Cheaper model placed in box, Sears has failed to address problem, store manager now lies, probably since problem has gone on so long.

The lawn mower I purchased from Sears of Woody yard Road, Clinton, Maryland. This mower was purchased the day after black Friday. Without a store model I purchased it by the picture on the box, the mower I received was not what was in the box, Sears has failed to respond with a resolution, in fact I have phone corporate on 12/1, 12/5, 12/7, 12/8, 1/8/09, 1/16/09, 2/16/09, 3/7/09, 3/12/09, 3/14/09.

Once I did speak to the store manager in which she turned around the story of the wrong lawn mower such as “you weren't here on the right day?" “You got a bigger box?" To the point I became frustrated and wanted to speak to the district manager.

I phoned again today 3/14, at which point I was told the store manager has spoke to me 9 times, this is untrue! I'm furious that the problem has not only NOT been corrected but the store manager has now lied; you cannot speak to a district manager now that a store manager has SAID they have corrected the problem.

The problem is, Sears sold a lawn mower the picture on the box is NOT what was inside the box! I was told on all the calls listed above that someone would be contacting me, they haven't! I want the mower that I paid $180 for to be the one pictured on the box.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Sears's response · Dec 21, 2009

    Dear Finito,

    We are sorry to hear about the trouble you are experiencing with receiving a replacement coffee maker. I can only imagine the frustration this ordeal has caused you and we would appreciate the opportunity to assist you in resolving this issue. My name is David and I work for the Sears Cares executive team and we want you to know we are here for assistance. At your convenience please contact my office via email at [email protected] so we can further discuss your concerns. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the coffee maker was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition please include your screen name (Finito) in your email so we can reference to your posting.

    Thank you,

    David V.
    Senior Case Manager
    Sears Cares


  • Mi
    Mind Feb 03, 2010

    I went to the Sears at Collin Creek Mall where they had an in store display with a sale tag dated 1/04-1/31(2009) and this was on 1/23. The item was a bow-flex dumb-bell hand weight set for Sale for $199.88. The store did not have this item, claimed they didn't sell it anymore, yet still had the printed sign displaying it for sale. After requesting that the clerk check other stores, which also said they had it, were also out. I asked for a rain check, I was denied a rain check by Gary, who says he was the floor manager. Gary and I had a lengthy discussion where I offered different ways to solve this problem. I asked that he have a floor model brought to his store or available for me to pick up to purchase, he was unable to do so. I then asked for him to locate it and have it drop-shipped to his store where I could get it and purchase it, and again was declined. I then asked that he locate the product online and have it shipped to me, he also could find it online but the price was different and he was not willing to honor his in store advertised price and allow me to purchase a similar product at the same advertised price. Lastly, I requested that he check in store and see if he has a similar product where he could honor the price, he offered to upsale me $200 in a different product I could pay the difference for, but was not willing to do so for the advertised in store product. I then requested the next manager's name, and he offered me the customer service dept line. I finally got the name of the in store manager and called and have left a message.

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  • Lu
    LunaTec Jan 11, 2010

    At 7am on Monday morning I received a call from Sears delivery to inform me of the window of time I would be receiving my refrigerator. It was pitch dark out and I had to run up a flight of stairs to get the phone. I have a heart condition and honestly almost had a heart attack. When the phone rings in the middle of the night you think someone has died. When I found out it was just the sears delivery man I couldn't believe it. I told him that he couldn't do that. Wake a customer up at the crack of pre-dawn like that. I told him a robot had already called me days before and provided a number for me to call if I wasn't OK with the time period. But I was Ok with the time period. Then the delivery guy hung up on me! So I call customer service and have to endure a very loud recording of a woman saying the same sentence over and over again. Finally a human comes on the phone and tells me I've been rescheduled. No one informed me of that. Apparently the children are running the business over there unsupervised. So retaliation is their store policy? I then call another number, the national customer service number. I ask for a manger and get a "delivery specialist" instead. He hangs up on me. He pretends I'm too upset for him to endure. I recorded the call. Let's let the jury decide if I deserved to be hung up on, again. I of course canceled my order. I informed my credit card company to withhold payment. And I will be seeking legal action. I have never been treated so poorly by a company before. I will never ever buy so much as a nail at Sears again. The man's number who initiated this nightmare is [protected]. He should be fired. If Sears' policy is to wake people in the middle of the night and give them heart attacks, then hang up on them and exact revenge by rescheduling the delivery without permission from the customer, then he's doing just fine. I, on the other hand, am going to Lowe's. :)

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  • Fi
    Finito Dec 21, 2009

    I received a coffee maker in December for Christmas. As of June 7th it is no longer working. I look in the owners manual and it states that "it is under warranty for two years from the date of purchase, return it to any Sears store or other Kenmore outlet in the United States." I took it to the Sears store from which it was purchased and the manger said he can't take it back even though I have a receipt because Kenmore is not their company. I show him the written warranty that says "take it to any Sears store." The owners manual also states that they are a Sears company. He still will not take it back saying that they are now owned by Kmart and the rules have changed. Which I tell him Kmart bought Sears two years ago how does this affect a purchase I made 6 months ago. The best he could do was to give me a 1800 number to Sears. I called the number and they said that I had to call Kenmore and they never heard of Kenmore. I go back to the manager and tell him that Sears has never heard of Kenmore as we are surrounded by Kenmore appliances and Kenmore is written in big letters on the wall behind us. So I went home and dialed 1888-Kenmore and they gave me the runaround and patched me through to Sears. I informed Sears that a company called Kenmore is using their name in it's owners manual and promising to take back any defective appliance for two years after the date of purchase. They gave me another number to call. I don't think they are going to honor there written warranty.

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  • Wi
    William Aug 03, 2009

    Bought a new Whirlpool front loading washer & dryer ($1688) from Sears on May 13, 2008. Washere vibration is beyond belief. This is even how a "technician" from Sears described it. He said these machines have 4 shocks on them but this one only has 3. Also said it looks like a lemon to me but not to repeat it. Told us to demand a new one. We called, we called & we called. They told us they had to review it before they would do anything. WHAT? The right hand does not know what the left hand should be doing let alone their own job. These men (women have at least talked to me & attempted to help) are blooming idiots. They treated us like we were less than human. They should back in to collect a paycheck. You pay, they collect & you are done. Finally a new washer was scheduled for delivery on July 1 - DAMAGED. They they had the audacity to say - "this your 3rd one?" Their notes aren't even right. Supposed to deliver new one today, July 7, 2008. Supposed to call on July 6 between 6 & 9 according to Jerimiah. No call, no nothing just out $1688. Better Business Bureau is one of todays biggest jokes. The notes & names & numbers to call for help are unending. Look like a novel. Where can we turn? No wonder this world is in the condition it is in. I even called Sears Customer Relations to complain about the people & they said they would turn the complaint over to the manager. Well, my complaint was about the manager also. So who writes him up? Maybe we could send all of them to Iraq as a secret weapon. They might just surrender to the stupidity of these idiots.

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  • MZMICHIGAN Jul 26, 2009

    did you purchase a service plan? If purchased in 2007 there is nothing they can do. It is way past the 90 day return policy. Try and contact company and see if they can assist you on getting it fixed.

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  • Da
    daoshao Jul 06, 2009

    Its not sears fault for a faulty washer. Anything can happen. Parts are usually overpriced. Buy a new one.

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  • Su
    SuperVepr Jul 02, 2009

    I always got an unsettling feeling while shopping at Sears. It's like that feeling you get in a bad area that tells you to get the hell out. It's intangible but psychologically real.

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  • Sa
    Samuel Jul 02, 2009

    This washer went dead one month after its warranty. If that were not bad enough, Sears comes to my home and states "this is why I do not purchase Frigidaire". Furthermore, he then wanted two house call charges, the cost of the part, and labor. The part is a door switch for $82 I just paid for at brand-X, but he was charging me nearly $240.00. Even worst, the entire bill would have been nearly $400.00. I barely paid over $650.00. He then stated "well look at the price you paid. You did get a good deal." I had to pay him $70 to get rid of the buggar and to then call Sears, which could care less (simply amazes me)! I purchased over four very large utility machines at Sears in nine years. I will most likely never purchase from Sears anything of the likes from this point forward as I cannot trust their support. As far as Frigidaire is concerned, from day one the thing barely worked properly.

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  • He
    Henry Jun 27, 2009

    On Monday November 5, 2007 I attempted to return a faulty GPS Garmin 530 that I paid $324.00 for. I had my receipt of purchase and presented it to the Manager there who said that he was sorry but he could not exchange or refund or credit my Sears acct and I left SEARS a DISSATISFIED customer!!!

    I am appalled that SEARS sold me a faulty item and now won't exchange it for a new one or credit my SEARS acct with the $324.00. I have notified GARMIN of the situation and I want results!!

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  • An
    Anthony May 05, 2009

    On 04/13/09 I had Sears Home Repair come to my home to service my riding mower which is just entering its fifth year; naturally my extended warranty had just expired. I was told that I needed a new battery, new starter, and a newly rebuilt engine. The engine alone would cost $1600; this was more than I had originally paid for the mower itself. The problem with the engine was that it needed a new governor and Sears does not repair engines; they only replace them. The "technician" told me that I had to pay $105 for the service call, but he would give me a $99 credit towards the purchase of a new riding mower from Sears. Oddly, this $99 credit was good for only two weeks and could not be used at outlet stores or on sale items. I searched around my area and found a gentleman who does small engine repair. He picked up my mower, repaired the engine, replaced the blades, changed the filters and spark plugs and returned it to me for $330. Sears doesn't fix anything, they simply want to sell you another product.

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  • Gr
    Gregg Apr 19, 2009

    I purchased several items on black friday at sears on november 26 of 2008. I went home and immediately attempted to put in my rebate submission online, at which point I was told I had to wait 30 days to enter my submission. Thinking that was very strange I sent an email to sears to make sure I understood it correctly, they assured me it was standard policy.

    Finally I entered my submission, provided information from my rebate receipts scanned the UPC, and followed the instructions to the T. ( working in tax law for the US government I understand the importance of each word in the documentation) I checked the status at least 2-3 times in the following 2 months, to only receive an automated response. Today 4/19/2009 I finally received a response that read I was not eligible for the rebate, for more information visit the website. I check the website and it says no information is available.

    So after 5 months of crossing my t's and dotting my eyes I am still not eligible for my rebate, this is RIDICULOUS. I assure you I am in contact with a local new station in buffalo ny, and they will do an investigative report on shady practices, I will not allow others to be hosed by this horrible company, and you can guarantee there will be picketing with my friends and family, and informative packets being held out on the black friday ads, in an effort to having them blacklisted for black friday ads oin the internet community. I will personally pay for adds to show the deceitful practice they follow. Its apparent they don't care about their customers.

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  • Te
    Terence Apr 02, 2009

    We ordered an oven from Sears at the Collin Creek mall. I gave them the measurements we had on the wall oven we currently own that is not working. The person who ordered the oven for us told us that if the oven is too big for the wall - the installation crew could cut out the wall a little to place the oven in. When the oven was being delivered the installation crew would not install the oven because our gas line was not updated on the home. They refused to install it -and said they would not open up the wall for us. The oven was returned to the warehouse and they said we would not be charged - just get the line updated and reorder the oven (a smaller version or have someone open the wall up for us). This was not true, we were charged $107.xx for a restocking fee of the oven that at no fault of our own we could not have installed. I called numerous times and talked to the manager of the store who assured me that the charges would be removed. The charges are still there and it has been about six months.

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  • An
    AnnaLise Dec 10, 2008

    I'm not exactly sure what happened here, but it could be one of two things.

    The products listed for sale on Black Friday ads are being sold at a price that is less than what the store paid for them. The stores are taking a loss. The point is to get you into the store, where you will proceed to buy other things that the store does not take a loss on. Because of this, the products are only ordered in limited quantities. The stores do not offer rainchecks on them either. When they're gone, they're gone. (It should say this on the Black Friday ads.) You said that you waited in line for two hours. It is possible that the people in front of you in line bought out the entire stock of the washer/dryer sets. This is the reason why people line up early in the first place--so they can get the bargains before they are sold out.

    Another possibility is that the printer made a mistake when issuing the ad. If that is the case, it is standard in the retail industry to apologize, or print out a correction. The vast majority of stores do not honor the price. As long as the misprint was a mistake, and not intentional, it is not illegal.

    Yes, you are disappointed, but the chances that Sears did anything illegal, or even anything unusual in the retail business are very, very slim.

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  • Ba
    Barrimore Dec 10, 2008

    I went to Sears on 'black friday', at 5am to purchase the advertised Samsung washer dryer pair for $999.99 I stood in 3rd line for almost 2 hours and then the associates took names, numbers, and the description of the appliances we wanted and told us that they would call. When I inquired about a rain check, she said that she didn't know anything about them.

    3 days later, I got that call and it was to tell me that they are offering me a more inferior product at the same price. I 'e'd management but got the stock apology indicating to me that they hope I am enjoying my appliance purchase.

    I am remodeling my house before I move in and I want to have all new everything. You would think that in these lean times, a big store like Sears would bend over backward to get my business, and several grand at that. I feel that they should honor their advertisement and not do the old bait and switch. I feel that I was led on illegally by their advertising.

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  • Ba
    Barb Lombard, Il Nov 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sears, worst experience ever. My mother purchased a furnace from Sears less than one year ago. The furnace would not start so on Nov.1, 2008we called Sears for a check and cleaning. #1.The repairman came Nov 6 and said there was a bad transformer. He was unable to start/repair furnace that day. #2.The repairman came Nov 7 and said it was a bad switch, left to get switch and installed it but furnace would not start #3.Repairman came Nov 8 said it was a bad wire, still unable to start furnace #4.On Nov 10th Sears said a repairman would be out that day, no-one came #5.On Nov 11th Repairman came out and said it was a bad thermostat, replaced thermostat and left. Furnace stopped less then 3 hours later #6.On Nov 12th repairman came out, said it was a bad module and replaced #7.On Nov 19th Sears was called again, furnace not working. Was told a repairman would be out that day to repair furnace and we would be contacted about getting a replacement because of all the problems. At approx 6 hours later we called Sears again to find out when the repairman was coming and was told there was no record of our call and we should call the next morning #7. On Nov 20th a repairman said the module was bad and replaced the module.(This is the 3rd module in the furnace less then 1 year old) #8. On Nov 24th Sears was called about the replacement furnace and I was told it hadn't broken down enought times to qualify. My 86 year old mother paid for Sears Master Warranty and has been left for days at a time with furnace not working in below freezing temperatures and Sears will not replace this obviously faulty furnace.

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  • Valerie Oct 20, 2008

    I went over to SEARs to buy a lawnmower for my land lord. I wanted to get a model that didn't have a rigs engine on it. They had one that I wanted to buy but the sales person wouldn't sell it to me. The newer model switched engines. So, I was stuck buying a less priced poorly built mower. That pissed me off because the older model had a better warranty on it. Why not sell the older model to make room for the newer model that will take the place of the older machine? Poor staffing made the problem worse. And the time it took to get the mower out of the store was longer. The owners' manual was missing and it took me almost a month to get the new manual.

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  • Valerie Oct 06, 2008

    I purchased a Sears Kenmore Refrigerator Model 59429 for $1019.99 from Sears In Frederick Maryland Mall in Nov 2006. In that first month I called Sears about it not cooling properly. The tech gave me a lesson in adjusting the temp controller.

    I called again in Oct 2007 and twice more in 2008 before a Sears technician determined that the compressor had a blockage or some contamination. We lost a great amount of food and were without a refrigerator for several weeks. In fact, in 2008 one Sears Technician left without even verifying that his compressor repair would work which prolonged our being without a refrigerator.

    Finally, in June 2008 a Sears Tech did replace the compressor, condessor and part of the refrigerant lines. If you google Sears Refrigerator problems you will find articles about unknown contamination from some Electrolux factory in Mexico where my Sears Kenmore Refrigerator was made.

    The Sears One Source people are of little help. They even gave me hope that we would receive a replacement refrigerator, later a $500 credit and finally just a repair job that I have no confidence to last the number of years one would expect. Sears forced me to purchase an extended service warranty for $252 before they would even send a tech inspite of my refrigerators' service record and it being less than 3 years old.

    Also, please realize that the compressor is suppose to be warrantied for 5 years even though that is not publicized by Sears.

    We have always purchased Sears products in the past since our parents did likewise. But now the market has changed and Sears is milking their past years of good will for profit sake. There is no longer a Sears advantage.

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  • Valerie Sep 15, 2008

    Purchase Sears extra warranty for lawnmower, had 3 years took in for repair they refused repair saying abused (excess vibration loosened screws)(never used extended warranty up to that point) would not refund my money for extended warranty I paid for that they would not honor... so basically they took my money and gave me nothing but a sorry in return. Repair manager would not even give the courtesy of a call to explain as I had requested. Just don't buy warranty or products that you need a warranty on at Sears... their customer satisfaction guaranteed that they advertise is not true... guess since they acquired Kmart they have a new motto, "sorry"... cause that's all they could say or do :( I used to love Sears, now I will avoid it, I'll spend my money where I am treated respectfully.

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  • Te
    Terri Aug 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Beware of buying a warranty for any appliance purchased at Sears. Unlike Best Buy which stands behind all the products it sell and gives great service if necessary, Sears puts you last for service if you have a warranty. After waiting 2 weeks to have my refrigerator serviced because there was a crack in the lining on the wall of the freezer, the technician had to order parts. He checked the schedule and said the parts would be shipped to my home and he would return in 8 days to do the repairs. He warned me that my freezer would need to be shut down and warmed up so that the repair to the wall could be done. The repair could not be done on cold walls. So I arranged to use a someonelses freezer for the appt. time and to take off work. A day and a half before the appt. (but after the normal Sears business hours so I couldn't complain) I receive a call that my parts could not be shipped and the repair appointment was canceled. The representative said they would call me when they found out why they couldn't ship the repair parts. I then called the Sears parts department and said I wanted to order some parts. The parts department said the parts WERE IN STOCK and if I WANTED to pay for them they could overnight the part to me in time to make the scheduled repair appt. I explained to the parts department that the service department said the parts couldn't be shipped. He said he did NOT know why they would say that because the parts ARE in stock and available, he transferred my call to repair service. When I asked the repair service, they said they had NO information and couldn't help me. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was disconnected twice. The only way Sears will repair do the repair as promised is if I PAY FOR the part. If I wait for the repair to be done under warranty, I will have to WAIT for them to locate the part. Obviously SEARS is only in a hurry to make a repair if you are paying for it out of pocket, otherwise you can WAIT, and Wait and WAit for them to find the part. If the WAIT is long enough your warranty will expire and SEARS can charge you for it. BEWARE! Don't buy an appliance WARRANTY/HOME PROTECTION PLAN FROM SEARS.

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  • Valerie Aug 07, 2008

    I too have been a loyal Sears customer for about 5 years and two houses worth of appliances. I ordered a replacement ignitor for my GE stove from Sears parts direct on 12-7-07. The gal on the phone said it would arrive on 12-12. It hadn't arrived so I called on 12-15, they advised that it wasn't shipped until 12-11 and would arrive that day, 12-15. It didn't. Unfortunately, and this was FedEx's fault, it was shipped from Indiana to Chicago via Connecticut. So when it finally arrived on 12-20, mind you this is 8 days later than promised by Sears partly because they shipped it late, it was broken. When I called on 12-21, the CS agent told me that they had just suspended all overnight shipping that morning, so had I called 5 hours earlier I could have gotten the part overnighted to me. Instead, because of the holidays, I wouldn't receive it until 1-2-08. That's almost a month after I ordered it. I told her to cancel my order and refund my shipping, I would purchase it elsewhere. So when I received another replacement igniter last night from Sears, that I didn't order but am still being charged for, the CS manager told me that there was no record of my conversation with them that cancelled my order, or when the CS rep advised that she would also refund my shipping charges. This has gone from bad to worse, to worst. Part of the advantage of shopping at Sears is the great service. With that gone, I really have no incentive to continue shopping there. I plan on telling anyone who asks about the terrible experience I have had.

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