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Sears Rebate Scam / Servicerebate

We bought almost $2000 of appliances from Sears. The $75 rebate and discounts made Sears a better choice to buy at. When I specifically asked about how the rebate would be sent, i.e. would I get cash; not one of those idle promises, the salesman told me absolutely it would be a check for cash.
Over 6 weeks later, we received a Citi Rebate card for $75 which as soon as you go to use it will activate a Citi bank debit card with all their fees and terms - what a scam!
I sat on the phone for 2 days to try get hold of someone at Sears to complain, and see if it could be resolved by sending a cheque.
1 - it is extremely difficult to find the # to call anywhere on the Sears websites or accounts.
2 - I called the general Sears # 2 -3 times, but could barely understand the operators (I am a foreigner so dont take this as chauvinism), when I finally talked to someone she said it would take 3-4 months to resolve!
3 - Then I called the Citi card program, and she said my issue was with the store for telling me the wrong thing. I have the contract and form with me and all say that you can opt out and select cash; but I couldnt find anyone to execute it.
We will be cancelling our regular Sears cards, and now I am very worried about the quality of the service program for the appliances, and we are considering returning the appliances.
I dont think Sears tracks its service metrics very well, otherwise they would see the writing on the wall.


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    Adele 1 Oct 26, 2016

    In April 2016 I purchased a range and refridgerator from Sears Outlet in Milwaukie Oregon. The range had a $70 rebate which I filled out and mailed in with original receipt. 3 months later I called to see where the rebate is and was told that the form wasn't completed. I said I have a copy of the form and want to know what wasn't filled in. I was told the store ID wasn't on the rebate slip. I said Sears Outlet - Rebate Offers is on the very first line. I was told they would have to check with manager to see what the hold up is. A month later I called again and was told that they are working on it and should receive the rebate soon. Since then I have called at least 6 or 7 more times and was given excuse after excuse. I called the Outlet store and left several messages for manager to call me back. They never did call. I went to the outlet store and spoke with the manager and she said she would check into it and would call me. I still haven't heard from them. I called Sears Rebate today and was told they are reviewing why I have not received my rebate because they have all the info they need and all is in order and correct. I am so fed up with Sears that I am going to cut up my credit card after being a loyal customer for 55 years. Today is Oct 26, 2016. I am very unhappy with the service from Sears Rebate center. I don't think I will buy anything with a rebate again if I need to send it in and have to beg for them to send the Rebate I was promised. My name is Adele Bowen and live in Portland Oregon.

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  • Su
    suebe Oct 02, 2012

    I live in California, I sounds like this is a all over problem... I also had a problem, Sears/ Michelin... I bought 4 Michelin Tires with a rebate of $70 dollar rebate card.MasterCard I waited 6 weeks and called to see were my card was . I was told that I got 35, 96 cent multi credit on other work I had done to my car < Front and Back alignment... Multi credit VOID my MasterCard.. It showed on my bill separate charges and showed I paid full price for my tires... BOO, Sears, BOO, Michelin
    I feel violated, I went on Sears BLOG to complain and there Blog on the Sears site was Locked and could not put my complaint in also.. But if I would saw this site before I would of bought other TIRES, , , I do not like being lied too! I do not know who the BOSSES are At Sears and Michelin But Us People want our refunds in Cash NO MasterCard.. after seeing this...Shame on You...Please add more complaints...

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  • Pe
    Pedro E. Gonzalez May 02, 2011

    what stores do accept this card. Does Cotsco accept this card?

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  • We
    wendell51 Dec 23, 2010

    We just received our $75.00 Mastercard-SEARS card. WOW --Sears must really be desperate to sell during these financially bad times. I did'nt want to open a credit card account but now I see why it took so long to get this so called REBATE. Master card needed time to process the credit info. This scam must stop. Sucking people into something that should not be. Rebates should be in the form of a PAPER CHECK. Dangling a credit card in front of a consumer that may be in need is really shameful. I thank you for all the above NEGATIVE INFORMATION/COMMENTS and I will attempt to transfer the $75.00 into my checking account and hope that MASTERCARD and SEARS do not hack into that. Our local SEARS store was very helpful with the purchase of our freezer and I think that they were blind sided by the MASTER CARD REBATE PROGRAM as well with this SEARS promoted program.

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  • Mp
    MPater Dec 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We purchased a dryer from Sears in October 2010. Since we both work we couldn't take a day off to accept the delivery so we needed Saturday delivery. I registered and submitted the rebate information then waited. Yesterday, I called about the rebate card and spoke to two young men who were rude and kept asking me " how many emails did I receive from sears rebate center " ? It seemed as if they this was their mantra !! " You received the registration email, but you did not submit the rebate information correctly which is why you did not receive the second email confirming the rebate ". The supervisor William told me that I would not be receiving the rebate and that there was nothing I could say or do to change that. I will never purchase anything EVER from Sears again

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  • Si
    Simeon Kim Dec 09, 2010

    I also received the card for the rebate but it is hard to use the small balance. This is the most difficult way for a customer to use a rebate.

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  • Mu
    Muhammad khan Oct 08, 2010

    I bought a refrigerator from sears in the month of July 2010. A $ 75 rebate was promised against the purchase. In September 2010, I received a Citi Prepaid debit card worth $ 75.00. When I went to use it as credit card, because it bears a logo of MasterCard and it was declined. I selected a pin and it worked only for three times for a total of $ 32.72 and since then every time I try to use it, it is declined. I tried to contact the Citicard customer service, it was always disconnect by saying" good-bye." The question is, why the Sears didn't simply send a check to avoid unnecessary botheration to it's customers. In a busy life who has the spare time to call the Citicard's customer service which doesn't have any results. For sure it could be a legal financial fraud to cheat the people with their money, because after a few efforts one may forget to call and after the expiration date, the Citicards will keep the money as unclaimed money. M.Khan

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  • Sd
    SDronin Sep 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Like somebody mentioned above, you really are a bunch of whining idiots. You all have nothing better to do than complain about something that deserves no complaint because you cannot read a few simple lines.

    If you go to the site listed on the back of your card (, and register your card, it clearly gives you options on what you can do with your card.

    1) Go to your bank and get your full $75 as a cash advance (without any fees).
    2) Get the $75 transferred directly to your bank account.
    3) Get the $75 sent to you as a check.
    4) Use the card like a credit card at any store that takes MC.

    I can vouch for method #1 because I just came back from the bank with $75 in my pocket via a cash advance on my Sears rebate card. Just walked up to the teller with my card and ID and got $75 no question asked. Went back to the website, and sure enough, that transaction was logged as a cash advance, thus rendering my card back to a $0 balance.

    Also, the rebate form I filled out did clearly say that the rebate would be in the form of a MC debit card from Citi.

    As for the monthly fees, the site clearly says that the $3 monthly fee will only start after 12 months, and only if there has been no activity on the card for at least 3 months. And judging by how desperate you all are to get your rebate money, it is highly unlikely that your card will go 12 months without any activity.

    Seriously, you really are a bunch of whining idiots.

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  • Ji
    Jim in Vegas Sep 05, 2010

    I purchased a new mattress and box spring at sears on 07/05/2010 and was promised a 75.00 rebate. Of course, the rebate isn't processed and mailed until the return period is over. I finally get the card and it does not work. It has been rejected by,, and gas stations.

    I did get help by calling [protected]. once you get to the part where the automated voice asks for your credit card, just ignore for four times and you will then be transferred to a live person.

    I will never buy anything from Sears again. What a waste of time to have to spend two hours just to get a rebate.

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  • Sg
    sgtucker Jul 25, 2010

    Thanks Chuck Daggett for your great directions on how to get the cash to my checking account. Now I will just hope it is there in 2-3 days. I panicked today when at Walmart with a full cart and the card didn't work and the employee about yelled at me saying I was trying ot use a Sears Card there, like I was the dumb one. Then tried to call, no luck, then googled sears rebate and found this site and thought I was doomed, until I got to the end and saw your post, hopefully others will see it also (and again hopefully my money will be in my account soon.

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  • 13
    13whale Jul 03, 2010

    After reading all these comments I can't believe SEARS is envolved in this SCAM. I was also taken in for $75.00 .

    The rebate information is sooo full of KRAP and confusion a Philli Lawer couldent understand it. Web sites are given but don't exist, phone numbers that provide NO information, with people who can't speak english. I'm told to contact coustomer service on a web site that DOES NOT EXIST.

    Unless someone resolves this, I've made my last purchase form Sears.
    Walter M Bergmann
    1305 Catalpa Ln

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  • Ch
    Chuck Daggett Jun 11, 2010

    I too received a $65 Citi rebate card last fall, tried once to use it to purchase gas but it didn't work so I returned it to my wallet and basically ignored it until now. Reading these posts I was expecting to 1) not be able to log in to check my balance and 2) if succeeded in logging in to find my balance had been reduced by the $12 monthly fees. Well... I used to log in and was successful. Had to register and re-log in again. I found my balance was still $65 ( I suspect no monthly fees were charged as I had never used the card before?). There is a spot on the left hand side that says "We offer the best ways to access your Rewards. Click Here to learn more " and found the option of transferring to my own checking account. That was a bit frustrating as it logged me out after each step of the process. I had to log in again to complete each successive step (about 5 times) but eventually got a message that my money would be credited to my personal checking account in 2-3 business days and my new citicard balance now is reading as $0.00. We'll see... Last week I purchased a new range with the same rebate deal attached. You can bet that if this transfer request of today works, I will be doing the same as soon as I receive my next card. Basically I agree that Sears should stop this nonsense and just offer free shipping period, or issue paper checks as rebates.

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  • Je
    jepscrewedagain May 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just received a $75 rebate for purchasing a Sears appliance. It was in the form of a Sears Mastercard through Citibank. First of all, Sears doesn't tell you this is how you will receive your rebate. Second, try to spend it! What a joke. I made several purchases leaving me a balance of $27.80. I tried to make a purchase of exactly $27.00 and was told to try another way to pay for the item. I just want to empty the card and get rid of it. When you contact the phone # provided on the Ciibank card, you can't get a real person. A recording tells you that they are experiencing heavy call volume and I should put in my card # to find out what the balance is. You never have the option to wait for a live customer service person even if you're willing to wait a long time. What a scam! Sears should be reported to the Better Business Bureau. Actually, I plan to!

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  • Fr
    Frank T. DeAngelis May 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a new Sears stove in March, 2010. I immediately sumitted my rebate form and received notification and confirmation. On April 21 I received an e-mail stating that my $82.50 rebate card was on its way, and that if I did not receive it within 30 das., to contact them.

    I tried to contact them, via Sears, entering my name and address, but kept getting rejected as they claimed that they had no record of me. I telephoned their rebate number (OUTSOURCED) and got tremendous runarounds by "John" and supervisor "Lillie" ID#2408. They said that my address was not my address. I asked what address they had, and they would not tell me. First they said that I did not enter my correct address, then they said that they already sent me my gift card -and that I ALREADY HAD IT, then they said that they couldn't do anything else for me because I did not "know" my address. I told them that they made the mistake, but got nowhere.

    I feel that I was fraudulently ripped off for $82.50.

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  • Fr
    Frank T. DeAngelis May 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a new Sears stove with a rebate promise, via e-mail, of $82.50. That was in March. April 21, I received an e-mail stating that my rebate was on its way, but to wait 30 das. after not receiving it, to contact them.

    After 30 das, I tried to contact Sears rebate program, but could not, due to a message that there was no record of me in their system. When I called their outsourced telephone number, I received a trmendous runaround, being told that my address was not correct. They wouldn't tell me what address they had for me stating, #1) that was not my address, #2) I did not give them the correct address, #3) I already received my rebate, and #4) they could not help me. I am SOL. This is fraudulent!

    I am still waiting for replies from Sears.

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  • Ma
    Mad in Maine May 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have 2 Sears Citi Debit cards that state that they are worth $15.00 each. One has an expiration date of 08/10 and the other 10/10. Just for the heck of it I went on line only to find out the one card is now worth $6.00 and the other $0.00. Looking further I discovered that there is a $3.00 per month service charge. Now if that isn't bull - nothing is!!

    Does anyone know what can be done about this? They owe me $30.00 - not $6.00.

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  • Bl
    Blouin May 06, 2010

    I have had nothing but trouble with this debit rebate card. First the card could could not be used at a department store. I went to Sears and after many tries at different cash registers, it came through. I not have a balance of $4.02 and it can not be read anywhere. My husband and I have Sears Cards and I can tell you they will be canceled today. I have contacted Sears and Citi, Master Card web sites and phone numbers and I just got hung up on.

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  • Mr
    Mrs. B.Jedziniak Apr 06, 2010

    I have had no trouble going to the Sears prepaid Citi site to check balances etc---- Please type in the actual address as not use a search engine or you will not be directed in the correct location. Then register your card and it is a breeze after that. Stop slandering the company and use your brains...I have been a customer with Sears since 1983 and I know what I am talking about they have been a life saver for me in so many ways it is not silly.

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  • Xi
    Xidi Mar 30, 2010

    I bought a metrees with $75 deliver rebate on 11/27/2009. I mailed the 2 required forms on 12/3/2009. Now I kept the copies and the original receipt. In this Jan, I called the number on the rebate form, a service told me it takes more than 8 wees to process, and asked me to call later if not received it then.

    Today, I call the same number, the service told me he cannot find any infomation about my rebate. My call is tranfered to different "Service". The result is that they cannot find the information, and cannot "help".

    I trongly feel that Sears' rebate is professional -- it can help Sears to make extra money. I may still shop at Sears, but it will be my last choice. If there is a rebate issue with Sears, I will call the serice to make sure the information is in their system before the deadline -- it is not instructed on the rebate form.

    Can we have a law: If a rebate is offered, it the saler who sends the request to the related rebate department, not the customer. Customer can check the status with the receipt.

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  • Jb
    JBosch Mar 16, 2010

    I had the same problem last year. I put in my search Sears office of President and up came Contact Sears executive customer service the consumerist. On that site it has the phone number [protected] and you say Mr. Lewis' office please or Mr. Crowley's office please. I got a nice lady that helped me. She gave me an address to send the card back to WHEN I receive my check in the mail. So within a few weeks I received my check and sent the card back. So hopefully they will be able to help you also. Mr. Lewis and Mr. Crowley are the big shots of Sears - it explains their position on that site. Hope you are helped as quick as I was. JBosch

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  • Mk
    mkap Mar 01, 2010

    The site indeed does not exist. Use instead
    There, you register your card, then go to Access $ option and request a paper check rebate.
    This will work provided you never used the card. Good luck!

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  • Ma
    Mayday1937 Jan 25, 2010

    Scam is not the correct word to describe the misreprentation by the Sears employees. No wonder
    Sears is about to go in the TANK, the way they operate is criminal. Furthermore you can get
    better buys at Lowes or Home Depot and there is NO DELIVERY CHARGES. In plain Engilish
    this is nothing more than a rip off in stead of a 65.00 rebate, I probably spent 200.00 of my time
    on the phone with these idots and that is if you can understand them. No wonder this country is in big
    trouble by outsourcing a simple transaction to a foreign country.

    Its the last time we will ever buy anything at Sears/Kmart, there is no question in my mind that
    this will fall on deaf ears. Good Luck Sears, if you make the end of the year in 2010 you will be lucky
    if you have a 401K with this company, TAKE IT NOW... they will figure out a way to screw you out
    of it... probably will give you a prepaid card to give you what you may be owed.


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  • Ra
    R & G Fabros Jan 15, 2010

    I am so upset with Sears & Citi pre-paid services. I just got off the phone with Sherrie from customer service regarding my Sears rebate card & she got me more upset and what she said did not make any sense. She said she's going to mail us a check for $65.00 but I won't hold my breath. I sent my husband who has a heart condition to Sears with the pre-paid Sears card & a gift certificate to get some work done on my car and he was going to pay for it with the Sears/ Citi pre-paid rebate & gift card. He got so upset & was embarrassed when the store clerk swiped the card and he said it was not registering. He did it twice & he also put the numbers in and said it did not work. What kind of scam are you pulling? We purchased a dryer from you and we were suppose to get $65.00 for free delivery. We got the card & it said Here's your Sears Rebate center card, use it instantly, your card is a prepaid debit card, choose credit when using it to make purchases, What a crock of bull. It sure didn't work for us and nobody needs this type of aggrivation in their lives right now. We been a loyal customer with Sears for a long time, but after this, we plan on paying the balances on our accounts and then canceling them. We don't want to deal with a company that does business like that. I just hope that we get our $65.00 check that we have coming in seven to ten days.
    R & G Fabros

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  • St
    stevenr5960 Dec 28, 2009

    You are all whining idiots. Get a life. It is a prepaid debit card. What is the big deal? I have gotten these before and they are fine. Find something else to fill your time.

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  • An
    Angryatsears Dec 18, 2009

    I too have been taken in by this horrid scam!! Today I tried to buy something at Sears just to get rid of the card. The cashier said the cash register said I couldn't use it at this time. The item I was trying to buy was on sale. I bet that was it.
    There is a site to check your balance... it is
    I was able to check my balance on it finally. You have to be sure you put in the http:// part.
    I am tearing up my Sears credit card that I have had for many, many years.
    And you can be sure I won't be found in that store again.

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  • In
    injusticeforall Nov 24, 2009

    Sears Mastercard is Nuts! I called the pres. at [protected] to complain. His extension is 50298. Good Luck!

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  • Jc
    J Colon Nov 03, 2009

    I had come to thi site to see the balance on the card and so far I cannot tell what the balance is because the site is over run with complaints ... NOW IS THAT NOT SPECIAL!

    yOU CAN BET YOUR DOLLARS, I WILL NOT BE PURCHASING MY NEXT LARGE AT SEARS AGAIN ... I will be sending the management a formal renditions of this!

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  • Mt
    mt consumer Oct 30, 2009

    Excerpts from the new terms and conditions:


    Citibank Canada is making some small changes to its prepaid card agreement (the "Agreement"). The attached Agreement has been revised to incorporate those changes and takes effect April 14th, 2009. Please review the new Agreement and familiarize yourself with its provisions.

    Specifically, we have made changes to the following provisions of the Agreement:

    -our website address (the "Site") has changed to and our customer service e-mail address has changed to [email protected] "


    "-We have added language to clarify that that we may notify you of any changes to your Agreement by posting notice of such changes on the Site (see- CHANGES TO THIS AGREEMENT)."

    As well as other details on changes made to procedures for replacing cards, et. al.

    I also received a privacy statement (M-93085), which you have to MAIL IN to opt out of sharing of personal information.

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  • To
    tomcindy Oct 24, 2009

    The phone number Charlie L. offered for Citi group customer service is legit & works!
    I went through the process of requesting to opt out of the Citi rebate cards & asking for checks to be mailed after reading all the hassles on complaint board & not being able to locate the e-mail address : - it does not exist!
    Rosa, the clerk who helped me was at first unable to send checks for the 2 $65.00 delivery rebates, so I challenged her to find the e-mail address for opting out of the citi card... (we purchased over $5k of appliances for a new house; 2nd delivery isn't til 11/27 and I could easily cancel $$$ worth of Sears appliances between now & then...) she could not find it, suggested: an address.
    I also told her about the complaint board & what a black eye their rebate policy gives Citi and Sears for putting good customers through so much baloney. after "checking" w/ corporate, she assured me she COULD process the 2 rebate checks. I told her I would post this info on the complaint board, referring to the MANY Citi/Sears complaints & that I would follow up on the complaint board either way if/when I received the checks from Citi or not...
    so, to be cont.

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  • Te
    TerryN10 Oct 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was told my rebate (75 card) had been approved and sent. It never arrived. When I went back on the Rebate Center site to ask where it was. the system said it did not recognize my email or customer number. BRICK WALL. no rebate, no recourse. I just got screwed out of my rebate. That is the last time I will purchase from Sears and I have been a card holder for over 40 years. They ripped me for $75 but it will cost them more in lost sales over the long run.

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  • 02
    0210 Oct 18, 2009

    Happy that you have a card - minus the additional fee. I submit my rebate online and after not receiving my rebate, I called and they told me that they never received an application, time has expire, therefore I am will not get my rebate

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  • 02
    0210 Oct 18, 2009

    Happy that you got a card. I am still waiting for mine - they said they never received my application for rebate and now its too late, therefore I loose and sears gain.

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  • Ch
    Chasinva Oct 08, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Success! I received my $75 card on 10/6/2009, went to my bank on 10/7, requested a "Cash Advance". Was given the option of receiving cash or having it depositing it to my bank account.

    This was after making many phone calls, but the one that did the trick was: [protected]. Operator was "George". He was pleasant and helpful as was the teller at my bank.

    I hope to see other comments that had success using this method.

    Charlie L.

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  • 8j
    8jw23the Oct 07, 2009

    I think a lot of people are misunderstanding this card. It is a prepaid debit card, but because Sears/Citi does not give you a PIN, you must swipe it as CREDIT at the register when you buy something. It's the same as when you use your own debit card... you have 2 choices: you can swipe DEBIT and enter your PIN, or CREDIT and then sign at the register when paying. Getting this rebate card is NOT applying for or opening up a CREDIT CARD account with Sears as someone else previously stated.

    This is a rebate card instead of cash. I agree that Sears could be more clear explaining this to people. My Sears store where I bought my fridge in Colorado explained it clearly to me, but I know Sears sometimes can be awful. They also said (and it's included in the Citi terms) that you can do an ACH transfer and have the rebate money transferred into your bank acct if you don't want the hassle of using the card. I didn't do this, because I had no trouble using the card. Sorry to the people who've had difficulty. I hope this is helpful in explaining the credit/debit confusion to other people.

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  • Ko
    Kohai Oct 05, 2009

    I ordered a mattress, box springs, and frame but my rebate for delivery was rejected due to the fact I canceled the frame from the order because it wouldn't fit the head board. The rebate was for the mattress. I emailed about 4-5 times through the rebate system they have and got no help.

    After calling and tracking down the right phone # for the rebate people, they resoled it after about 30 seconds once I got the right person on the phone.

    Rebate Center [protected]

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  • Sm
    Smiles1965 Sep 29, 2009

    I just checked the back statement and there is a $3 a month maintenece fee attached to this card. How can you get your Sears Rebate when you have to pay a monthly fee?
    It doesn't make sense!!!

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  • Gm
    gmmartin Sep 23, 2009

    I also purchased a Sears appliance and just received a credit card rebate in the mail. The rebate that I submitted online did say a rebate card would be issued, but I did not know that I was opening up a credit card account. I did not want a credit card only the rebate card from buying the appliance. I am going to cancel the account and will not purchase anything from Sears again. This is a scam as people do not know they are opening a credit card account until they get the card in the mail. This is fraudulent. There needs to be an investigation into this by 20/20 news program.


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  • Pf
    pfz Sep 22, 2009

    Wow! Sorry to hear so many have had problems. I received my $70. prepaid charge card last week. When I bought my washer I was told the rebate would be in the form of a prepaid card. I used it to buy groceries and had no problems. I just checked my balance at and found it easy to use.

    Again sorry so many had problems

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  • Lc
    L Cherry Sep 05, 2009

    Familiar stories. We received our Citi Prepaid rebate card in the mail today. We were shocked to read the "account maintenance fee." When we purchased our refrigerator, the Sears salesman told us that there would be a $75.00 delivery charge, but we would receive a refund in the mail. This sounded strange, but we have gotten rebates before with 'crazy terms.' The difference has been that other companies mailed a paper check that we could deposit in our bank. We would have perferred paying the charge. Here I sit at my computer trying, in vain, to find the site. Is there actually such a site? We, too, plan to cancel our Sears store account. This is absolutely absurd. Any way we try to get the refund we will be penalized. We are very disappointed that Sears would pull such a scam.
    Signed: Another sign of the times...

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  • Ra
    Rayd Sep 05, 2009

    The 2 comments made by me above are just my opinions due to not being able to contact the prepaid service and opt out. Everything in the Sears Rebate Prepaid Card seems to be legal but I'm not a lawyer or educated enough to interpret all of the small print in the 10 folded page CITI PREPAID SERVICES PREPAID CARD AGREEMENT along with the other things they sent. My main objective is to opt out and hope that anyone who has managed to opt out will post on here in detail about how they did it so it can also help me to opt out. The only information I've found on how to opt out is in the SCHEDULE OF SUPPLEMENTAL TERMS on the back of the paper the Prepaid Card was stuck on. In the OPT OUT; CHOICES the way I read it is you have to go to the web site. I just wish they would have an opt out option on their phone line.

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