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Sears Complaints & Reviews

Sears — being cheated and taken complete advantage of!

To Whom It May Concern: I’m writing this letter in frustration and in hopes of showing the public how...

Sears - Westerville, OHrebate check scam, customer relations service is very poor!

We had been shopping for a new washer and dryer for quite some time. We decided that we liked the Kenmore High Efficiency washers, but were waiting for a good time to buy. When we went to the store on June 10, we were told about a rebate program happening in the store that day. Consumers would receive a gift card for 10% of the amount of all purchases on June 9 & 10. And there was a 0% financing deal on top of that. So we bought the washer, dryer and pedestals. The salesman printed out our receipt and an additional copy of the receipt which he instructed us to use for the rebate. So I mailed in the rebate using the receipt he gave us prior to the June 30 mailing deadline. Then we received a letter July 19 stating that the sales check on our receipt was scanned and found to be invalid for the rebate. So I called the rebate center (spoke to Nicole) and was told the receipt was not a valid receipt and that I should call the store to find out what's wrong. So I called the store and was told to call Customer Relations. I spoke with Kirsten who saw that the receipt the salesman printed out didn't have the sale date on it. I asked if I should resubmit with a copy of our original receipt and was told no. She was going to resubmit it for me and that I should have a gift card within 2-3 weeks.

Weeks went by with no card. So I called again October 26 @ 5:30 pm and spoke with Brittney. She told me that she would send an escalation and gave me the number for gift card services to that I could check the status on the card, but to wait a week or two.

Again weeks went by with no card. So I called the Gift Card Services and spoke with Emanuel. He told me that he could not help me without a gift card number and that I had to call Customer Relations again. So I called Customer Relations again and spoke to Willie and Alex on December 10. They indicated that they would pass the matter on to a manager and I could receive a call back within the week.

The next day, I was home from work sick and asleep when a manager called. I didn't get his name (think it was George) and was told that the problem was that they had my address incorrect and he had since fixed it and I'd get a card in the mail within the next 2 weeks. I asked him to verify the address that it was being sent to and he indicated an address that we hadn't lived at for 2 years. When I told him the address was wrong, he, very huffily, said "Well are you getting your mail forwarded." I told him we hadn't lived there in 2 years so NO, it wasn't being forwarded any longer. He confirmed my new address and said he'd have to fix it again and hung up on me.

The holidays went by and I called again on January 16, 2007. I spoke with Amy D. at Customer Relations and was told that the department that could help me was in Texas and because of the bad weather was not open. She said that someone would call me back in a few days. No call.

So I called back this morning, January 29, 2007 and spoke with Shavonne. She escalated my call to someone named Renee, who was sympathetic to my plight, but I'm not sure she will be very helpful. She is going to resubmit the rebate claim, but now that it's been 7 months, she can't find the program in her system to resubmit it. And she can't find any information that shows I spoke with the people above. I am waiting on her to call me back today. Don't worry. I'm not holding my breath.

Since this whole ordeal started I have made only one purchase from Sears (Lands End snow boots). Should this matter not be resolved before my 1 year no interest promotion is up, I will be cancelling my Sears card and will no longer be shopping at their stores. Which is sad, because I've loved my Kenmore appliances that we filled our last house with (the one where the December gift card is probably sitting). Needless to say that I've already warned everyone I know to not purchase anything from Sears that involves a rebate of any kind. Should this ever be resolved I will update my complaint.

Sears - Polaris Fashion Place Store, Westerville, OH

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    Searsrestocking used and broken product!

    I went to Sears about 7 months ago to get a Kenmore vacuum cleaner. Consumer Reports said it was the best. I got it and when I brought it home, a piece that fastens an attachment in was broken, and it was obvious the vacuum was a returned item and not new. I returned it and got another one, and it was broken in another place, and was also a pre-owned item. The vacuum cleaner itself is not very good. The only way I could see Consumer Reports giving it a #1 (over Miele and Oreck, nonetheless!) is if they are on the take from Sears. They give exceptionally high ratings to Sears products. But Consumer Reports is another story... Sears has done even worse...

    Ok, that was pretty bad, but this is worse. Yesterday I went there to get a replacement Pur water filter for my Kenmore refrigerator. When I got it home, I noticed the box had been previously opened. The filter was not wrapped in plastic, and it was dripping water out of it. It was a USED water filter. That is completely unhealthy. I called Pur and they told me their water filters are sealed in plastic, and I must have got a used water filter.

    Pur is investigating this. I will also file a complaint with the California State Attorney General. This is completely wrong and disgusting. Drinking water from a used water filter is not safe.

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      • Fi
        fired for being honest Nov 18, 2010

        sears has very strict policy about putting any returned item back on the shelf I have seen millions of what looks like brand new product in the dumpster however at that pay rate there may be a lack of product care, .

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      Sears Home Central — poor customer service!

      Do not use Sears Home Central for any home repair work. I contracted with them for an air conditioner in...

      Sears Kenmore / Front Load Washer And Dryer (Frigidaire Assembled) — Machine quality is is very poor!

      We purchased a front load washer and dryer in 1999 from Sears, I've tried on phone to get help with...

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      Sears - Kenmore Elite Washer H3I am through with sears!

      I am so upset and disappointed with Sears. When we moved into our home, i bought all my appliances at Sears - stove, microwave, washer, dryer, and refrigerator. I also purchased the warranties for all the appliances. I make sure that service is done on all the appliances every year as is recommended. On January 9, 2007, my washer flooded and water went right through to the basement (which is all finished as a recreation room) and did damage to the ceiling. I called Sears to come and repair the machine. They scheduled someone to come in that week, who only looked at the machine but could not repair it. They made another appointment for the following week to come in and do the repairs. Up until this point i did not have a problem until i got the call that that appointment had to be cancelled and scheduled for the following week. It was coming to two weeks and my children were running out of clothes. I complained to them that this was an inconvenience and that i was going to have to take the clothes to a "wash and fold" laundromat and that they would have to pay for the laundry. I could not see myself at the laundromat with three children - that would be a nightmare for me. The supervisor came on the phone and told me that they could only pay $20 maximum for laundry and that i would have to do it myself, "wash and fold" was not an option. The machines at the local laundromat cost $4.50 for the large load, you can't do much laundry for $20. Sears does not care for its customers - they are only good to you when they are getting money from you. Has the supervisor tried to do laundry at the laundromat with three children? Does she even know how much it costs to do one load of laundry or does she just want me to wash my clothes and not dry them? I am through with Sears!

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Sears - Extended Warranty — useless warranty and broken promises!

        Bought a Sears Chainsaw sping of '06. Also purchased the extended service agreement (maintenance...

        Sears Kenmore Elite Dryerdryer stops when start button is released

        Sears Kenmore Elite Dryer Won't Run If Start Button Released. I too have seen this. as it has happened to me,sept 20th 2006. went through the appliance clinic (very helpful)through there guidance it was narrowed down to the switch or the heat control board. decided that with my luck it would be the $141.61 part(Tx+sh), as i was taking the back of the console off (I now know u can take just the side clips n screws out and flip the console up with out moving it away from the wall to work) I found service techs factory crib notes on repair and diagnosis, confirmed bad board, ordered and replaced, "i am a do it yourself god" wifes happy, life is good clothes are dry....the end...Well as u can tell by the posting date, they are not! Come on Guess whats happened....yep been just bout 75 days, called parts direct (Smears)site said 90 days warranty on parts and then in ( ) 30 days on home electronics, what kinda satisfaction guaranteed is that, so ok now i call the warranty dept, transfered to parts, trans back to warranty and the kid "chuck" will send out a tech next Wednesday (8 days)to replace the "DEFECTIVE" part, under warranty i ask...pause... NO....there is a (60 DAY) warranty on that part and its been 75+ ....Duhhh, Thanks but no, dont bother sending the tech, I is one. and i just figured out how bad (SMEARS)has gotten, guess i"ll have to go back to shopping/ordering my tools from Harbor Freight,....I'm a tool repair tech by trade, but this is ridiculous....found the board on e-bay cheaper than, most local supply houses in PHX, so hey (SMEARS) from all of us DIY's please take grasp of ear lobes n tug till u hear ur head pop out of ur....

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          • Co
            Connie Irby Jun 17, 2009


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          • Al
            Almeras May 03, 2007
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            When you ordered the part, did you inquire as to what the warranty would be?

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          Sears Windows - Windows Replacementsears says they warranty for life - when you have problems they ignore you!

          I purchased 33 replacement windows in March 2004 for my 30 year old house. At the time my salesman Scott Doyle, assured me that 'Sears stands behind their products,' and that the reason I paid $18,808 for these windows was because they came with a 20 year 'anything' warranty. Parts, labor, installation, anything, and a lifetime parts warranty.

          Since the windows have been installed, I have had Sears out here 3 times to fix seemingly minor problems- each time coming through as promised.

          Fast forward to the K-Mart merger. Since that time, Sears has been impossible to deal with. I have 4 windows in my house that are leaking, have rain coming in from all sides, won't close or are simply broken.

          Here are the facts as of today.
          11/4/2006 Called and scheduled appointment.

          11/28/2006 Two 18 year old kids came out, measured and took pictures. They were supposed to send a report to Sears.

          12/11/2006 Called for status. Surprise! Sears no longer honors its warranty. Now I am responsible for all labor charges, and I MUST use their people. Rescheduled appointment for 1/10/2007.

          1/10/2007 - Home all day- no show no call.

          1/16/2007 Called for status. Got a deafening, uhhhh on the other line.

          1/17/2007 Called and left message for Francena Williams at [protected]. She is supposed to be the manager of warranty relations for Sears.

          1/18/2007 Left another message.

          1/19/2007 Got phone call from Sears asking if they came out on the 10th, or 18th- not sure when they were supposed to be here. I told them no. Now they can't get back out here until early February.

          I am disgusted by the fact that my house is getting destroyed every time it rains, I have a whistle in my living room every time it's windy- and I am heating the outside world because all four of these windows are leaking like a siv.

          I don't think I will EVER by ANYTHING from Sears again. This is disgusting that for the amount of money, now that K-Mart bought Sears they won't honor any aspect of this.

          I have no choice. I am going to sue, notify the district attorney and consumer board. We'll see what happens.

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            • Ci
              cindy madison Jan 24, 2011

              You are all right. Sears stinks. I think I will follow the lead and sue in small
              claims court.

              Cindy Madison
              Mine were installed a few years ago and not only do they leak at the bottom when
              they were installed but sometimes in extremely cold weather ice forms on the

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            • Na
              Nancy Paczkowski May 02, 2010

              Sears installed 13 windows in my house 3 don't lock and 10 windows they installed windows 3 inches smaller than opening then put boards around. They look horrid and very unprofessional.

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Sears - Calypso Washer — nothing but problems. stay away!

            We purchased the washing machine/dryer set in Dec. 2000 and have had nothing but problems with the washer...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Sears — keep getting calls all week!

            I keep getting calls all week from the same number [protected]. They don't say which company they are...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Sears - Kenmore Elite He3 Washerdon't purchase your appliances or any warranties at sears!

            We purchased the Kenmore Elite HE3 washer with the extended warranty about 2 years ago at Sears. We use the sanitary cycle on many occassions when washing our dogs beds when this last time on 12/25 the water did not drain properly and water was all over our landry room floor.

            I said to myself thank goodness for the warranty that we purchased through Sears!! I had called into their service dept. to schedule an appt. for a technician to come out and look at the washer, well they could not schedule me any sooner than Jan. 2nd!!! I said okay if that is the best you can do then we'll take that appt. on 12/28 (today) I called to see if Sears had any cancellations and the rep said that he did for today between 1-5, I left work and waited and waited until 3, no phone call from sears and no technician! I then called cust service but the woman (no named mentioned) would not transfer my call to a supervisor and insisted that there was nothing that they could do and that "they" had called me to inform. I informed her that I have caller id and a phone log and that no one had called me to inform me that they couldn't make it out today. Then she tells me that the next available date would be Jan 4th!!! I told her that was unacceptable but she insisted that there was nothing she could do. She just wanted me off the phone! I then called back and asked to speak to a supervisor and informed the rep. what had just happened and that is when i spoke to a supervisor and he again insisted that there was nothing that they could do? He said he could have cust. serv. contact me but no one has called yet. They're just trying to get me off the phone, they don't really care. I am in the service industry and would never treat a customer so poorly! This was my 1st appliance at sears and it will be my last! They customer service that I have just received is the absolute worst! Don't purchase your appliances or any warranties at sears! You won't get anywhere with their customer service. They just keep telling you that theirs nothing they can do! BS!

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Sears Kenmore Dryerineptitude of sears customer service

              I bought a Kenmore Dryer 14 months ago from Sears. It stopped working last week, the drum turns but no heat. I read the manual for all the trouble shooting even went on several online sites to get information, still not working.
              So even though I really feel that a dryer should not quit after 14 months, when I called Sears, I knew it was 3 months past warranty, so decided to make an appointment for Service.

              I make the appointment for Thursday, December 28th and they encourage me to get their Service Agreement. I was not sure, so he told me if I decide to get the service agreement, just call before the end of the day on Tuesday, December 26th. I decided I should so I call to add it, before I give all the information to the person on the phone we get disconnected, call back get someone else, they charge the $180.00 on my debit card, then he says but your appointment was cancelled on Thursday, I said to him, I never cancelled the appointment, well it turns out the guy who I was disconnected from cancelled my appointment. Then I am told the best they can do is give me a different appointment for Wednesday, January 3rd, which I found ludacris, considering I did not cancel the appointment, did not give permission to cancel the appointment, plus made arrangements for someone to be at my house. Talked to the manager of that department, she instructed me that when you add a service agreement to an appointment, they have to cancel and re-book the appointment which is all well and good if they tell you BUT NO ONE EVER ONCE TOLD ME THAT, because I would have just forgot all about the service agreement, especially since my dryer cost $450.00 and then the extra service was $180.00, on a dryer that is only 14 months old. The manager of the department calls Sears Routing Department, to no avail.

              Then after she can't help me, even after admitting that they were wrong to cancel my appointment,I call the customer care phone number, again talk to highest level they allow you to talk to again to no avail. All of the above took 2 hours out of my work day, by the time they keep switching you around.

              Wednesday, I have another number to call spend another hour and a half having to repeat the story, repeat my address and phone number at least 15 times. Finally I get to the Customer Retention Department, speak to Julia, they do not give last names out. On Wednesday, December 27th, at 5:00pm. she listens to the whole story, puts me on hold, comes back on the phone and tells me I am back on the service schedule for Thursday. I was pretty shocked, and several times I said to her, "so you are assuring me 110% that a technician is coming to my house?" I told her I wanted this guarantee because my mother would be driving one hour to my house and one hour back and I did not want her doing that if Sears was not coming, she said she was absolutely certain that no matter what they would not cancel my appointment.
              Thursday, December 28th, 2006:
              2:30 pm. call Julia to make sure she still shows technician scheduled to come to my house. The first person I talk to tells me there is a problem and Julia is on the phone with the Routing Department and she will call me as soon as she is off the phone. Do not hear back from Julia, call again at 3 to be told she is at lunch till 4. Call again at 4, finally get her back on the phone, she said she did everything she possibly could have done, but somehow the routing department did not assign the ticket, it got lost in the shuffle until she called them, and the best thing they could do was send someone on Friday, December 29th. When you ask to speak to a manager, you are told they will call you back in 24 hours or that their managers do not speak to customers. I told her how disappointed I was in the service and why in the world would I have someone again wait at my house and then have to spend another hour on the phone when they don't show up again. I told her I want the Service Agreement credited to my debit account, this takes 72 hours for them to credit, so since Tuesday, December 26th, they have had $180.00 of my money and have offered me absolutely no service. Now I have made an appointment with a local appliance repair shop, called late this afternoon, and they are scheduled to come out tomorrow. I am not asking Sears for anything at all, I just wanted to vent and voice my opinion to everyone and anyone that Sears has absolutely not one ounce of customer service, even when they assure you something will happen, it does not and they do not care. I work at a large financial firm, and if I gave the kind of customer service Sears keeps giving, I would be out of a job within 5 minutes.

              Also, please do not waste my time or anyone else's posting to this if you are a Sears employee or Technician. I do not care how many people do not work for the company anymore, I do not care how many other people you have scheduled for that day. I care about service, if I take over 5 hours out of my busy work week, spent on the phone dealing with the ineptitude of Sears Customer Service, and then take time off of work to wait for appointments that never come, I do not have sympathy for the way your time is spent since Sears does not care about my time or from reading all of these complaints any of my fellow complainers as well.

              Not that it matters to Sears, but there I go another customer walking out the door, never to buy from Sears again, and word of mouth, especially in the age of the internet goes a long way.

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                • Pi
                  PissedOffSearsCustomer Jun 14, 2011

                  I am in the same situation and will filing a complaint to Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. Thanks for sharing, thought I was the only one suffering

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Sears Appliancesrip off guaranteed

                We bought 7 appliances through Sears for 2 houses. The 1st washer broke so many times Sears spent over $4,000 fixing it. The repairman would laugh every time he came by.

                Finally, after I renewed all the appliances with a 5 year warranty then Sears finally called and tried to get us to waive the washer off the warranty! LOL!

                The 2nd range, a fridgeidaire gallery gas model has never worked properly in almost 5 years. I just found out from rapid resolution at Sears that the only way they replace an appliance is if you have 4 repairs WITH parts during the same calendar year. Because they have been "adjusting the stove" all these years therefore the repair visits never counted towards the lemon clause in our service agreement. FYI, the burner will be working fine then the flame just shuts off and the gas spews out while you not looking. A slight fire hazard.

                So we are going to try and follow the repair guidelines and either get the stove fixed or get it replaced. After 5 years of failed repairs we are not too hopeful.

                Lastly, calling Sears for repairs is downright scary. One day I was literally on the phone for 6 hours trying to order a part for the repair tech on the stove. The repair tech was not allowed to order the part. i had to do it. i had one guy about 4 hours into it that I was pretty irate with. he assured me that my complaints with Sears were unfounded and he could get the part ordered. After he was on the phone for an hour with me as he was calling other Sears depts., he ended up cussing out another Sears employee. I just had to say, "I told you so." He finally gave up and I had to start all over with another customer service rep. I got one who knew how to work the system after about 15 different tries...

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                  The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

                  • Sears's response · Jul 13, 2012


                    Hello my name is Zenaida and I am part of the Sears Social Media Support Team. I can understand how disappointing this experience with your dishwasher been for you. It is certainly upsetting for a new appliance not to work properly. We would like to look into this with you and see if there is anything we can do to make this right.
                    At your convenience, please contact our office via email at [email protected] to put an end to your frustration. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number your dishwasher was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (D.R.K.) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue. We truly value your business and look forward to talking to you soon.

                    Thank you,

                    Zenaida M.
                    Social Media Moderator
                    Sears Social Media Support

                  • Dr
                    D.R.K. Jul 12, 2012
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    We bought a dishwasher last year after waiting 10 years to be able to afford and install one. It hasn't worked properly since install and now erroring out part way through the cycle. Called Sears for repair on the service plan we paid hundreds of $ for, had to wait a week for first available appt. Technician cancelled day of service, had to wait another week, I called to confirm that he was coming, never showed. Lied about saying no one was home when he came and when I called the next day to complain to our local store the call record had been CHANGED to read that WE cancelled the service call. Of course the next available appointment is another week away - 3 weeks and counting. Foolishly purchased a refrigerator in June.. We had them check before making the purchase to confirm it was in stock and they assured us it was, though it would still be 1".5 weeks before delivery. You guessed it - cancelled the day before. Big surprise - not really in stock, sales tactic. Had to wait another week;. Really bad taste in my mouth. Really sorry I gave them thousands of dollars of our hard-earned money. Never again.

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                  • Am
                    Amy Z May 30, 2012

                    Delivery customer service reps. can't understand most of the time - can't speak English well. Appliance was delivered broken, had to reschedule delivery for next day. Gave Sears my cell phone to call so I can make sure I'm home for the delivery. They called wrong phone number and thus I missed the delivery etc. Sears doesn't understand that people have to take time off from work when appliances are delivered! I spent 40 minutes on the phone to someone who couldn't speak English well trying to get a supervisor. Finally I agree to have the supervisor call me even though I know they won't! If you can, try and buy your appliances somewhere else. Saving a few dollars is not worth going through Sears!

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                  • Mbkp Apr 30, 2010

                    We bought top of the line Sears products in January 2006, Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Technicians don't know what they are doing so I stopped calling. Waiting to buy a better brand.

                    They came out to fix washer at least 4 times in the first year. I wrote and called the CEO and they chose not to respond to me.

                    Don't buy Sears products, I will never make that mistake again.

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                  • Cj
                    CJ Aug 14, 2008
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    We bought all top of the line Kenmore Elite~ all Garbage!

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                  • Ar
                    Arlene Sep 05, 2007
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    To whom it may concern:

                    My wife & I bought a Whirlpool ET25DMXDW01 model in 1998. We have always bought Sears appliances.

                    We had the the usual maintenance service over the years and we have paid for Sears extended service ( on and off) for several years.

                    We also have other Sears appliances (washer & dryer etc.).

                    We have been very happy with the Whirlpool refrigerator and we still use it and is in very good condition.

                    Almost 10 months ago, the handle for the bottom right drawer (crisper pan) broke and we requested Sears to replace it inorder for us to use the set drawer for fruits and vegetables as we are not able to make usage of that drawer.

                    Today, I have accumulated several pages of transactions with Sears Home Central to no avail.

                    We have had the longest run around one could possibly imagine.

                    We have had several technicians come out to write out the same order several times.

                    We have dealt with many service reps at Sears Home Center and they have always told us that the problem would and should be fixed and if the replacement would not be available the policy requires them to replace it with a new refrigerator. After many months, my wife handed this file over to me.

                    Once again, I began my request from the bottom and all the way to the executive line (as they told me).

                    Finally, they had acknowledged that the replacement was no longer available and forwarded me to another division.

                    Tel: [protected] (very difficult line to talk to someone...) After many hours of waiting on the tel. I have spoken with Ms. Chris and Ms. Marilyn... again to no avail.

                    Last I spoke with Ms. Marilyn advised me that the part was no longer available and that Sears was not interested in replacing the refrigerator which totally contradicts my extended service with them.

                    What am I to do? Can you help us?


                    Arlene & Sabi Kent

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                  • Od
                    Odon Sabo Apr 12, 2007
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    My $850.00 dishwasher got stuck between cycles. I called Sears repair and he used a Star Wars light show toy to analyze the problem. He said, "don't try to use the dishwasher, it needs a new "board" This will cost another $429.00 in addition to the $65.00 show up fee.

                    I was mad. I found out from a Home Depot Appliance salesman that all it was was that it was stuck in a cycle. "Just run the whole cycle through again and it ill clear itself."
                    It did and It runs like new.

                    Now to get my money back. That is impossible. SEARS repair knew that the machine was fine, and that is why he told me not to use it till he gets back with the part. Also found out that on the more expansive machines the major parts are waranteed for life.

                    DON"T Call Sears repair.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Sears - Kenmore Washer And Dryerwasher quality as well as customer service sucks!

                  Several months ago, I bought an expensive Sears Kenmore high efficiency washer for my wife and four kids. Since then, the washer has had catastrophic failure and every attempt to fix it has resulted in some excuse for more parts.

                  It is going on a month, and my wife, kids, and now sick daughter (with the FLU) are knee deep in laundry because my wife has to run to the Laundry mat while SEARS REFUSES to make this right. There is no indication that this will be fixed ANYTIME SOON. The repairman has even recommended that SEARS replace the washer because the parts cost more than a new one. WHAT??? He is due his fourth trip to our house this week...

                  A $1000.00 washer should not break under a parts warranty. Then, Customer service gives my wife a hard time about simply replacing this washer, or even paying for the labor to fix it, which is the only right thing to do after several failed promises and apologies. She has asked customer service, repeatedly, for some help. I have also explained several times to customer service the need to fix this, and their response has been to refuse as of 10:29 this morning to replace the washer. We just don't have $1000.00 to go out and buy another one at Christmas.

                  This is not customer service. Maybe an email or word of mouth to friends and family is in order. If I can help it, this won't happen to another family. $1,000 is a lot of money to us, especially when we were depending on the reputation of SEARS Kenmore.

                  SEARS won't make this right. I will never buy from them again and ask everyone I know to do the same.

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                    Sears - Central ACunfinished work, no response!

                    About 1 1/2 years ago, I bought a central air conditioning unit from sears. I decided to go with sears because of their "commitment". "sign a satisfaction certificate - we are not finished until you're pleased as can be." "relax you've chosen sears: we're the nations largest provider of home improvements, now the rest is easy."

                    The job I received for over $7, 000 was sub-standard. The ducts were run into wood bays which produces black mold, the system never cooled the house, one of the large ducts was run across the staircase and now is a safety hazard as people have to duck to go upstairs.

                    I have been complaining to sears for 2 seasons now. They ignore me, until I make a pest of myself. Their project manager came out and admitted it was a horrible job, but I didn't like the alternative he had to offer me (Which was to re-position the unit so that the duct ran through my living room and dining room without fixing the old holes or making a soffet around the duct), so I asked for my money back. They refused to return my home to the original state if they took out the unit, so I just asked for my money back and to leave the system and I would take care of it. They never got back to me.

                    I had to pay $2300 to an outside contractor to fix the work they did to finally get the system working. They stated that the system was undersized and not put in correctly. They did get it to work.

                    I filed with the bbb and initially got a call from their legal department. Sent them all my information (And I have lots), yet don't hear back from them in weeks.

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                      Sears - Sump Pumps — sick and tired of sears!

                      We had two sump pumps die on us in February. We went to the Sears store with them, they had a lifetime...

                      Sears - Kenmore Refrigeratorbroken refrigerator delivered!

                      I purchased a Kenmore Refrigerator at the Sears Store at Chesterfield Town Center in Richmond, Va on 11-20-06. It was delivered on on 11-24-06. After the men set it up to work it never got cold in temperature. When Sears sent a man out to look at it the next evening, he said it was a bad refrigerator and it needed to be replaced. When we went to the store that same evening to purchase another one we were told we had to wait until 11-30-06 to get it. We asked if we could get it sooner, we have no way to keep our food. All our food had to be thrown out. We got no satisfaction from the store help. The product was paid for in full. We owe Sears nothing. The help in your store was no help to me at all. We were subjected to a disservice and I think we should be compensated for the loss of our food and we should not have to wait until 11-30-06 to get our product. I am seriously considering seeking the help of an attorney and reporting your store to WWBT Channel 12 here in Richmond, Va. I look forward to hearing from your corporate office. I can also be reached by phone which I prefer at [protected] and at 1607 Westover Hills Blvd., Richmond, VA 23225.

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                        • Mi
                          Mike Sep 25, 2008
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          Like so many others have written, the freezer works but the refrigerator side doesn't cool. Called customer service (I have an extended service agreement), earliest a tech could get out to me was three weeks ( why rush, they got my money for the service contract - I'm a hostage) ...on the tech the tech ewas to show ..of course not...Customer Service was sorry for the inconvenience...refused to let me speak with a supervisor..but happily rescheduled me for 10 days later...that's right - no show again. Anyone who buys annything from Sears no longer has a right to complain, the internet is loaded with the same stories of abuse ...its your money =- be a fool and buy from Sears or be a wise person and go anywhere else.

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                        • Valerie Feb 07, 2007

                          Almost two years ago we renovated our kitchen, and replaced all the appliances with Kenmore Elite products, including their top-line dishwasher and refrigerator.

                          In that time period, the dishwasher has broken twice, and the refrigerator twice. Both have 4-year Master Care plans.

                          In the past, we've been happy with the timeliness of the immediacy and quality of the warranty service, though the disconnect between the parts shippers and the appointment makers is really annoying, as other reviews have noticed.

                          However, our refrigerator broke TWO MONTHS AGO on Dec. 1, 2006, and a repairman visited on Dec. 5, 2006. Since then, the parts have been backordered. And every few weeks, the ship date keeps on extending. It is now Feb. 6, 2007, and Sears STILL has not shipped the parts. I don't trust their shipping estimate, since they keep on revising it.

                          To Sears' credit, they have authorized rental reimbursement for another refrigerator. However, how many people have room in their kitchen for a spare refrigerator? Where would we put it? This is not like a car repair where you can drive a rental car while the other is in the shop -- in that case you don't have an extra car to park.

                          At what point does this constitute "unable to repair" which in the warranty would merit replacement? Ironically, if this really was a car, many states' lemon laws (the part about honoring the warranty) would merit replacement or reimbursement by now.

                          TWO MONTHS and waiting.

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                        Sears A"e Factory Service — very poor service!

                        I have been without a washing machine for 64 days and counting! A & E Factory Service, a company owned by...

                        Sears — declined check

                        My fiance and I were in Sears Store at a local mall and when she wrote a check for her tools that she i...

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