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I am posting this in hopes that others will not fall prey to this "pass the buck" attitude in reference to appliance repair/replace events that have recently taken place in my case. After having purchased a 10 yr old home not quite 3 yrs ago, I chose to replace all of the existing appliances with new ones including a 5 yr maintenance agreement for each one to alleviate any problems, or so I thought. Upon researching the different ones out there, I found that the ones available through Sears to be of the better quality and value. I then proceeded to buy a refrigerator, built in stove/microwave, dishwasher, hot water heater, and HE front loading washer and dryer as well as the 5 yr repair agreements for each one. As you can guess my purchase totaled well into the several thousand dollar range. I had absolutely no problems with any of the above mentioned items until about 6 mos ago when my dryer started going into a "PF" (power failure) mode and naturally shutting down when it does so in addition to the smell of "hot" clothes and a scorched inside screen. I of course called service repair right away and they proceeded to send someone out to check it. Seeing as how it is an intermittent problem and does not occur all of the time it was rather difficult to try and diagnose the problem. However, this repair "specialist" - I use this term loosely - was able to get it to go into that mode but could not give an explanation as to why. He suggested that I get my ventilation system redone and also have an electrician come out to check out all of the wiring, plug, outlet, and circuit breakers at my home. Wanting peace of mind, I did precisely that. My new vent is guaranteed for up to 20 years and my electrician assured me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with anything that he could possibly check. I then proceeded to call Sears back $250.00 later to make yet another appointment, and have them send someone else out. Upon having him check out the dryer problem which had happened again numerous times, he could still offer no reason as to why this was happening. He did say that perhaps it was a power surge which would of course have it flash the PF code and therefore stop the dryer. It was then that I pointed out that I had also purchased a microwave oven/stove built-in combo and if there had been a power surge that the digital clock display readouts would have gone out on those too, which of course they never did. After it happened again I was about at my wits end - if there are two things I respect it is electricity and the ensuing fire that would follow from faulty circuitry. I proceeded to call Sears one more time and at least this time they referred me to their Source One extension which is supposedly their "cure all" department. The rep that helped me did tell me that it had to be documented at least three times in reference to the same problem before they could consider a replacement for me. So I did set up yet another appointed for repair service which was totally absurd as he was here for a total of under 10 minutes and only spending 3 minutes of that time trying to get it to go into a PF. But - okay - I did as asked and then called Source One back the next day to see how to proceed on getting that replacement. Now all of the sudden I'm told that because the service technicians were unable to diagnose the problem that as far as they were concerned there wasn't anything wrong and would be unable to help me. They should read the appliance repair blogs every now and then to see that there have been many other similar complaints about the same thing. I did call Corporate after that and got more of the same lip service. Well - that is where they made their mistake as far as I'm concerned. I am very capable of helping myself and even though they will not offer to do anything to remedy this situation, I can get the word out there to the general public and warn them about the unsavory business practices that Sears seems to live by. Even though I do have to "eat" this one I am purchasing my new appliances from someone else as the need arises. They may not view losing just one consumer a bad thing but perhaps they will change their tune, especially in these hard times, if they lose a few more customers due to their deceitful practices. I will post this information wherever I can and if I can reach even just one person and save them from an almost certain similar outcome then my experience will have been worth it. So - general public - beware - DO NOT PURCHASE APPLIANCES FROM SEARS!!


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    charlton May 20, 2009

    Sears is destined to continue to lose loyal customers and fail. Having for decades purchased appliances exclusively through sears. Today I purchased my last one. And with that a family of 9 siblings in the home building/remodeling industry.
    A seemingly simple feat..Our dryer simply didn't turn on. No symptoms alerted us to a problem in the making. But we called repair and we were offered a 12 month service contract for $193.95 to which we'd agreed but the computers went down. Okay, yet they were able to schedule a repair visit and assured us they would call us back when the system was back up. Great!?? Well, they never did call other than to leave an automated message confirming our appointment. The day the service technician was scheduled to arrive we called only to be advised we would have to pay for the service call diagnosis and an hourly rate being we were not under a service contract and such could not be initiated. A supervisor subsequently informed us the service representative had clearly misinformed us as they can't make "Out Calls", thus the reason no one had called us back. At this time we could not be entered in the system under a service contract agreement regardless of our willingness to pay. Why? Well, Not unless they canceled the scheduled visit ( that had required us to wait a week). Well, we suggested they cancel the existing appointment and and simply reschedule the service call for today. The supervisor stated, We can't as we have no available appointments. We said, Well, if you cancel our existing appointment we can initiate a new one. Hence, take the canceled appointment slot, which will be available, especially since the service tech will be in the area of our home.
    We were told this was Not possible as an option. We had stayed home all day waiting ( told the appt was between 8AM-5PM) and the technician arrived at 4:20PM. We were charged $125.00 only to be advised the motor would need to be replaced. And between the part and labor the cost would be approximately $500.00. They offered us a $65.00 coupon. (How Generous!!) Well, today we drove to Sears and ordered a New Dryer which after delivery will be approximately the same price as the replaced motor would cost. It seems to me if a customer were to purchase a new appliance based upon their diagnosis the call should have been credited toward a New appliance. No? Ironically, the initial contract we'd agreed to
    ( when their system conveniently went down) indicated that in the event the dryer could Not be repaired they would credit us $500.00. I do wonder at what point it is deemed a dryer cannot be repaired.

    The service department toll free number sounded like a "Boiler Room" operation. When we asked the location we were advised such could not be disclosed for security reasons. How absurd. We feel the company is no longer a name we can trust and will Never buy from them again.

    Sears evidently resorts to Bait and Switch Tactics as per the original post.

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    James Martin Nov 05, 2019

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