Sears Brandskenmore elite french door refrigerator.

Purchased in September 2016, along with the 3-yr master protection plan. I had been perfectly happy with my unit until this past summer (4 months shy of warranty expiring). In July, we woke up to a warm fridge and thawed meats/foods in freezer. Scheduled a service call, repairman came out, and ordered several replacement parts and returned a week or so later to install them. Filed food loss claim of $200 which they paid. Worked for a week or so, and then having same issue with ice maker which was part of original complaint, and fridge still. It being as cold as it should. Scheduled another service call, and repairman came out and fixed the ice maker and "tweaked" the previous repairs. Seemed to be working fine, until this past weekend when we woke up once again to thawed and spoiled food. Scheduled another service call and now are awaiting parts and return of repairman in a week. Once again filed $200 food loss complaint (the limit set by Sears) though it's been well over that. This really should count as the 4th problem with fridge and fall under the lemon replacement clause in contract.
All this and I haven't even mentioned the horrible looking finish in the doors of my fridge and dishwasher. I mentioned it a couple years ago to the technician that came out to do yearly maintenance and was basically told there wasn't anything that could be done. While reading my plan paperwork, I discover cosmetic defects are covered for repair, but of course only for 3 years past purchase date, which only passed a month ago.
I am very disappointed in this sears purchase. And will never purchase another kenmore appliance. We have been loyal kenmore appliance owners for 40 years.

Sears Brands
Sears Brands

Oct 09, 2019

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