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D Jul 18, 2019

July18, 2019
My husband and I bought a nearly $20, 000 floor from Sears in 2017. The first time we started having issues, an inspector came out and noticed that the flooring panels were not 1/4 " away from the wall. He also said the underlayment was not the most expensive one that we ordered. So, he said we have to reinstall the whole floor. So, they did. Second crew ripped these floors out so badly and then reused same panels, that now the floor panels are constantly gapping, separating. Everyone, including inspectors that came out all said that these floors were not installed correctly. The quarter rounds are not plushed against the floor and there are gaps by the wall, as well as, huge gaps that show up everyday, throughout the house. We were under warranty this whole time. I've been calling since November 2018 to fix these floors. They sent out an inspector, who says we need to put in new panels. He put in the order and was told because of the bankruptcy, they will not honor the warranty or give us a refund. Called a lawyer and had them sent a letter. They called and again refused to give us a refund for new floors. Inspector came out and again, said we need a new floor. They refuse to listen to the inspector. So, they send someone out to hammer the panels together. The panels are loose because the last installers damaged them. The person who came out to hammer noticed big gap by the wall. This is wrong and sad. Now, they are giving us only a 90 day warranty. Please help us. We have a new floor damaged by installers. I understand that Sears has now been bought by Transform. We would like Transform to please help us regarding this matter.
Thank you,
Darlene Vinyard


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