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kenmore washing machine

WOW--Our poor landlords. They purchased the Kenmore Oasis Elite Washer/Dryer. You got it---on both machine...


Aug 4, 2008 13:30 approx. Looking for a new BBQ ... found a model on sale Broil King 90 ... looks great nearly $200 off and I ask "can you assemble it and deliver it for a fee?" No we can only deliver. I said "that would be a deal breaker" Oh well was the response. Un Frigging believable. We went to Home Depot and bought a similar model ... that was actually better and they assemble and deliver.

Sears Canada ... oh well .

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    Chris Aug 09, 2008
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    Verified customer

    So ... lemme get this straight.

    Sears Canada does NOT do assembly.
    And you're upset because they don't offer you an optional (read: NOT OBLIGATORY) service for you?

    This is one of the stupidest complaints I've ever read. What was unbelievable? The fact you didn't get your way, or that you couldn't get a BBQ dirt-cheap at Sears? You're just upset Home Depot didn't offer you the low price. Get a life, buddy.

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awful repair run around

Last August I bought a Sears Kenmore that worked for less than 2 weeks. I wasn't worried, I had purchased a 3 year warranty. Beside this was Sears they would stand by their product. Then followed 8 appointments in which Sears did everything to not replace the unit. They replaced it's condesors and piping, it 's electrical switching. The Sears technicians even put in their reports that the unit was not repairable. I estimate they spent much much more than the unit was worth ($230).

Finally this past April, a department at Sears called OneSource said ok, they'd ship me a replacement. A week later they changed their mind and told me I'd have to return the unit to the store for a replacement.
I returned the unit to the store only to be told that no they would not replace the unit, they would have it repaired. I said that as I had waited 6 months and been promised a replacement that it was now their problem.

I walked out of the store leaving the unit behind. I filed a complaint with The City of Yonkers Consumer Protection Bureau. At the hearing Sears failed to appear. They were fined $500 for deceptive practices and ordered to re-imburse me $352. I have not heard from Sears so with this judgment, I am now taking Sears to small claims court.

Note, when buying from Sears, you should be aware that if a warranty repair becomes too difficult or costly to them, they will, as they did in my case, walk away.

  • Ra
    rantam Jul 23, 2013

    Sears recalled our dehumidifier because it is dangerous. For our $300 dehumidifier they claimed we would receive a $100 check and a $25 gift certificate in 10 days. Big surprise after a month nothing even after numerous calls and emails. I think they need a lawsuit for more then just the ones that started on fire, now they need one for the people who got ripped off for just having one!! I hope one of my friends gets in on this lawsuit and gets lots because obviously they don't plan to pay anyone unless they get sued!

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hidden restocking fee

1. Description of the purchase A the beginning of July'08 I went to Sears to buy an Air Conditioning...

[Resolved] inflated charges and unresponsive customer service department

Was told about the $75 minimum fee no matter what the problem with my fridge was. Was prepared to pay that...

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service rip off

I wish I had read the online complaints before I called Sears service to repair my Kenmore dishwasher. I...

Hidden charge of water filter system

We recently purchased two items from Sears. The first one is a Ping Pong Table. I asked the Sales, do they...

sears service/repair of refrigerator

The refrigerator in the unit that I rent has not been cooling properly. My food and milk spoils in a few days.

The landlord blames me, and says that I have too much in the freezer compartment. He suggested getting rid of some of the frozen items. My defense is that the freezer is not overly stuffed. He said he'd have someone look at it.

One evening I realized that someone had been in my apartment to see the refrigerator, because items next to the refrigerator had been moved. Then I noticed a memo on the refrigerator that says
"PLZ remove 1/2 items in Frezzer, Refer cooling Normal, Poor Air Flow. Thz Sears" .

I did not believe that this memo was from a repair person. How could a refrigerator repair person misspell freezer? Aside from the misspelling, the comment left echoed of my landlord's words.

I called Sears the next day and someone told me that the work order mentioned that the refrigerator is 14 years old, and that something was sealed. He then asked if the refrigerator was still not working.

When I asked for a copy of the work order, he transferred me back into phone automated la-la land. Finally I got a hold of a live person who claimed she could not hear me, then could not find any information on the service I was asking about. When I insisted that I just spoke with someone who found record of the service, she agreed that a service person was at my apartment between the hours of 8 and 5 the previous day, but that she could not tell me anything about the repair, and that the previous person should not have either.

They should provide a copy of the service order to the user of the refrigerator via mail, at least.

  • Jo
    Johnyu3 Mar 27, 2009

    Hey, you hav a propblem with the landlord not fixing the refrigerator. No refrigerator should insist you clear half the times out. I had the same ### done to me and that had nothign to do with a broken fan. Landlord is cheap and won't pay for repair. Your tenant rights allows you to make repair and deduct from rent if you compain in writing and landlord does nothign about it. John-480-699-7334

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horrible product

I purchased a self propelled Sears Craftsman lawn mower one years ago. That means, this is the second season I have used it. I paid $300 for this mower.

It is a model # 917.377842, 6.5HP Honda engine, and "features" easy height adjustment with one lever each for the front and back wheels (2 levers).

The steel levers slip into slots on the aluminum deck (can you see this train wreck coming?). Thus, after 1 1/2 seasons of adjusting the wheels for various conditions (wet - mow low, dry - mow high), the freaking levers no longer say in the aluminum slots because (are you listening, sears engineers?), steel tends to wear away aluminum, and now the slots are not able to contain the levers and the mower is constantly falling to it's lowest position, scalps the lawn, and what a mess that makes.

Guess what? One year warranty! The "helpful" sears service associate suggested I buy an extended warranty for this mower. The price? $ 300!

So, just into the second season, the options are to either buy a complete new deck (which will probably last another season or so), or buy a new mower.

I won't be buying anything from sears (it doesn't deserve capitalization) and now I realize that the name "craftsman" is Chinese for "cheap."

Too soon old, too late smart.

  • Jo
    John Meehan Oct 11, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I agree Sears is awful their products and service. I bought a Carrier furnace from them in 2005 and I have had nothing but trouble with techs coming out each heating season only to discover the installer did not install the furnace properly and the wires some were hanging loose

    Sears has no shame, not a customer anymore

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installation overcharge

Bought a Kenmore 370, no problems yet with the appliance, but I am hoping I can stop anyone else from getting ripped of with installation. For less than 2 hours of work I was charged $530 by the installer, which was a lot, but I just wanted this thing done with... the I find out Sears bill me on top of that, $130. Get your OWN plumber / or other appliance installer, NEVER use Sears - they charge YOU the finders fee, apparently.

defective equipment/no satisfaction

Two years ago I bought what I thought was going to be a way better lawnmower than what I ever had before. It was a Craftsman Mower, 6.75 Horsepower, self propelled, 21" cut. Model # 917.370730, Out of the box it broke, Little things inside shattered. Took it to Sears, where they fix nothing. Sent to Pittsburgh PA, It stayed for a LONG time. Eventually It came back, and 15 minutes after using it, it broke again. Same things broke! (Remember this fact, you won't believe what happens). I got it back in time to put it up for winter. This year I fire it up, and it is really acting up. I order a tune up kit and a new Blade. After the new blade I take it into the yard and it breaks again! Back to Sears. Now it gets bad. It is out of warranty. I complain that it spent more time in the shop than in the yard. Local Sears guys agree. Off to Pittsburgh it goes! They call after a few days and tell me the shaft is bent and it will cost me $130.00 to fix it. I am furious. I begin the corporate run around. One obscure department head tells me this, "If it (mower) is out of warranty, Sears washes their hands of it." I am given a number to the "Lawn Equipment Recovery Department", the last place I am told, I can contact. The lady on the other side listens, calls Pittsburgh, then tells me I am without satisfaction. She goes on to say that the reason Sears will do nothing for me is because the mower was not in the shop ENOUGH, and that the history she reads about it shows that the same parts were replaced again and again, (DUH), which shows her I USED the mower. (WOW). I ask for some kind of relief, none is forthcoming. I am stuck with a defective product.

  • Av
    avonpeace Jun 13, 2012

    Wow, going through a similar situation with a lawnmower we purchased about 10months ago. This brand new red mower has only been used less than five times in this time. It was bought last fall and only used it this summer once. Blade just fell off this summer on second attempt to use it for the season. Took it to service center, first thing the representative said was we had to have hit a rock or hard object to cause it to come off and that the adapter which holds blade broke due to "impact", our lawn has no rocks... Mower still under warranty but they will not cover repairs. Multiple phone calls to warranty department and service center and the royal runaround later I believe Sears is the worst place to buy from. They do not care about customer service, once you leave out that door!!! Their warranty covers nothing, they produce substandard defective products and blame it on the customer, what a scam!

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poor quality

This is a major complaint that needs addressed because of the defect in your Kenmore Side by Side refrigerator continues to break. I purchased model 253.5466340A in Nov. of 2005. In Dec. 2006 the water arm paddle broke off when I pushed a glass against it. I was highly disappointed with the quality of the material used to make this piece, a cheap plastic. Since the 1 year warranty expired a month earlier, I had to pay $235.67 for parts and labour to fix it. But I thought OK now this should be good for 15 or 20 years. But I was wrong. In July of 2008 the exact same watering arm piece snapped off again and broke while someone was pressing against it with a glass to get water. This design must be defective, the materials used to make it sub par. You expect a major purchase like this to last years. I was hesitant to buy Kenmore because I didn't think it was known as a strong, dependable brand. However after visiting the store and talking with a salesman I was convinced otherwise and purchased a stove, dishwasher and refrigerator. I'm beginning to regret this. I'm in need of a washer & dryer and was considering shopping at Sears but my confidence is lacking. I cannot spend $235 every year to have this water arm replaced. Your company needs to come up with a new piece that can be installed so this won't happen again. I'm sure you have other complaints from people who have this model, I've read the blogs. This defect needs to be corrected. Please provide a solution to this problem that won't cost me additional monies out of pocket. If I spend $235 to fix this (only to have it break in a year again), it will nearly have cost half of what I paid for the refrigerator to begin with and it is only 3 years old. I would appreciate your immediate and thorough attention in solving this matter. Thank You.

rotten tactics to charge late fees

I have automatic payments scheduled to Sears Mastercard to avoid late fees and hassles in general...

waiting forever for sunglasses and being told stories

I ordered 4 pair of glasses from Sears Optical during their "complete pair of glasses for $99" special which...

customer disservice is impossible to deal with

Our 7 year old Kenmore washer, on which we are forced to have an extended warranty because it is such a piece of trash, broke for the umpteenth time 5 weeks ago. Sears sent a tech, who could not repair it, and who could not persuade Sears to replace it. Instead, Sears will repair it again. I was told my appt would be 10 days later. 10 days later I had 11 parts, but no one came to fix my machine, though I waited home all day and had checked my appt time and called several times during the day to make sure they were indeed coming. The next day, the tech I'd had called back and said no one could come because the part I needed was on back order for at least 10 more days.

So, we waited those 10 days, plus 4 more. Meanwhile, we have received at least 3 calls per day from Sears, wanting to know if we have received all of our parts, and wanting to schedule service on our washer. The same person never calls twice, nor does anyone call back when we are told they will. No one is ever aware that we have already been called, or that we have been waiting for a month now for our washer to be fixed. Sears wants us to wait for over $1000 worth of parts to arrive at our house, then send over 2 repair techs, when they have time, to fix this sucky machine. They won't replace it, even though it would cost them less, because we didn't purchase that type of extended warranty. We won't purchase from Sears again.

their people that answer the phones are like robots

Out 2 weeks ago and he said dryer was repaired. It ran for 3 days. I called back in and the first available...

do not trust them

Brand new heat pump installed by Sears on Friday is not working. Men from their subcontractor, Triad Heating...

what a shame

Sears has just introduced a new maternity line that does not carry plus size maternity. Their previous line of maternity clothing extended to 3x. So, as America gets larger and larger, Sears decides that they will not service this population of women. There are SO FEW places that offer plus size maternity - only JC Penney and Motherhood Plus are the only national retailers I know that carry up to 3x maternity.

I asked Sears customer service repeatedly for their maternity buyer to contact me directly and received a boiler plate canned response in return each time.

Sears, shame on you!!!

  • Jo
    John Sep 16, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    lose weight you fatass just because they dont carry your size, now you think sears is terrible, they carry plenty of sizes for other women.

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bad delivery service

I am writing to tell you about the worst experience I have ever had with any business. On May 2, 2008, My...

misleading online practices

I placed an order on their website at the end of May. I was charged a delivery of $65.00. Sears made a $1.00 run on my card to make sure it was valid then didn't hear from them. I called and was told the item was out of stock in my area. After numerous e-mails back and forth, they advised me my order was cancelled because the item was no longer available. Their website still lets me order it in my zip code Yesterday I spoke to a manager of their Lawn and Garden dept in South.Fla who assured me they had 3 of those in stock. Sears refuses to ship it to me in Atlanta. This is 2008, we do have ground shipping available in this country and as a matter of fact all over the world. Sears has no interest in Customer satisfaction.

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