Ross Dress for Less Complaints & Reviews

Ross Dress For Less Stores / awful customer service!


Dress for Less...that's their motto. It should really be Service for LESS! On May 25th, I went to purchase is a clothing item for my daughter. We've always shopped at Ross, but this is definitely be my very last time shopping in the Merced store. We were waiting in a line of 5...

Ross Dress for Less / everything! from working there to shopping there.


I shopped there and thought it was an alright store so why not apply. Well the store just kept going down hill from there. After years of not working I got the job with ross store number 0222 and thought "wow this will be nice to have a pay check". Boy was I wrong! The first day I worked...

Ross Dress for Less / misstreatment


My name is Sherein Mansour, I started working for ROss Dress For Less at 05/02/2010. My manager 's name is Pam, she has been treating me very cruely, she didn't even answer my good morning.I was supposed to get trained, no body trained me, just step by step when i ask about...

Ross / rude cashier


I had the misfortune of visiting your Smyrna location in GA and meeting your rude cashier Iris this morning. There was one person in front of us that was finishing payment but the cashier Iris told my wife and I "ya'll need to move over there" pointing to the waiting line which wa...

Ross Dress for Less / rude employees and irresponsible dress room employees


On sunday I went to Ross with two dresses and receipts inside the Ross plastic bag for return. As I entered, there was a super long line. So I decided that I don't wan to stand in line once for the return and then another time if I decided to buy something. I saw some dresses that I...

Ross / manager yielme


yesterday me and my 3 years old nefew shopin in ross and my nefew take a toy and star playing on the floor next to me and i watch the shoes and the manager come annd star yield us and screaming and say the boy going to broken the toy and i say come dawn because i buy the toy, after 5...

Ross Dress for Less / bad store employees


I went to return some items I bought from previous week. Cashier accused me of returning worn items. I have not worn it and it was returned in the condition that was bought. They basically called me a liar and refused to do the return. At this point, I don't care about returning the...

Ross / Dressing Rooms, not enough BIG rooms!


I am writing in complaint to the dressing rooms not having enough space for those of us who have strollers or anyone with a handicap, specifically the Ross store in Jacksonville NC, and how the situation was handled by the manager. Everytime I want to go try something on, I have to wait...

Ross Dress for Less / former employee cant get w-2

Im a former ross employee and i still havent gotten my w-2 form for 2009. they will not give me info to locate my w-2 for 2009 income tax.

Ross Dress for Less / unbagged merchandise


I used to "adore" shopping at ross for great deals on brand names, but that notion has since been tainted. I live nearly 2 hours away from the Ross in Panama city (so when I travel to this location I try to "get everything" ). Needless to say I purchased "everything" I desired but the...

Ross Dress for Less / class action law suite


The Attorney for Ross tried to call a witness in a Class Action case and change his story before the trial. 23 presidents at the corp. level now! they are sucking the company dry. Pull you stocks.

Ross Dress for Less / discriminating


back in the begining of the year the manager had a miscarriage i found out a couple weeks later that i was pregnant and its not like i tried it. but anyways she started having it out for me. she would tell me to lift this and lift that, i would do it in the begining because i didnt know...

Ross Dress for Less / fraud


On September 17, 2009 there was a purchase from Ross Dress For Less, Fairfield California for $438.97 thatwas not my purchase. I live in Michigan. I am currently working with GE MOney Bank to help resolve this problem. I have recieved the sales slip and it is not my signature. Please tell me how to correct this problem. Jan Longo

Ross Dress for Less / age discrimination


Ross is trying to fire another loss prevention manager over 40 years old. They still have not learn there lesson with age discrimination. Case up north alameda county #rg09465853. They hire new managers under 40.

Ross Dress for Less / corp. restructuring


Ross needs to restructure from the top. They are going in the wrong direction. Class Action suites and Law suites. Whats up with that.

Ross Dress for Less / bathrooms


I went into this Ross with my wife and was told by her that when she went into the bathroom, not only was it filthy but only one of the three toilets were working. We went backtwo times after that and the toilets had not been fixed even though my wife complained to the store manager after...

Ross Dress for Less / wrongful termination


I was a Store Manager for Ross Dress for Less, Store 872 in Ormond Beach, Florida. I was wrongfully terminated Wednesday, October 7, 2009 after working for Ross for almost 6 years. My District Manager, Annmarie Lombardi put me on a PIP July. For those of you not familiar with Ross, a PIP...

Ross Dress for Less / rude, snotty and no customer service


When I was down in Lompoc, Ca I bought some clothing at Ross's and after getting back home which is in Northern Ca. I noticed the zipper on the jeans were broke and one of the tops was in the wrong size. Also, one of the blouses I bought shredded all through out the material. It must...

Ross store / [email protected]


I went to Ross Store at Gaithersburg, MD today. After shopping my clothing and went to check out. There were not many cutomers waiting to check out and 3 counters were opened at that time. So, I went to the line with fewer people waiting. After the person in fornt of me finished hi...



I saved $85.00 at Ross yesterday. Or should I say, they lost out on $85.00 of revenue. As I approached the registers, I saw that 11 other people stood in line with only 1 register in use. When one of the customers asked if any other registers were opening, the response was that the other...

Ross / rude manager


i went into the ross store to purchase a pair of shoes. once at the front of the store to be checked out i seen that the line was long and there was only one line open. i over heard the manager calling someone else up to open another register so i moved over so i could go ahead and be...

Ross Dress for Less / extremely rude and careless associates and managers


I live in Bossier where there is a Ross store but I work in Shreveport where there is also a Ross store. One morning I decided to stop by the near by Ross in Bossier City to see what kind of product they had. It was pretty slim pickings, which is expected since it's much smaller and...

Ross Dress for Less / in response to dirty stores


I work part time in a Ross Store, that recently opened in February, (Tulsa Hills Ross in Tulsa Oklahoma). Thus far the store is still in excellent condition, although we work hard to keep it that way! By now, it could easily look like other Ross stores in the area. Sometimes the calibur of...

Ross Stores / incompetent manager


On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 9:46 AM, Bobby Cogossi <[email protected]> wrote: Shawntain Gomillion is a incompetent store manager and a liar as well!!! Hello my name is Robert Cogossi @ store #1130 Levittown Town Center, (associate #695307) 67 Thimbleberry Ln. Levittown, Pa.19054. My phone #...

Ross Dress for Less / employment


Hello. I have worked at Ross Dress For Less for about 2 1/2 years. In that time I have been sexually harassed by at least 3/4 of the male emplyoyees as well as a fraction of female employees. When I went to management about this She didn't know how to handle it so asked me to wait...

Ross Dress for Less / advertising like they are jcpenney and gordman's

The clothing, consignment store ross is advertising way too much on tv. They are not jcpenney, gordman's, maruices, or old navy. They're advertising like they're fancy, and have just great stuff. The crap anyone will do to get business. I've been in ross several times and have found...

Ross Dress for Less / store personnel


Today was the Grand Opening of the Dress For Less store in Butler Pa. The store did not have much inventory selection, or maybe I am used to Walmart. My 13 year old and I wanted to simply look around and take our time to see what the store had to offer. A manager kept following us saying...

Ross Dress for Less / discremenation


I wasworking in ross store last 8 years as honest and hard worker wich you can see in my file last two years since manager camin this store his nam is rob he start to give me hard time i complan to distrect manager pamala she did not take any action aganst rob then i complan to hr she cam...

Ross Dress For Less #582 / unfairness to employee


I have been with ross for over a year now and i had been getting 20 to25 hours a week till now. I am only getting 10 hours a week and i dont think its fair that my hours be taken away from me and given to a kid that doesnt take their job serious in the first place. All these kids that you...

Ross / Unpleasant Situation


I went to this location during my lunch hour - I found several dresses but when I went to the dressing room I was told that a 2 piece dress/skirt was counted as 2 pieces (total of 8 pieces can be brought into the dressing room). I told the girl she must have misunderstood as that...

Ross / Bad Customer Service/discrimination


I have visited this store twice in the last month and the black employees there mistreat ethnic people and I will not ever shop here again and spread the word. I witnessed how in one case a Asian lady that was standing in line was asked by a clerk that just opened up her register to come...

Ross Dress for Less / unfair employee practices


I was a Store Manager for a Ross store in Region 3 under Steve Reed. Ross allocates only 3% payroll to their stores and keeping them in a shoppable, well recovered manner is very challenging especially around Christmas when the stores inventory doubles from what it would normally have...

Ross Dress for Less / return policy not followed


I am so mad at the experience I just had in the California Novato store that I can barely type. I bought a pair of casual women's shoes at a Ross store this week in Rohnert Park, near my work. Two days later, I went to put them on an realized one was a 6.5 and one was an 8.5. Today, I...

Ross Dress for Less / mistreated employee


Last week I learned of a Ross District Manager in the Dallas area calling an employee, "The cancer of the store." I realize that term is used among managers but never directly TO an employee. I feel that the employee has a legal grievance. This employee is being harassed because the...

Ross Dress for Less / customers are always right?


I always read the complaints on these complaint boards and listen to customers complain about poor service, horrible retail managers and unkempt stores. And there is no argument that many retailers do themselves no favors by allowing this to continue. However, I'm waiting for the...

Ross Dress for Less / big mess, great deals


Even though this store looks like a bomb exploded. They still have great deals. The mess comes from the customers who just dumb their stuff in random places. I know this. I use to work there.

Ross / management problems


I slipped on the waxed floor in the Ross dressing room yesterday. When I spoke to the manager about it, she laughed in my face and refused to look at the floor. This was the store manager! I complained to Tony Deplasco, Larry Bennett and Steve Reed, all Florida regional managers, about...

Ross Dress for Less / cigarette smoking by employees


I work nearby and it is discussed all the time about employees and management smoking out front. Customers can't get into store without passing through cloud of 2nd hand smoke or come out into it. Cigarette butts are all scattered out front and carried into stores all around. Manager...

Ross Dress for Less / managment


I am an employee and have been at this store for a ffew years and already am tired.the assitant manager has worked everyones nerves.she (assit.mng)speaks unkindly to employees, has made employees cried.when she is left in charge of the stock room it never seems to stay 100%. Then at the...

Ross / Employment


In the month of August 2008 I submitted a application for employment. A friend of mine told me to call in September since I had'nt heard from them. She is employed their. I called and the hireing manager at the time asked me to come and finish my application process. I filled out a...