Ross Dress for Less Complaints & Reviews

Ross Dress for Less / returns and bad service

Mar 28, 2012

This Ross store was in Dublin, CA. My mom and I actually intended on first returning the perfumes we bought less than a month ago and then browse the store for some clothes for an event she'll be attending the following day, but since this visit was so unpleasant, we actually feel...

Ross Dress For Less/Manassa VA / cater to very race specific store

Mar 23, 2012

I have been in this store several times and each time I have shopped ther I have been confronted with a very bias problems. The first of which I was tol;d to come to another line but when I did the cashier tried to take another shopper in front of me instead although this shopper was not...

Ross Dress for Less / staff

Mar 11, 2012

extremely upset!!! never again will i shop at the skokie, il have cashiers like rossi who are only their to shut their conversations and joke around with their co-workers while their on the clock.I went in to buy a birthday gift and to think while i was checking out thi...

Ross Dress for Less / craming suits in a very small bag

Mar 02, 2012

I have gone to Ross several times a month and bought several suits, the store clerk folds up my suits and stuff them in a very small bag, several times I was so angry I left the store with my garments in my hand. On other occasions I asked for the manager. If I purchase a suite I...

Ross / customer service, cleanliness

Feb 19, 2012

Terrible customer service by a girl by the name of Sabrina or Sabrija. She refused to check a price for my little daughter, just because she thought she wouldn't buy the item, but I was the one paying for it! I don't know what their policy is regarding cleanliness, but this lady...

Ross Dress for Less / they lost several hundred dollars worth of sales from me

Feb 11, 2012

I have shopped at this store several times. Everytime I go there and go to the checkout, that is when all the problems begin. You never know which lane to get in, you wait for ever to get waited on. This particular day, I was sent to 2 different lanes. Then they took several people after...

Ross Dress for Less / bad customer service

Dec 23, 2011

Today I was at the Ross store in Moscow, Idaho. I had my purchases and was heading for a quick check out when I ran my credit card through and it did go through. No problem with my card as was shown shortly after at a nearby store. The checker said run it again, which I did. After 3 more...

Ross Stores Inc. / bad customer service

Dec 22, 2011

Please consider correcting this problem. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of using the one bathroom that is available to customers at your Auburn, California Ross Store on Bell Road. I honestly felt like I needed to go directly home and take a shower. This is an ongoing problem. When you...

Ross Dress for Less / injury

Dec 12, 2011

I was in the store about 7pm shopping with my family and was trying on a pair of shoes and when I went to put the shoe on and actually put my foot down there was a broken off piece or the security thing that has a nail coming out of stabbed in the bottom of my heel and went very deep and...

Ross / Unpleasant employees

Oct 20, 2011

I went to Ross tonight to do some needed shopping. My complaint may not get reviewed, but my concerns are very important to me. I usually love shopping here because of the great bargains and items. The employees however I guess like any other person has their good and bad days. I never did...

Ross / blackberry promotions uk

Sep 07, 2011

Centrum House 36 Station Road Egham Surrey TW20 9LF VERIFICATION CONFIRMATION Dear Winner, We wish to congratulate you and formally inform you that you have won the sum of $271, 450.00 USD(Two Hundred and Seventy One Thousand Four Hundred and Dollars Only) in the ongoing BlackBerry...

Ross store / hate ross

Aug 04, 2011

Ross is the worse store to work for. The manager never care ### for employee. The only thing managers do is push employees to work faster and harder. Employee are time to do work. Stockroom people are timed to hang up clothes and markdown team are time to scan merchandises. The number...

Ross Dress for Less / treating employees bad

Jun 23, 2011

I have worked for Ross for 31/2 years always been a great employee. On 6/17/11 a man came down from another dept saying he was LP. He never showed me an id or had a name tag on to say that he was. My store manager had me go in to a office with him and this man B. Walker. They closed the...

Ross for Less / Harrassment

Jun 18, 2011

My husband & I decided to go shopping to get our minds relaxed after a long day of work. We went to Ross for less but insted of feeling relaxed we felt harrased by the security guy who was often behind my husband. We would see him everywhere just following us. Even my 9 year old daughter...

Ross Dress for Less / hired/fired without even working

May 31, 2011

I was hired by Ross early in May, the day I was supposed to start I got a call from the manager saying there was a computer problem and something wrong with my paperwork and not to come in. After many phone calls, they told me another Ross had hired me, even though I had only interview...

Ross Dress for Less / labor law violations

May 28, 2011

I am stationed in Afghanistan and my fiancee works at Ross Dress For Less in Lakeland, FL. She has been working there two years and passed over for a manager position by a girl who is 21 (my fiancee is 33) because of seniority. The manager's name is Charlene. My fiancee is Indian and...

Ross Dress for Less / harassment by mpt supervisor

May 22, 2011

I work in the stockroom at ross dress for less in montebello, ca and we all dread coming to work, because the stockroom supervisor sylvia has a bad attitude, she yells at you, rushes you ant threaten to wright you up, she rushes you while you are doing your job, the store manager is aware of the problem, we will see if she does anything about it.

Ross / Customers should know this

May 04, 2011

Ross policies are tooooo lenient on the customers and too harsh on employees. I understand that because I work there, I'm being paid to provide a service to people, but COME ON!!! Don't treat me like a goddamn waitress, because you have to leave a tip for them and I don't...

Ross Dress for Less / unfair work environment

Apr 28, 2011

So I worked for Ross about 5 and a half years I went from store associate to Assistant store manager realized what kind of company it was then dropped down to a part time associate again to go back to school. Well if you want to know something about Ross from someone who was high enough up...

Ross Dress for Less / dont ever work here!!!

Apr 13, 2011

I worked at Ross for a little over 3 years. I started out as an store associate and then moved up to a higher postion once I finished college. I must say, I will NEVER subject ANYONE to working with this company. They make stupid choices about the way the stores should be ran. Often put...

Ross Dress for Less / poor store policies, poor treatment of employees

Mar 29, 2011

Management at my store is wonderful, it's corporate I have a problem with. They make changes to the procedures that are inefficient, tedious, and half the time don't make any sense, and then expect people to follow their rules like they're gods even when it's screwing everything up. I've...

Ross Dress for Less / treated unfairly; among other things.

Mar 05, 2011

I've been working at Ross for a year now, I'm one "Full-Timer" of the 4 Full-Timers and I could tell you now everybody hates working there except one person, The front end supervisor, and if I worked 9-5 with weekends off and got better pay then the others, I would like to work...

Ross Dress For Less 0773 / employment of no english speaking staff

Jan 27, 2011

Please know that I am not a bigot, racal profiler, racist or ethnically biased. I am American born citizen of immigrant people who came to this country, eager to learn & speak English and that English was the language of this country that has given them and their decedents a home in a land...

Ross Dress for Less / poor attitude towards employers

Jan 20, 2011

I used to work for ross I started out as customer service. I was offered the lead stockroom and was givin it a girl before was asked but she didnt pass the background check well after a month my father got real sick with cancer I asked for time off they gave me a week. my car broke down...

Ross Dress for Less / unorganized stores


I was recently given a gift card to Ross Dress For Less. I was really disappointed in the 1. Coral Springs, 2. Deerfield Beach, 3. Margate and 4. Fort Lauderdale locations. I need suits for work and they were less than Macy's and Dillards. The problem is it's so unorganized and...

Ross Dress for Less / staple in boot


Went to Ross Store tried on a boot and it cut my foot badly .What we found out it was a staple inside the boot. The manager came to take a complaint I been on the phone with Ross and they giving me the run around saying they cant get in touch with the manufacture to resolved this issue it...

Ross Dress for Less / horrible moments


I always check my receipt before leaving the store. I noticed a $14.99 Men's apparel in my receipt that I never buy so I asked the cashier.The cashier called the manager and right away she made up a story that he saw a man standing next to me but I am by myself. I said I'm in a...

Ross Dress for Less / can you answer me...


I have worked for ROSS for about 2 years now, and I'm GLAD to say I'm leaving. I started working there as a stock room associate. I then moved to SPS for about 6 months. From that I jumped to an Area Supervisor, the biggest mistake you can make at ROSS. If you like being paid...

Ross Dress for Less / hired to be a slave.


I'm not sure if any of you still access this section of the complaints board, but I currently work at Ross. I'm not at all amused at how this company works. I've read multiple complaints on this particular area of this website, and I'm amazed at how much crap I can...

Ross / Hired To Be A Slave.


I'm not sure if any of you still access this section of the complaints board, but I currently work at Ross. I'm not at all amused at how this company works. I've read multiple complaints on this particular area of this website, and I'm amazed at how much crap I can...

Ross store / management


No equipment available to employees-Price gun, printer, ticket gun, tickets, needles Management not solving problems but blame cashiers for technical, or customer related problems-refusal to step in and help Not allowing cashiers to properly ticket, tag, and nub returns but state to take the...

Ross Dress for Less / line too long.


We waited in line for 25 minutes and only 2 cashiers were working. There were other employs that were walking around instead of cashering. The manager was rude. And i was very displeased with the whole shopping experience.!

Ross / Rude Employee


The women who watches the fitting room at 8pm was being awfully obnoxious and rude. Makes me think "how in the world did she get this job?". If this is the person you want to represent your company, then you must have pretty low standards. Here is what happened: So, I was walking toward...

Ross Dress for Less / customers: give us a break


I have been working for Ross for just over 3 months. What I have seen from working at this company has astounded me. I understand we are a discount clothing store, but what I don't understand is the treatment we as employees receive. And it's not just from customers either...

Ross / Rude and very unproffessional


I went into Ross today to look for some shoes. I found a pair I liked very much, but they ran a size too small. I went to the front desk and waited in line. The cashier was backed up and called for another assoicate to come and help her, and since I was next to be serviced I went to the...

Ross / Disabilty Discrimination


I worked at Ross Dress For Less in Memphis, TN on Summer Avenue for about 2 months as a stock room associate.I had been working there for I say about 2 days and my manager Angelique Montgomery was aware of my disabilty before she hired me, anyways she starts saying I have to speed thing...

Ross Dress For Less Customers / customers


You people!!! You complain and complain and complain about the employees when you fail to realize that we don't make the policies! I am always extremely polite with people. Even when they have completely unnecessary attitudes toward me. I go out of my way to help anyone who asks me for help...

Ross / Not a profssional place


Hi, I am a employee at your company. I have had some problems with your assistant manager, at 5932 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs GA. I have been working in the retail business for 15yrs. And I have never been so degraded and disrespected in my life. She is not professional at all. I...

Ross Dress for Less / incompleted notice


I turned in my two week notice 6/21/10. I go into work 6/28/10 because last i checked 6/25/10 I was supposed to work. I go in and the manager said " Your not supposed to be here I took you off the schedule and you need to turn in you name badge and discount card" I did so and the manager...

Ross Dress For Less Stores / awful customer service!


Dress for Less...that's their motto. It should really be Service for LESS! On May 25th, I went to purchase is a clothing item for my daughter. We've always shopped at Ross, but this is definitely be my very last time shopping in the Merced store. We were waiting in a line of 5...