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Complaints & Reviews

Fell in hotel

The adult side of Rui resort all inclusive in Aruba. I fell coming into the room on the small lift in between floors. When, I fell forward I tried catching myself and cut my mouth and damaged some crown work. The maid reported it to Manger J. Kelly at the hotel. This happened during my stay March 1-7th. I love the staff and hotel.

Thank you

Lisa Ann Curran
P.O. Box 255
Middleboro Mass. 02346 # [protected]

Fell in hotel
Fell in hotel
Fell in hotel

  • Updated by Lisa Ann Curran · Mar 15, 2020

    Room 905 fell coming into the room on lift. I tried to catch my fall and cut my mouth and damaged some crowns. I reported it to the maid in the room. Who reported to the manager. Jaquelyn Kelly I believe. She took pictures and told me to file a complaint with the management. I love the resort and people always wonderful. The Riu on Adult side. I had fell on my knee replacement as well. The pictures they took show the sandal where it got caught on the lift and pic of knee and mouth and teeth. My Dentist said I'm looking at 6, 000.00 for dental work.

    Thank you

    Lisa Curran. 508-728-3870

guest room issues

Reservation number WRC0FM9A Riu Class number [protected] My husband and I reserved our long anticipated trip to...

RIU Hotels & Resorts

robbery in room 1106

We are writing to you to inform you what happened in our Room 1106 in the night of February 11th, 2020 at...

children were not allowed in riu palace zanzibar and were accomodate in la gemma in room with mouse

When we arrived in Rio Palace Zanzibar we realized that children could not stay with us and five hour...

RIU Hotels & Resorts

roaches in room

On 1/28/20 I checked in to Riu Palace with my two sisters and six other friends for my 50th birthday...

RIU Hotels & Resorts


Hello I need to speak with someone and fill a complaint about my stay at the riu reggae in Montego Bay. $600...


We were also scammed from the Casino in Punta Cana in our honeymoon for $2500 where they bullied us to take money out of our account on July, 2011. They claimed we were winning then the next bet doubled. We didn't know this was something that even existed until we saw recent posts. They scammed innocent people out of their money in minutes. Terrible experience. Any way we can get the police involved to get our money back and stop these scams in the Dominican Republic Casinos.?

adults only area/cats

Mr and Mrs Mark Westwood.

We stayed at the RIU Touareg from 24/12/2019 to 3/1/2020 and paid extra for the "exclusive" adults only area - Room 1229.
We had a week of very noisy drunk people which culminated in a fight at the pool bar, the instigator of whom remained in the hotel even though the management said all culprits had been removed.
My husband and I witnessed the whole incident and my husband helped to break it up. Despite informing the management of this and who the instigator was they proceeded to ignore us. They were then allowed back in the bar area at which point, we and several other people left.
There was another pool incident after a few days with loud music but your security guard dealt with this. Too much alcohol was being served to very obviously drunk people.
Towels were put on sun beds essentially in the middle of the night!
We were unable to get a booking in the Italian Restaurant in the whole 20 days we were there.
We had seen no details prior to booking that the hotel was over-run with cats! We could not believe it and then one of them bit my husband on the leg! He went to reception and was given a first aid box! No offer of a tetanus etc., on returning to the UK he went to the doctors and was prescribed anitbiotics as it was infected.
We are requesting through yourselves and TUI a refund of the additional sum paid for the adults area, this is not exclusive and alcohol is not monitored at any point, it was unacceptable.
The room was not of a 5 star standard, our bedhead had a lot of dust, there were holes filled in, in the shower unit - I can provide photos if necessary.
We await a favourable response.
Kind regards
Tina Westwood


  • Be
    Bellamie Jan 07, 2020

    Have you stayed at an All-Inclusive before? Because this sounds exactly like most All-Inclusive experiences I have known. People take advantage of "free" booze and spend day and night at the various bars getting increasingly intoxicated. I am not sure why you would think the "exclusive" adult-only area would mean quieter. It simply means no children. This generally leads to people going wild.

    You state 20 days but I am assuming you meant 10, as the dates you gave do not equal 20 days. You went during the Christmas and New Year period. A lot of people are there to celebrate - especially the new year. Overindulgence is common at that time of year, regardless of where you are.

    As for being overrun by cats, I don't see how or why they would list that. Perhaps some prior investigation on your part could have found this information (Tripadvisor reviews etc are good for things like that)

    The exclusive adult area isn't meant to have babysitters watching the patrons. It simply means an exclusive pool and another restaurant. It seems like high alcohol consumption annoys you. I suggest staying away from All-inclusive holidays.

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a la carte restaurants

hi I would like to make a complaint about your A La Carte restaurants in Rui Palace Cabo san Lucas, I will...

front desk staff

I have been here 8 days, today I extended my stay for a extra day, as I was in the pool my wrist band fell...

customer service

Dear Team

Re : Clients Jouana/Jean Mr

Jouana/Josee Mrs

Date In : 01 Nov 2019 Dtae Out : 03 NOv 2019

Hotel Name : Riu Mauritius

On 30th Oct I called on 6504209 to make a booking on behalf of my clients for 2 in 01 out 03 Nov. The communication was bad and we could hardly hear each other. The staff on the phone was rude and not very helpful asking me to book on their website if I can't hear him.

I finally went online but when I came to the payment part I had an unjustified payment error. I turned to the 6504209 again for help but encountered the same bad experience .

Meanwhile on 30 Oct I sent an email on reception.[protected]

I also called the hotel reception directly on 6504200. The lady on the phone couldn't take my booking as she was from the hotel reception. She informed that I had to call 6504209 which is a call centre based in Spain. I insisted with the lady informing her of the bad communication with the call centre and she finally tried to help. She confirmed that she received my mail for my request and she will revert back shortly as the reservation was 2 days later.

Until today 01st Nov 2019 I never received a reply or even an acknowledgment of my mail

We are frustrated as RIU has spoilt the dreams of my clients to spend a long and relaxing weekend.

Hoping that RIU will revert back with an explanation and solution which will bring back my trust in the RIU group of Hotels

Agency Manager
Itineris Ltd.
a 18 Edith Cavell Street, Port Louis, Mauritius
t [protected]/ 207 3000 | ext 2104
f [protected]/ 3090 m (230) [protected]
Emergency/whatsapp [protected]
e jennifer.[protected]
BRN C07007186 | VAT [protected]

hotel stay

We are filing a complaint and hopes for a refund due to extortion at the RIU Palace Montego Bay. We were...

Riu Palace

at the hotel someone has been stolen my phone

Dear Sir/ Madam I am Sandeepa Harsha Kumara Soyza. I am working as a national tourist guide lecture. I was checking into the RIU hotel at Ahungalla, Sri Lanka on 4th of October with group my tourists. I spent two nights in room number 2122.The hotel was awesome. The service of the hotel was brilliant. My client was so happy. But, I am afraid to let you know that I have to make a complaint against the RIU hotel at Ahungall. I was checked out from the hotel on 6th of October. I suddenly remembered that I left my phone in room 2122.I was unable to go and collect it at that moment as I was on my way to Galle with my tourist team. So immediately made a call to the hotel. Mrs. Iresha the girl who at reception answered to the call. I told the whole story to her and she confirmed that they found the phone inside from room 2122. She asked me to collect the phone from the lost and found department. I was unable to go the hotel until 10th of October, as I was on the tour. One of my friends made a call on the 8th of the October and said that I left from all the whatsapp groups. That means my lost phone is used with someone at that time. I went to the hotel at 12.30 lost and found department at the RIU hotel on 10th of October and they (Mr janka " Front office manager") said that there was no such kind of phone. Until so far I do not receive my phone.some one at hotel has been stolen my phone. No one take the responsibility. This incident is badly effected to my life. General Manager and all the duty managers are very irresponsible. They asked me to give RS. 20 000 for my Samsung J7 phone. This phone contains all my private details, Europe and Indian tour photos, my account details and even my business detail too. I have badly lost my privacy. So far RIU staff unable to take any action against this crisis. So I have made a inquire at the Ahungalla police station. I am writing this letter and requesting from you to take necessary action and find my phone. If not, I am afraid to let you know, that I will take legal action against this incident as soon as possible. Furthermore, I will upload these details and call records on your page and all the social media sites. I will not be able to recommend this hotel. I would be much grateful to you if you can find my phone or give me a compensation instead of the phone.

treatment at resort

to whom it may concern I feel it necessary to make aware of The treatment I endured from particularly the bar...

all hotel

David Heap 17 Harding Street Hyde Cheshire England [protected] [protected] [protected] On arrival...

RIU Hotels & Resorts

poor banquet meal at function 20th september 2019

From: Jean Sent: 03 October 2019 08:44 To: [protected] Subject: Function, Gresham Hotel, Dublin...


Had a nightmere experience at Riu!!

Where should I start, well I was born and grew up in Jamaica and visit every year. this trip was my third so far this year as my eldest daughter was getting married. I have my own accommodation in Jamaica but decided to go all inclusive in order to try and ensure everyone stayed together felt included and have a great time. In all we had 10 rooms.

To start it is low season but yet we were placed in the worst rooms. I am nit a fussy person also I was concentrating on doing the finishing so initially I did not complain. However one night I was rushing to dinner and left my suitcase open, on return I found small cockroach funny across my case. As a result I requested to be moved amd highted the fact that I have a party of 20 people there and the least they couod do is put some of us in better rooms. After complaining for two days we were offered to change rooms.

On the day we were moving it was hectic as we had Hen Do and wedding rehearsal. That morning I have $200, 000 JA dollars in a bag my husband too $70, 000 out and we accidentally left it on the bed. The bed was unmade and it was in a black bag so we did not realise. I did not miss it until the day after which was the wedding day. However I reported to a male front desk worker but said to him am still looking for it as deep down I thought we miss placed it. He did not take any action, I went back to him several times after I searched the room several times. Still he did not show any interest, I had to plead with him to contact House Keeping to establish of any thing was handed in. I also asked him to check the room that we left but he said it is now occupied so he could not.

Two days after when I could not take it anymore I went back and a lovely front desk lady Tanise she called security. Security took the information, however I had to insist I needed the Police. When the Police came my Sister and my youngest was sat in close proximity and overheard the security lady asking the Police "what do you think?" Implying she thinks I had made it up. I was livid, I basically said to what would be the point as I will not be able to get it back. Also I was pretty much sure my insurance will not cover cash! Following this I established it wouod only cover up to £300 and I would have an excess of £150 so I would only £150, when I've lost roughly £750. The outcome from the Police visit was for them and the security to search my room again. Although I told them the money did not make it to my present room also that we've search it a million times. The security had the nerve to tell me to search through my belongings whilst she look on!! I told her she can forget it as am not putting myself through the ordeal again. At the end the Police told me I had to travel to Green Island Police staion to make a report!! They also insisted to ask where my husband was although I told them he was out doing business. They proceeded to ask if I think he could have take it ! So I said oh yes he stole his own money! So not sure why they came.

The security contacted the house keeper to come in as she had been off work since the incident. She met us in the lobby onfront of the Police, the security, other staff and guests she verbally abused me, shouted at me and said I accussed her of taking our money. I tried numerous times to say I did noy and would not as I have no idea where it went. However she continued to the point where both the Police and the security had to tell her to stop as I did not accuse anyone. I saw her a few time before I left and she did not applogise neither did any manager dealt with her actions.

Anyway I went and on arrival they had receipt prepared and handed it to me in arrival and told me it is for my insurance. So I said oh ok so you all think I would do this for £150!

After all this I had to go back to the front desk and ask to speak to tgeir Guest Relations Manager as none came to us. Two managers met with us twice which we instigated and said they would update us prior ro our departure. However we checked out on the 17th and heard nothing!

I forget to mention also that our safe errored after a few days and when the gentleman came to fix it he had to call maintenance as the barrel was missing. When maintenance came my husband said they were in shock as bits of the safe were missing. Also oyr patio door was broken. My husband provided that additional information and one of the maintenance gentleman also said he would be able to provide the report. However no one was interested.

To top it off my daughter ask them to store her wedding cake and cupcakes after ger wedding and when she went back for it their staff had eaten most of the cupcakes!! She had to argue for refund and she yet to get it although they agreed they would pay.

All I can say my deeply disappointed with my own country !! For big company Riu your procedures are very poor

riu palace approved facebook page

We are currently staying in Cape Verde at the riu Palace I have spoken today to the assistant manager Pablo regarding a Facebook page set up saying its a approved site they will let nobody put any comments regarding any customer issues the site is basicly saying your hotel is perfect so when customers have issues they are not allowed to voice an opinion in my opinion and many other people we have spoken to they may not come back as it looks like your company are allowing them to run the site for you. Some of the people who we have spoken to would not have come knowing this. The manager said he was not aware of the Facebook page and said it is not approved and would report this. The site needs to be closed as its costing you customers re booking or not wanting to visit.
I await your swift response we would book this hotel in a heartbeat again but those who have not been are being put off.
Kind regards Adrian Beman

riu palace approved facebook page
riu palace approved facebook page

front desk staff at reggae, asking for more money on my booking & getting locked in the room in the palace.

I am not sure were to start I booked myself and my sister into the Riu Montego Bay, when we arrived we were...

I was robbed twice while staying at riu palace macao

I came to visit this time with a group of 15 friends and on the first night of my stay my room was robbed of...