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Red Roof Inn,Willis,Texas — Inn Keeper not satisfactory

We recently stayed at Red Roof Inn, Willis Texas. The room was ok, however; commode did not work properly. The breakfast was less than desirable.
Most of all, the inn keeper did not honor the quoted price for the rooms that I reserved. I would like a refund on the room that I was overcharged for. I had reserved 3 rooms, 1 of those was overcharged.

Red Roof Inns — unsatisfactory room condition

I stayed at the Red Roof Inn in North Charleston, SC on 1/24-1/26/2020. When I arrived the bathroom had used soap in the tub, no trash cans, no towels/wash cloths/bath mat, etc. I...

Red Roof Inns — deposit

I have frequented the establishment several times over the past year most recently december 23, 2019. I usually use my debit card and occasionally my credit card never paid with...

Red Roof Inns — front desk person

John and Mary Power obtained personal information which was passed on to Doug at the front desk that works midnights. Which was then passed on to an individual who came to my...

Red Roof Inns — bed bugs

487961 I was at the building on 11/26/2019 Red Roof Inn located at 5353 Inn Circle Court NW Ohio anyways that first night there with my guest there was a bed bug on my pillow. I wa...

Red Roof Inns — my stay at the red roof inn

I called corporate yesterday to tell them about the feces on my sheets the bed bugs in my room so then they move me to another room there was no heat they gave a stranger a key to...

Red Roof Inns — front desk and management

Its really racist, roaches everywhere, mold and mildew in some tubs and in some of the a/c units, my child had gotten sick, they didnt care about our situation as far as trying to...

Red Roof Inns — customer satisfaction and service p

I had to stay at the red roof in ocoee fl for a few weeks. I was paying a little over $500 per week so when I seen an advertisement for rooms at a much lower rate than I wa...

Red Roof Inns — customer service

I stay at the red roof inn at 1006 w calton rd Laredo, tx 78041 one weekend a month for about a year now. We usually leave before the sun comes up, this time we decided to stay...

Red Roof Inns — refund for balance at checkout

487961 This a copy of my offial complaint filed . Re: Redroof Inn Guest Relations, Hometown Studios Peachtee Corners, The Attrorny General, Federal Trade Commission, Better Busine...

Red Roof Inns — wi-fi

We have been here for 4 days and when we first got here the WiFi worked now it's been 3 days and it has not worked. We have called and others have called but it's alway...

Red Roof Inns — room

I had a very pleasant stay my first time. I then reserved 2 rooms for my return to go home. When we got there we given 2 rooms on the first floor. I don't like the first...

Red Roof Inns — room is nasty ‘

487961 I paid $71.19 for this room which is pretty prices and it's not a weekend. The room had a awful smell everywhere when I checked in . As I made a hot bath I can see old urine...

Red Roof Inns — general manager

Good morning, I'm writing to inform the highly unkind treatment of discrimination from the General Manager at a local Red Roof Inn. The location is Durham, NC on North Pointe Dr...

Red Roof Inns — room unsafe/ door does not lock from the outside/front desk clerk unfazed & impolite

This hotel address is: 919 Montague Ave, Greenwood, SC 29649 My room stunk (an unbearable odor of curry and/or other strong spice). The box of facial tissue was empty. But most of...

Red Roof Inns — being charged 56.00 for room extra

I was charged a fee for the room due to my small dog peed on a towel and we split beer and cleaned it up with a towel. I was told the manager daughter note the account and the...

Red Roof Inns — heroin being transported onto grounds by employee

0ver the past year herion was being transported to red roof plus by [protected] of 147 nottingham, of Springfield, Ma. She charged $400 for the package and $150...

Red Roof Innsmanager illegal activity

There is a manager named Debbie Turner while I was staying there she notified me of late fees not being able to be waived so I said fine, and paid it with no complaints. Than my neighbor who I will leave anonymous for now notified me she didn't have enough money and said the manager at the front desk, Debbie, would purchase food stamps off her card and pay for her room and waive late fees. Normally, I do not complain, but I do feel this is not only illegal, but unfair to guests that pay there hard earned money. This needs to be looked into and reflects bad on your management team. If this is not resolved I will take this matter to the Better Business Bureau.

Red Roof Innscorporate policy

My daughter is moving from NC to Tucson next week to go to school. Like a good dad I reserved 4 consecutive nights and prepaid for the $5 discount. We were just informed that needs a new transmission and so that delays the trip 2DAYS. They (the hotels and the corporate office) when asked if I could bump the reservations up 2 days or give me some sort of help basically said "SCREW YOU"! I told them about our 20 years of loyalty and their answer was I'm Sorry". This has now cost us $200 plus the transmission. I am pleading for anyone and everyone to boycott this chain. My family and friends definetely are. Thank You!

Red Roof Inns — no water and charging me 75 dollars. for a accident that I couldn't clean

My wife and I stayed at the red roof inn at lookout mountain in chattanooga tennessee. I booked it on line. From nashville. So when we arrived she said the water was out. It late...

Red Roof Inns — Nights stay without air conditioning

My husband and I stayed at the Red Roof Inn in London, KY on 8/14/2019. The room was very neat and clean. However sometime during the night the air conditioning quit. We woke up...

Red Roof Inns — customer service

I had a very bad experience. I had stopped in Auburn to have dinner with some friends before traveling on to Valparaiso to visit mother in law. I went to hotel after dinner to...

Red Roof Inns — bugs in room

On July 13, 2019 i purchased two rooms to stay at the Red Roof in New Braunfels to take my granddaughter to the waterpark. Our room was infested with all types of bugs including...

Red Roof Inns — reservations

Dear Guest Relations; This afternoon I was asked to make a reservation for a colleague for the Red Roof Inn in Saugus Ma. I went to the hotel site to make a reservation at 1:22...

Red Roof Inns — fan on heating and air conditioner unit

I've been staying at your hotel for about a year now on business. I know there are a lot of other people that stay there on business, also. I have to let you know that almost...

Red Roof Inns — early check in

This place is a joke. I've been a regular customer check in 2 times every week. Today I got turned down with the comments that 10:30 am is too early to check in and will charge...

Red Roof Innscleanliness

We stopped at Red Roof in Statesville NC. The room was filthy... the ceiling was peeling off and the wall above the bed was a layer of dust webs and dust..The lamp shades were the same. There was an envelope for a rip with writing all over the back with rm #'s and how many towels they needed as if it was someones scratch papers... Water bottle caps under nite stand from previous patrons...


[Resolved] Red Roof Inns — made to stay in room with broken toilet and told not to flush it!

I was staying at Hometown Suites in Puyallup, WA waiting for my house to close. I stayed in a room with 2 beds, which I booked. I was told I needed to move rooms on Sunday May...

Red Roof Innscustomer service - bad service

I called the 800 number listed for Customer Relations [protected], was on 'call back' for some time. When I did receive the call back to let her know my problem, she said she was transferring me to Guest Relations, then hung up.
I went to website and Guest Relations is listed as the number above.

My original issue took place on Saturday, 07/13/19. We arrived at RR Waco, Tx around 10p.m. I was told my room was 211, I informed the clerk that I cannot walk up stairs, she said we are all sold out. Now, I parked in the handicap parking, room 102 was empty. How do I know? The curtains were opened. She said there was nothing that can be done. Then she made a phone call and I was offered a king size bed. My reservation was made for 2 beds for obvious reasons, I NEEDED 2 beds.
I made the reservations thru Customer Service since your website was down. The agent had booked the ADA room for Wednesday 07/10/2019, I paid for this one, with no problem. My 2nd room booked was to be for that Sat, same accommodations, to be paid with points.
I called guest relations and spoke with someone who said they would get back with me. Now I check my bank and I have been charged for Sat 07/13/19 $114.41.
I NEED this put back into my account TODAY! AND I expect my points to be reimbursed along with the money I had to spend at the hotel that did have downstairs room.
This is truly unacceptable.

Red Roof Inns — front desk

I was staying at redroof bordentown for 3 days everything was perfectly fine and clean and i checked out yesterday july 12 2019 and i totally forgot to get my checkout receipt and...

Red Roof Inns — poor customer service

On May 15, 2019 I had a reservation for the Red Roof Inn in Des Moines, Iowa. When I made the reservation through I asked for a ground floor room due to a disability...

Red Roof Innsroom discomfort

First room bathtub flooded our room floors and soiled all our clothes so we were moved to another room which had roaches, one of dressers is damaged and our sink is leaking onto floor n which case we asked to move to diff room and was not allowed and we have been using this hotel often for the last few months ! We pay good money to stay in a clean and friendly hotel and are regulars nd this last stay was uncomfortable and unsatisfying ! Pictures, towel catching water under sink, a roach on bed, dresser broke, lamp shade falling apart and all around horrible stay!

room discomfort
room discomfort
room discomfort
room discomfort

Red Roof Innsred roof inn quality of service terrible

I arrived with my cat and was given a room and key. As I always do, I brought my cat in first; you do not leave a pet in a car, especially when you've been driving for seven hours. I also lugged all my stuff in-- there were no carts to help me. Since I'm moving cross country and this is my first stop after leaving San Antonio, and the Red Roof in Van Horn, TX had good reviews on, it never occurred to me that I should check the entire room *before* I brought in the cat and my stuff. BIG MISTAKE!

Turned down the bed; the sheets were wrinkled and had hair and debris on them. Washed my face, found the washcloth was FILTHY. Went to turn on the a/c and saw orange crud all over the windowsill. Turned on the lights by the bed and found the WALLS were covered with dust. Covered. I called the front desk. She offered to move me to another room, two doors down... Do you have amy idea how difficult it is traveling with a cat, who's never traveled before? No. It was traumatic enough getting everything in the FIRST room... I decided to sleep in my clothes, after I had a shower, and on the side of the bed that looked unused. Or less used.

The shower. Mold all around the grout, and the drain bars description. So yes, I took pictures. But I didn't take a shower. I'll be driving to Arizona tomorrow in the same clothes I arrived in.

This is absolutely the WORST motel experience I've ever had. Even the mirror isn't clean! Why should I think anything else is? And no one offered to help me move to another room; in fact, the girl at the desk was completely unconcerned.

I doubt you'll be any more so. Expect a lot of negative reviews on every platform imaginable. If I owned a business (and I used to) I would care about my customers. Which you folks clearly do not.

red roof inn quality of service terrible
red roof inn quality of service terrible
red roof inn quality of service terrible
red roof inn quality of service terrible

Red Roof Innspooler, georgia

A bunch of scammers run this place!!! Booked a room after finding them on get a they charged my card, I got there after a long day of driving with the wife and 2 young children only for them to tell me I had no room and must of fallen victim to an online scam but they would match the price we paid for a non smoking room and give us smoking room we said nah but thanks. When I called get a they called and got my money put back on card no questions asked. They are running a double dipping scam and this needs to be addressed immediately before more people fall to these shady scums scams!!!

Red Roof Innscustomer service/give us room already occupied

Stay on 6/[protected]

We got airline flights from Spirit to fly from Columbus, Ohio to Myrtle Beach, SC with final destination to Hartford, Connecticut.
The purpose of our trip was to pack up my 25 year old daughter and her 5 year old son that was in an abusive relationship. We had to get her out as quickly as possible and we were not able to due to Spirit Airlines cancelling their flight due to insufficient staff.

We had a very stressful day and jus wanted to find a hotel for the night because we couldn't get another flight out til he next day. A person at the airport stated you guys were one of the best in the Myrtle Beach Kings Highway location. We took their advise….boy were hey wrong.
We arrived, the staff was rude and acted like we just interrupted them from something. We just waned to relax and destress from the day. They finally got us a room and we went in and we intruded on someone already occupying that room. Very unprofessional and scary - they could of shot us on site of did something harmful to us since we were coming in on their room. How rude and horrible this situation was.
We told them we were sorry and went to the front desk. They acted like it was no big deal and their most concern was who was in the room and if they should really be there. We said look, we just want a room - this was very unprofessional and you should know who is staying in your hotel. After much time passed we got another room. The toilet did not flush, the room was filthy, and is smelled really bad. At this time we were so exhausted and we complained yet again but they didn't seem to care.
We are looking for some sort of compensation and also that you will handle some of these issues during our stay.
Please respond via mail, email at Julie.[protected] or via phone at [protected]. We will be awaiting your reply.

Julie Young

Red Roof Innsroom service/ front desk

I made reservations 3 nights and when I got here they said my reservations was Canceled but never sent anything on why it was canceled nd wasn't the only person they did this too. Then the websites said that it would be free breakfast but it wasnt. Third the room service at this red roof inn sucks badly and front desk. Then on top of that I had to come all the way from the opposite side of the building to get my own wash clothes and towels. I spent a lot of money for this rude hotel I would never come here again it was the worst of all my experience staying a hotel. I want my money back asap.

This hotel Red Roof Inn at 196 Ballard Ct Virginia beach, VA.

Red Roof Innsdo not stay at this hotel

Everything I was told the hotel had didn't. No pool, no restaurant no room service. The pet policy is a farce If I wanted to leave my room for a small period of time I was not allowed to leave my pets there unattended
I was told I was also obligated to allow housekeeping in every day to do room checks when that is an invasion of my privacy and if I don't want room service that should be my choice
The hotel is riddled with homeless people and those on department of social services for housing
This is not a place you want to stay at and have your family there
The room was done nice but too small and the air-conditioner was not running properly
Very disappointed in this facility I will never go to red roof again even though their rates are reasonable For My stay they charged me twice the amount and are refusing to credit my account properly I checked out of that hotel within an hour of checking in that's how bad the situation was

do not stay at this hotel
do not stay at this hotel
do not stay at this hotel

Red Roof Innsservice

My name is Jessica Rivera and i decided to give red-roof in Suwanee mall of GA a second chance. so i'm no being kicked out of the room this time. I was upset the lady at reception booked me a room on the top floor. first room she booked me the door was open all you had to do was push the door. Most of the lights in the room was out. The door of the room had been put together so that when u closed it you had to slam it a few times before it actually shut. the handle to the top drawer was missing. After my horrible experience last week i was against coming here. But i gave it one more try. didn't receive the bottle water for membership.
Ad least she moved me to the next room over. so i went from 233 to 232. Which smelled like someone was just in the room. Smelled like old ladies perfume and yet again a few lights were out. I figured out that one lamp was unplugged. which required me to use the outlet behind the tv. Then top it all off my son opened the drawers for the dresser being nosy and the dresser falls on him. no i didn't take him to the hospital after i examined him. his head just hurt. I should've taken him but he seems fine at the moment. the floors in this room isn't leveled evenly. No dresser should fall once the drawers were opened. Can you imagine booking a hotel and the cable not working again. why am i paying extra for these features if i'm not able to use it. the refrigerator seems to be working at the bare minimum as well. ill most likely be throwing out a lot of food i had stored for my kids. oh yea! who uses a band-aid as a cover for the remote??? I wouldn't recommend this location for families especially ones facing financial difficulties.


Red Roof Inns — cleanliness of room

487961 Upon checking in my hotel room I inspected the room and noticed the sheets weren't clean and it was hair all over the bed and room clearly indicating it wasn't properly...

Red Roof Innsovercharged, floor nasty, had to get maid to clean the tv, stain on matress, refrigator was leaking water in the floor, we were very unsatified

We registered for the room for 5 days and it said $105 a night when we checked in on Saturday May 25th we were told it would be $184.99 for the 25th and $124.99 for the 26th and $71.99 for the 27th and that we wouldn't have a room for the 28th that we had a conf# for but was told otherwise. Also our room was plum filthy, the TV screen had to be cleaned before you could see it and the floor was filthy and the fridge in the room was leaking water in the floor. The mattress has stains on it. The pool needed to be clean it had mold on the sides of it . We went on this trip for our 30th wedding anniversary, we were so disappointed and unsatisfied. We would like to be accommodated with a free 3 day stay at one of your other locations that are clean and nice.

William Rousey
Conf #[protected]
I would like someone to give me a call