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Red Roof Inn reviews & complaints

Red Roof Inn complaints 380

Red Roof Inn - Disgusting place to stay

I reserved 2 rooms for January 15, 2022. I asked for one handicap room. When arriving to hotel I asked if rooms could be close together so my friend and I could be near each other. Want me to tell you what they said? No. I know all rooms were not reserved. I'm not sure why they couldn't do it. And because I booked through, I felt second class.

My friends' room didn't have a working lock (the one you push to the left after deadbolt) and felt unsafe. They did fix it but wouldn't a housekeeper notice it was broken?

The rooms smelled like [censored]. So bad I had to Lysol and perfume them.

No lock on bathroom door.

Men coming and going all through the night, drinking and knocking on doors.

Disgusting and extremely felt unsafe.

Never again, and I will certainly leave a review.


Desired outcome: Fix the problems?? Or charge much lower fee

Red Roof Inn - Room service and breakfast

We booked rooms for 2 days here in Fulton, NY. There was no room service at all. No Breakfast. Was told coffee is fresh at 6 am, but I found the attendant sleeping in office. The coffee area has not...

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Red Roof Inn - Rooms/service not upholding comp. policies

Red Roof Inn, New Orleans - Westbank. Blood on comforter of one of beds and when I pulled the covers back the bedding looked as if someone had died in it, stained with who knows what and used condom...

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Red Roof Inn - Room switch/up charge

Bait and Switch?
I booked a room at the Red Roof in Statesville, NC, a superior smoke free king for a total charge of $71.23 on the ground floor, even called in the afternoon to let them know we'd be in around 6.
On arrival, the room wasn't available and we had to settle for a double bed deluxe at a cost of $89.39, a big difference of $18.16, which really affected our bottom line for travel! After driving nearly 10 hours of driving, I felt we had no choice and were forced to pay the higher rate.
Being a long standing rewards member, I am thoroughly disgusted, and will rethink staying at Red Roof in the future. We used a difference motel chain on the way home!
I am also filing a complaint with the corporate office in Hilliard, Oh as well as the BBB.
I am requesting a refund for the price difference of $18.16!
Roy Schultz

Desired outcome: Refund price difference

Dec 24, 2021

Red Roof Inn - Disgusting

To whom it may concern, My husband and I just staying at the Red Roof Inn in Brandon Fl. from Dec. 20-23. We have had to stay there, but this time was disgusting. I have to have a handi-capped room...

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Red Roof Inn - Discrimination and disposal of personal belongings

Red roof disgusts me how they treat good paying customers and even worse a single mom the day before thanksgiving. I will be filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as a legal complaint depending on how much of my stuff is broken and/or missing. Discrimination is illegal and just because you may have had issues in the past with people doesn't mean I am the same. Refusing my money for a room extension and then tossing my stuff while I'm at work is disgusting. I even extended online and you abused your power by going and removing my personal belongings. My 65 year old mother going to get my things before they are stolen or the food expires makes me sick you people have no human decency and should be ashamed of yourselves. Now you owe me for the inconvenience and anything else that got broken or is missing. People that take advantage of the less fortunate are sad beings and have no right doing so.

Red Roof Inn - Denied to park in handicapped parking area

My husband and I were traveling to NY and stopped in Bellmawr, NJ around dinner time. My husband is a veteran and disabled. Once he was registered, the clerk informed him to park on side of building. He stated he had a handicap tag which she replied you can't park there, go around the side.
This is totally unacceptable . I plan to let our veteran groups know this is how disabled veterans are treated at your establishment.
We stayed there 21 Nov 2021
We won't be staying at any again that is for sure. If you can't park in handicapped spot then there should not be any to begin with
Sharon Klenotiz

Desired outcome: Reimbursement for stay

Red Roof Inn - Sewage smells and back up

We spent Wednesday the the 3rd of November 2021 at Red Roof inn in Goodlettsville Tn. 37072. We rented two rooms #126 and #128. The bathrooms were not very clean and we smelt sewage and thought running water in the tubs would help and just closed the door, in the middle of the night was awakened to the sound of gurgling and black stuff coming up out of the drain. We got up in the morning and left. When we informed the front desk all that was said was they hadn't heard about it before and wrote it down .No sorry for your inconvenience or anything. On top of that we left a water pic on the sink and when we called to see if it was turned in they said it was not found. I feel we should have been offered some kind of refund or something,

Desired outcome: a refund

Red Roof Inn - Service complaint

Around six weeks ago I stayed at the Red Roof Inn at the Elk Groove location in Cal. the rate was 436.00 for the four night stay in a suite. The next work trip the rate was 630.00 for the same amount...

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Oct 29, 2021

Red Roof Inn - Service... Was told we do not want housekeeping.

We checked in to the Red Roof Inn, Columbia, Mo. on Oct. 26th through the 30th. I booked on the phone and received permission to bring 2 small dogs weighing 20 pound each with me. I have a receipt in my email to verify that.
When checking in on the 26th we told the clerk at the check in desk we do not want housekeeping because we would not be there during the day. Evidently she did not make a note of that, they did open our door and 1 of our pets run out and is lost. I have never been so very upset and heartbroken. We have had our German Spitz for 13 yrs. He is now 14 and has chronic bronchitis and is on medicine for this. It is cold, rainy and he is use living in the house. We have done everything possible to find him at no luck.
There was no card to put in the door saying no housekeeping in our room so we figured since we told them we did not want it, it would be fine.
I haven't given up hope that we will find our Scruffy but our chances are slim. He may of got hit on the highway by now. I have more to say about this, my number is [protected]

Desired outcome: To find my dog, an apology, ??

Red Roof Inn - Privacy

Im so upset been coming here for almost 3 times room service has walked in on me naked for no apparent reason if its not my check out day you should not use your key and open the door to ask if I need toilet paper at 8 am if checkout is at 11am last friday I come out the bathroom with only a shirt on and the owner and 2 men are standing in the middle of the floor I ask is this just what the [censored] yall do he said I knocked 3 times u said nothing mind u im coming out of the shower this morning the same thing I will give dates when somebody give me a call because I want to put in a request for video on those dates because I know I wont get a complimentary stay and corporate is not going to do anything I told him I was calling and he told me go ahead


Red Roof Inn - Violation of health code

I stayed at red roof in midtown Phoenix for one night. I have been a loyal red roof inn customer for awhile now, with many stays and no issues. However, this stay was an absolute nightmare. The quality of this hotel was a solid zero with several health Code violations. The ceiling had black mold, a syringe cap was in a filthy vent, the refrigerator leaked all over the floor soaking everything, the towel left was dirty, the pillows bumpy and janky, the room smelled of cigarettes and there were bugs. This property wasn't cleaned nor was it kept, there was dust and dirt all over the place and the shower was absolutely disgusting. I didn't dare use it. No amenities were left, and overall my concern is the actual health violation this place serves. The front desk took 20min to check in each person, (not exaggerating) & ignored all concerns about the room and property. This location needs to be remodeled!

Desired outcome: Refund

Red Roof Inn - Customer service and room issues

Oct. 15 - 17, 2021 - We have been to Red Roof Inn's before b/c we have a dog that travels with us and love that it's a pet friendly motel. This is the absolute worst one we have been to and will not return. Cierra checked us in and was not only unfriendly, she was downright rude! I asked if we could be on an outside part of a building and she just said "no." No reason, I think she realized I was not happy and finally said everything is already booked. Walking the dog throughout our trip we could clearly see there were at least 2 other rooms that people had checked out of, but were not cleaned and weren't used the days we were there. There was only 1 roll of toilet tissue in the bathroom for 3 nights. Went to the office and asked for a couple more, Cierra gave me 1 roll. I asked for another one and she walked away. I have never experienced such RUDE customer service. Had to go to front desk every day to get more toilet tissue. Also, the garbage cans were full/overflowing when we arrived at check in and were never emptied the 3 nights we were there (photos below). On our way out, there were 3 people in the front office talking and laughing, perhaps someone could have emptied a trash can eh?
One of the double beds was so worn, it was sunken way in in the middle. Wish I had taken a photo of that, but didn't. One of us slept in that bed the first night and woke up with back pain. That same morning, we asked to be moved or replace the mattress and let them know we would be out for the day to please call us and let us know what the outcome was. Received no phone call. Called the office AGAIN while we were out with family for my BIRTHDAY very late in the afternoon, spoke with someone on the late shift and asked to speak with a manager. No manager there, asked them to have a manager call me, which again, no return phone call. We had to cut our plans short that day and returned early from our outing with family to make sure the mattress was taken care of or we were checking out. We went into the room and could see it had been switched out thankfully. One more thing...the heating and air control panel instructions was completely worn off. Could not read which was hot/cold. We had to mess around with it forever to try and get air first and then it turned cold and we needed heat. This hotel experience was upsetting and was an absolute nightmare!

The rooms, furniture, towels, mattress, equipment, etc. need to be updated to say the least. I will not return to this Red Roof Inn again...if I even return to another Red Roof Inn in the future at all! And get rid of Cierra!

Desired outcome: Need to at least be able to speak with a manager/Supervisor via phone with problems and staff does not help!.

Red Roof Inn - Hotel stay Red Roof; Warren Michigan

This is in regards to the RED ROOF INN; 26, 300 Dequindre Rd; Warren, Michigan
They rented me a room for a week (prepaid) that was a disaster zone. Bathtub filled with dirt; toilet running continious; no TV; NO INTERNET; lamps not working; food rotting in the fridge and on and on. When we complained; they indicated they would issue a one day refund and correct the problems. They did not correct the problems and when another similar room became available, they moved us to that room.

Not as many problems; No Internet, TV no remote; toilet working off and on; lights not working etc.
Complained and we were told they would fix the problems; not so? They did nothing and then the
GM and night manager kept avoiding us.

They advised they would not refund anything in spite of commitment made.

What a disaster the week was!

Desired outcome: They lie and made promises they did not follow up on

Red Roof Inn - Dirty bed linen, dirty shower, no breakfast, spider webs

We had stains on comforter, 1 pillow and sheets. The front desk was contacted about the problems and we were told that they would get some if they had any. 5 minutes later the employee came to the door with wrinkled sheets and said if we don't return the dirty ones that night we would be charged for them the next morning so i told her never mind because i was in my sleepwear. The shower was very dirty and unacceptable for taking a shower. The online advertisement mentioned breakfast and the employees said there was none available. Thursday morning on checkout my daughter asked for a receipt and the front desk clerk said they couldn't give her one because it was booked through a 3rd party, this was from her employer Aldi's

Desired outcome: Refund

Oct 05, 2021

Red Roof Inn - unauthorized credit card, unethical conduct, rude unprofessional staff and corporate irresponsibility

I am a registered nurse seeing covid patients in the community. I am also a veteran and a 9/11 first responder. I had to make a sudden move to the east coast to be with my family due to a sudden illness. I set up reservations and my plans had to change. I was able to cancel two of the reservervations but in the other two I continued to get server down. I attempted to call and sat on hold for extended periods of time.

I finally got in touch with someone and explained the situation. Knowing full well that I didn't stay in the property and that their system was down to cancel reservations they told me they would offer me a refund. The next day after they knew full well that the reservations were cancelled they charged my card creating a financial hardship. When I called today I was given the runaround and told I would have to wait 15 days to get the refund. When I pointed out they shouldn't have charged the cards they made no apology and told me I would have to wait 15 days.

I emailed the property manager to no avail and got a dismissive form letter. I eventually contacted their corporate office and spoke with multiple rude employees until I finally got the manager who identified himself as "Chris" and claimed he was the manager over the customer service center for corporate. He spoke over me the entire time I was speaking.

He didn't interrupt he literally spoke over me the entire time. It became clear as to why the agents that report to him are so unprofessional. The fish rots from the head. I then told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor and he responded "that isn't going to happen". I am currently in the process of filing a complaint with my bank against red roof inn for fraudulent charges.

This is a company that treats their customers like garbage. This is a company that created a financial hardship for a registered nurse out in the community seeing covid patients. This is a company who speaks down to veterans. I will never stay in another red roof inn in my lifetime or in any affiliated property. This is horrible customer service delivered by a company that clearly has no problem creating hardships for essential workers during a difficult time.

Desired outcome: public awareness, I want an apology from Chris supervisor for his conduct. Until that happens I continue to share this story


Red Roof Inn - Hometown suites

I stayed there at the one in Detroit-Livonia mi for over a week. I had no complaints until that Saturday sept 18, 2021 which was the that Saturday I was lock out of my room due to the keypad...

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Red Roof Inn - Staff

Reserved room through orbitz for august 21 2021. I reserved a double room. I got there an there was not the room I reserved online… staff after searching on computer gave me a key and told me to check a room out to see if anyone was in it…. Doorways locked and do not disturb sign was on door. Staff then fumbled around on the computer tried to sell me on a single bed. I said that's not what I needed or reserved. I then asked if I could get a refund and be on my way. Staff said sure she would take care of it… I then asked if I needed to do anything on my end. She said no. I left. After about a week and not seeing a refund I called orbitz. Orbitz reached out to the red roof inn 1201 liberty high point North Carolina 27263. Red roof stated that I fullfilled my reservation. After this I called to speak with the manager at the hotel. I am now getting the run around. Every time I call I am told to call back later. I am being lied to and everything I'm saying could be verified through security cameras. I don't appreciate being lied on.

Desired outcome: Refund from my stay

Sep 02, 2021

Red Roof Inn - I was told about getting a refund for 1 night on 8/18/2021 still haven't receive it yet.

I've booked a room for 2 nights and 1 day. Had to cut it short. I booked it for august 6 through august 8. On August the 7 I was waken by a bug crawling on my face and went to the bathroom and saw a family of roaches on the floor and tub. I quickly got dressed and went to the front desk and explained to the person what had happen. Front desk respond was do I have proof or taken any pictures. I told the person who's thinking about taking picture early that morning or when your mind raising when something crawling on your face.
So I told him I wasn't staying their any more. So I checked out at 745 am. I did ask for a refund he refused to give it to me and that I needed to talk to the manager when she get back on Monday on the 9.
Brittany Burch the general manager at that site .Brittany said she need to get a exterminator out their . M.BURCH didn't get back with me so I had to email her again when she respond back to me she told me that their was no signs of roaches or any other bugs in the room. So I told her I didn't believe that because why would my room had a problem. So Ms. Burch did mention that she will refund me for one night but not both. The last email she seen me was on the 18 of August and still haven't it yet. Yes I seen out a email to her and no respond back from her. I also look up some reviews on that property and I saw other customers complaints about bedbugs and roaches at this facility . The Red Roof Plus me and my stayed at was 6170 Oxon hill road, Oxon Hill, Md 20745 #181 .
I just want my refund back that's all I'm asking for.
My email address is [protected]
My name is Delores Smith but you can call me "Dee"
My phone number is
Thank you for your time, looking forward hearing from you

Desired outcome: No outcome on this matter

Red Roof Inn - Sanitary condition of bed

So I check in this room at 5 am as I got to town late and had to check out by 11am which was fine. However after my companion got a bite on his back from bed we started looking to see if they had bed...

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