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Complaints & Reviews

email stating "resolved" to former complaint — "resolved"

I'm not sure what "resolved" means on these complaints. I just received an email stating complaint was "resolved". This was complaint from two years ago and I've never had any response of any kind... again - joke!

Tour to Dubai March 11 to March 17 — Airline penalty

We cancelled our trip to Dubai with intention to rebook, Gate 1 gave us a credit minus Swiss Air's cancellation penalty of $300 each = $600.

There has been no way to receive a credit from the airline, which tells us that we have to go through Gate 1, not directly to them. I cannot believe that Gate 1 cannot negotiate with Swiss Air to be able to rebook the flight for the time we reserve with Gate 1. This is not just in this situation. Gate 1 tells me it should not have been cancelled, but postponed. But Gate 1 did this, not us.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Mar 23, 2020

    As it relates to coronavirus leniency, Gate 1 is not assessing penalties for airline ticket cancellations or changes, nor are we keeping funds that airlines have refunded. Airlines are changing policies regularly. Airline fees are imposed by the carrier at the time of cancellation. Please understand that airline waivers and leniency cannot be applied after cancellations have been processed.

Unwilling to Reschedule due to Coronavirus

I booked a trip to Turkey in December 2019 using Gate 1 travel, a company we had used several times before and was generally very good.

We were due to leave for Turkey on March 16. However, on March 9 I stumbled across a note on their website that indicated that trips could be rebooked due to the Coronavirus if we contacted them 7 days before the trip was due to leave. We were never notified of this option by phone or e-mail.

I attempted to contact them by phone to rebook the trip but no one answered their phones - even their emergency number was not being answered. Even right now I am trying to contact them by phone to cancel the trip but I have ben on-hold for 45 minutes and the estimated wait time has increased from 14 minutes to over 60 minutes. Finally, the day after the window of opportunity for free rebooking closed, I was able to get hold of an agent after another long wait on the phones who informed me that it was too late to rebook and I would 90% of my trip costs - not particularly helpful.

I feel we have been cheated out of several thousand dollars due to their failure to provide any notification of the possibility of rebooking the flight and then not being flexible with their cancellation policy.

The most desirable solution would be refund of the money we paid for the tour. However, we would accept rebooking of the trip to another date.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Mar 17, 2020

    As most are aware, this situation has been changing constantly. On March 12 we suspended all services due to the travel advisories and restrictions surrounding US and foreign government policies. Upon review of your booking we see that the full amount remains on your reservation to be used for new travel services booked within 18 months.

[Resolved] Trip 1911515

The day after receiving my check of over $2400 to pay the trip in full the company claimed they received a cancellation notice from my email. At no time did they reach out to either one of the customer to verified this transaction. We request a copy of the email of this cancellation and nothing. Then the lovely lady on the phone to resolve this problem was getting snippy. I have sent all my friends through this company but never again. Who has that kind of money to waste. This is my fifth trip with Gate 1 and I'm disappointed and very upset. Now we are being told that if there is a airline cost difference we have to pay. Inexcusable.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Feb 26, 2020

    Naturally we regret the inconvenience and any undue stress. Upon review, a cancellation was submitted providing not only your name as it appears on your passport, but your reservation number, departure date and phone number from your account.

[Resolved] co unwilling to reschedule

I was scheduled to travel to Jordan in November with Gate 1 (itinerary #1829298). The day before I was to leave, my 86 year old mother fell and was hospitalized. I called Gate 1 and asked to reschedule my trip. I had already checked and there were several tours leaving in December with availability. They refused to reschedule my trip. They refused to refund any of my money and to rub salt into the wound sent me an invoice for a 100% penalty!!

I called Delta Airlines and Gate 1 had already requested a refund of my airfare so they made money on cancelling rather than rescheduling my trip. I don't know about the hotels, but I am guessing they made money on that also.

I have used Gate 1 many times in the past and this would have been my third trip with Gate 1 this year.

At a minimum I request that Gate 1 reverse the invoice for the 100% penalty. It would be nice if they would allow me to reschedule this trip with the money that I have already paid and the additional money that they received from the airline and hotels.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Dec 13, 2019

    We are truly sorry to read of the circumstances surrounding your cancellation. Someone will be reaching out to you directly regarding this matter.

dangerous travel with gate 1 - reservation # 1747669

To Whom it may concern,

At this point, I am a very dissatisfied customer with Gate 1, not only with the service that was provided on our return home, but for not receiving any answer to my complaint. My friend who was on the trip with me sent a letter via post to the following people on October 28, I followed up with an e-mail on November 5, and called on November 6. We have not received even an acknowledgment of our correspondence. I find this totally unacceptable and am not sure what steps I should take next, so I am writing to you.

The people we reached out to are:

Elodie Giraud - Senior Operations Executive
Mark Kastner - VP, Reservations and Services
Ilene Pipano - Sr. VP
Dani Pipano - President

Dale Kramer
Nov 5, 2019, 7:02 AM (3 days ago)
to ipipano, egiraud

Dear Ms. Pipano,

I have tried to send this e-mail to Mr. Pipano., but it is deliverable. You were copied on the previous emails, but I am not sure if you have received it. My apologies if you are now receiving it for the third time.

Dear Mr. Pipano,

On October 28, 2019, Marcie Kahl wrote to you, via post, regarding our " 8 Day Art Cities of Spain", (10/7-10/14). Her letter is attached. I am very surprised and disappointed that we have not heard back from you.

As you can imagine, this was a terrifying experience for both of us, one in which we will never forget. There were better options that Gate 1 could have chosen for our scheduled departure on October 14, including postponing it until the riots had stopped, leaving earlier in the day, etc. It was very poor planning as local Gate 1 representatives should have addressed this problem and notified regional or international offices to resolve it so we were not caught in the middle of riots/protests on our way to the airport.

If you are not familiar with what occurred in Barcelona on that day, please google Riots in Barcelona, and that will give you a better idea of exactly what we experienced.

I appreciate your looking into this matter, and getting back to us as soon as possible.

Dale Kramer

This is the letter my friend wrote on October 28, which goes into more detail
Marcie Kahl

2748 Riverside Ave.

Merrick, N.Y.11566


October 26, 2019

Re: 8 Day Art Cities of Spain

10/7 - 10/14

Reservation #1747669

Dear Mr. Kastner,

I recently returned from the above trip and it has taken me all this time to fully comprehend and process all that my friend and I went through on our last day in Barcelona. Up until then, it was a wonderful experience and we were very well taken care of.

On October 14th, we were scheduled to leave for the Barcelona Airport at 4:00pm for a 7:10pm flight home.

That same day there was a political rally by the Catalonian citizens and they were waiting for a referendum at 1:00 which would let them know if nine political prisoners would be released or have their sentences shortened. Everyone there knew this was an explosive topic. At 1:00 the decision was made not to release the prisoners or commute their sentences. At that point, word went out through phone, internet, and social media to close down the roads, the trains, and the airport.

Because of the unrest, we were told to leave at 3:00 as it would take longer to get to the airport. By the time we left, all the major roads were closed and a 10 minute ride to the airport took 2 hours. As we approached the airport, swarms of protesters were marching in on all the roads and every car, taxi, and bus was at a complete standstill. After 1 hour on the bus, my friend and I decided (with the assurance of the bus driver that this would remain peaceful) to walk the 2 miles to the terminal, with our luggage and carry on. We walked on a highway climbing over guard rails, skirting protesters who were throwing rocks, in the heat, and then rain.

An hour and a half later we arrived at the terminal and were greeted by police in full riot gear and thousands of protesters trying to surge through the doors. We showed our passports and were suddenly shoved through the door as the crowd did start to surge. We finally made it through security and ran to the gate where we were told the plane is here but the crew can't get to the airport. The airport went into lockdown. Three hours later they flew a crew in from Mallorca. An hour later, we left.

Once home, I looked on the internet to see what I had just experienced because it was too surreal. Everything slowly started to sink in. I was horrified - what danger we were in. As everyone was aware of the vote on October 14, our flight should have been changed to an earlier time as we were the only 2 that were leaving so late. There was trouble around the city before we left for the airport, Gate1 should have advised us to stay at the hotel. Neither one of us had ever traveled with Gate1 before. We selected it because several of our friends had very positive things to say about it. We agreed with that up until the last day which totally changed our experience and outlook about traveling with your company. Our safety was at risk and it left us both in tears and total fear. In telling our story to friends who travel often, they could not believe that Gate1 did not step up and ensure our safety home. This does not speak well for Gate1 and how it takes care of their customers.

Who made that decision to put us on a bus to go to the airport in the middle of an uprising? Our tour director seemed very uncomfortable doing it, so I do not think it was him (in every other way, he made the trip an excellent journey). He was obviously consulting with someone because he was constantly on the phone.

Someone needs to step up and take responsibility for the danger and terror that you failed to protect us from by not making a different decision. Please respond to this letter explaining how such a thing could happen and what you can do about it.


Marcie Kahl

Dale Kramer

[Resolved] independent tour hotel refund

Gate 1 Travel is absolutely, positively the worst travel company for customer service. I booked an independent tour to Paris earlier this summer for my 70th Birthday. When we arrived at our hotel, the room was extremely warm. After dinner, upon returning to the room, the inside temperature was over 90 degrees. The Front Desk told me the air conditioning was not working. I asked for a fan and they gave me a space heater. I then decided to cancel the hotel reservation and leave the hotel prior to staying the first night. The hotel told me to contact
Gate 1 for a refund and was fully aware we did not stay one night at the property because of the extreme heat with no air conditioning. We booked and paid for another hotel for our entire stay in Paris. Upon our return I contacted Gate 1 and requested a refund. I got no response. I contacted the Better Business Bureau for help. I then contacted the Gate 1 Service Vice President. She refused to discuss my issue because I had contacted the Better Business Bureau. She was rude, insulting and refused to discuss the issue. I wrote a certified letter to the Gate 1 Senior Vice President who refused to issue a refund as she claimed the hotel denied we left the property! She reported the hotel claimed we stayed the entire time! She requested "Documentation to prove I did not stay at the hotel". I sent her a copy of the bill from my alternative hotel. Upon receipt she refused the refund, again asking for "Documentation" before she would consider anything. Gate 1 Travel failed to meet their fiduciary responsibility as agent for this hotel. Traveling to a foreign country one expects some level of support from the travel agency that booked your complete trip. Gate 1 does not.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Sep 04, 2019

    Naturally we regret to hear of your unhappiness with your accommodations. We do try to assist clients whenever possible and provide an emergency contact number that is available 24-7 that clients can utilize should they need assistance while traveling. Unfortunately, it does not appear you contacted us when this issue arose.
    When you did reach out on your return, we contacted the hotel multiple times on your behalf. They advised that the weather was not hot during your stay and that they have no record of anyone complaining that their room was too hot, nor informing them they would be leaving the hotel. As such, they have charged Gate 1 in full per the terms of your reservation. Having made mention of working in the industry, it seems you may be familiar with the cancellation policies imposed by hotels.
    We are sorry if you feel there was any lapse in service, as we have tried to address your complaints as best we could. As to the documentation requested, we were referring to confirmation by the hotel's management attesting to the fact that you did indeed check out and their agreement to refund for the unused nights, which is contrary to what they have informed us.

[Resolved] web site

I've been trying to get on the website for over a week to check the status of my payments for our river cruise next spring. OK, I really mean that I can't get throught!! My complaint is too short!!?? What is this?

Each time I try the web site, I get the following:

This page isn't working is currently unable to handle this request.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Jul 11, 2019

    We are sorry for the inconvenience, however we are not currently aware of any issues and our IT department can not determine why you are receiving the error message. That said, as you made your reservation with a travel agent you should reach out to them with any questions about your balance or payments. Thank you.

[Resolved] morocco tour in february 2019

My wife and myself took a tour with Gate 1 to Morocco in February, which I must say was very nicely organized. Where I have had an unpleasant experience with Gate 1 is in the booking of my flights thru Gate 1, and their refusal to address my issue. In booking our flights we requested Premium Economy on all flights to and from Atlanta / Morocco. We paid a surcharge of $599.00 each. The only flight we were accommodated in Premium Economy was Atalanta / Morocco. Connecting flight from Paris to Morocco was economy class with some of our fellow tour group who never paid any surcharge. Based on Gate 1 refusal to compensate for a product we paid for is unacceptable. My advice to anyone is, do not book your flights thru Gate 1, you are not guaranteed to get what you are paying for.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Apr 29, 2019

    After reviewing your records, it appears the flight from Atlanta to Paris and the flight from Paris to Casablanca were in Premium Economy. The other flight segments were in Comfort Seating. It all depends on how each aircraft is configured however none of the seats that you were in were classified as Economy. As advised, should you still feel that you did not get what you paid for, our recommendation is to file a claim with the airline directly.

trip to india

I am writing to complain about a vocation trip which I booked in your travel agency. I suppose to travel with my friend to India on the 10th of September, 2018 and return on 19th of September. I thought it would be a dream vocation, however, it have been my worst trip ever.

First of all, per Gate1 Travel referral I applied for visa at I don't know if Gate1 Travel have some business interests with the following Visa company or not, but because of their neglected and unprofessional actions (e_visa dates were incorrect) I wasn't able to accomplish my trip and was denied by China Southern Airlines to depart the airplane.
I was calling this Visa company and tried to resolve error they made and when I asked them to transfer me to their supervisor or manager they hang up on me and never pick up the phone after I attempted to call them back again and again. Contacting them by email was unsuccessful as well - no respond.

Now, after trip is over and my friend that I suppose to travel with came back, I discovered that the China Southern Airlines that Gate1 Travel purchase air tickets from resold my air tickets to other passengers. China Southern Airlines not only kept the profit from me, but also make double profit from reselling my air tickets!!!

  • Updated by Svetlana1 · Sep 27, 2018

    Awful experience

[Resolved] china tour july 18

44055 We had a fantastic time and our guide was extremely good. I am upset about damage done to my 16 year old daughter's luggage. When we arrived at Shanghai airport our guide...

12 day paris italy trip

Overall the trip was wonderful. We enjoyed ourselves very much. It was a great experience.

However, the transfers were $98 for each in general. They require you to leave your hotel 4 hours before departure, which is ridiculous since we were less than 1/2 an hour away. We ended up taking taxis, where the rates are controlled. The fare in both direction was 49 euros. These transfer are too expensive and do not work a big rip-off. In 2 location (Paris and Venice) the transfers were not there when we arrived and could not be reached by phone. we took a cab. We also had a Louvre Tour booked. When we arrived, the tour company said Gate 1 Travel had booked our tour and it was scheduled for 6 hours earlier, so we did not get the guided tour. The hotel in Florence was terrible. Sub-standard room, no personnel at the door when you arrive, very cold and impersonal hotel staff, just not a good experience. Stay away from the Hotel Baglioni. This is not a 4 star hotel.

[Resolved] airline reservations - not allowed to make seat reservations

Instead of being excited for my upcoming trip to Austria, I am extremely concerned. At the time of purchasing the fly/drive/hotel package, I expressed the need to make seat reservations as my travel partner is 6'4". Was informed that I would need to make the seat reservations directly with the airline. It took 7 months to actually get the airline reservation information, and I immediately reached out to the airline to make seat reservations only to be told that the tickets purchased did not allow this. We now have to wait until we check in to (1) request leg room and (2) find out if we are even sitting together. This is a 10+ hours flight overnight. I have never purchased tickets that did not allow seat reservations (at a cost of course) and would not have booked this trip if I have known this. Gate1 mislead me and are not willing to assist...even stating that I made the air reservations on my own and not through them!

Do not book with Gate 1 unless you do not want any input regarding your travel plans.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Jul 30, 2018

    Our staff does understand the importance of seat assignments for the comfort of the client, however with that said, please understand that Gate 1 has absolutely no control over final seating arrangements. Unfortunately, seat assignments are controlled solely by the airline and the most we can do is make a request for seating arrangements for our clients.
    As mentioned in our terms, “some airlines and/or fare types do not allow for pre-seating and require this be done at airport check-in only; in this case, the display shows "N/A". Unfortunately, it seems that advanced seating may not have been available for the particular flights you selected when making your reservation online.


Booked 6 day Iceland Northern lights tour starting March 31 to April 5. I was not informed that their were different class of airline tickets as Gate 1 handled all arrangements. Icelandair charged me for my bags from Newark to Reykjavik and Reykjavik to Newark. Flight Itinerary for reservation is #: 1379677. The trip was wonderful with the exception of the baggage charges I was not made aware of before hand.
I believe I am due the baggage charges from Gate 1 that I was charged.
Nowhere in your documents sent to me that I would be charged for baggage.

customer service

Terrible customer service while in Venice. We purchased a transport voucher through Gate 1 Travel, to take us from hotel to airport. We called Customer Service at Gate 1 Travel in Venice to find out if we could request a street taxi instead of water taxi, as we both developed bronchitis. The customer service supervisor, JEN, rudely said no, and that there would be No Refund. We had to use the voucher or lose our money. We never asked for our money back. Only to find out if the transportation could be changed to street taxi because we were very sick, it was freezing cold (35 degrees), possible rain, and our pick up time was 4:40 AM. Dark and cold. We also understood, according to Gate 1 Travel documents on Page 18, that after water taxi dropped us off, we'd have 1/2 mile walk to the airport terminal. This is outrageous. I tried to find out about this prior to our departure as I called Gate 1 Travel, and the rep said she didn't know anything about it. I said I was worried, but she could care less. Then with our phone call with Jen of Gate 1 Travel, we brought this up about the 1/2 mile walk that is stated in their travel documents. She didn't know anything about it. Jen put us on hold. Jen came back and said that she spoke with "someone" just then, and found out that our boat driver could call ahead for a taxi.

Upon arriving at the mooring dock near airport (the boat taxi was good. not cold as it was enclosed), the airport terminal was RIGHT THERE. There was no 1/2 mile walk! So what's going on? This had me up all night worrying. Gate 1 Travel needs to get their facts straight. They didn't care we were very sick.

Also, the "4 Star" Hotels Gate 1 Travel boasts, are not 4 Star U.S. standard. They are a step up from a youth hostel. Very plain, ugly rooms. Cold, hard leftovers for breakfast (breakfast included). All hotels were far from the main attractions. So you either had to take a taxi, or walk like we did for 40 minutes in freezing cold weather. The taxis were just too expensive.

[Resolved] Gate1 Travel aka Discovery Tours — reservation#1365735

We have traveled with Gate1 four (4) times and pleased with their service. However, in trying to make travel arrangements for this current reservation (#1365735), getting to...

[Resolved] customer loyalty counts for nothing

Although my wife has traveled with Gate 1 five times in the last three years, she was shown no consideration when she broke her arm and had to have stitches in her face from a bad fall documented by a surgeon. In fact, the supervisor we talked with was rude and insensitive to our plight. He told us "Gate 1 cares no more for a loyal customer booking a sixth trip than for someone who books for the first time."

My wife had also made a reservation for her seventh trip with Gate 1, and we requested that the $2500 for her Russia trip go toward that trip to Vietnam. The supervisor scoffed at our request and chided us for not buying their travel insurance which is expensive and nearly worthless. So we are out 90 percent of the $2500 for her trip.

Conclusion: Gate 1 cares nothing about its customers, no matter how loyal. They only care about their bottom line.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Aug 15, 2017

    We are sorry to hear what happened to your wife and do wish her a speedy recovery. Under the circumstances, we understand your frustration in regards to our terms however vendors in Russia are strict with cancellation penalties especially less than one week prior to departure.

    We did take the time to review the call and while it seems that the supervisor was merely trying to convey the information needed we do regret if it came across differently. We have found in most cases that travel insurance, whether purchased with Gate 1 or independently, is useful in such situations which is why we encourage clients to consider it.

trip delay

Reservation # 1204390 Tour- 9 day musical journey through the south Our flight to New York from New Orleans which was arranged by Gate 1 was cancelled on June 20 due to a...

[Resolved] travel arrangements

Worst Travel Company I've Ever Used !

We booked a trip to Paris & London through this company and paid for upgraded hotels at both locations. The Paris Hotel was located in a very seedy part of Paris, was under construction and the air conditioner was broken. Additionally some illegal activities occurred at the hotel, I won't post those details here pending legal action. When Gate 1 was contracted via the telephone they did absolutely nothing but put us on hold for extended periods of time, 10 minutes at a time at international rates. Cant wait to see our cell phone bill ! and then we were told that 24/7 customer service emergency line was not equipped to handle these types of calls, and they were accustomed handling lost luggages and missed flights. We were told send an email to a customer service rep and she would handle our situation. When we did, we got an email telling us they were off for the weekend and would get back to us until the next business day. Nothing was resolved for our Paris trip and fortunately the London portion of the trip went well.
However we still continue to email the "Customer Service Rep" regarding the Paris issue and the company has done nothing to resolve or compensate us for a horrible stay in Paris.

This company was highly recommended to us by 3 loyal customers of Gate 1 who are long time repeated travelers, then along with us will no longer be using this company for any travel plans.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Jun 16, 2017

    It is our understanding our Customer Service Department has been in touch with you to advise we are still researching this matter on your behalf. We sincerely regret any inconvenience.

[Resolved] won't give my money back.

I booked a flight and recieved a confirmation email and the amount was taken out of my account. A few minutes later I recieved a cancellation and they stated the money was coming back to my account. Not only has the money still not come back to my account but they charged my card for a second time. I've called multiple times and there is absolutely no help.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Jun 14, 2017

    We are sorry to hear you are having any issues with a refund. We would certainly like to look into this on your behalf, however your comments do not provide enough information for us to do so. At your convenience, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the “Contact Us” page on our website and provide your booking details.

[Resolved] customer service

Had the terrible experience with Gate 1 Travel. The worst travel company of my lifetime led by Dani Moshe Pipany as a president, Beth Ferleger as supervisor .. others... They do...

[Resolved] Horrible customer service

Do not ever book with this company.

I'm sure you'll be just fine if you don't have any issues, but god forbid any issues come up - this company is worried about one thing and one thing only - and it's not you!

My best friend and I booked a trip to greece through groupon with gate 1 travel. I scheduled the trip to leave out of cincinnati, which was where I lived at the time. Shortly thereafter I received a job in another state. Due to this, I needed to reschedule my flight to not be out of cincinnati, but to the new city.

I called gate 1, and explained the travel. I said I needed only to change the first and last leg of the trip to the new city, not the middle of the trip as I was stopping in paris for a few days.

72 hours prior to leaving for the trip, gate 1 moved my flight from athens to paris to where I would now arrive a day later than my best friend. However - they didn't touch her reservation. Mind you, we booked this trip together, had all of our vouchers together etc. Now that they moved the flight, I won't be traveling with her, and i'm now missing our previously booked excursion.

I called gate 1 travel to complain. Why would you move the middle flight when all I asked for were the flights bookending the entire trip I asked. They then said they needed to review the phone call where I placed the original call.

They said they would call me back by end of day - not. So here I am, 48 hours prior to leaving and i've completely lost a day of my trip and they couldn't care less. When I called back and spoke to a gentleman on the phone, I told him directly that I was going to write a horrible review of the company because of how each call was answered and handled. Each time I called, I was met with condescension, where at one point the guy actually told me that I was "threatening" him for writing a review. I said it's not a threat, i'm telling you honest feedback, asking for help, and all you do is interrupt me when I try to tell you the issue. Of course i'm upset, but i'm not yelling, raising my voice or using foul language. I'm frustrated. I've asked for the flight to be changed back and you tell me you can't. I this point I asked to speak to his supervisor, and his exact words to me were "I don't know if I feel like transferring you now".

I have had wonderful interactions with other groupon getaway trip purchases, such as affordable asia and many others, but I would never, ever use this company again. It's full of horrible people who feel they have "power" because they are in charge of your itinerary and are not there to help you. They care about selling trips, and not the people who keep them in business by buying their trips.

I will never use this company again, and I truly hope whomever uses them in the future doesn't have an issue, because if you do, they will literally laugh in your face. Shameful.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · May 03, 2017

    We are sorry to hear of your unhappiness with the service provided by our staff. We do understand that a supervisor was in communication with you prior to your departure to address your concerns.

[Resolved] Two hotel acommendations

44055 15 Day Kaleidoscope of Costa Rica with M..., #1181774, 30 Mar 17 First there was a lunch stop at a bus depot that was very dirty and crowded with foreigners from Central America...

6 day affordable iceland with northern lights pursuit

on day 5 of our tour (wednesday feb 8th) we were scheduled to go to the blue lagoon. our tour guide arrived at the hotel to tell us due to high winds the roads were closed and the...

[Resolved] 5 day trip to iceland that was wrongly cancelled

Shady Company! I booked a trip with Gate1 Travel through Groupon and the fine print said that I had until 1/31/17 to book airfare. I called Gate1 on 1/20/17 to book and I was told...

[Resolved] Tour company -

Absolute worse tour company I have ever dealt with from start to finish. No customer service, no attention to detail and extremely poor quality. I would never ever recommend.
I've been booking travel for 30 plus years and have never encountered a company that is as cheap and unethical as this one.
Bottom line is you get what you pay for. There is a lot of choices for good reasonably price tour operators - Gate 1 is just not one of them.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Jan 06, 2017

    We certainly regret if you felt there was any lapse in service. Although we understand a supervisor has been in communication
    with you, please don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any additional concerns.

  • Updated by Lisa Foster-Albertus · Mar 25, 2020

    I'm not sure what "resolved" means...I've never heard back from anyone. Just two years later received an email stating resolved...again - joke!

Bad service

I signed up here on this website and when give all my information to purchase a trip that they promoted, it didn't got through. Then i was suddenly log out automatically and...

[Resolved] Credits not applied

Hello all,

I have booked five previous trips through Gate 1 with overall satisfaction. During the Black Friday event, I booked an Israel trip for December, 2017. I then tried to apply a $100 referral credit, which expires in January, a $25 survey completion credit, and a $25 birthday credit; all non-promotional items.

I was informed that no credits could be applied during this "promotional event" - those can only be applied to non-promotional trips.

I was then informed that I would need to purchase another vacation to use those credits.

I couldn't believe this policy after all the $$ and referrals sent their way.

I have tried to speak to them directly but with no results - they were happy to see any current or future business go away.

There are many tour companies out there that would gladly take my funds. We travel extensively both domestically and abroad numerous times a year.

Very disappointed after all these years.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Dec 01, 2016

    Although the Black Friday promotion mentions that it is not combinable with any other promotion, offer or travel credit, we are sorry to read of your disappointment.

17 day trip to poland, hungary and a river cruise.

I booked this trip August 1, 2016 using an early booking discount code. My reservation number is 1122740. The trip is for May 22, 2017. On Sept. 1, 2016 I found a code...

[Resolved] Racist Comments by Tour Director - Horrible Experience!

I booked the Portugal – Spain vacation as a high school graduation present for my son. The trip was scheduled June 8 - 22 and it was purchased for the two (2) of us for over $7...

Cheated out of vacation time

I booked my trip to Turkey and Greece online based on the 12 day itinerary departing August 31, 2016, of which 2 of the days were spent for travel, making it 10 days there. The flight we selected had us arriving at around 10am on day 2 in Turkey so we would have most of the day to enjoy the city. I recently received an email from Gate 1 stating that my flight had been changed. Upon logging in and reviewing the change I noticed that our new arrival time in Turkey is now almost 4pm. By the time we get out of the airport and to our hotel we will have lost our entire day 2. I called customer service on Saturday, June 18, 2016 and spoke with a very friendly lady who seemed to understand why I was upset and said that since the delay was over 4 hours that they would need to do something to help me out. She said that the airline help desk was closed on the weekend so she would need to call me back on Monday but said that they would work to change the flight so we could arrive earlier or that they would refund us a part of the trip that we were losing. Monday afternoon after hearing nothing I called customer service again and spoke with another lady who didn't seem to give a damn about our situation and said that there were no better flight times and that the only thing they could do is move our flight up a day which would require a pre night at my expense. She couldn't give me a rate but said she would call back the next day. The next day Oliver called and left me a message stating that if we wanted to come a day early we would have to shell out another $432. I was so angry and upset I couldn't even return the call. I went onto the website and submitted a complaint via the website on Tuesday and I have received no response after 4 days. Oliver also emailed me and I replied to his email explaining how upset this situation made me and he simply replied to call customer service when we made a decision. Now I am stuck deciding between losing a big chunk of the two days we have in Istanbul or paying a high price to make the change.

If this is the service I am receiving on this end, I am truly terrified about what is waiting for us on the other end of the world.

Ideally, we would have our arrival time put back to what we booked and paid for. If that is not possible, I think the company should help us out with the pre night or refund us for the portion of the trip we are missing out on.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Jul 01, 2016

    It is always unfortunate when an airline makes a schedule change and we do understand how frustrating this can be. It appears that you have already been in communication with a supervisor who has presented the available options.

8 day trip to national park, yellow stone,

Hi Caitlin,

Thanks for follow up on this trip!

Reservation 989828, first time customer joint Gate-1 tour to : 8 day classic National Parks, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone & Grand Teton tour.

First of all, let us thank you (Gate-1) for a very nice enjoyable trip!

Schedule, ok,

Itinenary arrangement, ok,

Bus and driver, OK

Hotel accommodation, OK

Local Guide, Ms Kimberley who guide for the 5th day in Yellowstone, old faithful, She is exceptionally good. All the compliment that we told her

verbally is not enough. Hoping Gate-1 make a very very good remark on her.

If we don't have a dangerously un-organized Tour Manager - Tina, then we should call it a nice tour. But now, we decide that

we will never consider Gate-1 for any of our future tour.

We must tell Gate-1 a few particular details happened during the 7 days tour with your Tour Manager- Tina ( day 8 we are returning home which don't count)

1. We arrived at the day one hotel at Rapid City Holiday Inn, ( hotel concierge told us, all restaurant in Rapid city close by 9 pm)

We have 6 of us ( friends) booked a restaurant at downtown by 7:45 pm, we took the last sitting.

Then we got a paper from the hotel ( which issued by Tina) on which told us all gather at the lobby by 6:45 pm for 7 pm initial briefing.

( same info also on a board hanging at the lobby)

So, we all gather at the lobby by 6:40 waiting, but nobody there, except 25 of the tour guest hang in the hall way of the hotel lobby waiting.

Since the center of the lobby has other activities, not suppose for Gate-1.

After it is 5 minute past seven, all been waiting for 25 minutes, the hotel waiter telling us that it will be in a room, he may open the door to let

us go in.

Then I was wandering around at the lobby to look for our tour manager.

Then I met a lady at the concierge, I ask her if she is Tina, our Tour Manager?

She said yes.

I ask her how long is the briefing,

she answer about an hour.

I immediately tell her that we book a dinner at downtown restaurant 7:45, we may need to leave 7:40 with a hotel shuttle.

Because all restaurant close at 9 pm,

Instead of telling me how to deal with the timing for this, she challenge me, : who told you that all restaurant close at 9 pm.

I answered her, the hotel front desk.

She did not response further.

About 7:10 pm we all get back into the room to be at the initial briefing.

My friend ask her, how we deal with the time so tight that we need to get to the restaurant at 7:40,

Her answer is very rude and no support: So, you can leave.

As a customer, initially meeting a tour manger, instead of helping us, she just throw out such short answer, """" YOU CAN LEAVE"""

2. The initial meeting finished with very unpleasant mood.

Afterwards day 2- day 4, we got very unfriendly treatment.

There are a lot of small stops, such as arrive to rest area for bath room, or just a look out to take pictures.

Those are very short stop, Tina continuously confuse with her time, her spot of getting back on the bus.

All very important information for the tourist are not given punctual and precise.

All day on the bus, she only focus of saying, I ----. I ---- repeatly.

As a tourist, we want to enjoy and get to know the park, the scenery, the details and information of where we travel to.

Why we have to listen to what she is saying about herself.

3. By every stop, all of us on the bus, has to ask her numerous time, where to get the bus, when to get back, where should we walk to?

I personally ask her after get off the bus, the above questions, but she given me total wrong answer, then afterwards, she had to walk to

me saying that she will try to get better communication with us.

4. Except day 5 we had Kimberley from the Yellowstone park local tour guide, we all not able to enjoy our trip.

Tina always make mistake with time, meeting area, arriving to hotel when and how we get luggage. What we can do with our dinner or lunch.

5. At the last 7 days, arrive to Little America Hotel, she again gave wrong information to us for extend the hotel check out time charges.

* since we all leaving by a very late flight, most of us need hotel extend check out hour !

Therefore, we all very dis appointed with the performance of Tina. Her bad handling and attitude wash out all the good thing of Gate-1

thanks but, no more Gate-1 tour!

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Jul 01, 2016

    Naturally, we are concerned by your comments. Please know we did receive the email you sent to us directly. A customer service representative will follow up with you as soon as possible.

  • Gate 1 Travel's response · Jul 01, 2016

    Please know that we have received your concerns that were sent to us directly. Naturally, we are concerned by these comments and are currently reviewing. We will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Terrible Customer Service

Booked a trip to Japan, seemed simple enough. The first day was supposed to be a city tour and afternoon of "free travel", where you could roam around at your leisure, and day two I booked a day trip by bus to Mt Fuji.

I have friends in Tokyo and they made room in their schedule to meet up with me on day 1 and even reserved a table for us at an upscale restaurant.

A few weeks before the trip I get an email saying that day 1 and 2 were switched because of the city tour availability.

Instead of phoning me and asking directly, or offering options, like a refund, they simply switch the days. They assumed and made changes to my itinerary without asking, which irked me, but I can understand as they thought they were helping.

This is my issue now: In my case I am fine missing the city tour because I'll be meeting with friends. I want to change the Fuji bus trip back to day 2.

I phone in. No one from the Operations department can be reached. They'll call me tomorrow. Tomorrow rolls by. No call. I call them back. They see the note was made, but they don't have a contact number for the Operations department. They don't even know the extension to ask on my behalf.

Allow me to repeat for emphasis: The customer service representative at this company has no way to directly reach another department in the company. There is no number, no extension, no email, no way of getting hold of them with questions. The request can be entered in my profile and then it's up to the mercy of Operations whether it's possible to revert back to the way I agreed to it when I originally paid for this trip. Could be days. They don't even know. So if the request is denied for whatever reason, I can only contact the customer service reps who like me, have no clues about what go on higher up in their own company.

This company is a disgrace. If I booked this trip myself I would be able to contact the tour operator first-hand. But now I simply wait to see what the mysterious unreachable Operations department decides.

I've never seen a company whose employees are so clueless as to what goes on in their own offices and who shield their customers away from any contact with the people who can actually control the trips they pay thousands for.

It's been a week so far and no one has gotten in touch with me, to answer questions or offer updates into the inquiry. If they do get in touch eventually and I have further questions who knows how long it may take to get hold of them again. Why can I not speak directly to the person who can help me? At least offer options before changing someone else's travel plans. If they won't switch the dates back, I hope I can get a full refund for this day trip.

Stay away from this company.

Cheated by Gate 1 Travel

We booked our 9 day Classic Ecuador and Amazon Adventure back in June 2014 for our Jan 20, 2015 departure. This is our first tour with Gate 1 Travel and we were looking forward to it. Suddenly we got an email yesterday (Oct 29, 2014) informing us that our tour flight schedule has been changed. In fact that is NOT the whole truth. Gate1 changed our tour from 9 days to 8 days with the flight schedule change. We spoke to their customer service and explained to her that we booked 9 days and now it is only 8 days tour so they need to adjust our tour price because there is one day short from what we originally booked for. On top of that they changed their flight schedule and now it costs us an extra hotel stay expense in Miami and they should compensate for that. Gate 1 Customer Service told us that she understood all that but she refused to take any responsibility or compensate us for anything. This is totally wrong! We were looking forward to the trip and now we feel that we have signed up with a very dishonest company and felt cheated. We are not sure what is really in the tour since they cannot even honor their itinerary. Can anyone help us?

  • Wa
    Watch Gate 1 closely Apr 19, 2015

    I have traveled with Gate1 more than just several times. You have to watch them closely from the beginning flight to the time ending time to when you get home. They are trying to protect themselves from paying back any justified complaints. Like any business they are trying to extract as much as they can from you as well as saving on changed plans. I recently booked a trip with them and my niece and we were hooking up in Newark New Jersey and then fly over to Paris. They changed the flights over to Paris with two flights to Paris with me on one flight and later my niece on a different flight. Their justification was that we both coming from different parts of the country. Also they blamed the airline for changing the plans. I made them change to original flights for the both of us. Also later on they changed the hotels saying we were getting a 5 star hotel. Well that 5 star was out in the boonies and more difficult to make travel connections on your own. The change was for their economic considerations...they were saving money.

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  • El
    ELLEN AZBILL May 14, 2015

    I am a little nervous as myself and 4 friends want to take advantage of the Groupon offer. I cannot afford to have hidden charges, missing flights, budget hotels, etc. Now we are wondering if we should heed to these complaints or trust them.

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  • Su
    Susan M H Jul 12, 2015

    We have just booked our third trip with Gate One Travel. We have not been disappointed. We have been to Costa RIca and Egypt with them and in September we will be going to China. Are changes made to flights - yes sometimes and we have already had changes on our flight. But we feel we have always received our monies worth and have always been very happy! These tours are usually much less expensive then if you had went through another company or booked them yourselves.

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  • Fr
    Frogman Smith Mar 16, 2016

    Went to Turkey and going to a "troubled" area gave us pause. We had zero complaints. Even when we were booked in a hotel that was a smoking room. We complained & was told "we're totally booked." Well...we just complained a little more and got our room changed. They really tried to accommodate everyone and we always felt safe. We are looking into a China tour next.

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Cancelled trip

Yesterday my wife and I received the following message from GATE 1 TRAVEL. The message basically says to its customers, oops we can't honor our commitment to you despite you paying for all your travel arrangements in full well over sixty days ago. When I talked on the telephone with GATE 1 TRAVEL, representative, she said the fine print in all their trip offerings allow GATE 1 TRAVEL to cancel their trip offerings 30 days prior to departure dates without cancellation fees. I can understand if there was a hurricane or war (i.e. force ma jour) but we were cancelled because the tour operator thought they were not going to make enough money on this particular trip offering / date. How would you like a cruise cancelled if the ship's cabins were only half full? Or a planned flight to Europe cancelled because its seats are only half full?

For several months we have planned our 30th anniversary trip for mid-September 2014 and GATE 1 TRAVEL has essentially "pulled the rug out from under us". We have additional out of pocket expenses for travel to New York (JFK where the tour was scheduled to begin) and flights for relatives to house and dogs sit while we were scheduled to be gone.

We do not trust GATE 1 TRAVEL, why should you? Be sure to read the fine print before your sign.

----- Original Message -----
From: Karen Donikowski
To: [protected]
Sent: Mon, 23
Jun 2014 17:20:42 -0000 (UTC)
Subject: Gate 1 Travel - Reservation

Mr. Toepper,

Per our conversation, we have been advised that our tour of the 11 Day Art

and Wine of Italy with Cinque Terre, Florence and Venice has been canceled
due to lack of participation.

  • Ga
    Gate 1 Travel Jul 28, 2014

    As this is an infrequent occurrence, we certainly regret that your original departure was cancelled. We are glad that we were able to rebook you on a similar tour with the same departure date. We hope that you have a great trip to celebrate your 30th anniversary!

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To Whom It May Concern:

We have just returned from our six day Paris tour. Anjanet and I have serious concerns about our vacation.

Our vacation began with a slight delay at the airport due to someone having left an unattended bag in the airport. We were not allowed passed the jetway into the airport for over 45 minutes. After we were finally allowed access to the airport and to retrieve our luggage, we went to the level 7 and waited for our driver. After having waited another 45 minutes, we went to the phone as instructed by our documentation delivered by Gate 1. I called the number and the gentleman told me to simply go and wait again at gate seven and the driver would arrive in a Volkswagen. This was the most description he had given me. We had absolutely no idea who or what we were looking for. After waiting another 20 or 30 minutes, I went over to some other people and asked if they were waiting for the same service since they were at the same gate. They were also unsure of who the driver was or what type of vehicle they should be looking for. Fortunately, they flagged us down when the driver approached them and told them who he was. They realized that we were looking for the same driver. Otherwise, we would've been left at the airport. The driver had no discernible markings or even a sign with our names on it. In short, he didn't arrive until sometime after 11 o'clock. Our plane arrived on time at 8:35 AM.

We were his last stop on the route and didn't arrive at our hotel until sometime after 12 o'clock. This left us very little time to clean up and recover from our flight and meet our first excursion at the Louvre, which was at 2:15. We arrived on time for our excursion at the location given to us on our documentation. Unfortunately, the information was incorrect. The travel agent explained that we needed to be at another location and that our instructions were incorrect. She attempted to make a phone call and get us on the tour, but it had already left. We missed the excursion due to erroneous information provided to us by Gate 1.

Our hotel, Mercure Tour de Eiffel, was an upgrade. We had no air conditioning throughout our entire stay. I went to the front desk and asked if there was something they could do about the air conditioning not working in our room. The gentleman explained that the air conditioning system of the hotel was a global system and was not working and had not been working for several weeks. Basically, the entire hotel was without air-conditioning. Our only choice was to open the window and deal with the road noise instead. The gentleman at the front desk told us the system was a very old system and that the hotel was planning to replace it in June or July.

Lastly, I tried several times to call the shuttle service for the pick up time the day before our departure as instructed. I tried several times. The phone just kept ringing and ringing and ringing. I then went to the front desk of the hotel and gave them our information. The gentleman at the desk brought up the website and verified the information on our Gate 1 documentation. He placed a call and the phone just kept ringing and ringing and ringing. No one would answer. He told us he would continue trying and see if he could get someone to answer the phone and let us know when we arrived back at the hotel after dinner. There was no information left for us upon our arrival back at the hotel. I had the front desk attempt again in the morning at around 7 o'clock. It was the same story. The phone just kept ringing. We ended up taking a cab which cost us €50.

Upon behalf of Anjanet and myself, I am formally requesting a refund for the shuttle that never came, the cost difference between the upgrade of the hotels and missed excursion to the Louvre. A credit towards any further Gate 1 travels is not acceptable. This isn't a matter of being dissatisfied. This is a matter of having paid for things that we did not receive.

  • Jo
    Jose Navarrete Feb 11, 2014

    A quien corresponda.

    mi nobre es Jose Navarrete. mi esposa y yo hemos echo barios viajes con Gate1 exelente compnia de vijajes.
    . el problema es que no herrecibido la lista semanal de sus ofertas. y la no me la mandan yo quiciera saver si no les intereso como cliente o hai un problema electronico. estamos listos para eser hotro viaje junpto con mas amigos.

    les quedare muy agradecido si me dijeran cual es el problema .

    Aten. Jose Navarrete.

    [email protected]

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  • Un
    UNHAPPY61 Mar 31, 2014

    ATTENTION GATE 1 CUSTOMERS- If you buy the trip insurance (cancellation and/or medical) call the actual insurance company. Ask ALL questions beforehand. We had to cut our 30 day trip short after 5 days due to illness and we didn't get a refund anything like what we were told we would get. Then, adding insult to injury, they came back later and said WE owed THEM $200 (they said they overpaid us) We refused to pay them and they sent the $200 to the credit reporting companies which ruined my mom's perfect credit score.We contacted Gate 1 and they absolutely refused to help us. NEVER AGAIN GATE 1.

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I booked a trip through Gate1 on Saturday March 24th 2012 for my brother and I. It is for a flight from Miami USA to Barcelona Spain with three night stay and then a seven day cruise and return flight. The price was $2, 200.00 each. I was back on the Gate1 web site on Tuesday the 27th of March because of an email they had sent about trips to China. When I was looking, I thought about our trip and was wondering about some side trips and looked at the booking for our trip and noticed they were showing a big price difference! (now showing $1, 800.00) So I called them to see what the deal was. And the service representative (if you want to call them that!) told me the price change was all because of what the airline (American Airline) was charging. Since there is no way for me to look at the airline cost, I was told by the rep, "to trust her" as to why such a price change. I find it hard to believe that a supposed large travel agency, would not be able to get their customers (will be former as I am sure I will never book through them again) the difference after such a short time (less the 72 hours). If not, anyone reading this might think better about booking with this company and should book through a reputable company like Orbitz that gives a "price assurance".

Peru tour

I recently did a Peru tour with Gate 1 and I enjoyed Peru despite them and I will not be using Gate 1 again.
Where to start?
The booking process went okay, but when it came to receiving the travel documents, it was ridiculous. First, they charged to have travel documents delivered and what was delivered after emails to ensure they did send them, were just black and white copies that probably cost them 2 dollars, instead of the 20 they charged me.
When the tour began, it was okay. We had a good tour guide and the local Lima tour guide was simply fantastic.
However, they have these "optional tours", which they charge quite an amount of money for and after doing them, I realized should be standard. For instance, to see Cusco at all, you would have had to pay for optional tours. So they essentially take you to Cusco, include nothing in the tour and make you pay an exorbitant amount to do "optional tours". It became so annoying for me. I wondered why in the world I had booked with them in the first place.
Then of course, the highlight, Macchu Pichu, right? You would think they would make sure it went well. Well, things run on time, but we were really screwed. They had the option of the vista dome and charged 76 dollars, for the upgrade and what did we get for it? We did not have a guide with us, cause the guides on our group went with the group that did not upgrade. We only had a local guide at the site itself, who was to put it mildly, useless. He spent more time talking about himself and his degree in anthropology or something, than making sure we appreciated the history of the site. He rushed us through the tour and did not bother to orient us to the various sections of the site when we got the chance to spend our own time there. I mean, really? And as if that wasn't enough, the extra cost meant they cheated us out of 2 hours at the site, that those who did not pay extra got. You would think one would be informed of something like that before making such a decision.
The hotels were adequate, nothing to write home about.
All in all, I will never use Gate 1 again and recommend to travelers who want to enjoy themselves and get good value to use other tour companies.
No one needs the aggravation.

  • Ga
    Gate1Travel Jan 24, 2012

    Hello. My name is Candice and I work for Gate 1 Travel. Our Customer Service Department has also received these comments and we certainly are concerned over what has been written. We have been in contact with the customer and are conducting research into the issues that are outlined.

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  • Ca
    Carson5 Apr 05, 2013

    Overall, our family of 5 was satisfied with the Gate 1 tour of Peru. I personally, was very dissatisfied and sickened with the selection of hotels (May 2012) in Lima and Machu Picchu. I don't recall the budget (cheaper of two options ) hotel name in Miraflores, but two of our three rooms had musty, dirty smells on our arrival. However, on our return from Machu Picchu, the rooms seemed clean without the odors. Hanaqpacha Inn, Machupicchu, literally made me sick. Upon our return from climbing Machu Picchu, I stupidly used a glass from our hotel bathroom. I noticed that it had a white dot spot at the bottom of the glass. I washed it out, but an hour or so later, I felt quizzy. My daughter and I shared the same drink of boxed fruit juice and vodka but in different glasses. Around midnight, Shigella symptoms hit hard. I was diagnosed with Shigella upon return to the States. A month and a half later and after two rounds of antibiotics, I was back to normal. Thankfully, the rest of my family is healthy.
    Our tour guides were all very helpful, knowledgeable, on time. Peru is a beautiful country. Loved Lima's Museum and sites along the way to/in/from Machu Picchu on the regular train. I agree with the above reviewer, that the the more expensive dome train is not needed.

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Scam: Liars, unreliable, DO NOT USE THEM

We booked our wedding anniversary celebration trip to Switzerland with Gate 1 Travel, through Virgin Vacations. Believe Virgin is the broker and Gate 1 is a supplier to Virgin Vacations. Our flights from PIT to NY to Zurich was re-routed due to an airline cancellation on the first leg. We contacted Gate 1 and gave them options for a later flight that would have delayed us for 2 hours, but still follow the original itinerary. Gate 1 was very unresponsive and made us wait for several hours in the airport, they gave us another flight option that added an extra leg and added half a day to the trip to Zurich.
Once arrived we were supposed to get a rental car with Hertz, as booked
with Gate 1. Once we got to the Hertz counter they had no rezervation for rental, in fact they told us they had a vaucher on our name that was cancelled by Gate 1 and if we want to get a car it would cost us 1100 for the week. So we had to pay the new rental fee after we already paid it through Gate 1. After numerous phone calls and e-mails with Gate 1, Joe from customer service told us to accept the new charges and we will get reimbursed once we get back to US. It has been 1 month since we got charged twice fornthe same rental car and we have still not seen any reimbursement, they keep giving us the run around. At this point we have started the dispute of charges through the credit card company. I am sick of waiting for our money and sick of their lies. They are crooks, do not get tempted by their low prices because you will ruin your vacation. I would never use them again!

  • Ga
    Gate1Travel Jun 28, 2011

    We have been working with Hertz Customer Service, and have been assured the refund will be applied to their account as soon as possible.

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  • Ga
    Gate1Travel Jul 01, 2011

    Certainly cancelled flights are an inconvenience. We did our best to offer the best available flight options at that time and are also pleased to inform that the rental agency refunded the client what was due. We regret if any misunderstanding occurred.

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  • Ch
    Christina Myron Mar 29, 2014

    I just returned from a 12 night trip to China using Gate 1 Travel. While I cannot comment on your experience mine was A1 right from the start. I flew from Vancouver, spent three nights in Shanghai, four on a riverboat on the Yangtze River with optional excursions, two nights in Xian and three in Beijing. The flight arrangements went smoothly, the choice of places to visit were well selected and highlighted China's history. Twenty six meals were included in the price and they were all great.

    Our tour guide was first class and went out of his way to see that our needs were met. His attention to details e.g . including a couple of birthdays and adjusting his arrangements to include celebrating them made the trip even more special.

    We all commented on how much value we received for our money and couldn't figure out how Gate 1 could include all that they did at the price we paid.

    Nothing in this world is perfect, and I understand that one bad experience can surely turn
    you off using the same carrier again, but having also met other Gate 1 groups en-route I heard the same positive feedback from them.

    Don't let one bad experience keep you away from using a company, who I truly believe do all that they can to give their customers a unique and cost effective vacation.

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Update to prior Complaint

Good news: I received a call from my travel agent that Gate 1 Travel has cancelled the trip to Egypt and will allow the deposits to be applied to a future vacation.

  • So
    socalsally Oct 23, 2012

    My sister and I also had a trip planned to Egypt that was cancelled. Gate1travel did return our deposit and gave us one hundred dollars each toward our next trip. We just got back from Thailand and had a great time. Our tour guide was the best and our hotels were 4 and 5 star. We are looking forward to planning another trip with Gate1travel.

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