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Complaints & Reviews


I am writing on behalf of myself, Donna and my family - Texas residents who reside at a local Budget Suites. The following information I am submitting is in regard to Budget Suites and a series of incidences in which I feel should be not only highlighted but with actions taken.

On March 6, 2020 - I emailed management with several concerns, one expressively pertaining to the mold in my unit. According to Texas law, a place of residence is responsible for the upkeep of sanitary conditions; however, mold is a repeated offense in many units. As I addressed this concern in my email - I stated the following,

"Mold Concern: I was also addressed about the mold that grows in the window seals. This is the second unit I've been in, and as far as I can remember - the units themselves are prone to grow thick mold. We were told to clean this ourselves with bleach. However, to my understanding that should be the responsibility of professional staff here. It was well noted also that we were trying to keep the mold and mildew controlled in the shower tiles, along with the fact that the shower tiles are weak and breaking. I have two concerns: a) If it's the responsibility of the property to maintain sanitary and livable conditions (required by law) and it's understood that because of the structure of the complex (the position of the air conditioner as stated by management) mold is inevitably going to grow - why is it not a mandatory concern for maintenance each month? b) Secondly, bleach is just as hazardous to respiratory health as mold is; we use toxic-free cleaning supplies therefore IF you decide to take responsibility for the mold problem at hand - please give notice enough for us to vacate the unit so that we are not placed in the atmosphere of toxic chemicals. If fumes will be present for longer than 8 hours, (and therefore hazardous to our health) please make accommodations in regards to our housing options. Thank you in advance."

I did not receive any response to this email; note - I have several emails that I have sent over the past few months and management has never responded directly to the email - instead, I have received a phone call or an unannounced visit to the apartment unit.

On this day, March 6, 2020, at approximately 5:51 pm - I received a missed call and then voicemail from manager Scott Sharr, to return his phone call. I returned his phone call in anticipation of a response to my email. Instead, Sharr informed me that their maintenance man had entered the apartment unit - without prior permission - to "treat the mold" and my family's pet companion, Noah, "escaped." He continued his statement by saying that Noah was chased after and then ultimately hit by a car. My husband and I were minutes away from the complex and rushed home. When we made it, our companion dog was laid in their chair, in a t-shirt with blood on it. He was unresponsive. There was not a call to the police or any help for Noah, which as far as I know - that is not the proper response to a hit and run involving an animal, especially a domesticated one.

I am seeking exposure to this incident for many reasons. Over the past several months, I have made contact with local and regional offices concerning customer service and management issues. To date, I have no response for anyone other than the office manager at the site. Besides the mold infestation in several apartment units, and likely all of them, we have experienced harassment, threats, and even had our doors unlawfully locked!

I feel as though the property managers feel completely alleviated from responsibility, and as a result of their negligence and disregard for our civil rights as residents, my family (husband and three children) and extended family (mother in law, father in law, and brother in law) are grieving the loss of a what we considered a family member at the expense of Budget Suites. Scott Sharr verbally said that they (Budget Suites) have the right to enter our unit whenever they desire. I asked him to provide me with the policy on paper as proof and his only response was that he would find it. However, this is not the policy that we signed and have initials on. Further than that, we asked to see the footage from their cameras to verify the account of what happened to Noah and were instantly denied. We were told it would need to be requested by the manager himself.

My children are in emotional distress and hurting severely; showing extreme signs of post-traumatic stress and grief. As homeschooled children, Noah was a part of their morning and daily routine. He was, in their eyes, their protector, their brother, their friend. They are now uncomfortable in the home that my husband and I have tried to provide for them, in tears even walking to the door to enter because they won't hear Noah's alerting bark. As parents, we are concerned with our safety here and the lack of respect and responsibility to respect our privacy. What if my two daughters would have been home upon forced entry and the maintenance had caused harm to them? What if my private property had been stolen? There was no excuse to enter into the apartment and per the email - I specifically stated a request to be notified.

These managers and this company have a comfortable attitude in neglecting their responsibilities for safe and sanitary conditions. Not only that, for six months, I went without a fully working stove, and have documented proof of that. Just as well, a bordering neighbor requested a new carpet and was accommodated almost immediately. The business advertises a laundry facility, however, the washers do not clean the clothes, and the dryers do not fully work. We have been forced for months to simply choose to travel an extra ten minutes to have well-working laundry machines. When directed to be reimbursed, many residents do not see this reimbursement - which is a rip off because the machines are not free! These are simple, yet significant examples of the magnitude of this problem and why I feel as though awareness needs to be made to this establishment. Though we are grieving severely at the loss of our companion Noah, we want to make sure no other family suffers what we feel at this moment. No other family should have to endure what we are enduring!

For this cause, I am requesting that this company receive an investigation for its unlawful practices and refusal to provide safe and sanitary conditions for its residents.


Why does one Budget Suites does not accept rent assistance and the other Budget Suites down the street does?

244993 How I was unfairly treated and was left to feel humiliated and homeless. I was laid off on December 5th 2019 sadly I had to use my savings and even when I was late had to pay the...

Treatment from manager

The manager at the Mesa, Az location is not respectful at all. He treats all of the residents like they are scum from the bottom of his shoe. When you ask him a simple question he...

front desk *altonie* (african american lady)

I am still a tenant here and fear of any problems if I go deep in detail. She is VERY cruel, has no patience, and she isn't accommodating what so ever! The guy that works alongside her had to talk over her and accomadate me because she was being so rude and this was twice that he had to do that! I overlooked it the first time due to me being extremely tired and just wanting to lay down but the second time I can not turn a blind eye to! She wasnt even going to check me in because she was about to get off and told me that there wasn't anymore rooms. The guy butted in and said, "it's ok I will do it." She really needs to be talked to. Thanks in advance.

customer service

244993 I have called the office countess time over a course of a year and complained about the noise upstairs. The person living above me is an employee of this facility. So when I call...

television issue and internet services

Let me start by saying: At first, customer service was superb and everything went well. Until we had an issue with the television wouldn't stay connected to the provided remote...

mold in my wall when it rains it goes through my window and on my air conditioning

244993 They have tore the half left side of wall apart but never came back to fix why it's leaking water ever time it rains. It's been 3 months or so of this problem they keep...

living problems

These places are a disgusting cesspool! I stayed here... got Bed bugs after 7 months. All my neighbors had them for months. (not surprisingly after everyone had been complaining...

black mold

244993 So I was staying at the Budget Suites about 2 years ago & I am still battling the health issues from a reaction to the black mold. While staying there, I complained about it...

the stove

This email was sent to the managers 12.17.19 Two came to the apartment and gave the exact same assessment in regard to this issue. At this moment - still no resolve. "I am...

infestation, customer service, false information, not following proper procedure, not humane

I recently moved into the budget a moth ago. I am here on business through alliance Rx There was a discrepancy where an employee gave me the wrong information concerning rent and...

unfair banning

I was a tenant for four months before my place of vacancy was burglarized and i was assaulted by another one of the tenants on the day of October 5th 2019. The assailant claimed...

[Resolved] rm 1104

I had rented room 1104 on 10/24/19 for one week and paid $545.00, not 12 hours later I contacted the manager and explained that I would have to go out of town and would not be...

room stayed

Neighbors around area are not property checked out a lot of drug dealing in budget suite . I could not sleep complaint to budget suite . Budget suite front told neighbors. I...

tax refund check

We've been waiting since august for our tax refund check and havent received anything. When are we going to get it? Its been 9 weeks. We are also charged for flooring when we were given no option on carpet or hardwood floor. How is that fair? We now have to pay for internet too per device. Im 8 months pregnant and having all these fees spring up on us after being here since july isnt cool. We also stayed here last year and was told we would get our deposit back and never received that either. We stayed for a week or 2 in december. Left with it as clean as when we came and got attitude when the lady called and I told her we had left, we were moving out of state, and wasnt given our deposit back. They knew when we moved in it would be a short stay because we were moving. We are owed money and im getting mad that no one is paying it back to us.

front desk clerk named teresa

There is a woman in the front office of the budget suites she's EXTREMELY rude curses at the tenants makes rude comments and has a very very nasty attitude this is the 7 or 8th...

deposit, living conditions, overall satisfaction

First of all the room we rented for the week was barely tolerable between the plumbing that kept a constant puddle by the toilet, the manager never told us it was going to take...


244993 I lived here since January and have been charged for a microwave ive never recurved, paying for a phone that has never worked and haven't received a new one (several calls to...

manager wrongfully withholding security deposit return

My husband and I moved in April 2016, stayed till May 2019. We were never happy there. The manager Marcus Grogan is withholding the security deposit return that is owed to my...

staff service/ 7 day no cause given

Hello, My name is Trinia and is hoping to have someone to care about my concerns. 725.261.1641. I was a loyal tenant since 2007. I do not like to complain but I feel as a...

tax rebate check

I have been waiting for my tax rebate from the Budget Suites of America location off of Walnut Ridge Road in Irving I have called several times I've even called the corporate...

living conditions; management

We have been plagued by a group of extremely noisy neighbors who live next to us. Despite complaining to the management staff (the manager avoids taking direct phone calls from...

multiple bed bug problems

244993 Hello my name is dana bailey I have been here at budget suites two years in october. And have never originally had a bed bug problem. But as of recent that has been multiple bed...

bed bugs

244993 I've been staying at budget suites of America for nearly a month I thought my daughter had mosquito bites do the monsoon season but when we took her to the ER they said they...

[Resolved] tax check not here after 4 months. office no help

After numerous complaints and four months of waiting, including the manager telling us after two months that he made a mistake and forgot to send for it, we still have not...

[Resolved] three days wait for payment

On noon August 31, 2019, Marcus the manager at this location would rather see me and my cat on the streets of Lewisville, TX than wait 3 days until the 3rd for rent payment. When...

rent hikes and closed pool

The rent just went up again and they sited impovements to the property which is what they should do anyway and THEY should incur the expenses since the property belongs to them. Right after raising the rent, they closed both pools without even saying why. One has been closed for 3 weeks now and the other one closed 4 days ago with signs just saying POOL CLOSED. How rude to treat customers that way, especially right after another $10 a week rate hike. They are not even working on the pools! It's been 105 degrees every day and the pools are closed without so much as an explaination why. I think it's just a power trip for them.

[Resolved] they won’t give me deposit back

I can't get in the room to get my stuff and I broke and I homeless and I need that money back really badly I don't got nowhere and they said that manager is new I...

management, and more

Im not going to go into detail on this page. I need a call back immediately before i contact a lawyer. And submit the many affidavit from 6 residence. The colony property i...

do not be phished

244993 I have read many complaints on this review feed. Let me notify all of you... This feed means nothing, obviously!!! What you want to do is file an online complaint with the...


Hello my name is Dana Bailey, I am submitting this complaint due to the lack of professionalism that the front office managers have. I have live here since "2017" and nothing ha...

[Resolved] returning my taxes

When i first moved in i was told after 5 weeks of staying at budget i would recieve my taxes that i paid for room back that it would take 8 weeks after that because it comes from...

returning my deposit

When I checked into this place on 4/17/19 I was stuck with no place to go with not much cash. They told me I would get my deposit at check out depending on if I cleaned my room. The day I checked out 4/27/2019 I went to return my key which I cleaned my room from top to bottom (smelled and looked better than when I checked in) The girl told me I would get my deposit back in 4 weeks. Ok no problem, at around 4 weeks I called the lady I spoke to On this occasion said it could take 4 to 6 weeks. Again no problem I waited two more weeks called at 6 weeks they said still no check, the guy I spoke to said he would make sure it was submitted after waiting a few moments on the phone he said it was call the following Thursday that it should be there, so I decided to make a trip up there spoke to a manager she said we emailed corporate and usually in these cases refund can be expedited since we are now at 7 weeks. Ok perfect, just please let me know. She said I'll let you know once they email us back. A few days pass I received no calls. Monday morning 6/17/2019 I call finally speaking to the manager Darren he helps me NONE he says call back Thursday. I told him Monica (another manager) said they are waiting on an email and supposedly it could be expedited he says I'll check the email and call back. Still no call back. So I wait till Thursday which is today 8 weeks later, I go in he said it's been submitted to corporate, excuse me that was done over a month ago, he said I can't control that. I mean seriously it's been 2 months since I left that place I don't understand why it takes this long to get a deposit refunded. I have been nothing but polite and understanding to have this rude manager to have no empathy for his customers, this is not how you run a hotel, more, extended stay or whatever you call that dump.

manager at the budget suites

I wanting the corporate to give me a call about this matter. They have me as due not rent too due to restoring property witch I did not due. The manger that worked on the fort...

manager at rancho location just said I was gonna be evicted in 7 days cause "i'm a miserable [censored]en person"

I have lived at you property going on 9 months, I'm a pit boss at a downtown casino working graveyard. I also have had 3 knee surgery. In the time I've been here I had to go to office on 3 separate occasions once cause a truck was taking up 2 parking spots in front of building. Had the management tagged car the first time I ask it probably would not have happened again. It was never done. The 2nd time my next door neighbor was blasting his music on full blast while I was trying to sleep. This last time I just ask the manager if she could ask the new neighbors if they could ask their kids not to ride the scooters on the 2nd floor, it's very loud not to mention safe...I mentioned it wakes me up that's when the manager said they gotta catch em in the act then said I was probably making it up, then in her words "I'm a miserable [censored]en person" that all I do is complain. But like I said going on 9 months 3 complaints is not a lot. Especially for the 900.00 dollars I spend to get some sleep so I can work. Never been late paying rent. I have to go to her to put in complaint cause she is manager but I have never and I mean never heard a manager use such foul language...

manager at rancho location just said I was gonna be evicted in 7 days cause "i'm a miserable [censored]en person"
manager at rancho location just said I was gonna be evicted in 7 days cause "i'm a miserable [censored]en person"
manager at rancho location just said I was gonna be evicted in 7 days cause "i'm a miserable [censored]en person"
manager at rancho location just said I was gonna be evicted in 7 days cause "i'm a miserable [censored]en person"


Trying that budget suite act as a hotel should have a wifi internet for everyone to a single pressure but this place sells a code for each device you want to connect to the...


Live at your Budget Suites across from Wild Wild West on Tropicana I've had pet odor since I've been there they offer to move me to another room that was worse & the [censored] of a manager says it's Budget Suites deal with it he's a white guy not the Niger that used to be here God damn it I'm going to take you guys to court I work in a [censored]ing luxury apartment complex and I'm tired of paying $259 a week for a piece of [censored] guedel transfer me to a unit that does not stink or I'm taking you to court

my grandson of 2 yrs old who's been bitten by bedbugs and now roaches. he been taken to the hospital 4 times with in 4 months.

My name is Hope Miranda I stay at the Budget suites of America San Antonio Texas for the pass 4-6 months my grandson of 2 yrs old. Has been taken 4 times to the hospital for the bites on his body from top of he's head to he's feet. Bites from bedbugs and roaches. I have told office muiltable times that my grandson has bites marks from the roaches n bedbugs they only spray one time sent I've been living here. For almost 2 yrs. Also they've been giving me warring papers for something other do. Can u please contact me at [protected]. Or email me at [protected]

my grandson of 2 yrs old who's been bitten by bedbugs and now roaches. he been taken to the hospital 4 times with in 4 months.
my grandson of 2 yrs old who's been bitten by bedbugs and now roaches. he been taken to the hospital 4 times with in 4 months.
my grandson of 2 yrs old who's been bitten by bedbugs and now roaches. he been taken to the hospital 4 times with in 4 months.
my grandson of 2 yrs old who's been bitten by bedbugs and now roaches. he been taken to the hospital 4 times with in 4 months.
my grandson of 2 yrs old who's been bitten by bedbugs and now roaches. he been taken to the hospital 4 times with in 4 months.


Me and my fiance have been through so much with these apartment people it's not even funny.we first started out in a different room telling them over and over again about a very...


Today 3/27/2019 I was given a warning notice for loitering which makes no sense because I have been residing here for almost 2 months now. That short white security that was working that night has already approached me in the past. This will be the 4th time that he asks if I live here and why am I sitting in my car after returning from the store, or why I am standing outside. I would completely understand if I was causing a scene or was was doing something illegal. I have been told as well by other tenants about this security about his very odd behavior. Upon reading reviews on this address there are numerous complains about this security, why hasn't this been addressed to him. Unless it is ok for this man to be harassing your customers who reside here. I have been residing her as I mentioned almost 2 months and wish to continue, but this employee is definitely going to make the customers feel bullied as it has been expressed on the reviews. I myself feel harassed and feel uncomfortable as if I can not come outside because this person is going to target me if I have been outside for longer than 2 minutes. I would really appreciate a follow up call. [protected]