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Novotelcharging twice on card and not responding for return

my contact [protected]

we went to novotel bheemli visakhapatnam on 01 Feb 20.

post dinner we decide to split the bill and pay by card

i pay ₹2676 my share and punch in my card pin. later the staff tells me despite pin fed the transaction was cancelled . i was not carrying my phone to verify.

I decide to pay the whole bill as they said three was split is not possible.

and i pay ₹6245 and leave .

two days later i check my card transactions and realise i have been charge twice . since 05 feb 20 i have called the hotel HR manager and restaurant many times . they seem to have no interest and react like fresh case every time i call.

request ur intervention and ensure my refund of ₹2676

photo of card transaction attached of 01 feb

charging twice on card and not responding for return

Novotel Nathan rd Kowlooncancelling policy

I have a booking at the hotel
I have emailed the hotel
Due to the coronavirus I'm unable to fly to Hong Kong from shanghai
My booking was for the 14/3
I have cancelled other hotels without a problem only Novotel HK Kowloon
I written a report on trip advisor
Person I have been dealing with in reservation is julieta

I had hope there would be understanding it's not that we changed our mind but a epidemic in China and all flights cancelled

Hope you can see our view


Novotelparking service

We were staying with Novotel imagica on 11 the Jan, 2020 check out today 12th Jan 2020, Khopoli. The stay was ok but while leaving when our car was brought back from parking, the windshield was cracked, crack was as longs as a foot almost.
No one showed any interest in what had happened and the concerned person very casually said it could be cause of the heat. Our car is always parked in heat outside our building but this does not happen. There was clearly no intent of helping us out. We waiting with our 3 year old for some solution but really disappointed we were told we will be reimbursed of whatever [protected] bucks after insurance. This was so disappointing especially when we were told it is not our responsibility.

We dealt with Mr.Ranjit Naik, security manager.

All our good experience of the stay went in drain.


Novotel WestIncorrect charges to my credit card

I booked a room at Novotel West, Hammersmith for a new employee on 11th June for accommodation 24th June until 27th June, it looked like I had gone directly to the Novotel central reservations so I did not question, I was told the room charge of £129 per night and accepted this when I saw the charge against my credit card I challenged the hotel who informed me I had booked through a third party. This was news to me, when I requested an invoice the hotel told me the charge for the room was £606.90 however my credit card has been charged £939.64. This is a charge of £329.74 just for booking the room. The reference on my statement is CCI HOTEL RES [protected] US TX 75234 When I try to contact the number is no longer in service. I cannot claim this back from my company without a full vat receipt. Please advise

Novotel KLcleanliness

Dear Person In charge,

I am writing on behalf of my mom who staying at Novotel KL on 13th June 2019. Mom mentioned shes having slightly itchiness all over her body which she unsure whether it is from the bed sheet itself or it is due to bed bugs. Furthermore, she found cockroaches in the bathtub. I can see hotels should deeply look into room cleanliness which currently my mom was suffering with body itchiness and need to seek advice from the doctor.
On 15th June morning, mom spoken to Chinese lady and tall guy wearing spectacles which he claimed that he is the manager in charged on that day. He seems no empathy and being very sarcastic to my mom. Is these the way your manager treating elderly guests?
He not even offer any solution or offer my mom to change room despite being sarcastic and rude.
I would like to know who is the person that assisting my mom on that day and would like to lodge an official complaint to accor. His attitude cant be tolerable as a hotelier and this going to gave bad impression and image to the hotel itself.

Novotel Amsterdamrude & discrimination

Hi Mr Jeroen,

Good day to you.

Apologies being rude for not formally introduce myself.

My name is Kenny Bi Chong Meng. And, I'm staying in Novotel, Amsterdam for 2 nights from 24th till 26th May, 2019. The room number that I'm staying in is 927. I represent my company Jotun Paint to bring total of 24 key customers for incentives trip to Havana, Cuba and wonderful Amsterdam, Holland.

It is quite challenging as expected when we visit Cuba especially in term of hotel hospitality and the service. However, it turn up to be decently well acceptable even though the rooms and the management wasn't up to the major hotel chain standard like Novotel. I guess it is because myself and my guest are being treated well with full respect and warm welcome even though the Cuban hardly speak well in English.

When we arrived Amsterdam yesterday, I felt relieved because all the above mentioned worries no longer take place or not going to happen as expected. It is because I know we are going to stay in a nice hotel room with great hospitality. However, yesterday incident turn up to be awful and disrespectful. We are being treat rudely like a little tiny sheep's which the shepherd (Mr Simon, the F&B duty Supervisor) keep giving instructions with disrespectful words and rude in manners. Sound like we don't understand English? Or, we don't understand instructions?

He even block the exit door of the hotel with trolley not allowing anyone of us exit to the outdoor of the hotel. The trolley was parked there the entire time when we were there. This is discrimination and disrespectful to myself and my guest. Do you have HSE policy in this hotel? What happen if we caught in the fire and we couldn't exit the door ?

This has even makes me blow up more when he lectured my respectful assistants. He speak rudely to them and told them that he will not serve us any alcohol even though they requested to have last round of beers. Also, he told them that we are not allowed to order any other drinks or snack from the bar as well. Are we being welcome to this place? If not, should even stop us from entering this hotel in the first place.

Mr Jeroen, myself even avoiding taking any breakfast this morning as I worries not being welcome by your respectful F&B staff.

Really can't wait to check out from this hotel.

Extremely Disappointed.


Kenny Bi
General Sales Manager - Decorative
Malaysia & Singapore

  • Updated by Kenny Bi · May 26, 2019

    Can’t wait to check out from this hotel.

Novotel Milano Nord Ca GrandaHotel reservation date change

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you today to explain about my trip to Milan which due to unavoidable circumstance beyond my control didn’t allow me to travel to my intended date (i.e 31 Aug 15) therefore unable to land in MILAN and checked in the hotel.

I have called respective hotel reservation desk in the morning hours and explained my instance but staff was not that helpful to provide me alternate options and was mostly rigid and hiding behind the hotel policy i.e. room booked is non-cancellable and no change of date is allowed.

As I said above, I met with the situation in Dubai airport, which was beyond my control hence couldn’t travel but am willing to visit Milan in mid September therefore hoping to get flexibility in my case and requesting here to allow my reservation dates to be changed to 14Sep-18Sep.

Novotel Milano Nord Ca Granda

Reservation made in the name of : NAJMI MANSOOR AHMED
Reservation made for the company: EMIRATES AIRLINES
Reservation number: CPPBSKKP

Najmi Mansoor Ahmed
Emirates Airlines, Dubai, UAE

Novotel HotelScam on Hotel Jobs


I m really puzzled with this Novotel Hotel and Fake vacancies just to be told to pay an upfront fee. I went on to google the Human Resources As per email only to find a thread of complaints on the website, and what has been done nothing ? Or more people falling victims of this scam.
Please explain to us what is being done by the Novotel Hotel surely they are part of this fraudstar going on.
Who are the Directors of Novatels, please update us surely if I had a compnay being associated with such scandal definitely I would have done some investigation.
The picture is for the so-called lawyers to process my application, guess it the picture of a deceased person being now used to further their scamism.

Scam on Hotel Jobs

Novotel Hotel London WestScam


From: Novotel Hotel London <[protected]>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010
Subject: Work & Live In Novotel Hotel London West

Work & Live In Novotel Hotel London West,
Call Time- From Monday Till Friday working hours,
From 8. am G.m.t + Close Till G.m.t. Daily:
Tel -Fax +[protected]. London UK,

I am Mrs Kelly Strasser The Novotel Hotel London west in The UK human Resources employment manager,

The hotel human resources department are Seeking For some Experience Overseas applicants either Men and women with good qualifications whom will be Interested to work and live in the Novotel Hotel London West Hammer-smith,

So if you Really interested to apply fell free and contact Us back Including your Cv & Job Application format which will be forwarded to this Provided E-mail Address Below for more information & Procedures.

Contact. [protected]

Best Regard.
Mrs Kelly Strasser
Senior Human Resources Officer
Novotel London West

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    loyaks2009 Jul 24, 2009

    i also experienced this fraud recruitment of novotel hotel london. When i read the emails received by other complainants, they were exactly the same with what i received from them. They asked me to pay 382GBP to a certain accountant in their office for a payment of visa pin code. So please be careful...

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  • Lo
    loyaks2009 Jul 24, 2009

    by the way im from cebu city philippines

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    REQUIRNMENT FRAUD Aug 07, 2011

    IF ANY BODY VICTIM OF REQUIREMENT OF NOVOTEL HOTEL PLEASE CONFIRM ME DEATAIL ON MY EMAIL:[email protected] we try to stop this kind of froud requirments.

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