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Red Roof Inn - Worst service ever

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I've scoured your site for what your "no show" policy is. I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere, so it's no good stating your no show policy in your booking emails if no one can find what it is so not sure how they expected me to know (even though my booking should not have been cancelled). Of note - per marketing law, that information is REQUIRED to be no more than 1 click away if it's not provided in the email. It's not in the email, and it's most certainly not 1 click away.

Red Roof inn as a company doesn't prioritize emails. Calls are prioritized, emails are a you get to it when you get to it. That's appalling frankly and you really should have an automated message advising customers of that. Had I known that the email I sent to the Red Roof advising I would be late for my reservation was very likely not going to be read, I would have called. I expected that more than 24 hours notice was sufficient. Clearly that wasn't the case but I had no way of knowing that. Of note - it was like pulling teeth to actually get a customer care agent to answer that question. She clearly didn't want to. And that's understandable as it's pretty embarrassing.

I was told when I filed the complaint last week that someone would be in touch within 48 hours. I expected customer service to be in touch, as that's who I called. That didn't happen - no one got back to me. I got the nonsense email from Scott below, which today customer service advised was your "response". When I call customer service, I expect customer service to reply - not the manager of the hotel. I called customer service as there was an issue with the manager. Getting dumped back to someone who has already not given a crap, brushed it off as if it's nothing and is generally a horrible person to deal with isn't my idea of "service" or you having replied to me.

I paid for the room, in full, in advance therefore had a reasonable expectation that I would have a room no matter when I showed up.

I emailed your hotel on Tuesday Oct 10, advising, as a courtesy, that I would not be arriving until Thurs but still wanted the room, and that I was happy to pay for the room for the Wed to hold the room. Just because you all didn't read the email, doesn't mean you weren't informed and shouldn't have held the room - you should have. I did not appreciate being told by the front desk a multitude of times that this was my fault as I didn't call. If you have an email address, then there is a reasonable expectation it's monitored and I should be able to communicate with you there. I was in an area with a terrible signal when I sent the email, hence didn't call as I could not, and given as I'd paid in full and advised you ahead of time of my delay, there should have been NO issues and after I hit send I didn't give it a second thought.

While I stood at the front desk for almost an hour while the clerk tried to figure out a room for me, I heard him calling all of the folks that hadn't checked in yet that day to confirm they were still coming before cancelling the room. No one bothered to call me the day before - yet that seems to be your policy so that's a screw up and a miss from your end

At no point was I advised that the room had been cancelled, hence I showed up at 7:30pm fully expecting to have a room available for me. Note that you also didn't advise of the cancellation, and they have advised that it should not have mattered when I showed up, that as I had paid in full in advance the room should have been guaranteed for the full stay, regardless of your policy

When called your hotels front desk today, they told that I had called and cancelled the room on Wed Oct 11 - which is a flat out lie. Clearly you all were trying to cover you a&^* so clearly you knew you'd done something wrong. Regardless, lying about the situation is pretty inexcusable and frankly very shady.

Regarding the heat "Not working as expected". Are you actually serious using that wording? The fire alarm went off and the room filled with smoke. That's not just "not working as expected". That's faulty and dangerous. I was on the bed closest to the door, my friend went and turned the heat on as the room WAS COLD. She said something about a smell - and within 10 seconds the smell hit me and the fire alarm went off. It smelled like electrical fire (yes, I do know what that smells like) and filled the room with acrid smoke that burned my eyes and throat. I had to put the AC on on full the entire night, had to leave the bathroom fan on (and therefore have the light on all night - not very conducive to sleeping) and had to open the door to the room for a few hours to even begin to clear it out enough to make it bearable. We were afraid to call the front desk (although I'm surprised that given that the alarm went off - we weren't contacted) as they'd already gone out of their way to find us a room and we were told you were fully booked all weekend, so we didn't have an option and nowhere else to go. Needless to say, we didn't sleep well (I really didn't sleep at all) given the persistent smell, the room was freezing, and the light being on all night.

Of note - you guys really really REALLY suck at doing anything you promise. Called Guest Services Mon Oct 23 - they claimed they had escalated to the exec office and I was GUARANTEED a reply within 48 hours. As of Thurs Oct 26 no one had responded. Called back Thurs Oct 26 - both the cust care rep and the supervisor said nothing they could do except send another emial to exec support. Again guaranteed a reply within 48 hours. Its now Tues Oct 31 and surprise surprise, no reply again. I set an expectation last call that if you didn't get back to me within 48 hours that I expected a full refund for my entire stay, so that's now what I expect. I don't at this stage believe that this exec support exists.

Also I've now been told that there is a "process" guest relations has to follow. So far, that process is just resubmitting to exec office every time I call. I asked if they could please explain the entire process. They flat out refused to do so. So it seems the process is just keep ignoring the customer until they get fed up and go away.

Claimed loss: Entire stay needs to be refunded

Desired outcome: Entire stay needs to be refunded

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11:32 am EDT
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Red Roof Inn - Not pet friendly

I went to get a room for one adult and two small dogs on Monday Aug 14, 2023 about 5pm.
I was told they do not accept pets. I show dogs and everyone stays at Red Roof Inn.
This was the Red Roof Inn, 721 East Market St, Leesburg VA
I then had to drive 35 miles out of my way to get a room with my babies.
The road I had to drive was long and full of traffic. Very stressful.
Why does your hotel not hold up to the Pet Friendly policy?
Mrs Toby Gaulden
1860 NC 66 Hwy S
Westfield NC 27053

Desired outcome: I want an apology and if this is their policy I'm sure many dog show person need to know not to bother to stop there.

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