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overwork housekeepers

i worked at a red roof inn and housekeepers are treated like crap. we come in everyday to over 20 rooms, with no linen. we have to wash and fold our own linen. first of all a housekeeper is not suppose to get over 16 rooms. red roof make their own rules. a housekeeper's daughter was at the hospital losing her baby and she had to leave our GM told her she can go to the hospital but if she wasn't back in 30mins. she would be fired, (how cold is that) every hotel starts in downtown chiago start housekeeping at 11-13 dollars an hour, red roof 8.25...we have no union so they do what they want w/housekeeping, the front desk makes more than housekeeping. a lot of us work hard and our rooms are good but they don't care all they care about is money...if we call off for one day due to sickness and we have a doctors notice that is still no good we will get a write up, you or your family can't get sick working for the red roof in cause you will be fired.that is why i quit and every week they r looseing housekeepers. there is so much to tell but they have no one to talk to, can someone tell me what they can do?

my stay @ redroof columbia, sc

We had a business trip to s. c. where I had stayed at the red roof inn on prior trips. it was old, musty and...

bad services

We stay at the Red Roof Inn on Ackerman Road in Columbus on February 26, 2011. When we arrived the office was locked and there was no one working the front desk. When a clerk arrived there were guests lined up with complaints. I was given the keys to our room and when step into the room was shocked...the bedsheets were on the floor the trash cans had been dumped in the middle on the room and the room smelled terrible. We had to wait 30 minutes for a cleaning crew to clean the room. We had made dinner reservations and was unable to eat dinner before the concert due the the time it took to check into the room. BAD SERVICES and TERRIBLE ROOMS! Never AGAIN!

ghetto noisy people

we stayed at this red roof inn and its ridiculous. when you walk in theres these two noisy ghetto people that live there they are rude and obnoxious they have no lives. they sit in the lobby from 7 am til 9 pm being loud and swearing in front of guest and to make it so bad the women who is always here shes not even a guest she brings her 3 children up here they beg 4 food because there here for 15 hrs out the day. that mother needs to get it together and management needs to do something about this.

  • Tw
    Twebb Dec 22, 2012

    Stayed at this Red roof inn and the experience was awe full. Their guest were noisy had illegal drug smells coming form their room to mine and alcohol bottoms out on display. After I phoned the front desk to resolve this issue I was threaten by guest from that room. I mean how did they now it was me? How could the front desk be so careless with resolving? This issue that they put my safety at risk in an attempt to resolve my issue he only offered to move my room.

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filthy & rude service

Stayed at the Ft. Myers - Red roof inn...front desk lied about check in time - stated 2pm on website - I...

Red Roof Inn

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horrendous management

I experienced a terrible stay here a while back. I had to chastise the manager that the guest --ME-- is the boss not him especially at a paltry $20.00 an hour. I changed hotels and received an apology from the corporate headquarters and a useless pass for a free night. Useless because I plan to actively avoid Red Roof Inns throughout the country from now on.

bad attitude of hotel staff

It is the maids responsibility to clean the rooms not the guests. The manager and staff have to learn thi...

4 comments Tinton Falls Hotels

[Resolved] very rude receptionist and terrible attitude

I recently stayed at the rri at this location and there was a older white female in her maybe late 60s who...

housekeeper stole my laptop

Housekeeper stole my laptop out of my room. I called manger of the location & he assured me that his employees do not steal. Well, I filed a police report with the Maryland Heights Police Dept. Upon their investigating, the housekeeper confessed to taking the laptop out of my room & she said that she got scared & threw it in a dumpster. Needless to say, my laptop was never recovered. I called the manager to inform him of the situation & he asked me not to call corporate; he would take care of it. Well, I called corporate anyway because I felt that request was a bit unusual. They ultimately reimbursed me for my laptop but I lost a ton of info & pics that the check they sent can not buy.:-(

  • Mo
    Mohammad Nadeem Khan Sep 02, 2009

    I reserved a room for 5 nights through expedia. After checking in, I told the counter person that I'll checkout a day sooner and the person confirmed a refund for the fifth night since it was more then 24 hour notice. Now I am getting the run around. First they told me that I need to call expedia for credit. Expedia won't credit unless they get a credit and a confirmation from them for the fifth night. I called them back and now they are telling me that they get their money from expedia per reservation so it doesn't matter if I checked out early or had never checked in at all...

    So, don't make reservation through expedia and don't stay at RedRoof Inn unless you know for sure that you are going to stay the whole time!!!

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  • Ca
    camcn Nov 06, 2013

    No way possible Red Roof Inn does not know about the constant traffic ALL NIGHT LONG. The worst experience in my life and to it would take a lot to receive the title of "THE WORST".
    They make sure in their pictures not to show the road right there on the one side of the hotel.
    Imagine, traveling with someone with a health condition that needs proper rest, staying up all night long due to constant traffic as if you were at some trashy dump motel on the side of a highway, having to attend a major event with no rest whatsoever, having then to drive for four hours home. THERE IS NO, NO, NO EXCUSE. NONE WHATSOEVER.

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rude, nasty service & bugs

I stayed at the Jessup Maryland Red Roof Inn March 27, 2010. The room had these bugs in them, and when I...

very rude people

I stayed here on march 27th till the 28th, when we awoke in the morning my 3 boys 5, 6, 8 got up and went to...

they have bugs

Attempted to sleep at the Red Roof Inn in Salem, New Hampshire on Dec 2, 2009. Took a room on the first...

Red Roof Inn


My husband, young son, and I were recent guests at a property in Belleville Michigan. Arrived Thursday/Friday...

horrible hotel... stay away

I booked this hotel through Priceline as a two-star hotel. When my daughter and I arrived at mid-night, there was no clerk just the bookkeeper checking guests in and he clearly had no idea what he was doing. I asked for a newly remodeled room...what a joke...the bathroom floor was all moldy, the tub was moldy and metal was showing through the tub, the vent had no cover and spiders and nests were living there for some time, the floor had not been vacuumed for some time, there were no tables or chairs, the curtain was half hung, and the bed sheets smelled badly. The parking lot was full and only had enough spaces for about half of the rooms so we were sent down the road to rent a space from another vendor. This hotel was a dump and should be rated minus two. Priceline is not taking ownership of this complaint and the Red Roof Inn policy reads 'If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money!" I am still waiting! By the way folks, Priceline cannot be trusted either...the last time we stayed in Seattle through Priceline, we had a shoot-out in front of our hotel which was in a bad part of town and also not rated properly by Priceline as well! I think these companies are too big and feel they can rip us off...stay away from Red Roof, they are getting a lot of complaints!

  • Dl
    dlakers Aug 14, 2009

    Priceline does not rate the hotels. Priceline just made the reservation.

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  • Ca
    cardarelli Jan 23, 2010

    when travling from new england to fl., we stopped in williansport md. at a red roof inn. the free booklets said, free pet clean rest, on premisses, 53.99. guess what, no roomsd when they saw the booklet, when i explained the booklet was out dted and i would go somewhere else. they came up with a room 61.00. why, i still dont know. When we entered the room, it seemed clean, until, i opened a draw, there was a empty dounut box whith pieces of dounuts in it, the refeg, had milk in it, the remote for the tv didnt woek, and the 24 hr. resturant they said was on premesses, was a waffle house on the property, not premesses the best part is when i checked in, i wanted to pay cash, well ok, but you had to show id. and credit card why, because they claim too many drug dealers who klive locally had came there, so if they hold your acredit card number, and hold the amount of the room, (which you get back in up too 5 days) if theres anything wrong they keep your money. people be where of this hotel. you basicly get overcharged in my opinion because you pay cash and then they hold more money for days . i asked the clerk the next morning if the attorny general knew of this and all of a suddden i was given back 11.00 because the room was not clean.
    we travel sometimes 4 times a yr. and never been to such a terrible red roof.

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internet pricing and customer service

I got a price on the internet. Their website quoted me a 3 night stay for $116.98. When I booked the rooms, their reservation switched my resevation dates to only 2 nights for the same price. Their recap on the same page still listed 3 nights. I even printed the pages and to show them. I called Red Roofs customer service line. They told me that they had never seen that happen but they are having trouble with their internet site. Anyhow bottom line is they quoted a 3 night stay at a price and will not honor it. I told them I thoght it was wrong and I probably would cancel my reservations and they said they didnt care. I also called their head of marketing 4 days ago at their corporate office and he hasnt had the time to get back with me either. Shocking isnt it? False advertising or what. Stay away from thier website, and thier hotels if this is the way they do business. They just dont seem to care even when they admit their wrong.

  • Dl
    dlakers Jul 28, 2009

    Even though its an honest error, they should have to honor the rates quoted.

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awful experience

I was a Red Roof Inn employee and I was grabbed in the chest and my breast was shook, it also happened to another employee. I was chased by the manager while she was holding a sausage in front of her crotch screaming that its not big enough for me, while she was drunk partying with the renovation crew and some corporate employees during the renovation of the property. I was also called a queen who hit on every male guest that walked thru the door, at a company meeting with every employee there. I was also told by management that she was so horny she wanted to bring me to a room, it was too bad I was gay. After reporting all this to human resources, they told me there was going to be a investigation a month later human resources showed up did a investigation. During this the investigator told me that she knew there was wrong doing and something was going to be done to wait to hear from my district manager. When she left the manager started scheduling me for two shifts in one day, she tried to write me up saying that my drawer was short while I was having other employees count, sign off, bag and put my cash in a safe. Then I had other employees that were working with her that the district manager was calling her up and talking with her on the speaker phone on ways to have me fired, and things that my manager could do to try and write me up. I waited for a month to hear from the district manager, I kept on calling human resources to find out what was going on, they told me she was going to be in after a month had passed she finally showed up only to have meetings with every employee on how to do there job. During my meeting with her and the manager I asked her what would be happening with my case, she told me it was all in the past and she didn't want to talk about it any more. I have filed a suit with the EEOC and I am waiting for a right to sue know. I just want to let everyone know how they treat there employees and for a company that has a zero tolerance policy there was alot of tolerance. Also, while filing for unemployment because I couldnt stand to work there any longer, they denied my unemployment and during the hearing, they said that grabbing my breast and the other employees was a play by play action, because she was explaining a story to us. The company also said that she was written up with something called a possible step for termination while they were saying they did nothing wrong.

  • 33
    3333 Oct 01, 2009

    hello my name is alex i had an awful exsperiance my self i have sent an e-mail months ago no response i have filed an insurance claim with the company no response iam am at a stand still now how to go about this matter 9months ago i was at a red roof inn here in Jacksonville florida on jtb an upon leaving an taking my friend home i washed my hands an before doing so i took my ring offf an once i finished i figured since i have to come back ill leave it here an when i got back to make a long story short it was gone looked all over the room even in places it couldnt be it was not there so i filed a police reprt an later an insurance claim that was 9to 10 months ago no response please can u find it in ur heart to help me eighther get back the ring or replace it it has been long enough for me not having my property returned to me my e-mail is [email protected] please i need closier to this situation an might i ad the front desk clerk was less than professional more like she was a bartender at a saloon i was taught when given anger give a smile that seem to make her angry upon filling the calim i was told to get a reciept i did that paper work was done orso i thought is this what this world has come to please help me resolve this matter thank you!

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  • St
    Stevenr Nov 16, 2009

    I was a Red Roof Inn employee in Ohio for 8years. I had a spotless record with no write ups during this time. I was offered a job in another state. It was a lot more money so I gave my 2 week notice to Red Roof. That was a big mistake. As soon as I gave my 2 weeks notice my hours were cut from the 40 per week, to 32 the first week, and 24 hrs my last week. I have gotten 40 hrs per week for 8 years To make matters worse, as soon as I gave a notice, the "manager" hired one of her friends kids to replace me and gave them 40hrs... I was the only maintenance man for 8years, so I guess you could say I was the maintenance department. During my last 2 weeks the manager gave me every ### job she could think of, while the new guy did next to nothing. For example.. I was told to dig out the rock beds to replace the boarders while the kid put new pillows in the rooms. Now I'm 45 years old and the kid she is trying to replace me with is 21. Not to mention he worked for Red Roof 8 min. and I have worked for them 8 years. I didnt even want him to do it all, but a little help would have been nice. That is only fair, I thought...The next week she had me scrub all the toilets ( a 113 of them ) while her boy replaced lamp shades and changed remote batteries all day. If thats not bad enough.. I had to stop digging and scrubbing to run some of the work orders because the new kid knew nothing about the fire system or lodge net. I could of trained him but the manager was too concerned with punishing me for trying to better myself...I used one of the 10 vacation days I had left to find a place to live in the city I was moving to. I was never payed for it. When I asked the manager about it, she said its not her job! I called the district manager, and human resources. Human resources never bothered to call me back and the district manager called the next day and said he would talk to the manager about my cut hours. Nothing ever happened.. Not that I thought anything would be done.. I have seen a manager fist fight a guest in the parking lot and she still works there. Managment protects each other no matter how bad they are. And it's not just one manager.. in 8years I have worked for 7 managers. They had to fire one manager because she was a crack head and stole money. Thats about the only thing they will fire a manager for. Taking money..The others swore at employees and guests, screw people out of hours. Give all the easy jobs and weekends off to thier friends..ect. One manager even got in a fist fight with their own daughter who "worked" there too.. Right in her office!... and they still work for Red Roof. I could go on and on and on... so...Its been 3 weeks since I should have gotten my last check.. I have called every number Red Roof has and they say they are taking care of it. We shall see...Looks like I'm going to have to sue them for it... So, if your thinking about working for Red Roof, I would think twice... And if your thinking of leaving Red Roof.. I would NOT give a notice. Burn your vacation days and walk... unless you want to go through the fun I had.

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  • Lu
    LuckyDuck Nov 25, 2009

    Hi StevenR

    Did you work for a franchisee or a company owned RR? I am considering a position with them as a manager- I'm not a crackhead and I won't fist anyone in the parking lot- LOL! Ohmyheavens: what a mess you had. I DO wonder how those people get their jobs and it seems like I'm scrutinized to death on job interviews...*sigh*

    How was it before you gave notice?

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  • Ch
    Chrissiann Apr 07, 2011

    I totally agree there is prostition going on there. There were drinking and shady characters all over the one I stayed in in Austin. I didn't know they treated their employees so crappily. No wonder the employees were irritated with me like they didn't want to be there. Now I feel sorry for the employees. Red Roof Inn should fly out of business and let these horrible management get what's coming to them.

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terrible customer service, unclean room

I rented a room for 1 night due to my wife and I losing power at home. We called the Reservation Phone line...

overcharged and will not refund!

Stay away from Red Roof Inn. Particularly the one in Williamsburg, Virginia. We went for a vacation and...

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