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On the 29th of June 2022, I booked for a cruise ( 3V3JVH) once in a lifetime trip I took £5000.00 out of my pension pot to pay for it and at the time booked Princess Plus. In February of this year 2023 I paid in full for the holiday and was looking forward to having a wonderful time,

Last week I received an unclear email so I contacted your company for clarification and was told if I wanted what I had already paid for it would cost an extra £360.00 the person was not very helpful and Apon asking to speak to a supervisor I was told there was no one available and he gave me an email address to complain to,  I paid the money and sent a complaint email for which I got a reply that they only delt with after trip complaints but would forward it on to date I have heard nothing.

So, my compliant is I took a contract out with your company and agreed to pay the deposit and Completed payment for a holiday which I have upheld, your company has changed the terms, which has cost me £360.00 to obtain the same holiday this increase was made in December2022, but I was not informed until 5 weeks before traveling. I understand that things have gone up but the way your company have delt with this is appalling.

Mr Peter shepherd

Desired outcome: Refund of the extra cost and reinstatement of the full princess plus package which I had agreed to in the original contract in 2022

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