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2:58 pm EDT

Princess Cruise Lines Purchase of jewellery on board not worth the price - bad advice.

Hi. Booking ref - 3K9PGQ-01

My wife and I recently took a cruise with Princess and onboard purchased a ring for my wife for our 10th wedding anniversary which she picked with the assistance of your staff who told that the ring was valued at approx. £4500 but would be sold to us as a promotion and tax free for USD2617.00 (Approx. £2000.00) which we thought was a fair deal. (See attached)

On return my wife went to the local jewellers who we both know and trust to have it valued for insurance purposes who has since informed us that the ring valuation is only worth around £1800 - £2k for insurance purposes and could have been purchased much cheaper, It would not even be worth the value that we paid for it. We have been told that we could send the ring away for a further valuation however we would be wasting our money so we sought a second opinion who stated something very similar without knowing the first outcome.

Quite frankly we are really not impressed, the staff were very nice on the boat and we trusted both them and the pricing they gave us but to be told that we could have purchased one much cheaper locally (not tax free) is a little insulting to the fact that we are now considering returning the ring back,

We are not complainers and it takes a lot for me to write this, but have always sailed with Princess and even have another cruise booked in October this year and November next year with an intention to book another early 2023. Can you please advise what we can do to rectify the matter or return the ring which we would prefer not to do as my wife does like it but the purchase of it has now been tarnished by the fact that we feel wrong done by.

While on the boat, I did ask for a valuation so we have something to use for insurance but was not provided with anything and told to just use the receipt attached as proof of purchase which was not really what I was after.

We are not new to purchasing from the jewellers on the boat as we usually purchase jewellery in the form of a watch (As with this cruise and previous one) but this is the first time we feel we have been extremely let down. we also purchased 2 pieces of art.

We would like to bring this matter to closure as soon as possible please. I am open to a conversation if you would be so kind as to call me to discuss.

Kindest regards

Dr. Kevin Pope.

Desired outcome: Credit or full refund and ring return.

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11:41 am EDT

Princess Cruise Lines Change of itinerary

Booking ref 2MXW9C Ann Tregenza Sailing May4 2022 Seattle - Alaska 7 Day cruise.! 3 days ago (end of April 2022) I had a non reply email telling me the cruise itinerary was changed due to "scheduled Engine Maintenance" and the stop to Ketchikan (vibrant town with famous Lumberjack show) had been replaced by Icy Point (Fish Factory). I am distressed as I booked my trip a year ago and am travelling 4000 miles from the UK following my grandfathers footsteps. He went to Boston across the US to Seattle and worked with Alaska steamship company in Ketchikan and died in Seattle in 1933. This is a special once in a lifetime trip for our 10th Wedding anniversary and I am very unhappy that at the last minute this change - with a $100 PP spend on board compensation! has happened.

Desired outcome: This compensation is disgraceful.I have spent £6000 on the trip and chose Princess(Captain Circle members) . Given the Pandemi/time to maintain the ship- it suddenly changes the destination. I would like a full refund for this cruise.

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11:06 pm EDT
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Princess Cruise Lines Misleading advertising and bad customer service

I have been with Princess Cruises for 22 years. Retiring from an airline, I take a couple cruises every year, most of them with different cruise lines. I brought stock in Princess and thought I would only use them and bring up my status.

I talked three other people, first time with Princess, to take the Alaska land/cruise. We booked them with Princess, at the same time on the phone. He said we would each get $25.00 credit for recommending new customers. When I emailed the information, they said I should have hung up and emailed first, then make the reservations.

Next I get an email that Princess changed two of the three lodges from the Princess lodges to someone else. My main reason for using Princess was to stay at the beautiful lodges on the pictures. If there was a maintenance problem with one of them, that is understandable. But to downgrade the lodges is bad business.

I got an email that my Skagway train excursion was cancelled and the money was being returned to my account. I call the next morning and the Princess representative said that all excursions were cancelled. I called Skagway and they said it was because the trip I was taking went into Canada and they were not allowing it at this time. Shouldn't Princess know that and let people know before scheduling the trip. Also, on checking of different excursions, they weren't starting until later in the month. That should be brought up at the time of making reservations for the cruise.

Princess has been in business too long for this kind of mistakes. I've called and emailed numerus times to talk to someone about the problems. After long waits on hold, they said they couldn't take my number or email to resolve the problems.

#3P7K6R, Princess Majestic, BBX, Alaska land/cruise on May11-21, 2022

Desired outcome: I would appreciate a call,thank you

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6:59 pm EDT
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Princess Cruise Lines Booking 3KMR2L/ Majestic Princess Cruise

On 4/9/22 I arrived at LAX airport at 2:15pTransportation service was paid for by me. I'm awaiting to be picked up by transportation provided by Princess Cruise. But there was no transportation provided. As time was now underway I obtained a taxi arriving at the pier where the Majestic Cruise Line at 3; 30pm. The gate officer announces that the ship had pulled the robes in so I was left. This incident happen due to no transportation at the airport upon my arrival. My sister was on the ship and she was at the customer service desk explaining ng that I was outside at the gate, she and i was on speaker phone. To my dismay the ship left me. This was not my fault . I then met the ship on Monday 4/11/22 in Sanfrancisco. I have tried to resolve this issue of inconvenience, and to receive imbursements for two hotel nights, and air fare to meet the ship on monday 4/11/22, as well as a second covid test which I paid out of pocket and was told to keep receipts. Despite many calls to Customer relations, and waiting on the phone for each call an hour and more just to be directed to someone who just wants to say anything to get you off the phone. On 4/11/22 once i did arrive on the ship, my sister was at service desk for help and resolution. They referred us to the Customer Relation phone line. Never getting a resolution. Princess also never refunded us for an Excursion trip that the cruise line cancelled due to not enough people attending.

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8:43 pm EDT

Princess Cruise Lines Stateroom account is overcharged on my last cruise

Booking # 2VCG5J (Sail April 16 to April 23) The following should be the charges:


1. Crew appreciation April 16 to April 22

Kamal/Ram total ($15.50 X7days X2) $217.00

2. Calypso Boutique Liquor purchase $518.00

3. Botticelli Restaurant $25.96

4. International Cafe $7.31

5. Photo Gallery $99.00

Total charges $867.21


1. Two Prepaid Shore excursion cancelled for Ram/Kamal credited to account

($49.95 + $59.95 X 2) $219.80

2. Onboard credit ($100 X 2 ) $200.00

Total Credit $419.80

Total to be charged ( $867.21 -$419.80) $447.47

Amount charged on my Mastercard $727.31

Amount overcharged -$279.90

Desired outcome: Amount overcharged is $279.90 to be credited back to me please. Casino offered me and my husband a complementary drink which appears as a charge of $10 each on my account. Please reverse this charge as well.

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10:38 am EDT
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Princess Cruise Lines Lost luggage

My name is Kim Nurse. My husband and I have just disembarked from a 14 night France, Spain and Portugal tour on the Sky Princess arriving back in Southampton on 23 April 2022. The night before arriving back in the UK, I was asked to leave my luggage outside my stateroom overnight, so that it could be collected from the luggage hall the following day. We were allocated Navy 7 luggage tags.

When I arrived at the luggage hall, one of my cases was missing. After a thorough search of all luggage tag colours and luggage lines in the hall, my case was still missing. I reported this to the Princess's contracted company SMS International Shore Operations - where Deborah Barfoot took details of the lost, confirmed it was not in the luggage hall, and said that a representative from princess cruises would contact me. So far I have not yet heard from anyone.

My vanity case was high gloss bright pink, hard shell, with carrying strap.

Desired outcome: I would like my case located and returned to me. Otherwise, I would like two charm bracelet sets - to be sent to me. I would also like to be advised of your compensation procedure for the missing case and contents.

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Update by Kim Nurse
Apr 30, 2022 12:35 pm EDT

Now all resolved. Case located and despatched to me by courier.

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1:31 pm EDT
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Princess Cruise Lines Not being able to get table placement by window on my back to back cruises starting on may 30, 2022

We are elite and usually in 40 most traveled passengers ! I called Ocean Navigator and they said they don’t have access to request by the back window in bonicelli dining room! Which when We went to Hawaii and they did ! It’s on the Ruby Princess! My name is Carol Jay and my booking numbers are 3L2Q9T on 5-30-22 and 3L2QMC on 6-9-22! Spent to long phone calls with no results! I’m getting tired of it! Please reply! My email is [protected]

Desired outcome: Our 5:20 reservations by the back window in Bonecelli resteranant

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6:24 am EDT

Princess Cruise Lines Lost luggage - terrible service

Terrible experience on Ruby Princess, 2LMVDX

Embarkation day, we had been given a time to board the ship, 1pm, we arrived on time as we had been informed that if were arrived early we would be turned away, when we arrived we found a super long queue that we had to stand in, there was no green lane as stated on your app and it took over 2 hours to get our lanyard with our medallion on, this was most distressing as we had not been informed there was going to be a long queue or that there was now no green lane.

From the first day on board the ship, it was rocking all over, the sea was only 2 mtr swells according to the captain but on a boat with 18 decks that shouldn’t make such a difference to how the vessel moves, I and my fellow passengers were being thrown about all over. I have been on smaller ships that have moved less in rougher seas, I feel that there was either an engine problem or a stabiliser problem with this vessel, the seasickness got so bad that they actually ran out of sea sickness tablets in the first 3 days of sailing, this is in my opinion very bad customer care, all throughout the balance of our journey the tablets were never replenished.

We also found that the app kept freezing as the internet kept going off, this impacted on our holiday as you market the app to be used to order drinks and food, but we ordered food several times on the app and the order was cancelled with no explanation as to why, this again is poor customer service as at one point I was ill in my room with seasickness and wanted food but the order kept being cancelled, this was very upsetting and disappointing, and due to the poor design of the room, the telephone was not near the bed to ring and sort food out. We also found that if we ordered food and drinks while out on deck, if they didn’t cancel the order, only one thing would arrive, either the food or the drinks, never both, again not good enough.

I have been on serval cruises and so has my mother and on all of those cruises we have never ever docked in industrial ports, we have always been able to walk off the boat to shops and taxi’s on the pier, so I am confused as to why we docked in industrial ports. My mum did this trip about 5 years ago with yourselves and she had a fantastic time, but this time it was terrible.

We was taken to Waikiki beech and left, with no time to be back to be picked up, no information on what was about and wasn’t told were to meet our guide for our submarine trip. This was most distressing and ruined what should have been a nice relaxing trip to the beech.

We wanted to go and do our own thing on Hilo so we asked at the tours desk about a shuttle and was told by the lady no shuttle, you will have to take a taxi, we left the boat and it was bedlam again, every time we disembarked it was just chaos, the taxis that were outside were for taking 6 to 8 passengers on tours around the island so not suitable for me or my mum, we asked a lady who works on the port and she informed us there is a free bus to take people to walmart and the shopping mall opposite it, but we would have to stand in line as its first come first on the bus, kind of thing, 2 hours we stood in line waiting for our turn, why did the lady on your tours desk not inform me about this bus!

In Ensenada we was taken to what can only be described as slums were we was pestered relentlessly to purchase items from vendors shops, there was children begging on the street and our tour guide started telling us all about the Cartels and how they kill people, this is not what I would call relaxing and enjoyable experience at all, it was a little unnerving and both myself and my mum couldn’t wait to get back to the ship to feel somewhat safe.

I feel let down by the shows that were put on on this vessel, other cruises that I have been on, Royal Caribbean and MSC and Celebrity all put on shows that lasted over an hour and they was proper shows, not someone doing magic tricks or performers who talked more about themselves than actually doing their performance. This was a big let down for me and my mum, also the Chinese herbal lectures, the Chinese lady that gave them could barley speak English, which makes it super hard to follow what she’s actually saying.

I was surprised to find once I was on board that even though I had to provide a negative covid test to boat the vessel your cleaning policy was almost non existent, vey few handrails were cleaned, the elevator buttons I never saw cleaned, the tables on the bars didn’t get cleaned from one customer to the next, I found this to be most distressing seeing as I was asked to wear a mask while walking about inside the ship, which I duly did, however I do feel that if you’re not wiping surfaces down between customers my mask wearing wouldn’t help me much in the fight to stay covid free.

The food on this vessel I found to be sub par compared to other cruise’s I have been on, even going to the Horizon food hall, only half of it was ever opened at one time, and the choice was very basic, and by the time you got your food and found a seat your food was cold, in the main dining room, all you did was use the same food but call it something different each time. At no point did I ever see any new supplies being taken on board this vessel.

They ran out of straws and diet coke, again what cruise line should ever run out of these things. I bought an inch of gold as a bracelet for my granddaughter (it was rose gold colour)and the lady serving me put a normal gold coloured catch on it, instead of a rose cold to match the colour of the bracelet and when I asked her about it, she said they didn’t have any supplied of the rose gold catches, why sell a chain if you do not have the correct parts to it? Again I was very disappointed.

I found that the lack of plugs in my room was a real hindrance as we are English we use and English adapters, because of this and the close proximity to each socket we could only charge one thing at a time, again very disappointed with this.

We were asked to place our luggage outside our cabin the night before disembarkation before 10pm, I placed the luggage outside my room at around 9pm ish, when we disembarked the following morning, mine and my mums luggage had both been lost. When we asked the ladies on the port who was supposedly there to help and they wasn’t helpful at all, we checked all over and couldn’t find our luggage, they asked us to fill a form out for lost luggage and that should our luggage be found they would send it to us at the airport and put it on our flight, why did this not happen, I was under the impression that the boat returned back out to sea at 4pm, we didn’t fly until 430pm so why was my luggage not found and retuned to us, why was we not contacted, why are we the ones having to do all the chasing to find our luggage, I don’t even know what happens to the luggage once its found, does it go into secure storage? Why aren’t you answering your telephone, no one is helping us find out what happened to our luggage and when we can expect to receive it as all my presents and clothes and jewellery was in there and I can’t describe how upsetting, stressful and disappointing this whole experience has been, I am considering taking legal advise on this matter as no one has had the decency to come back to either me or my mum, both of our luggage has our tags with our names etc on so why haven’t we been contacted yet?

Because we had to spend so long searching for our luggage and filling out missing luggage forms the tour bus left without us as they couldn’t wait any longer so we both want reimbursing for a trip we didn’t get chance to take. When we asked what we should do we was told to just make our own way to the airport. The ladies on the dock were most unhelpful, they were rude and didn’t care about our distress in this situation.

Have you any idea how much I was looking forwards to this cruise only to be left feeling upset, disappointed and frustrated, I have never had such a terrible experience on any holiday / cruise me or my mum have ever taken, I feel that you sent out customers on a ship that was not ready for them and as such it ruined our holiday.

I want a full explanation to my above points before we decide on our next course of action with regards to this terrible experience and our lost luggage.

we have tried since we landed back in the UK to contact Princess but they do not answer the telephone, email, twitter or Instagram, my next course of action is to complain to Abta and take them to small claims court to get my money back for my trip and compensation for losing my luggage and all the stress, upset and disappointment, not to mention the time lost trying to get through on the telephone - we still haven't manage to find out were the luggage is, even though they have informed my via twitter that its safe, i do not believe them as they cannon tell me where it is safe just that's its in the USA and wont provide me with proof - why has it not been sent back to me ?

Desired outcome: Refund for missed trip and compensation for upset, hassle, stress, worry and time lost chasing lost luggage (i will not accept a cruise credit)

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9:52 am EDT
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Princess Cruise Lines Cruise unable to travel wife has tendonitis in arm ms sufferer advised princess on 2nd april may not recover in time told we would loose all money.

Cruise cancelled twice by Princess due to covid restrictions we now need to cancel due to health reasons gave 3 weeks notice, see reply from IGLU attached.

Details as follows : Robert Clay and Heather Clay

Gold members [protected] [protected]

Booking no.2QCT8V

Agents IGLU

Sky Princess

Voyage no. Y214


Southampton to Norway 23.4.22 to 30.4.22

Cost 1740 excluding deposit from original cruise in Sept 20 458 ref 963610

19.9.20 booking no. XRVV7R original booking

Desired outcome: transfer to future cruise wife has tendonitis in shoulder very painful,booking no 2QCT8V loyal gold customer [protected],stil under treatment by physiotherapist referred on 6th April on going treatment also advised Princess

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Update by robclay2
Apr 22, 2022 5:05 am EDT

We have travelled a number of times with company feel thatcgiven level of notice to agent 3weeks we could be allowed to transfer to a later cruise,assume cruise is going ahead covid very active in our area,at risk as been in contact with positive cases.

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9:37 am EDT

Princess Cruise Lines Future cruise credits not received.

I have attached a letter from Regal Princess as we were on Voyage G128Q BR: 2H8K3W on 30th Sept 2021.

We had trouble with our cabin that needed urgent repair in the ceiling & got little sleep so the Guest relations kindly gave me the attached letter stating £150 credit per person on a future booking for Stuart Carbran [protected] & Amanda Miller [protected].

When looked up our account it had not been activated or set up for us.

They then called & was told that a cheque had been issues or set up with PayPal.

We didn't expect the £150pp sent to us as it is a credit on a future booking.

The cheque sent to us was for a completely different thing.

That was for reimbursement for PCR Tests on return as we were told they would be refunded by Guest relations on board & nothing to do with these future credits due to a problem with our cabin.

We are about to book another Princess cruise on the Enchanted Princess departing Southampton 4th May 2022 & are extremely angry that we now cannot book because our future credits were never set up.

If we miss this opportunity to book the cruise we really want to go on & this also suits our work itinerary, we will have to take further action & we shall seek compensation for the incompetence of your staff on board & the inconvenience & stress caused, although I must say they were very pleasant.

It doesn't look good for Princess Cruises if they issue letters of intent & don't follow them up to fruition for their customers.

Also we both took time off work to call your customer number [protected] & gave up after being held on for over 2hrs.

Terrible customer service to hold people on for that amount of time.

I look forward to hearing from you ASAP so we can book this cruise for 4th May & don't miss out.

Yours faithfully

Stuart Carbran

Amanda Miller


Desired outcome: Further Compensation for inconvenience especially if we miss cruise date we require

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5:18 pm EDT

Princess Cruise Lines Ethics

On Saturday, March 26, 2022, I noticed an email that we had been upgraded from the Cabin #A707 we had chosen on the Emerald Princess. The cabin they were trying to put us in was a deck below with a connecting door and an extra bunk. Immediately, I phoned Princess to get it changed back to the cabin we had originally picked, and it was within the 48-hour time limit. I thought it had been resolved until this morning when I opened our email only to discover that we didn't get our original cabin back, but it was one nearby. I called Princess Customer Relations and remained on hold for 3 hours, and during this time, I learned that we were moved, not so much as an upgrade, but to accommodate someone else who was traveling with others. I asked Customer Relations if they could move the people who were in our original cabin to the one they had put us in, and at first was told no because they were traveling together with someone who had the cabin next to it, but after I explained that it wasn't the right thing to do, and I was displeased, they were able to get it changed back.

We have been cruising with Princess for a while now and this made us feel

undervalued and underappreciated.

Desired outcome: Don't try to accommodate others at the expense of someone else getting bumped from their cabin.

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3:38 pm EDT
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Princess Cruise Lines Covid testing promised when disembarking the cruise

My wife and I booked a cruise on the Majestic Princess (March 12-19th 2022)

We were told that we would have to provide a negative covid-19 test as well as proof of vaccinations to board the ship. (Which we provided). We were also told that Princess Cruise would provide a covid-19 test for us when we leave the ship so that we could return to Canada.

We disembarked and made our way to the Shuttle Bus to LAX that we paid Princess for and I inquired to the staff where we were to take the required test.

They told us it would be at the Airport for us when we got dropped off.

When we got dropped off at the Airport (LAX) there was no promised test.

We had to find a testing place at the airport and hurry to get our results in time to take our flight back to Vancouver. This was very stressful and frustrating.

When I called my travel agent in Vancouver to find out what went wrong- They informed me that they were not responsible and when I called Princess and waited on hold for 45 minutes I was informed that they only provide test for people traveling to Europe.

Apparently it is up to me to confirm that what I am told by my travel agent is actually true. All my travel agent was willing to say was that they were sorry but they were not responsible. The crew on the ship were wonderful but the information given to me when I booked was not accurate. And it made the last day of our vacation far from wonderful.

Desired outcome: I want to be reimbursed the $160 that I had to pay and I would like for someone to explain why this mix up happened.

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5:30 pm EDT

Princess Cruise Lines Voyage Cancellation - Please help us..

Booking orders: 2L8MXP (M227A 18 days Orient - Japan) has been cancelled & Princess send us a letter (see attached copy) giving us three options: 1) transfer to a recommended cruise. 2) A 110% future cruise credit. 3) A full refund. We have until April 15 to select an option.

When we call [protected] request to working on a replacement cruise or equivalent cruise, Princess denied with a simple reason: These options are not for the Casino booking. We only have a refund option. When we request review the letter that Princess has sent to us (say nothing about Casino) then the operator transfer us to others & others. We already purchased travel tickets, hotels ..Please review because this is not right, not with the guidelines from Princess. Princess should follow the guidelines that they sent to us notify how we would like our booking handled.

We just want to re-booking the order.

Booking 3P8T2W (M307A 17 days Souththeast Asia) has been cancelled & Princess send us a letter (see attached copy) giving us only two options: 1) A 100% future cruise credit. 3) A full refund. We have until April 15 to select an option. When we call [protected] request to working on a replacement cruise or equivalent cruise, Princess denied with a simple reason: These options are not for Casino booking. We only have a refund option.

Again, we just want to rebook not a refund.

We are currently booking so many cruises from Princess this year & future cruises. This cancellation is not convenient for us at all. Please review & help us. We would like to have a chance to re-booking these two cruises. Thank you for your help.

Dung & Anh Tran

17879 Via Casitas, Chino Hills CA 91709 - USA


Email: [protected]

Princess member: 657724407A

Desired outcome: We would like to have a chance to re-booking these two cruises with the similar cruises. Thank you for your help. We appreciate your response.

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12:41 pm EST

Princess Cruise Lines Princess Caribbean cruise line

Princess Caribbean cruise line this is my second attempt filing a complaint I was on the January 9 cruise booking number 2P9H7R cabin number D3 11 I have to have wheelchair assistance and I had to use a motorized scooter when I was mad at the bus to get on the ship there was a porter with a wheelchair but there was not another assistance to take my carry-on bag and my two other bags the porter put that heavy suitcase on my lap put one of the bags on my right handle of the wheelchair so I could not hang on took the other bag and put it up on this one he steers the wheelchair up with the same thing happened to me on the way coming down there was no on to take the bags this was very painful on my legs and I was very upset I told him so and he had no response when I get off the bus at the airport they parked almost a half a block away even nine I was not able to walk that I had to sit out in the sun for almost 30 minutes before they finally got someone with the wheelchair to come and get me I have been planning another cruise with your cruise line but I am very very upset about how I was treated Will wait for your response my email address is [protected] thank you for listening again I am 74 years old . I have not put it out on Facebook so your other customers can see this I thought maybe we could settle this between you and I. will bb waiting for your response.this was 1-9-22 and 1-16-22

Desired outcome: Would like to see what you would offer me as I really do like your princess cruise lines and would like to take another cruise with your [censored] no

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Update by cheryle kelly
Mar 03, 2022 12:45 pm EST

Some typo mistakes I use a motor capitalized scooter while I was in the ship plus not [censored] on the last sentence but ship.thank you 🤦‍♀️

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10:58 am EST
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Princess Cruise Lines Have not received our bill for cruise we just returned from

We just return from a princess cruise. We could not download the medallion app and have not received a detailed bill for the cruise although the charges did hit our credit card. I was told in the last day of our cruise that we would be receiving an email detailing all of our charges but never received it.

Our booking number was 3R8M5K on Regal Princess.

Desired outcome: I require detail on the charges on my credit card. I don't recognize any of the amounts.

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11:07 am EST
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Princess Cruise Lines Impossible to contact Princess Cruises

I have just spent 1 ¼ hours holding the phone trying to contact Princess Cruises and have tried all other possible ways to contact them with no success

The phone message told me to look at FAQs but they do not answer my questions.

It also told me to fill in ‘the short contact form’ which again gives no relevant options so is useless.

I have tried to email but cannot find any email address.

Desired outcome: Complete failure

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10:44 am EST

Princess Cruise Lines Service

I was on a cruise #2T6M3V room B423 and on the last day of the cruise I purchased two shirts from the store but the cashier only put one shirt in the bag and I didn't realize it until we got home. so if you could possibly credit my account ending #5149

thank you Mr. Joseph G. Caciopoli

1907 Hollybrooke Road

Edgewater, Fl. 32141

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1:08 pm EST
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Princess Cruise Lines customer service

this happen today but it happens all the time your workers have no common sense I have so many scars because of princess cruise i hurt. First such a big company i should not have to Waite one hour to talk to someone. Second this guy Robert that picks up is plain stupid. I tell him who I am # [protected] I want to hold two Balcony's next to each other and I tell him the ship is filling up. He does not listen. He does he procedure with out doing what I ask. It took 33 more minutes for me to get through his procedure for the first cabin. Meanwhile the 8 cabins that were available on the 10 floor had booked with someone else. What wrong with this picture. Princess better wake up you are loosing customers. I get flyers from a lot of cruise companies. I already canceled one cruise for this year. There was a clusters of mistakes when I cruise in last December 2021. You know last two years I have booked and sailed and three different call ins was answered by the same guy. But he was précised. Once I said my name, he remembered me. He told me he was retiring. good man I am so upset with this Robert guy for being so stupid. I am done with Princess Cruise line.

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cheryle kelly
Winnebago, US
Mar 03, 2022 12:47 pm EST

Eye 2 Eye voided anywhere from one hour and a half to two hours to try to get a hold of anybody on princess cruise line to file a complaint I bet you I have tried 5-7 times. If my last complaint does not work I will try to write the company but it is so frustrating so very very frustrating I’m 74 years old and have never been treated like this with any other cruise line and I love princess cruises

1:43 pm EST

Princess Cruise Lines Cruise cancellation

Member # [protected]

On 1/3/2022, I called to cancel my cruise scheduled for 2/5/2022 due to my party of 3 not being comfortable with the high COVID cases. We have travel protection. The message when I called said that due to the high volume of callers for those with cruises after 1/31/2022 to call the next week. I called 1/12/2022 and since it was less than 30 days we would lose our deposit. I was following the directions given by the phone message. I don't feel this is fair, and in such situations, deposits should be returned.

Desired outcome: To have deposit returned

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11:14 am EST
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Princess Cruise Lines incorrect refund amount

my name is Edward Middleton and my cancelled booking # 2H3L7X which I cancelled along with EZ air and the are refunding me of the $2, 248.62 paid only $1460.04 A fee of $788.58 was for the Ez Air which they claimed was not flexible air however my booking shows Flexible Air. I have talked to customer service 3 times and put on hold and eventually cut off. I have sent copies to Princess with nob response.

Desired outcome: I want the additional $788.58 refunded.

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