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5:12 pm EST

Princess Cruise Lines Cruise leaving Fort Lauderdale December 18, 2022

My friend, Roberta Sullivan and I (Diane Bruss) were booked on this cruise. However, United cancelled my flight to FLL (booked thru EZAir) and would not refund, saying it's not their booking. United booked us thru Chicago from Houston, with a connection into FLL, but the flight was delayed leaving Houston.

That delay caused us to miss our connecting flight, supposedly arriving after 6pm, when the cruise set sail at 4pm. We were stranded in Chicago. And there is NO communication with Princess on a Sunday!

I am trying to: 1 - get a refund for the cancelled flight from Houston to FLL and

2 - get either a refund or a full credit for the missed cruise for both of us.

I do have the AON but that is a fiasco. Because I didn't cancel within so many days of cruising, I get nothing. HELLO! I DID NOT CANCEL, UNITED CANCELLED by stranding me in Chicago! I am a Medallion ELITE member, I expect someone to address this issue with me and not send me back to AON.

Desired outcome: 1. United airfare refund, booked thru EZAir (never again!)2. I want a full refund OR a full credit for a future cruise for both of us. I upgraded our cabin to a mini-suite,

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11:25 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Cabin Reassignment

When I go on a cruise I care VERY MUCH where my cabin is located so I look and see which cabins are available and select one before I make the reservation. I never book a guarantee because I've been burned in the past. Even though my travel agent informs Princess I do not wish to be upgraded, it happens anyway without contacting me THE CUSTOMER. If Princess can't keep the available cabins offerings current and have to make changes, why can't the company inform the customer first, or offer a full refund of the deposit.

This is not like having your assigned seat moved on an airplane. Cruises usually are 2 weeks!

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3:04 pm EST

Princess Cruise Lines Bad damage to my wifes suitcase

The date was December 22, 2022 upon our return from the 15 day Hawaiian cruise on the Crown Princess.

The evening before we placed our luggage in the hall as instructed, undamaged.

Our bags were taken and we were instruced that they would be in the terminal when we disembarked.

We did, and went to the area where our bags were. Upon finding them, my wifes year old bag was found with one of the four bottom wheels totally riipped off and an hope that exposes the inside of the bag.

We went to several Princess employees at that location and all told us they were not the one to speak to. We were told to go through the check, and when we did we realized there was no one left to talk to.

Desired outcome: We want the bag of equal quality and cost purchased for us to replace the one damaged by one of your unloaders.

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6:09 pm EST

Princess Cruise Lines Changed booking

Good afternoon, we had a booking with Princess cruises 2NVKDR dated 26/3/21, sailing from Auckland NZ 26 November. Followed by change of booking number 2M9GXZ now departing from Sydney 31 October 2022, then booking number 2G5N6X on 5/8/21, deposit confirmation 6/7/2022, Final pay notice 19/7/2022.

As there was now another cruise going from Auckland 29 January 2023, on 26/7/2022 emailed to request a change date and go back to cruising from Auckland - to be told no.

Emailed 24/8/2022 now our original cruise had been cancelled, requesting again that we have a change of cruise date back to the Auckland departure - no answer.

Being loyal Princess cruise people, we were really annoyed by this shabby treatment and Princess making no effort to reinstate our cruise out of Auckland in January 2023, in fact totally ignoring our requests.

Can someone please get back to us and explain why, seeing as all the changes were made by Princess we couldnot have been shifted to another cruise at the same price we had confirmed on the original booking. Thank you

Desired outcome: To be offered the January cruise to Australia out of Auckland.

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12:20 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Promised perks


I am traveling with 2 other couples to Mexico on January 6, 2023, out of SF.
We called Princess to inquire about a change in perks offered.
We were told we could add the extra perks for no additional fee.
We stated explicitly that we did not want if it we had to pay extra.
We were informed we would not be charged anything additional.
We were sent a confirmation email on December 19, 2022.
When the other travel couple called to receive the same extra perks, they were told there would be an additional charge.

When they looked up our booking number, they told my friend we did not get the extra perks.
Long story short we have a combined total of hours on the phone with princess to resolve this of about 7 hours. With no resolution.
We told the person helping the third couple to listen to the recorded conversation between my call and my friends call since we had a conference call with the attendant.
The third couple was told we could not get the extra perk without paying the extra charge.

This is not the way to do business with your customers.
Myself and one of the other couples our Platinum members and stockholders.
The other guest is new to cruising, so their first experience with princess was not favorable. We are all extremely dissatisfied with the lies told to us.

Promising one thing then not delivering on said promise.
We have always preferred Princess to other cruise lines, and we cruise often, but if this is going to be the way you treat your valued guests, we may be looking to other lines in the future.
Our booking numbers are:


Desired outcome: I would like the extra perks we were told we could receive at no additional fee.The extra perks were:Unlimited juice bar, Premium deserts daily, Two fitness classes, unlimited Wi-Fi for one guest.

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2:46 pm EST

Princess Cruise Lines Debarkation San Francisco - damaged contents and lost luggage

On 12/12 the blue 1 luggage tag group were told that if their luggage was not in the designated blue zone they would need to wait. Passengers including myself were not allowed to reach across or move barriers to look in other sections where luggage with visible blue 1 tags were located.

As a result of princess employees misdirecting us, yelling at passengers that they needed to go back around and re-wait for additional luggage to be unloaded and porter supervisor not listening to people with health issues and early flights the amount of stress was incredible. There was allot of pushing and shoving among the passengers trying to get to the luggage. I reached out to a princess employee and asked if my luggage could be shipped to me and she told me it could. I asked if I could get a form to have it shipped. Her supervisor stated I couldn't do that and I needed to get back in line.

The tangible result of this mess was a lost piece of luggage and I missed my flight home causing me to pay an additional $75 change fee with Alaska Airlines. All onboard charges will reflect money spent on cosmetics and ionime detailed below for reimbursement. This was on cruise reservation 3QWKXL. I expect Statement from Princess acknowledging what happened in San Francisco at port 27 and future cruise credit for intangible distress caused to its passengers and reimbursement of lost contents.

Desired outcome: Suitcase $75Airline change fee reimbursed $75Replacement of Spa purchases in contents of lost luggage $209Replacement of lost clothes $350Replacement of cosmetics purchased onboard $695

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2:45 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines was promised a refund; now they are avoiding me!

In a suitel Hot tub on floor above cracks and floods our room. They move us to a non-suite room. I insist on a refund and wanted to go home. They agreed to a full refund (not a credit) but now that we're home, I call & call but and nobody returns my calls. They are ghosting me! I'm so sad and disillusioned.

Also my husband fell out of bed, hit the dresser handle and started to vomit. They told us to put on an icepack.

Desired outcome: Refund as promised.

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9:47 am EST

Princess Cruise Lines cruise payment taken twice!!

contact me please. it is very urgent and we have no other way of contacting you. you have no customer service email address which we find unbelievable. we wish to put in a complaint. we booked a cruise through you which was paid from our bank account, then three days later a further payment was taken from the bank account for the same amount! (5272 usd). so i have been charged twice. And to date nobody is doing anything about it! No feedback has been received from Princess whatsoever! The second payment was taken from a cruise terminal and was a contactless payment! so what is going on princess? i have sent all the evidence through to dispute this 2nd payment but to date heard nothing at all!


please message me, y bishop, for our email address.

first payment taken 7 november, 2nd payment taken 10 november, no outcome! i am apalled!

Desired outcome: refund

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car model
, US
Dec 21, 2022 2:49 pm EST

dispute the 2nd payment directly with your bank showing the dates previously taken and they should credit your account and investigate your claim.

2:45 pm EST

Princess Cruise Lines Refund for Cancelled Cruise Nine months ago

On 3/2/22 I cancelled booking #2L4H6K and 2L4H7W due to COVID. This was more than 90 days before cruise. My travel agent requested $400 deposit ($200 for each booking) to be refunded to me. It has now been nine months and I still have not received my refund. I have tried Customer Service too many times to count. This includes emails which they never respond and telephone calls where I get placed on hold and never return. My travel agent has also been unsuccessful. She was told at one point that the refund had been refunded to a credit card that has not been in existence for over two years. I contacted my credit union that holds my current credit card and they wrote a letter of explanation. I sent this letter registered mail along with all my information to Princess Corporate Office but still no response. I did receive the certified mail receipt back so I know it was delivered. Can someone help? I'm at a loss and don't want to go to small claims court but I will.

Desired outcome: Refund of $400.

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10:07 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Travel Insurance, new booking and no return call

Good morning: I have three issues.

1. I paid for travel insurance (AON) and my wife got sick, and submitted requested documentation. AON only provided a travel credit at 75%. Have tried for over three months to have corrected. What is the purpose of paying for insurance if I am not fully refunded.

2. Booked a new cruise this next May. They were given permission to charge my account for $200 deposit, but my account was charged for my credits with out my permission. I should only been charged $200 not the $3,900 or more.


I called yesterday and left my number for a call back (so I would not have to wait on line). I am STILL waiting for that call back.

Desired outcome: One, get a full refund from AON, (either cash or credit)Two, Only charge me for the $200 deposit for my next booked cruise next May.Three, someone explained why I was not contacted, after I pressed number 1, left my telephone number.Thanks,

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3:35 pm EST

Princess Cruise Lines Overall cruise itself and traveling arrangements

My husband and I are avid cruisers. Been on many cruise lines but Princess was our favorite. We would recommend to everyone we knew. Not anymore. In June 2022 we took our 9th cruise with Princess and our last unless they make this right.

I am going to try and keep this as short as possible:

1. traveling to Alaska was a nightmare. Arrived in middle of night. Buses were late picking us up because rooms were not ready. In middle of night for pete sake. Had two hours in room before we had to get up and out. Didn't mind charging us for a full day tho.

2. this is regarding the food vouchers for entire trip. We did 4 days on land first and then 7 day cruise. We paid for food vouchers for the entire land portion for the cruise. We were told that we could choose almost anything on them menu's. Nope. Everything was mostly buffets, I don't eat buffet food; Restaurants at the resorts were mostly buffet; they were out of food that we wanted off the menu; only a few of the restaurants were open. Staff was shorthanded; food was not good when they did have it and when we decided to sleep in the first day and went to breakfast they refused to serve us because they stopped serving breakfast at 9:00 am and we got there at 9:03. We paid a lot of money for food vouchers and got crap buffets or low grade food. Note: we were starving after four days and couldn't wait to get on ship.

3. getting to the resorts took twice as long. Bus drivers said they weren't ready for us and told them to drive slow. Well, they certainly did drive slow. We were so freaking tired being on the bus for 6 plus hours and starving that we could not get on an 8 hour bus excursion the next day. Same thing happened on the train taking us to the ship. Train was late; told to go slow; we barely made it on time to get on the ship. Had a food voucher on train, not worth that either. Couldn't eat that slop. really starving at this point.

4. Ship: We finally made onto ship pretty close to sailing time. Got to our room which was nice we always get a balcony room. I like to hear the ocean and sleep with the door open. To keep this short as well, we had door open for two nights when all of a sudden the door was auto locked and we could not use the balcony. I was to say, beyond pissed off at that. Paid for a balcony that I could not use.

5. Food: after starving on land for 4 days, I couldn't wait to eat on the ship which was always great. Nope, food was horrid. From room service; to restaurants. So bad I wouldn't feed it to my dog if I had one. Don't do buffets but I tried. Nope, buffet food was just as bad as it always is. Couldn't wait to get on land to eat. Which is what we did when we docked. We had to eat.

6. Ship dinning: Not only was the food bad all over the ship but the dinning in the restaurants was horrid as well. Every night was the same kind of food. Not good; spoiled; brown; smelled bad; looked bad; tasted worse and was not good quality of food. The only thing I could actually eat that came out was the french onion soup. It was hard to live off one bowl of soup per day. One night, I ordered the french onion soup and didn't even get it. Waiter didn't like that I didn't eat my salad which was limp. When that dinner came out I couldn't eat that either. Not to mention out of all the ships we have been on we love formal nights. If you were not dressed properly on regular nights they would not let you eat in restaurants and if you were not dressed formally on formal nights they would not let you either. We were dressed in formal wear (tux and evening gown) both nights. We were sat down at table with people wearing pajamas and sweats. Yeah, and they had the gawl to tell us we were over dressed. So awful.

7. Came into some bad weather. Was not going to get into Canada after cruising for three days. We had not had a good meal since we were on land two days ago and was so looking to eat in Canada. Never made it.

8. Internet and Covid: Covid restrictions were still on. We were told we had to have covid test to get off ship into Canada. I couldn't get internet to work. This was going to have to be done by zoom call. We had to pay for it ourselves. I went on 2nd day to pursers desk to tell them we wanted off the ship. Told them internet didn't work so we were not going to be able to get off the ship. Purser took my phone went to internet and it pops up on, I said wait about 10 seconds it will say not available. Yep, did exactly that. Purser said oh, it always says that. it will work. Yeah, maybe but it will charge me $6.95 a minute for a 20-30 minute call and I already spent $12,0000.00 + on cruise and hundreds to eat on shore because we were starving. Purser promised it would work. I said fine. Big mistake. When we got the call for the covid test, it did not work or go through. We were not going to be able to get off the ship into canada. Purser said we can buy another test at the airport. Why? Why should I have to pay for another test at the airport. At this point I became depressed. Couldn't do another day. Really, I really couldn't. My husband was beyond himself. He said, against his better judgement we would buy our last meal at the Steak House. I said great, but we shouldn't have to buy our meals on the ship. What if the food is bad? We did get last table in Steak House. Best meal we had in 11 days. It was wrong. Why was the good food you had to buy to eat and other foods on ship to eat was less than a dog food.

We spent a lot of money on this cruise. There was a princess app on the phone that tracked you. You open it, it had a thumbs up or thumbs down every time you opened it. The question every time was "How is your experience" I hit the thumbs down all day long for seven days. Finally they took off my app. Not once did I get a call to see why I was hitting the thumbs down. Not once.

When we got to the Airports which we had a full day to wait; We got a survey on our cruise. I put in same things as you have read and more. Not one call for either us about what we had to say. Said it may take up to six weeks to hear back. Well, it's been six months almost.


Desired outcome: We want a full refund. No if's and's or but's. And an apology. Then maybe we can talk.

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3:15 pm EST

Princess Cruise Lines Cruise credits expiry date.

This is not a complaint as much as it is a plea for a prompt answer. The situation is long and complicated, related to being kicked off a cruise due to COVID. After considerable delay PCS issued wife Carol and me Cruise Credits [protected] and 0984599 valid during 2023.

Due to other travel bookings, family obligations, and scheduled medical treatments we do not have openings in 2023 to book future PCS cruises. More than a month ago we requested the Cruise Credits be extended through 2024. To date there has been no reply to that request.

I'm sure PCS files include full detail of the matter. But at this time the details no longer matter. The only issue now is a request that you extend the expiry date of the Cruise Credits.

We have about 400 days cruising with Princess and would definitely like to cruise with them again.

Please extend those Cruise Credits through 2024 so we can work a couple of additional cruises into our schedule.

Thank you,

Harry and Carol Windland

Desired outcome: Extend two cruise credits through 2024.

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12:34 pm EST
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Princess Cruise Lines Waiting for claim due to Covid

Booking #2K8NMK. Booked insurance through Princess. Submitted claim in January to Princess. Customer Service will not give any customer service in regards to claim. In July, I submitted claim to Aon Insurance. Their reference number is [protected].

I did receive $2500 CDN from Princess; no indication what that was for but I assume it was for food as we were promised $100 a day each for food. We are Canadian so unable to fly home until 10 days had passed. We are still waiting for payment for hotel room and air.


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4:53 pm EST

Princess Cruise Lines unexplained charge

There is a charge of $27.66 on my post-cruise statement Folio 1212. My Booking No. was 2H6KMR for 14-day Mediterranean Cruise Oct. 31-Nov. 15 from Rome.

The charge is listed as "Referred to Corporate Finance" dated Nov. 14, 2022. Please advise what this charge is for.

Thank you.

Barbara J. Turco

1338 Boise Street

Fircrest, WA 98466

My DOB: Aug. 23, 1934


Desired outcome: Please refund.

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12:14 pm EST

Princess Cruise Lines Lack of service by princess for service issues

My wife and I recently sailed on the Island Princess from England to Rome and paid for transfers to Princess. Getting off the ship in Rome we told the front desk that we needed transport to the Hilton airport hotel in Rome. They gave us incorrect luggage tags and as a result there was no bus for us to take and we were forced to take a taxi for 200 euros. I have tried writing to Princess reply...writing to Princess customer resolution and when trying to contact anyone it results in total frustration which I guess is what they hope will happen. Princess management needs a good lesson on how to take care of customers concerns. At present...they don't care to be bothered.

Desired outcome: Reimbursement of 200 euros.

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1:57 pm EST

Princess Cruise Lines Cruise on sapphire 10-4-22 to 10-19-22

We docked on industrial side of islands in hawaii - should have been tourist side our room was supposed to have a couch - did not, coffee maker - did not bathrooms on the ship, allot, most were out of order - not acceptable on maui, unable to get off ship for more than 3 hours after docked the food was average not happy about the whole thing, worst cruise I have been on. Will never go on or refer princess cruise lines to anyone

Desired outcome: refund part of money we paid extra for balcony room , that didn' t have the couch or coffe maker

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6:07 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Heat/Hot Water/Cancellations

Norm Fridleifson/Yvonne Fridleifson


Ref.# 4K9GDX

Nov.2 to 9

Crown Princess

First two days no heat had wear coats to dinner and through out ship.

No hot water for shower or washing without any explanation for days only excuses.

Cancellation for Astoria Oregon (Weather related)

Santa Barbra shore tenders very dangerous (should have cancelled or delayed)

* The entertainment and staff were exceptional.

Worst cruise we have experienced!

Julius Norman Fridleifson

Desired outcome: Better Memories

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3:15 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Cancellation of my cruise

Good morning.

My name is Harry Kirkman and my wife is Carmen Kirkman and we live at 4 Wader street Cranebrook NSW 2749.

On Thursday 10th November I booked a 35-day cruise on board Coral Princess Sydney to Hawaii returning to Sydney with [protected]

The booking fee was $2441.60. My wife birth date is 29/11/1947 and my birthdate is 01/08/1948. We are pensioners.

After sleeping on the booking, I realised that my wife and I could not proceed with this booking and on Friday 11 November I the travel agent to cancel the booking. I was informed I would be contacted with the details.

Should be noted at this stage I never had a booking number nor any information from the travel agent regarding the cruise.

On Monday 14 November I had not heard from the travel agent so I contacted them again and was with my booking number and I was informed that I would not receive any of my deposit back from Princess Cruises.

When I made the booking and the decision to cancel this booking within 24 hours, I would be protected by a cooling off period but it appears there is no such thing as a cooling off period when booking a cruise.

I believe this information that a refund is not payable is incorrect and I am hoping that you will investigate this complaint.

Desired outcome: Refund my deposit please

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11:20 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines I would like to pay princess for my wife and my cruise. It was the princess caribbean out o0f ft lauderdale on [protected]

Between the time, I paid for the above-mentioned cruise. My booking # was 3R3NWP.

The credit card I used to pay for the cruise was compromised - therefore my card was replaced and I didn't think anything about it until I didn't see any charge on my bill for the cruise.

I would like someone to call or email me and get my updated credit card info so, I can pay for the cruise.

My email is [protected]

cell # [protected]



Desired outcome: I want to pay PrincessGreat cruse BTW

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8:19 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Deception & lies for booking 3c8r4k melb - nz - melb.

Booking 3C8R4K. - In April 2022. I rang & booked 2 adjourned rooms. Reason for this was so we could get double beds each. Rosalie cannot sleep in a single bed.

Soon after I discovered they were at the very back of the ship. After conferring with my “planner” Jonathan, explaining that both my twin sister & I used walkers we were moved to a disabled cabin near lifts, stairs & laundry. I checked about bedding arrangements, as I needed at least a double for Rose & a convertible couch for me. I was told no problem, it could be arranged.

We were changed by Jonathan to the same cabin on the opposite side of the ship to give us a better view of the fiords. Next I got an email from Natasha claiming she was our new planner, then another from Sebastian claiming to be our planner.

In mid Sept I was emailed that we had been upgraded, so I rang to check. Nothing has changed BUT there is NO convertible couch. After a lot of to & fro, (about the couch”) the “new” planner led me to believe that the cruise had been cancelled and a full refund would be given in approx 10/7. I only get my statement every 2/12.

10/7 ago I got an email about the trip, rang Princess, was told I never cancelled but agreed to upgrade - never happened. Again inferred that I was a disgruntled old lady& should be grateful that your company was “letting us” onboard.

Inference was I could sleep on the floor like an animal - no refund was going to be given, but she would listen to the April tape & get back to me “whenever”. Friday 11.11.22 I rang at 12:22 pm, different? planner, went though the whole story again, was assured that the Team Leader would ring me back after 2 pm - heard nothing Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

But on Saturday got an email changing us to single beds, not authorised by me.

I rang Monday, again had to go though the whole story. Again no record of anyone accessing any recording for September 29/30. Told nothing could be done other than putting us on a wait list for a suite which would cost a lot more or cancel the trip & lose the deposit of $1000+. This is the deposit we were promised that would be refunded in September.

If forced to go on your ship & sleep on the floor like an animal, I will defiantly notify news channels on my return & hand over photos as proof. I will also notify the shipping company in Vanuatu (my family run it). I am sure Auden will not be impressed. Jenny Foote.

Email address is m. [protected] au.

Mbl ph [protected]

Desired outcome: I want the refund that was promised BUT will accept an on board credit towards our 2024/25 trip to Vanuatu.And I need an answer / resolution in writing by 1/12/22

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Princess Cruise Lines In-depth Review

Overview: Princess Cruise Lines is a renowned cruise company with a rich history in the industry. Offering a wide range of services and amenities, Princess Cruise Lines ensures a memorable and luxurious experience for its passengers.

Destinations: Princess Cruise Lines takes you to some of the most breathtaking destinations around the world. From the Caribbean to Alaska and Europe, their itineraries cater to diverse preferences. Popular ports of call and well-curated cruise options make every journey unforgettable.

Fleet and Ships: With a sizable fleet, Princess Cruise Lines offers a variety of ship types to suit different needs. Each ship boasts impressive features and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable voyage. Notable ships like the Royal Princess and Regal Princess offer unique offerings that set them apart.

Onboard Experience: Princess Cruise Lines provides a range of accommodation options, from cozy cabins to luxurious suites, all equipped with top-notch amenities. The dining options onboard are exceptional, with high-quality food that caters to various tastes. Entertainment and activities, spa and wellness facilities, and family-friendly amenities make for an unforgettable onboard experience.

Customer Service: Princess Cruise Lines prides itself on its responsive and helpful customer service representatives. The booking and reservation process is seamless, and the onboard staff is known for their friendliness and professionalism. Customer complaints and issues are handled efficiently, ensuring passenger satisfaction.

Value for Money: Princess Cruise Lines offers competitive pricing and excellent value for money. The price of their cruises includes a wide range of amenities and services, ensuring a hassle-free experience. It's important to consider additional costs and fees, but Princess Cruise Lines stands out in terms of affordability compared to its competitors.

Safety and Security: Princess Cruise Lines prioritizes the safety and security of its passengers. Stringent safety measures and protocols are implemented, along with comprehensive emergency preparedness and response procedures. The company adheres to industry regulations and standards, ensuring a secure voyage for all.

Reviews and Reputation: Customer reviews and ratings speak highly of Princess Cruise Lines. Previous customers have had exceptional experiences, praising the company for its top-notch service. Princess Cruise Lines has built a strong reputation in the industry and has received numerous awards and recognition for its excellence.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives: Princess Cruise Lines is committed to sustainability and implements various environmental practices and initiatives. The company actively partners with conservation organizations and programs, contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Princess Cruise Lines ensures accommodations for passengers with disabilities or special needs, making their voyages comfortable and accessible. The company also promotes inclusivity initiatives, catering to diverse groups of passengers. Facilities and services onboard are designed to be accessible to all.

Loyalty Programs and Benefits: Princess Cruise Lines offers loyalty programs that reward frequent cruisers. With perks and rewards, loyal customers can enjoy exclusive benefits. Earning and redeeming loyalty points is made easy, enhancing the overall cruise experience.

Conclusion: Princess Cruise Lines is a top choice for travelers seeking a luxurious and unforgettable cruise experience. With exceptional customer service, diverse destinations, and a commitment to sustainability, Princess Cruise Lines caters to a wide range of preferences. Whether you're a frequent cruiser or a first-time traveler, Princess Cruise Lines is sure to exceed your expectations.

Recommendations: For those seeking a family-friendly cruise, Princess Cruise Lines offers an array of amenities and programs that cater to all ages. If you're a nature enthusiast, consider exploring their Alaska itineraries for a breathtaking experience. For a truly luxurious voyage, the Royal Princess and Regal Princess are highly recommended.

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