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Complaints & Reviews

car rental

I booked a car thru priceline for March 28 2020. But, State is locked down due to corona virus. Priceline refused to refund or give us the credit. I will never book anything thru priceline again.

I bought a vacation package from Priceline before the Corona Virus hit.

My self and my wife bought a vacation package from Priceline before the Corona Virus epidemic hit the United States. I'm 68 and my wife is 66, the CDC advised people over 60 should not fly. The package included a flight to the Dominican Republic and a resort for 1 week. I've contacted Priceline numerous times to ask for some of my payment refunded. The vacation was a flight from Kennedy Airport to Punta Cana Dominican Republic. Since we were advised not to fly we tried to cancel, but Priceline would not help us. the dates of the package were 3/17-3/24. I'm not expecting a full refund, just a good faith payment acknowledging we were unable to go due factors outside our control.

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    NoGP Mar 27, 2020

    Price line is a piece of shit co. Hope no one do business with them

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hotel reservations

I booked a hotel reservation using Priceline and they double charged me. I stayed in a hotel last year for 14 days and paid half of what they are charging me for 8 days. I tried to cancel, they said, "Sure, but your charge on your credit card cannot be refunded." Are you kidding me, I never even got a chance to us AAA, AARP, Military Discounts. What kind of scam are they running here. I want my money back for sure, $1317.52.

uncomfortable stay

I booked a "4 star hotel" using Priceline's express deals for a romantic Valentine's Day weekend. I was assigned The Manhattan Times Square Hotel which I thought would live up to the 4 star expectations but ended up being a complete disaster. Upon checking in we were assigned to a room that we immediately had to leave because we were greeted by an engineer who was fixing the AC/Heat unit in the room. We complained to reception and were then assigned to another room. This new heating unit was also broken and the room couldn't get warm at all. They sent up an engineer but he realized he was unable to fix it and seemed to not even want to help us. After complaining yet again, front desk assigned another room which was warm but the bed was very rickety and the bathroom amenities kind of dingy. We called to let them know but front desk was uninterested in helping us. They were very rude and didn't address our discomfort with anything though they told them to let them know about any future concerns. I tried not to make a big fuss but as soon as the temperature started to drop--it was 28º outside--I had to. The room became so cold but we couldn't raise the heat because they had fixed the thermostat to a certain temperature. When I made them aware of this they told us they couldn't do anything about it, which they definitely could've because the engineer informed us that the heating in the building is computerized. My romantic weekend ended up being horrible! My boyfriend and I both woke up with sore throats and sniffles due to sleeping in a cold room and not even being provided with any additional covers and bedding. This unprofessional, unaccommodating hotel is listed at 4 stars but it might as well be a 2 star motel in the heart of Times Square. The location is probably the only thing welcoming and inviting about it. It was cold, nasty, loud, and the staff was very rude! Horrible weekend!!

rental car

Beware of Express Deals for Priceline rental cars. We rented a car in advance for a Kona Hawaii vacation. We had a family emergency and we had to return to the mainland. I contacted Customer Service and then talked to a second level rep as well. There are absolutely no refunds under any circumstances. And there was no offer of a discount on future rentals. We lost about $250.00.

charge on credit card

I believe the employee who charged my credit card was attempting to defraud charges to my card. This is associated with a flight I booked for a friend and paid for with my card. The trip number is [protected] booked on Jan. 14, 2020, for New York City. I am taking this matter very seriously as should you. I had intended to book more flights through Pricline, but am hesitient to do so until this matter is resolved. Please contact me at [protected].

Mildred Maneille

reimbursement for price guarantee

Priceline are criminals. Reserved a car rental through priceline many weeks in advance. come day of the reservation for the rental the car company "hertz" calls me to tell me they have no cars available at any hertz location. priceline tells me to goto another rental agency and they will reimburse the difference if i pay more. well i did. submitted all the receipts as requested. now they keep playing games and month after month telling me the check has been processed wait 15 days for the mail. oct7th rental now jan 21st and still no refund check. atleast 10 calls have been made to priceline and wasted upto and over an hour everytime. absolute fraud. all priceline guarantees are just bs. left me stranded then cost me almost double with just false promises of compensation.

my hotel reservations and my money

My name is adam harper phone number [protected] First of all they booked mw in the wrong hotel and owed me a refund then i see where they had charged me for another reservation i never had i paid with reward points an they charged me anyways im a vip member and im more disappointed than ive eeve been and guess what i.beem out of a hotel room because of a 80 dollar charge an 90 dollar charge im supposed to be getting my money back from however its 1am and i still dont have a room and am on hold with a representative for the sixth time today i need mu momey and a room for 2 nights for my inconvenience that ive been dealing with for 2 days like i said im a VIP member so obviously i do aloy of business with yall but if something is not done ill take whatever action needs to be taken

[Resolved] car rental

Booked a week with a Luxury Car Rental: Upon ck in at avis stated all they had was a ford taurus (latter the story got changed that is a luxury vehical) and upon return although returned early was charged an extra day. Priceline did nothing!!! Rip off con artist And i used to use them quite often, that will change!

Calling avis they orginally told us we would get credited 2 days for the downgrade and wave the extra day as it was nonesense. However, that never happened and that we would need to go thru priceline who did nothing other than state the line you got what you paid for.

  • Updated by KC Trailer Service & Supply · Jan 03, 2020

    Booked a week with a Luxury Car Rental: Upon ck in at avis stated all they had was a ford taurus (latter the story got changed that is a luxury vehical) and upon return although returned early was charged an extra day. Priceline did nothing!!! Rip off con artist And i used to use them quite often, that will change!

    Calling avis they orginally told us we would get credited 2 days for the downgrade and wave the extra day as it was nonesense. However, that never happened and that we would need to go thru priceline who did nothing other than state the line you got what you paid for

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

hotel booking priceline - extended stay middleton wi

Booked Extended Stay on Old Sauk in Middleton WI through Priceline Dec 30 2019. Room had old nasty pizza left in microwave, dirty comb hidden in the sheets, dirty washcloth hanging on shower curtain. Priceline would not back me up or issue refund/credit yet I was booked into a room that wasn't cleaned. The customer care rep said it was not their problem. So I'm not going to be using them anymore. Not worth it to save a dollar.

ripped off

Arrived at hotel at 2:30 a.m. and went to priceline app. It would only allow me to submit for the day with arrival t 3 pm. booked thinking it would be something that could be worked out inside. Desk staff member refused to assit stating we had to return at 3 pm in the afternoon and that their was nothing he could do about it becasue priceline rules. We asked to pay the difference between the room he had avialable and the actual room booked and he refused to accomodate. Contact with Priceline indicated that the hotel could make an exception and they choose not too. As a customer it seemed like one person blaming the other with no resolution. Yes i understood that the app was set up for no refund however as there was a room avialable at a different pricepoint and I was willing to pay it. the hotel, Microtel Inn & Suites By Wyndham Ocala, took thier money and I guess rebooked the room for that day so they knew the situation and was unwilling to work iwth someone at 2:30 a.m. that was just looking for a room for his family

motel reservation

Dec. 11, 2019
I needed to make a reservation for a motel room at the Quality Inn, Clarkston, WA.
I went to look up their number online and found an online reservation that appeared to be for the Quality Inn. They advertised their Best Rate Guaranteed to be $89.11 which was similar to what I had been paying when staying at this Quality Inn. I entered my credit card information and made the reservation. Next thing I know I am getting a cofirmation for $133.03. I immediately called the direct line for this Quality Inn in Clarkston, WA and they informed me they had the reservation but it came in through Priceline. They told me their room rate was $89 plus a 9.7% tax for a total price of $97.81 and to contact price line to see why I was charged $133.03. When I called Priceline they refused to cancel the reservation or the charge and were unwilling do anything about it. To me this is a bait & switch fraud Priceline is doing.
A resolution would be to charge no more than what the Quality Inn is quoting me. Especially if Priceline is saying their price is the Guaranteed Best Price. As far as I am concerned- the $133.03 charge is an unauthorized charge to my bank account.

hotel reservations

I was making a reservation for a Naples Courtyard Marriott for a wedding. The wedding party had select rooms and lower rates for this event. I called the number that was on the computer, thinking it was for the Marriott, and explained to them I was with the wedding party of the Barkley party and I was to get a discounted rate. The gentleman on the phone informed me that he could get me this rate and informed me that it was $377.68 for two nights. I thought that was a lot of money since she said it was a discounted rate. the gentleman on the other line informed me I was getting only a $24 discount. I couldn't believe that. When talking to the wedding party they informed me that I was spending too much money for the hotel rooms. She gave me the number directly to the hotel and they informed me I made my reservations through Priceline. I have the confirmation note and NO WHERE DID IT SAY PRICELINE AND I WAS NEVER TOLD I WAS TALKING TO A PRICELINE AGENT!!! I found out that the rooms were half that price directly through the hotel since it was arranged for the wedding party. I was LIED to by one of your customer service representatives. HE never ONCE informed me he was with PRICELINE and HE NEVER ONCE told me to call the hotel direct since I kept saying to him I am suppose to get a discounted rate. He LIED and told me that it was the discounted RATE. Did I mention he LIED to me!!! I have used Priceline many times when I chose to use it but this time I did not and was taken advantage of. I am very angry and disappointed in the personnel that you have hired to deal with the customers. This experience makes me to NEVER use your company again.
Very disappointed
Sharon Moreland

reservation express deal

No where does it ask about pets. It asked about adults and children. I didn't know which hotel I was getting till after I reserved. I called the hotel they do not accept pets. I can't cancel and book another hotel. At this point I will not use priceline or recommend them. I called priceline. She stated about the amenities. I still do not understand. I feel very upset. Martha Burks

Pricelinehotel reservation

I made a reservation for my son at a Best Western through Priceline for my son. Two minutes after I made the reservation, I found out that my son was going into the hospital right away. I called Priceline within five minutes of making the reservation and the person I talked to said they would call the hotel and work it out. Best Western is very good about refunds. My credit card slip the next month has the hotel charge on it and I called right away. First the person I talked to said that the hotel was charging a one night non refundable fee. Then when I asked if I spoke to Best Western directly, they said it didn't matter, Priceline was making the charge and wouldn't refund it. So, was it the hotel or Priceline who was charging this 'fee'. My guess is Priceline. They are a scam and shouldn't be allowed to operate in the United States!

car rental

This company is a total scam and should not be used on your site.
1. Give us a smaller vehicle than we rented and would not give us an option.
2. Would not rent to us unless we took additional insurance although we did not need more.
3. Added $80 to our bill one month later for toll charges.
Check BBB they are total scam artists. Many people had horrible experiences with them.

cruise ship gratuities

Had a terrible time on the MSC ship with the rude people, ship rocking constantly, had to call to get our room cleaned everyday, and a few other things. So with that said, on to the "tips". I had tipped the people who i thought deserved it and just wanted to get MY gratuities back that i paid up front. And the guy on the ship told me to contact who i booked through and now i'm being told NO, i should of got them on the ship??? Why is there so much confusion and lying and all the run around?? I just want my money refunded!! I'm so unhappy with this experience. What a nightmare. Please respond.

priceline customer service

Dear Priceline customer support,

Priceline has decided to relocate me to another 3.5 star hotel in a completely different location and twenty five minutes from the airport without an airport pick up. The new hotel has half the amenities as the original hotel I booked and Priceline gave me a 17.50$ refund and to top it off the original hotel I booked still has rooms available.

I understand mistakes are made and sometimes relocating guests is necessary however should really make more effort with their guests. I am traveling from Canada and arrive in a Orlando late tonight without a pick up so will pay up to 60$ US for a TAXI FARE after already being charged 750$ canadian on my credit card for a hotel I never chose.

hotel upgrade

Chatted twice and called - spoke to 2 different (1 "supervisor") people on 11/6/19 that just kept saying NO even though their website said this could be done if not booked as an Express deal or Name your own price. I even called the hotel in the Bahamas and they said they would have no problem taking care of this if Priceline would call them. The hotel gave me detailed instructions on how to rectify this and still just kept saying NO.
A desirable resolution would for them to do actual work and make this happen or cancel and refund my $4, 000 and I can even use them again to book the right room. This was a surprise for my 2 children with their first trip out of the continental United States and I just want to make it perfect for them - the trip is 3 months!

booking a hotel

My case number is [protected]. When I reserve a hotel room through express deal, I clearly listed I have 2 adults, 2 kids. However, the room that I reserved is up to 2 adults. At that time, I am not very clear about the number of beds. When I call in to the priceline agent, I am told that hotel will only provide me with 1 king size bed. I told them I need at least 2 beds, but they said it is not available, or if available, charge me extra $30 a night. I feel that the website really deceive me, for it should never provide me options that cannot fit my number of people. Also The agent/manager refused to cancel my reservation.

dodgy search engine/false advertising/scam

We made a booking for 2 adults and 2 children, putting in the ages 1 & 3.
It came up in the express deal for a hotel on both of our devices.
We booked the accomodation. And then found the name of the hotel. We saw that a child under 2 stays free using a crib. And assumed our 3 year old could sleep in our double bed. We arrived at the hotel and Priceline had given the confirmation that there was only two adults and no children. The hotel stated that 2 children can not stay in the room with us and we would need to purchase another room. They were unable to give us a refund for the accomodation, nor would Priceline give us a refund so we had no option but to purchase another room. Not only did Priceline state we would have a double bed, the hotel said priceline confirmed twin beds.

Speaking to the customer service operator she states that in the conditions at purchase that the rooms will accomodate up to 2 adults. Which was acceptable since the child would be using our existing bed, and the baby in a cot. However, the search engine and priceline did not make the hotel aware that we had 2 children and therefor could not prewarn us that we infact needed TWO rooms. Had the search engine been correct, it would of brought up the same hotel, but indicate that we should would need to purchase two rooms. All things we could of avoided going through or directly.

I did not get a result of the customer service operator. I was hung up on 3 times. Nor did she agree that the search engine has a glitch or is a tactical scam to trick customers into thinking they were getting a good deal. Just to find out you have to pay double at the hotel. Luckily they had another room available and we had a credit card to purchase or we would of been at a greater loss of the entire room.

3 star hotel was barely a good hostel. We were given non-smoking rooms but the entire place stunk of smoke. The area we chose was incorrect, we got outside the border of the town we requested.

service and deception

I book a rental car through price line. I had to cancel my reservation because my husband mother had some health issues. We had to change the dates because now my husband's mother is going to be coming to live with us. It took me forever to find a telephone number and when I tried to do it on line it would never not let me sign in, I tried at least 10 or 12 times to sign in and kept getting error messages even though I was using the correct email and pass word. Call Thrifty only to be told that I had to do it through Price line. Finally got through and was told that I could not reschedule or cancel my reservation. The lady that I spoke with said because it was a medical situation that they would cancel but I have have to pay a cancellation fee. I had her cancel it. Then I look at my itinerary and It has right at the top of the receipt that you "FREE CANCELLATION UP PICK UP" I called back and spoke with a man and he said that I had to pay the fee for the collision coverage that I had gotten on the car. I told him that I didn't get the insurance and about the language on the itinerary. He kept saying it was the insurance, I said a few nasty things and then hung up. Obviously Price line does not care about it's customers.

priceline rental car company failure

Complaint Reference #[protected]

Name. Edward Flowers
Original Rental Car Company Booked on Priceline: Fox Rental

Expected compensation: 190.70

Fox Rental through Priceline (Paid) 177.06 on 10/17

National Rental Car (Paid by CC) 367.76 (booked compact car, same as Fox Rental)
Please reimburse CC #[protected] (Same card used for Priceline)

[protected] for confirmation

airline tickets

Priceline #[protected]
I had booked a package deal but had to cancel 12 hours later. I called directly to Priceline the next morning and was assured that all would be cancelled. They cancelled the hotel and car, but the air fares showed on my Amex statement. I disputed it but Delta showed Amex the order with no cancellation. My bill was reinstated. I called Priceline and was told that "another office" that handled the transaction would revue it and get back too me. Still waiting.

unethical behaviour

I booked an hotel with and at the hotel they gave me another room, my vacation day should have been a romantic moment with my fiance and I choose that hotel exclusively because had creek view and the hotel not gave me a choose but just to take one with parking lot view and after I spoke with a representative of she gave me an amazing 20% back.
I think this is a fraud because the hotel finally rented a room that could have been vacant for that day and for me my vacation day was unpleasant and they refunded me the difference of the cost for the room, hotel wins you guy do not loss but the customer does...This is a fraud

Pricelineprice line is not a good company to deal with

Trip Number: [protected]
Hey Mario,
We've confirmed the cancellation of your
Easirent rental car - Miami Intl Airport (MIA) on 10/5/19
see details
Cancellation Details
Economy Car
priceline cancellation policy

Any applicable refund should be posted to your account within 5 to 10 business days from the date the cancellation was processed.

I made a car rental online, upon arrival at the agency they did not accept my payment type.

The company charged me $24.91 anyways. They do not have a working telephone number and the number priceline gives is disconnected, no joke.

The company did not accept the card for rental but did use it to charge a cancelation fee. Plus the insurance policy was also charged by another company who works through priceline.

Priceline said it was Easirent who charged the card so they gave me a non- working number to resolve the issue. I had to cancel the card and pay $5.00 to the bank for a new one.

No matter what happens I will have to wait 90 days for the bak to do an investigation.

Basically it is a bait and switch


I paid $77 a ticket extra to select my seats on a flight I was taking just to find out that they don't guarantee the seats you selected on their website! I choose aisle 11 per the choices on to later be told they are pushing me back to aisle 17 because aisle 11 was preferred seating. If aisle 11 was preferred seating it should have NOT been a choice to select when I paid the extra money!

airline tickets

On May 29th 2019 i purchased a round trip ticket to Phila.and back to Jacksonville Fl. A.A. and Delta.A.A. was the airline to Phila., they changed my flight time so they let me cancel that flight. The return flight i kept, but the agent made a mistake and canceled both flights and it is a non refundable ticket .Now priceline are giving me problems with my refund .They need to hire people who understand english better they would have not made the mistake

hotel booking

This company does not care about the customers at all ! My son accidentally booked a hotel that I was looking at and now they say they cannot refund me my money on an accident! I know that orbitz do not play these games with their customers they refunded my money on a hotel he booked through them by accident there's no way I will ever do business with Priceline since I'm not a valued customer here ! Thank you but no thanks you literally lost my and my family and friends business and everyone else on social media will here about this to on my YouTube channel !

hertz rental car service

Found a great deal on rental at Hertz via Priceline (so I thought). After I printed it out I notice the location wasn't correct. I called to have it corrected, and was told that Hertz at the boston airport would honor the reservation. When I arrived I was told NO that they would not honor it, and even though it was Hertz company, they could not cancel the reservation for me. So I started calling Priceline and Kayak and was transferred so many times it was ridiculous just while I was at the airport. No help from either of these companies. Then I continued with company each day for the last 5 days, also called Hertz and was just transferred around with no customer service. I would not recommend any of these companies and do my best to discourage anyone from using their services.


Don't book here they just took my money left us stranded they are advertising rooms they don't have and charging account and refusing to comp room or refund money DO NOT BOOK they are frauding people should have class action lawsuit against them me and my three year old stranded on road nowhere to go cause they took money and won't do anything I repeat avoid at all CO's PSA class action suit

“confirmed” hotel reservation that never existed

I booked a double room in Milan (IH Ambasciatori hotel, September 9, 1 night, confirmation number [protected]).
Upon arrival, there was no booking to be found.
When I contacted Priceline (and spoke to some rude (perhaps, imaginary) agent named "Pink" I was told the booking was not with priceline but, in fact, with their sister company agoda. Of course, there was no mention of any of this through the reservation process.
Expecting priceline to resolve the issue, I was astounded when told that I, myself, had to contact this unknown "agoda" as priceline could do nothing on their end.
Now I tell you, I have a confirmation email (with all the details) under a large "priceline" heading and they claim they have nothing to do with this and it is the customer's responsibility to contact some unknown company to get his room?
But wait, the plot thickens. Upon contacting agoda, they claim the reservation is with priceline and not with them!! Go figure.
To put an end to this comedic charade, suffice to say a whole afternoon was lost trying to resolve this ridiculous situation that was never resolved.
Fortunately, the hotel staff was very helpful and I was finally given a room but which I had to pay for and try to get a refund from priceline or agoda or whomever.
All I can say is buyer beware of priceline/agoda.
Shameful service, shameful customer service, shameful company(ies).

Unethical behavior/failure to resolve problem

On August 14 my husband and I booked a hotel and flight to Aruba, Itinerary #[protected]. We received a confirmation and the booking was charged to our Visa. The booking indicated all fees and taxes were included except for a $9.00 per day resort fee. Our reservation was for 10 days so that would be for $90. The total cost of the trip was to be $3065.50. The confirmation breaks out costs as Flight and Hotel $2559.38 and taxes and FEES $506.12. At this point we figure we are done and reserved, Visa credit card charged is indicated on confirmation, we have our seats on the flight etc. Yesterday, with a week left before departure, we receive a message from our hotel that they need 30% of our payment now. We notify them they should have ALL of our payment since it was paid up front to Priceline. They tell us that they don't deal with Priceline. HUH!? Their property is pictured and described on the Priceline site. We called Priceline and, after a long wait received a call back. We got no satisfaction and learned that Priceline paid the flight but did not pay the hotel. They indicated the hotel booking was thru even though no where on the paperwork of the confirmation was that indicated nor was the reservation placed on a site. My husband was on the phone from 11:30 last night until 2AM with one incompetent person after another at and thought we were set; only to learn this morning that supposedly can't take payment and we need to deal directly with the hotel. BY NOW, THIS WAS BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS and my husband had been on the phone from 8AM until 1 in the afternoon with no resolution. To top things off, we now receive an email from the hotel that the booking needs to be amended to include $287.07 IN ADDITIONAL FEES!!! This after the priceline site indicated all fees and taxes included except for the $9 a day and the confirmation shows $0 Due at the hotel. These fees include bedding, destination fee, government tourist tax, environmental fee etc. and are IN ADDITION TO THE QUOTED AND AGREED UPON AND CONFIRMED CHARGE THRU PRICELINE. There was ABSOLUTELY NO DISCLOSURE of any of this on the Priceline Site. Never did it say hotel part of bundle was with, nor did it say there were all these additional fees, that the payment would be split, that we would have to deal directly with the hotel etc. etc. A desirable resolution would be payment or reduction of the original charge by Priceline by $287.07 which is the amount of additional fees the hotel is holding us hostage for. Also we have invested in excess of 9 hours on this without resolution, not to mention the emotional upheaval, uncertainty etc. so some kind of compensation from Priceline like a $800 or monetarily suitable gift card toward a future trip or another reasonable contribution beyond just the refund of the hidden, undisclosed fees is necessary . This has been outrageous. My husband works endlessly for 52 weeks a year to take a vacation and this hassle and extra expense has already spoiled this one and made it a nightmare. This is only a brief synopsis of what we have undergone being constantly ping-ponged back and forth between Priceline, Booking and the hotel. We have used Priceline previously with no issue but this is OUTRAGEOUS and unacceptable and, without satisfactory resolution, we will tell everyone we know about this.

guaranteed price match

I contacted the company to get a price match, was told that was only honored within the first 24 hours of booking. However it didn't say that in the email I received. It doesn't say that anywhere in any sizable print, when I contacted them I was sent a FAQ link that said what she was telling me but how was I supposed to know that? They offered nothing & no resolution. (owned by Priceline) is owned by Priceline and Priceline allows to rip-off almost everyone they deal with. Their complaints are endless. If they allow them to do this to people, Priceline must be the same. Be smart and make your reservation "at the motel" you want to go to. will tell you that they are the motel, but they are not. They will over-charge you, mislead you and cheat you and will not refund a penny, Priceline should be ashamed and shut down for allowing this.


I booked a hotel through Priceline for 7 days, it was not supposed to be pe-paid but oops they charged me anyways because I used my cell phone. Then I get to the hotel, which was not as described, and they tell me the weekly rate and break everything down and tell me it is 465 with everything, yet priceline charged me 575 for the room. I called priceline, they need to look into it and tried to tell me they should have not told me the priceline rate. I explained that is not the Priceline rate, that is the weekly rate that is offered to the public. She said they would call and verify. They did, then I get an email that they are not going to refund me the difference because it was prepaid to the hotel. I said uh no, hotel charged x. She said yes, but since I paid through priceline they will not refund me, they keep the money. Seriously... And I used them multiple times, and now I never will again and will tell anyone and everyone they rip you off. They didn't even book the correct room. What a joke! I will stick with, way better customer service!

online order not received

I placed an online order on the 27th of July 2019. My order was shipped on the 2nd of August 2019 by Australia Post. It is now the 15th of August 2019 and my order has still not arrived.

I've never experienced anything like this before. This has been frustrating for me because I was hoping to use this product on myself and on my family members for a wedding. I've had a much better experience ordering products from overseas countries than I do from my own country.

This has caused me unnecessary stress that I did not need. I don't know why it takes so long for Priceline to ship an online order and why I have to continue to wait for a resolution of locating my missing parcel


online order not received
online order not received

hotel cost

We have stayed in hotels from Novi Scotia, Canada to Boston, MA in the last 10 days. The Roadway Inn in Saco was booked through Priceline. After booking we received an email showing a $14.99 service fee, which was fine. It also had a $61.00 tax and other fee charge. Not sure what this is for as taxes are not that much. With this charge, this was the most expensive overnight stay and we the least desirable accommodations. Would never stay in this type of hotel. It had an odor and the bathroom was not clean. The outside looks very nice and is very very deceiving. Nothing like the inside. Please consider a credit of the additional fees, which I have no clue what they were for.


I booked a hotel with 2 beds for 4 people from 8/3 to 8/7 ( specifically choose two beds) via priceline. When I arrived hotel and was told there is one small room with one queen size bed and hotel did not allow us to check in because of we have 4 people. I called priceline and they told me I booked one double bed without any further help. We ended up pay another $243 in another hotel and pay extra fees to update to two queen beds for the rest of our stays.
I spoke with several customer service people and some of them tried to help and ease my frustration but some of them did not offer any thing at all.

I am very disappointed and frustrated going through this experience with priceline.

I will never do business with Priceline again. Their "best price guarantee" is a pile of lies.

late fees

I set up automatic payments or thought that I had set it up in May, then when June came around it was done I guess by me because I did it online, so when I found out on the 21st of June after I was charged with a late fee I accepted that charge, so to solve this problem they sent me to your IT department to set up my auto pay and then guess what it wasn't done??? And that's my fault to not only get another late fee but to mess up my credit and y'all won't take the late fee off even though it's your fault