Travelocity Complaints & Reviews

Travelocity / puerto rico protest/riots prepaid vacation for 08/10/19-08/15/19

Jul 22, 2019

My fiance prepaid for my birthday trip back in March 2019 for trip to Puerto Rico. Due to US Dept of State advising people not to travel to Puerto Rico due to safety and riots going on. We have tried to change my trip from Puerto Rico to Cabo. I have called two days in a row in regards to...

Travelocity / .: travelocity #[protected] re: hotels:payment & receipt - case id : [req:m-[protected]]

Jul 20, 2019

I was charged for 3 extra nights on my credit card which i reported to travalocity and have not heard from you or Enono Lodge. I sent all the attachments included copy of bill and hotel for the over charge of 3 nights at $74.71. I lodged a complaint with my credit card companyt I haved...

Travelocity / flight customer service

Jul 09, 2019

After being unemployed for some time, I was offered a job in Virginia. I scraped together enough funds to get from Wisconsin to Virginia. After finding a dream job, I went online and found a one way trip back to Wisconsin to pack up family and bring back out to Virginia. I noticed the...

Travelocity / trying to purchase vacation package

Jul 04, 2019

I want to know how and if i can book a package consisting of a round trip flight to phoenix airport (from newark airport) and then rent a car at phoenix airport for 7 days and then i want to book a hotel in FLAGSTAFF, Arizona (for 7 days) NOT Phoenix arizona but that seems to be all i can...

Travelocity / joy - a travelocity customer service agent; canceling flight due to death of a parent

Jun 22, 2019

I waited for 2 hours to cancel a flight due to a death. When I finally got a live agent she was rude. I asked for her name and id#. She said her name was joy and she refused an id#. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I'm still on hold after more than an hour waiting for the supervisor. It...

Travelocity / billing/refund

Jun 18, 2019

I booked a flight and purchased the insurance. I had to cancel the flight. I have now spend over 6 hours between three calls and numerous emails trying to get my refund. The insurance was supposed to cover 100% for the $800.00 tickets and they are only refunding $559.00 back so now I lose...

Travelocity / suspension of jet airways and failed to claim for refund

May 01, 2019

TravelocityPNR ref no: BEKHMU and SECHQM ( Kuwait to Mangalore and return) Travelocity itinerary no. [protected] Jet Airways Irresponsible response, even after repeated request to Travelocity, failed to follow the instructions provided by airways to claim for refund or least bothered to contact...

Travelocity / travelocity pet delivery service

Apr 06, 2019

4/3/19-4/5/19 Travelocity pet delivery service took 3216.00 from myself and my boyfriend for the delivery of a serval kitten I had purchased and was to be delivered to me in PA from Texas. Travolicty sent me numerous emails requesting more money each time. I then received a phone call from...

Travelocity / united airlines surprise baggage charge

Apr 04, 2019

My wife and I fly often, but not considered frequent. We have several times booked flights through Travelocity. This trip, however we had an unpleasant surprise. We were booked to Nashville via a different airlines which went smoothly. However, upon return we were on United Airlines. When...

Travelocity / airlines

Mar 19, 2019

Bad customer service... 3/18/2018.. The employee really messed up my friend and my travel information. It took 2 hour to correct, I was given a refund code after purchase of seat and now they cannot refund me on my debit card... I never has to deal with this.. It was a nightmare!!! I am so...

Travelocity - Green Motion Car Hire / car hire

Mar 05, 2019

I made an online booking through Travelocity in February for a car hire from 19 Feb to 02 March . Greenmotion Car Rental Pick-Up Location: MAN Drop-Off Location: MAN Itinerary #: [protected] Pick-Up Feb 19, 2019 Drop-Off Mar 2, 2019 Upon arrival at Greenmotion they said I was too late...

Travelocity / customer service

Feb 03, 2019

Mind-blowing incompetence to use basic common sense and solve booking issues and then instead read outloud terms and conditions as though I called because I didnt know how to read. After I hung up, they called back 7x to reiterate useless nonsense. Who does that? I'm going to lose $400...

Travelocity / hotel stay at radisson decapolis

Jan 06, 2019

I booked an 8 day reservation through travelocity in may 2017 at the radission decapolis in panama. Pay almost $100.00 per night for bad service, which included foul smelling rooms, being looked out of room numerous times, two days without any hot water, served half cooked chicken. Wa...

Travelocity / ochio rios, jamaica beaches resort

Oct 08, 2018

TravelocityThe Resort is overrated! First they make no mention that the resort is habituated with a copious amount of AGRESSIVE CATS - I mean to the point where they are greeting you at every restaurant -uner the table on your legs in your purse - at your room relaxing on the furniture outside of your...

Travelocity / days inn by wyndham hinckley, hinckley

Oct 08, 2018

TravelocityRented a room through Travelocity, this past weekend Oct 6, 2018. Absolutely disgusting! The beds stunk like dirty body odor, the pillows reeked like body odor. The carpet had burn marks, lamp shades were broken and lamps didn't work properly. Toilet dirty, paint coming off of ceiling. $160...

Travelocity / refund, exchange or discount of missed flight

Oct 07, 2018

Due to a traffic backup from an accident on the interstate to the airport the morning of departure for our anniversary, we missed our check in time for departure by mins. dep 6:32, we arrived at 6:04 (close flight 30 mins before take off) Since we booked with Travelocity, they couldn't...

Travelocity / car rental in cabo with thrifty at sjd san jose del cabo

Sep 26, 2018

They rent you a car with an optional full coverage. You rent with a platinum card and you are covered up to 70K. They hate the fact you did not buy their insurance and treat you horrible. You return the car as rented and they look under the car and document a scratch on the report and they...

Travelocity / car rental

Sep 16, 2018

To whom it may concern, I am writing to get resolution to a problem that occurred renting a vehicle from Hertz in Dublin. I was traveling with 2 other colleagues from work, and was in charge of making the car rental reservation. I made the reservation through Travelocity. Itinerary #...

Travelocity / refused a refund

Aug 23, 2018

Travelocity denyed me a refund, but provided no explantation as to why. I personally spoke to the reservation manager at the hotel in Paris, who approved the cancellation, which is verified in the email exchange I shared with Travelocity. Refusing a refund is absolutely unacceptable for...

Travelocity / aig travel insurance and deceptive and deceptive and discriminatory practices by travelocity

Aug 22, 2018

TravelocityI booked a trip August 2nd for one night on August 3rd. Trip [protected]. I was Leary of bollocking due to the pending weather and my debilitating chronic anxiety caused by driving in the rain. When Travelocity offered me trip insurance I was excited to receive peace of mind about my trip...

Travelocity / change/cancellation of a flight

Aug 13, 2018

I had a flight delay yesterday on another flight booking and was going to miss my Johannesburg-Windhoek flight. I contacted Travelocity through Facebook and even your Call Centre. I could not input my number (being outside the US and Canada) for a call-back from your Customer Service...

Travelocity / days inn by wyndham cleveland lakewood hotel, cleveland, oh

Aug 10, 2018

This hotel is a SCAM, HEALTH HAZARD, AND FIRE HAZARD. August 2nd, 2018 we arrived to stay in Room 211. It is by far the dirtiest hotel room I've ever seen. I have photos of the smoke alarm dangling by wires off the wall, random holes drilled in the tv stand, piece of food and toothpick left under...

Travelocity / flight reservation

Aug 02, 2018

We were travelling from Boston to Rome and back, when showing the deal, they showed us the tickets for premium economy class, we reached at the airport and found out we don't have reservations. Nightmare of 5 hrs on the call, we had to miss the flight and they booked us on another flight for...

Travelocity / flight change charges

Aug 01, 2018

Wife and I in Ukraine did online flight change accepting the $300/ticket change fee and some reasonable fare adjustment. Instead billed over $4000! We had booked 2 adults as a RT flight (UA Conf # GH42YK, Lufthansa PE5Y5J - TO Itinerary # [protected]) from Roanoke, VA to Kiev through...

Travelocity / flight cancellation

Jun 03, 2018

I am having an issue with an upcoming flight reservation. I have tried twice now to cancel or change my flight. I did purchase the insurance Incase of an illness, but trying to use it is next to impossible!!! My second call I requested to cancel my flight all together and the csr said I...

Travelocity / hotel booking

May 28, 2018

Itinerary: [protected] - Case ID : [REQ:S-[protected]] I booked the City Line Hotel on Travelocity on the 19th of May, 2018. I proceeded to call the hotel to confirm the reservation. During the call, I was informed by the hotel that they were fully booked and there wasn't supposed to be an...

Travelocity / hotel reservation #[protected], the welcome inn nightly and extended stay quincy (illinois)

May 27, 2018

On 19 May, 2018 I received a six page confirmation from for a hotel reservation at "Welcome Inn Nightly and Extended Stay Quincy. The property is at 200 Main St. Quincy IL, 62301. The rate guaranteed was $79.80. The first line of your confirmation was: "Thanks! Your reservation i...

Travelocity / travel insurance

May 24, 2018

I bought plane tickets to go to Oregon. I had a work event come up and was unable to go. I tried having them change my flight to 1 day later which they would not do, so I then filed a claim with the insurance I had bought on travelicity's website. They denied the claim and took my $1, 000...

Travelocity / cruise

May 06, 2018

we were checking one cruise booking on Travelocity portal putting our credit card check the last page and our creditcard has been charged without putting CVV and generating OTP although we have not received any msg. So i will be needing help in getting refund of my booking. We have...

Travelocity / upgrade to first class

Apr 26, 2018

before completing a booking with an upgrade, I called to ask agent if BOTH flights departing and returning would be eligible for the upgrade price and she insured me they would be. Tried to make seat arrangements and was told it was for only 1 flight. I've been on the phone with them for...

Travelocity / double charged

Apr 26, 2018

A couple of weeks ago I stayed in LaGrange, GA. I made he reservations through Travelocity and paid on-line through PayPal. When I arrived at the motel (Roadway Inn) the desk clerk charged me again. That constituted a double charge. He said the Travelocity had not paid them, but when I...

Travelocity / contact

Apr 23, 2018

My name is Mark A Swift and I stayed American Best Inn, 12001 N I35 service Rd. On the April 6, 2018, the motel charged me for $54.43 That night and I checked out on the 7th, 10.00am and here's where the problem begins travelocity charged me for the 7th and the 8th $64.21, which I wa...

Travelocity / refund is not been done on air tickets.

Apr 05, 2018

Request a refund from travelocity for xakydg argentenas : Ticket [protected] wd steenkamp ticket [protected] hc steenkamp asuncion (asu) - buenos aires (eze) cancelled 2018/01/18 booking no [protected] : 2018/01/18 the reservation code is : viwccq 07/02/2018 PZ725 Latam Airline...

Travelocity / travelocity/payless car rental

Apr 02, 2018

Travelocity is involved in a nationwide scam with Payless Car Rental which was exposed on ABC news. They charged me more than twice the quoted price and then Travelocity would not assist with the problem. There is a nationwide class action suit against the company (Payless) and Travelocity...

Travelocity / customer service

Mar 17, 2018

Date: Ongoing, March 17th (today) Name Ron Alexander Resolution: Change package from european to unlimited experience Wife and I called to book a trip to cancun with a $1000 voucher included. We asked the guy at travelocity if we could use the $1000 voucher however we wanted and he said ye...

Travelocity / travelocity travel ins.

Feb 24, 2018

I purchased a travel ins. policy with a booked flight and travelocity cancelled my policy without my knowledge or permission!! I emailed them to not cancel but it did not do any good.I sent copies of the emails 02/18/2018 and as of 02/24/2018 no reply.I went to their corp website and got...

Travelocity / cancellation plan scam

Feb 09, 2018

They use TravelGuard, but say before you purchase a ticket that it is a cancellation plan guaranteed to return your money if you have to cancel. It's travel insurance, and they will not refund my money when I had to cancel the flight due to the traveler not being able to get to the...

Travelocity / flight adjustment

Feb 09, 2018

ticket# [protected] Travelocity web site claims customer satisfaction, free cancellation and fee free flight changes. What is not revealed is that it has to be done in 24 hours. I found cheaper flights and realized my flight dates were wrong, I have called your customer service reps many...

Travelocity / no refund after 4 months still!

Dec 19, 2017

I booked a flight and it was charged to my Mastercard on April 3, 2017, with insurance. I ended up having to cancel it because the airlines changed the flight and it was an extensive amount of additional time to get to my destination. I cancelled the flight in August, 2017 and was promised...

Travelocity / ticket cancellation refund

Nov 22, 2017

Following failure to travel by my son in August 2016, I tried to rebook in May 2017. On between 22 May and 1st June- I communicated with Travelocity enquiring about my airline credit- I was referred to many different agents and finally on 1st June was assured that ticket had been cancelled...