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Travelocity Complaints & Reviews

Travelocity / cancellation plan scam

DatFox on Feb 9, 2018
They use TravelGuard, but say before you purchase a ticket that it is a cancellation plan guaranteed to return your money if you have to cancel. It's travel insurance, and they will not refund my money when I had to cancel the flight due to the traveler not being able to get to the...

Travelocity / flight adjustment

MossM on Feb 9, 2018
ticket# 2057039082783 Travelocity web site claims customer satisfaction, free cancellation and fee free flight changes. What is not revealed is that it has to be done in 24 hours. I found cheaper flights and realized my flight dates were wrong, I have called your customer service reps many...

Travelocity / no refund after 4 months still!

John Luft on Dec 19, 2017
I booked a flight and it was charged to my Mastercard on April 3, 2017, with insurance. I ended up having to cancel it because the airlines changed the flight and it was an extensive amount of additional time to get to my destination. I cancelled the flight in August, 2017 and was promised...

Travelocity / ticket cancellation refund

Elizabeth Gonese on Nov 22, 2017
Following failure to travel by my son in August 2016, I tried to rebook in May 2017. On between 22 May and 1st June- I communicated with Travelocity enquiring about my airline credit- I was referred to many different agents and finally on 1st June was assured that ticket had been cancelled...

Travelocity / accommodations

brandy keith on Nov 16, 2017
My daughter and I went on a trip to see my son who is in the military. We got to the hotel which was gross!! There were homeless people living under the stairs garbage everywhere. The room I fixed the toilet myself, had to go buy pillows and pillow cases, scrubbed the floors 3 times which...

Travelocity / buying insurance for my trip

Marijose on Oct 29, 2017
Purchased tickets paid 470 called yesterday after to add insurance spoke 3 customer service rep who were nice and tried to help. They kept saying to try back and I did and nothing worked they kept saying it might be a system error, I then again tried this morning before the option is gone...

Travelocity / hotel booking

Mary jo Terrell on Oct 25, 2017
Reservation 7304844771096 for 10/26 depart 10/27/17. I tried to cancel reservation due to the fact they were hit by hurricane harvey. they had water and are not in operation at this time. you people said I did tried to cancel to late and will be charged. I was in the phone with your people...

Travelocity / car rental toronto - insurance

Lucas123456789 on Oct 13, 2017
I rented a car from travelocity in sep 30 and they charged me CAD 28.24 for insurance, instead of the CAD 11.00 announced in the website. I already contacted them by Facebook Messenger, and the attendant told me he can't do anything, this is the correct amount. Insent him the images (I...

Travelocity / booked an airline ticket online

Unsatisfied1111 on Oct 13, 2017
Hi! I booked two airline tickets online to depart from CLT on 10/24 at 6:48pm UNITED. Returning back on 10/28. I paid for a cancellation plan. However, on the itinerary showed morning time instead of evening time. Immediately, I looked up their number and called them. There was a recording...

Travelocity / the money is gone for nothing

K. Jones on Oct 11, 2017
They charged me twice after I booked the tickets and didn't send me the tickets themselves. They refused their fault and said that the issue comes from my bank. No problem. I called my bank and they said that the payment was held twice from the Travelocity side. I shared this information with...

Travelocity / I would never use again

Randy Baggett on Aug 18, 2017
I booked a nonstop flight through Travelocity. After one week I got an email from them saying that my flight was cancelled and to rebook the ticket I have to pay $200. I also noticed a suspicious activity from the agency on my credit card. Without telling me they charged $68. I decided to...

Travelocity / worst service ever

rashrag12 on Aug 16, 2017
I tried to buy tickets through their website but didn't succeed. So I called them and spent 4 hours of my life talking to their useless customer support. I would be happy if they had helped me, but they hadn't. Feels like I just wasted days and hours trying to fix my problem and got...

Travelocity / flight got canceled

Areid31832 on May 16, 2017
My flight got cancel by the airline, paid for insurance though travelocity, (which is a scam) they had every excuse not to help. Had to pay $300 for a hotel (12hrs before next flight) customer service was unhelpful and wanted to put the blame on the airline although I booked with...

Travelocity / They cancelled my flight!

Mark on Apr 12, 2017
I booked a flight with Travelocity company and several weeks later they cancelled my flight booking. I contacted their customer service to ask what was the reason, but they did not explain anything and said that I will be given a full refund. They also said that since it was their mistake...

Travelocity / Additional fees!

Hugo on Apr 11, 2017
I booked a hotel stay for three nights via TraveloCity. There was estimated price of $90 for each night and there was nothing mentioned about additional fees. So I made my reservation and they charged more. I checked their site very carefully several times and didn't find any information...

Travelocity / Hotel booking

Marko on Mar 29, 2017
Never use this terrible site Travelocity, they are the worst ever! Because of Travelocity my vacation was ruined. I went on a vacation and booked a hotel via their site and they took my money but did not book anything. I received faulty confirmation message and thought that everything wa...

Travelocity / What a joke and scam!! Ridiculous cancellation fee!

Pavette on Mar 10, 2017
I used Travelocity 5 times in the past and everything was fine, I never had any problems with them. Unfortunately my last booking went down the hill and that changed my mind about them. I will not book with Travelocity ever again and will use another service. Due to some circumstances I...

Travelocity / Stolen credit card numbers

Carrie MB on Dec 13, 2016
I had booked two airline tickets on travelocity and needed to make flight changes one with my business credit card and one with my personal card. You can't make changes online so I had to call to make the changes and provide both of my credits to the agent to make the changes via a call...

Travelocity / Website and customer service

CASkywarn on Apr 26, 2016
WARNING: BOOKING WITH TRAVELOCITY CAN MAKE YOU A FELONY SUSPECT! Yes, it happened to me. Travelocity booked and confirmed my itinerary, but due to a software defect it was billed to some random other credit card. When I noticed it, I tried to call customer service and say "you got the wrong...

Travelocity / Booking hotel

KCates-Wessel on Feb 25, 2016
I had a horrible and disconcerting experience with Travelocity. I don't plan to return either. I called to book two rooms at a resort for our son's birthday. When I found the room we wanted and got ready to pay Travelocity charged me an additional $230 for Extra Guest fees saying...

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