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1866 468 9473(USA and Canada) 2 3
1844 207 0303(Flights, USA and Canada) 1 1
1855 326 0772(Hotels, USA and Canada) 1 1
1855 677 0745(Cars, USA and Canada) 3 2
+1 877 787 7186(Customer Service) 4 2
+1 417 520 1680(International) 0 3
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Hotwire Complaints & Reviews

Hotwire / Car Rental

Oct 14, 2019

A car rental was done weeks ago via hotwire. The day of the pick up which was Oct 12 the rental company said something devastated to someone on a fixed income and who was not planning on extra expenses.( Rental Cars only come with 150 miles per day to use. Anything over is 25cents per...

Hotwire / Horrible customer service

Oct 14, 2019

I recently booked a hotel through hotwire and the customer service was terrible I'm very disappointed with the way they handled my situation and I wish they would've done better. I am out in the cold at 3 AM with my adolescent children and they did not take in consideration my situation...

Hotwire / le tap inn jfk airport, reservation # [protected]

Oct 07, 2019

Dear Complaint Department, October 6, 2019 We made a reservation in good faith at this hotel for Sept 24/19, trusting that LeTap would provide a hotel experience similar to that of the Westin, Double Tree Hilton or Crown Plaza as advertised. Not only was this hotel located in the ghetto...

Hotwire / van rentals

Oct 05, 2019

The Better Business Bureau has contacted Hotwire and has been very helpful with continuing conversation with this matter. Since I cannot get a refund and Hotwire appears to be unwilling to give any compensation or credit even though I immediately tried to fix an apparent "double booking" I...

Hotwire / car rental denied

Oct 01, 2019

I had pre-paid for a car rental in Atl from 9/25-9/30. When I arrived at Thrifty I was told that they could not rent the car to me because my drivers license would expire in 31 days. They said it was GA state law. When I called Hotwire they called Thrifty and then came back to the line to...

Hotwire / insurance connected to vehicle rental

Sep 30, 2019

So I changed my vehicle rental with Hotwire to include an additional day to my vacation, they refused but the end provider Thrifty (who were helpful) amended it. However the insurance Hotwire sold me still needed to be altered to match. Hotwire told me I have to speak to Allianz directly...

Hotwire / a booked reservation

Aug 21, 2019

First of all want to tell that my husband and me are used to book reservations with hotwire. We always buy the hot rate hotels using the search engine for amenities. Last week, (16-18 of August) was our 19 anniversary and we booked like a month ago a hot rate hotel. We chose pool and free...

Hotwire / Denied entrance to my booked room

Aug 16, 2019

I stayed at the travel lodge owned by Wyndham on August 14, 2019 in Anaheim on Ball Rd. California USA. This letter is to actually inform you of my absolutely disastrous customer service experience I encounterd on August 14 2019. I had a paid in full vacation at the la quinta in on south...

Hotwire / hotel reservation

Aug 11, 2019

HotwireI booked a hotel reservation from August 10th to 11th through Hotwire. I was looking around for the best deal and selected a hotel with a decent price. When it came to putting in my payment information it simply stated that the total would be $299. I then proceeded to make the payment and...

Hotwire / courtesy voucher promised and not given

Aug 04, 2019

They don't even deserve one star!!! I was PROMISED a $50 off my next booking but never received anything. I called customer service and they said there was no notation on the account. I'm extremely unsatisfied with the service I got. I booked a hotel and paid in full days before leaving. I...

Hotwire / inaccurate hosts number in my hotel reservation

Jul 24, 2019

HotwireYesterday I made I reservation for 1 room/3 persons, but when I recieved my confirmation it mentioned only 2 persons. I wrote directly an e-mail to the hotel and they answered that I needed to pay an extra cost for the third person. I have two screen shots of my data at the hotwire...

Hotwire / hotwire

Jul 23, 2019

This company is terrible. I booked a room. I understand that it was hotdeal. I had a cousin pass was able to go. I called spoke to the manager about maybe a credit or refund do to the death in the family. This idiot asked if I would be traveling with my cousin? I said No she is dead. How...

Hotwire / hotwire blind booking

Jul 16, 2019

HotwireItinerary #[protected] Summary: I got a blind booking search result for "West Yellowstone" that showed the hotel was 1.8 miles from West Yellowstone airport and was offered at $175 + taxes. I thought that was a good deal and went ahead with the booking. When I got the hotel address, it was a...

Hotwire / overbooking

Jul 04, 2019

On friday june 28th i booked a 1 bedroom resort with a full kitchen, oceanfront with a balcony for my family vacation. Dates were July 1st-6th. After booking and paying I called hotwire to confirm my reservations were in fact made and they were. When i got to my destination to check in...

Hotwire / hotel reservation

Jun 20, 2019

Hot Wire Itinerary # [protected] Hotel Confirmation # [protected] To whom it may concern, On Tuesday, June 18, 2019, I made a reservation for a hotel in Bucharest, Romania. The first notice was a 4 stars hotel with a around 65% discount and decides for this. Do not pay the difference of $...

Hotwire / customer service

Jun 13, 2019

Last night after a faulty booking that was a glitch from Hotwire, my husband and I spoke to two supervisors online and they were extremely disrespectful and the first man hung up on us. When we called back and spoke to the second supervisor, and explained everything that we went through ...

Hotwire / sent me to a vacant building.

May 30, 2019

Do not book through them because there is a chance you will end up with nowhere to stay and out of the money you paid to them. I booked a hotel through them for new year's weekend 2019. When I arrived at the address on my itinerary, there was a vacant building. I looked for sign...

Hotwire / booking error complaint

May 25, 2019

Just had a conversation with Hotwire customer support - Joseph (Work ID 391) on 5/25/2019 @ 8:44AM at Hotwire. Hotwire made below mistake and unwilling to work for resolution. 1) the $25 hot dollar mentioned in below email does not show on my account (also not sure how long it is valid...

Hotwire / customer service

May 21, 2019

HotwireI have an ongoing case under itinerary # [protected]. Phone # associated with the booking is [protected]. Keith Lavoie and Monica Thomas are the customers involved. Last meaningful contact was with Hotwire supervisor Sheryl on 5/17/19. We bought a round-trip ticket to Sri Lanka 4/13-4/27. We were...

Hotwire / it is robbery. my flight was cancelled without notification and refund.

May 17, 2019

HotwireI booked a flight on May 15 from Miami to Jinan, and it cost me nearly 900 dollars. When I come to the counter, they told me there was no reservation. I called hotwire for 6 times, they told me my reservation was canceled. But I received no notification and refund before it. And the statu...

Hotwire / car reservation — no car from ace

May 09, 2019

Hello, I expected to have a car at Toronto International Airport. The guy at Ace simply said "there is no car". No apology, just that my VISA would be refunded (I need to check that). I wrote to Hotwire, but of course not to your department. I ended up paying nearly $100 CDN more at Hertz...

Hotwire / hotwire ruined my vacation

Apr 29, 2019

I booked a hotel through hotwire. The hotel was irrevocable, so it was paid right away, and I received a confirmed mail. But when I arrived at the hotel with my family during the spring vacation, the hotel said there was no reservation. After five hours of talking to Hotwire, they failed...

Hotwire / hotel booking

Jan 22, 2019

I've been a big fan of hotwire in the past but just got ripped off by then & then had to endure the worst level of customer service i've ever encountered. The price was NOT amazing- freely available everywhere . I tried calling but got such non service that I gave up. I would love to...

Hotwire / trying to cancel, when full trip insurance was purchased

Jan 19, 2019

We bought our air fare, hotel and car rental package through Hotwire, 2 months before the travel date. We paid the extra for the trip insurance for each of these - car - hotel - and air. BEWARE - all the people involved, from Hotwire to the hotels, to the airlines, and Travel Guard Ticket...

Hotwire / cancellation reneging

Dec 29, 2018

I booked a hotel for a stay on Jan 6th through the 10th, it was a hot price deal, which I get no refund ext. However, I attempted to talk to the represenative on 28th of December, who then offered me for a Fee of $40, which again the hotwire site says it does not do, to cancel the...

Hotwire / hotwire does not send a refund promised by them = stealing my money

Dec 09, 2018

On February 24th I received an email from Hotwire, stating that my refund was on its way, and it could take up to five working days. Today December 9th I have not received the refund, nor any news from Hotwire The printout of your email is on the bottom of this mail, Your $282.12 refund is on...

Hotwire / hotwire stole my money!

Dec 03, 2018

After purchasing a hotel room at the glenn inn and suites in glendale, ca for $117.80 via hotwire online I spent a long day and night working over 16 hours. I was looking forward to being able to pass out in my hotel room and finally get rest. Instead, when I arrive, i'm told that my room...

Hotwire / car rental

Nov 05, 2018

Booked a car rental through Hotwire for pick up at Fort Lauderdale airport. Even received reminder and confirmation the day before and when I got to the car rental agency, I was informed there were no more cars available and there was nothing they could do for me to call Hotwire. Hotwire...

Hotwire / no refund given despite initially committing to do so...

Oct 27, 2018

Hotwire is an unethical company. Companies should be evaluated on how they treat their customers. There was an illness in our family and we could not travel; Hotwire stated to us to secure a doctor's note for a refund. This was done. They never replied after receiving the letter and they...

Hotwire / hotel "hot rate" lies and deceitfulness.

Oct 26, 2018

HotwireAfter hours of searching for the cheapest 4-star Mall of America (MOA) hotel rate, I finally settled on the "hot rate" listed by of $103 nightly. This special rate was stated as a whopping 57% savings over the standard room rate for this hotel of $207. I was thrilled to lock in...

Hotwire / false advertising

Oct 23, 2018

HotwireJust wondering why I receive email alerts with special prices then when I click book now it takes me to the site but the deal promoted is not there? Below is an example. I click book now and then this deal disappears and is not available at all? This to me makes hotwire look a little shady...

Hotwire / double charge on an enterprise car rental

Oct 22, 2018

On September 18 I made a reservation with Hotwire [protected]) for a car rental in Fredericton NB for a vehicle with Enterprise for September 26 to October 11 the charge on my credit card was $766.33 CDN I phoned Hotwire on September 24 to inform that my flight was going to arrive 2 hour...

Hotwire / service in fairview heights, il

Oct 19, 2018

I tried to book 7 rooms in O'Fallon IL at Home Towne Suites. Instead of giving me the rooms that I was looking for the company gave me Motel 6 and told me that I could get all of the people to stay at this hotel. When I talked to Home Towne Suites they told me that they were no longer...

Hotwire / charged for hotel stay that I did not stay

Oct 10, 2018

I booked a room on Sept 28 in Pulaski, TN at Motel 6. I then continued and booked a room on Sept 29 in Gulfport MS. However when we arrived at hotel in Gulfport on 29, we were told that we did not have a reservation. Come to find out the reservation was the 28. I did not purposely book for...

Hotwire / hotel comfort inn, monterey airport reservation# [protected]

Oct 08, 2018

I reserved Comfort Inn in Monterey for the night of October 6th. The hotel clerk there was very rude to me. Upon arrival my child needed to use the bathroom, since our room wasn't ready because it was a little early she said we had to wait in the lobby til the room was ready since there...

Hotwire / hotel stay

Oct 06, 2018

RE - reservation # [protected]. 8/29-8/30/18 To Whom It May Concern, My apology for this late complaint to Hotwire but we were so insulted when we had a view of a rooftop of the hotel after being charged $253 per night. Not only was this our first visit in Washington, it would've been nice...

Hotwire / hotel reservation

Sep 25, 2018

I reserved a room at Econolodge 2508 Hwy 41 North, Evansville, IN 47711. Booking confirmation [protected]. Why Hotwire will post and offer deals on a Facility which location is not safe. I am from Tennessee and stay in a regular basis in the city of Evansville, IN for work. I just got the...

Hotwire / hotwire confirmation [protected]

Sep 23, 2018

Reservation started 9/14/18 My confirmation was for ACE car rental I was at the airports deck looking for ACE car rental it took me quite awhile to realize that ACE car rental was Charlie car rental, had I have known that I would've canceled then. The cars were not up to par at all and the...

Hotwire / unsafe rental of vehicles

Sep 11, 2018

Hi, on 8/09/2018 I booked a rental car via online. Selected hnl then date of rental along w/ times needed. Booked this rental only to find out on my confirmation e-mail this company ace rental does not open till 8:00am - 8:00pm. Instantly I call the local # to see if I can get...

Hotwire / car rental

Sep 11, 2018

On Sunday 9/9/2018 at approximately 2:45 I made a reservation for a car rental at Norfolk Va. Within an hour or so our plans changed and I called in the early evening to change the reservation to Richmond Va. I was told about the no refund/no transfer policy. My credit card was charged...