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Hotwire reviews & complaints

Hotwire complaints 456

Hotwire - Flight booking

It has been five weeks since I was told twice by an Hotwire agent that I will receive my refund Itinerary # [protected] …. I have not received my refund and now everytime I call, the representative transfers me from one agent to the next saying this is not Hotwire department. This is the same number I called when I was told I'd get my refund. Why is it now it's the wrong number and I'm getting transferred 3/4 times on the same call.

Please process my refund immediately! $667.02

My phone number is [protected]

Desired outcome: Please process my refund immediately!!! $667.02

Hotwire - Double-charged for a hotel room

Hotwire charged me $210.04 for a stay at the Hyatt Centric Times Square for Sunday 11/14 - 11/15. I successfully stayed at the Hyatt that night, the hotel provided the rooms. The hotel took my credit card for misc expenses. After my stay at the Hyatt, I noticed the hotel charged me $275.95 for that Sunday night 11/14 - 11/15. I called the hotel and asked about the charge, and they said it was the "room rate for that night" and that they "did not see a third-party payment for that night". So effectively I ended up paying Hotwire as well as the Hyatt Centric Times Square. I'm reaching out to both Hotwire and Hyatt Centric.

I'm wondering why the customer should be penalized for some goof-up between Hotwire and the Hyatt Centric? I hope they will settle it out before I try some legal means. As you can guess, I will never be staying with the Hyatt or using again. Horrible stuff.

Will keep everyone posted.


Desired outcome: A refund

Hotwire - Communications internet

The quality of the internet at our resort leaves a lot to be desired. It varies from 7 Mg during the day to 20 Mg (rarely). It is very slow and we cannot trust this internet. The company that runs it (Hotwire) has the ability to improve it, but the decision is up to you. This prevents us from viewing our favorite websites and it affects the quality of life. Many of us complain about this lack of service, which is why we cannot recommend

Desired outcome: I would like the internet speed to be improved a lot.

Oct 20, 2021

Hotwire - Hotwire sales final

what's up with this I don't even travel I'm disabled so how can this company just take my money and think that we won't say anything well I have a fixed income and I'm not with this theft from a senior so I would appreciate it if my money placed back to my card that's $65.79 this was on 2-9-2021 card ending in 2073 seems as we cant talk to a live person I have been reduced to this and I guess I see why as many complaints there are how do u make money from an account and or itinerary when there's not one?
Carri Degidio

Hotwire - Hotel reservation

Was driving for the first vacation in 2 years due to going through cancer treatment. Decided that making the whole drive in one day would be too much so I booked a room through Hotwire for a halfway point. 2.5 star hotel so I wasn't expecting much - just needed a clean bed to sleep in for the night and a shower. Purchased the "Trip Insurance" to be safe. After driving for 12 hours my wife and I get to the hotel at 10PM and are told that they don't have a room for us. According to them Hotwire over booked the hotel by 8 rooms. That explained all the cars in the parking lot on their phones. I contacted Hotwire and they said there was a mistake and they would refund the purchase. I said I don't need a refund, I need a room! Told the person that I am 600 miles from home, sick and exhausted and need somewhere to stay. I was told there are no other 2 star hotels available in the area. I asked if there were any other rooms or where was the nearest room and she said she couldn't help me and hung up. We ended up staying in an absolutely disgusting hotel nearby and almost ended up sleeping in the car after seeing the condition of the room. Absolutely horrible experience!

Desired outcome: Compensation for the room we had to get because of Hotwire's mistake.


Hotwire - When I arrived and I had to purchase a room at another hotel

I purchased airline tickets and Travelodge Hotel through for a trip Sept 15, 2021 - Sept 21, 2021. The hotel didn't have any vacancies on Sept 15, 2021 when I arrived and I had to purchase a room at another hotel. After calling more than five times Hotwire refuses to refund the money to me because they are "waiting" for the hotel to provide the proof that I never stay there. Hotwire knows how much money I paid because they charged my credit card. Repeated calls to resolve the matter was unsuccessful, and I am not getting return calls by anyone with authority to fix the problem, only emails stating an update in 24 hours, which I never receive. This is poor customer service. Please contact me via email: [protected]


Darnel Jackson

Hotwire - Air plane ticket and car rental

I booked a round trip ticket and car rental for a two week p period that I saved 3 months for two take my 10 month old son to see his dad. My son was sick so we decided to postpone travel. I want to an email sent to me from hotwire. At the bottom of this email which was my itinerary was a hyper link that said "view or edit" so I clicked on it and changed my flight. Later that day I went back to that email and clicked on the same hyper link and seen that my new flight was "on time" so then I find out that my flight had not been changed and I had missed my flight and was out $1200. HOTWIRE HAS A USELESS LINK THAT DOES NOTHING BUT GIVE MISLEADING INFO. IT IS NOT MY FAULT THEY HAVE A PROGRAMMING ISSUE. It asked me if I wanted to change it there then changed it, for NO REASON. Why would I show up to see flight I cancelled? PLEASE FIX THIS. NO ONE IS HELPING ME

Desired outcome: I want my purchase honored. I want to go on my trip for 2 weeks

Hotwire - Unethical and dishonest

Rented a car through Hotwire for 3:30 p.m. at SFO airport. Called shuttle at 3:55 and went to voicemail. Called the rental co. office and they said they closed at 4. Called Hotwire and can only text them. They said it was my fault for being late to pick up car. Would not help at all even though I called before office closed which they didnt even tell me the office closes at 4. Told me I can get the car the next day. We ended up having to rent two cars for my family of 6. Thought there must be a mistake and tried to talk to Hotwire again, but was told again it was my fault. I chose to reserve and start paying for my car at 3:30, but just because I was not there physically to pick it up at 3:30 should not mean that I lose $900. If I was there at 3:30 and the car was not ready, I would not expect a refund. This is dishonest and against any sort of industry standard. I hope that you can help.

Desired outcome: refund

Hotwire - Hotel reservation

This company engages in false advertisement and unethical practices. They mislead in the booking information and then refuse to give a refund when the hotel booked is disgusting, filthy, and unsafe...

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Aug 10, 2021

Hotwire - Car rental

I called to cancel due to covid. But they are asking who got covid and needs prove of test results. A family member of mine don't like to share his information so since he lives with u we all decided...

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Hotwire - Quality inn at 4825 wallingford street, charlotte, nc 28217, usa

Ref # [protected]

I was refused admission based on my race and instead of getting a full refund for my reservation I was given a store credit less a cancelation fee by your agent.

I did not cancel reservation and based on the action of the hotel admission staff turned away after being insulted in her language. The side situation is your agent sided with the hotel reception.

The situation started when I asked for a receipt for $50.00 deposited that I was asked to make. I was informed that there is no receipt given and I will get back my money when I check out. I said I paid cash and hence would need a receipt but instead was refused an additional mission and verbally abused for being black.


Desired outcome: Total Refund, Formal Apology and some other form of compensation

Hotwire - Poor web site info

This has been the worst experience I have ever had renting a car! I will never use hot wire again because of this... And you can count on me telling all my friends! Their web site poorly discloses the 3rd party is not at the airport, even thought that was my selection. Hot wire failed the trust as a consumer I put in hot wire being a customer service entity. Just another money grabbing corporation.

I spent over an hour on hold immediately after receiving the email confirmation, which then pointed out the 3rd party's location was not at the airport.

Desired outcome: switch to a different 3rd party company with Hot Wire


Hotwire - Car rental cancel due to travel restrictions

Hotwire reservation [protected] for a car rental with Thrifty. I have been told different things by different agents. I need a full refund, I will not travel to Nevada when there is a travel ban due to Covid Delta outbreak. I spoke to Virgo from hotwire on 7/27/2021, I was advised by him to call back 2 days before travel and if there were still travel restrictions that I would receive a full refund due to that fact. Today 8/5/2021 2 days before travel I have been bounced around from Hotwire to Thrifty. These are the people I spoke to. Cath from Hotwire, Ell from Hotwire, Angelica from Thifty whom advised me that Thrifty would refund that reservation they have not received the money yet, finally I get a "supervisor" from Hotwire Mickui and she tells me that she spoke to Xavier from Thrifty and there were no notes from Angelica (Thrifty) stating that I would receive a full refund. I have never had an issue and I travel a lot. I was advised by the first agent Virgo on 7/27/2021 from Hotwire that I would receive a full refund and today 8/5/2021 Angelica stated that Hotwire would refund me due to the travel restrictions. Please resolve this matter. Hotwire itinerary [protected], Thrift confirmation code J8294767690 My name is Yamila Mirshed pick up date 8/7/2021 for 5 days. my email is [protected]

Desired outcome: Full Refund of $389.95

Hotwire - Car rental

Rental [protected]

The times it confirmed on the suggested itinerary and the times confirmed on the purchased reservation do not match. I thought this might happen so I took screen shots just before I pressed purchase so you can clearly see what I input and what was confirmed are different. I am infuriated after spending an hour with "text messaging" customer service who kept giving me answers that made no sense and were pointless. My screen shots (provided) show what I inputted at 11:44pm. The confirmed itinerary came via email at 11:47pm and it randomly reassigned times different than what I inputted. The Hotwire agent, Gerry, took no responsibility for Hotwire and actually told me " I understand that you want to speak with a manager and currently they are offline. If you still prefer to speak with them, I suggest you reach us tomorrow from 6am to 6pm PST. I would like to set your expectations that they may refer you to the same information I have provided." That response is horrific customer service. I'm beyond mad.

Desired outcome: Simply change my times to the times I booked. Anything less is fraud on your part.

Hotwire - Car rental

Trying to cancel car rental [protected] as airlines cancelled flight we were flying on cannot get on their web site to notify that I need to cancel rental as they have no other flights going up there til mid october. I called their customer support number been on hold been on hold for over 45 minutes.
I tried to create account to access thru their website and it won't accept password.

Desired outcome: refund credit card

Hotwire - Hotel.. Days inn forrest city ar

The hotel we got through Hot wire was nasty. There was a roach in the bathroom, the pool was drained, the TV didn't work. There was even a cigerette butt on the floor of the first room they put us in. Hot wire took 12 dollars of the price we paid to stay here which is a total rip off. The hotel gave a discount to the customers who paid them directly but we didn't get one since we paid through Hot wire. Our Grand daughter didn't get to swim and that was a big deal for her.

Desired outcome: I would love to be reimbursed for the 56 dollars I paid for staying at the Days Inn ..Forest City AR

Hotwire - Inaccurate hotel amenities description

Free parking.
That is not true.
The hotel DOES NOT provide ANY parking.
You can buy a parking ticket at the hotel otherwise you have to drive round the streets and find parking yourself.
Your add specifically says free parking.
We haven't used Hotwire for over 10 years.
Same useless & inaccurate information now as then.
Totally useless.
We've saved no money.
Your ineffieciency & ineffectiveness has created nothing but bad feelings & a ruined overnight stay.
Poor at best. A complete waste of time booking with Hotwire.
Avoid at all costs.
Never again.

Desired outcome: Complete Refund

Hotwire - Refund

On 2/15/2020 I made a reservation thru Hotwire for a 2 night stay at Anchorage Guest House for June 3 thru Friday, June 5. On 4/7/2020 I requested a cancellation from Hotwire. They said I needed to contact the hotel directly, which I did. Since Alaska was closed down for Covid, I contacted the hotel to request a cancellation. They said they would extend my reservation with a $272 credit until August, 2021. in May I attempted to use that credit and was told by the general manager Tammy Wanner that the hotel would be closed until at least October 1. She also said in her email that she had refunded the $272 credit back to Hotwire credit card account ended in 0321. After two days of long conversations and much hold time I was told by Andre (#1153) that they could not refund my money. Now, how is that Hotwire has my money but will not refund it?

Desired outcome: Refund of amount I paid- $272.


Hotwire - Refund modification on reservations

I understand their rules and terms but life is not predictable at times and therefor some things need to be changed especially when coming down to renting vehicles and so forth. Customers work very hard for their money and it's not fair for a company to just keep our money . I had to cancel or change my rental plans due to non predictable things happening thru the rental process and this company says nothing can be done. It is very unfair to just keep my money !

Desired outcome: Refund or credit to use in future

Hotwire - Overcharged by car rental company used by hotwire

On 6/16/2021 I booked a car with Hotwire, Hotwire Itinerary # [protected] for $677.15. My credit card was charged $552.48 that day. The remaining $124.67 was due at pick up.
On 6/22/2021 I had to wait 3 hours at Tampa International Airport to pick up a car from Thrifty Car Rental. I was not charged $124.67 at car pick up as indicated on the Reservation Details.
I did not request any extra features for the rental.
I returned the car on 7/4/2021 and was told that I will get a statement from Thrifty via email later.
I received a statement from Thrifty showing a total charge of $188.80 and my credit card was charged that amount. No explanation was given for the extra charges of $64.13! I contacted Hotwire customer service and was told to contact Thrifty to resolve the problem. I called Thrifty many times and was put on hold three times more than 30 minutes without talking to someone!
I booked the car with Hotwire and Hotwire should be responsible for the bad actions of the rental car companies that they use!

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