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Hotwire Complaints & Reviews

Hotwire / travel site

Karnevil9elp on May 22, 2017
I am a long time Hotwire Customer that may never use their site again due to the lack of customer service over a $45.00 issue. I have put up with them over stating qualities of hotels, but hiding a fee and getting stuck with a $45.00 parking fee is unacceptable and worse the moved their...

Hotwire / hotwire plane reservations

Bobbie Burkholder on May 20, 2017
While vacationing in Mexico City, the evening of Feb 23 I called to cofirm my return Hotwire reservation home to Seattle the next day. I was concerned because I had not been prompted by the airlines to confirm my flight. I provided the hotwire staff my Hotwire flight and itinerary...

Hotwire / trip cancellation / travel protection

Bradley Wyatt on May 18, 2017
I am extremely dissatisfied with the way this company handles a cancelled trip. I am a member of the military and purchased trip protection due to the nature of my job. When we recent had to cancel a trip, we were charged a non refundable rebooking fee that apparently isn't covered in an...

Hotwire / I wanted to use a credit I have but your system didn't let me

Persh on May 14, 2017
I have $25 credit. I wanted to use it but the booking went through without applying it. I called your customer service line. It was a joke. The first person was not helpful didn't give me a straight answer. Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor she put me on hold and then hung up. The...

Hotwire / flight reservation

Crista Anderson on May 11, 2017
We were supposed to be going on our honeymoon today. Our Hotwire itinerary said our JetBlue flight from Atlanta was scheduled to depart at 12:30pm to Boston with a connecting flight from Boston at 6:20pm to Lisbon, Portugal. However, JetBlue actually had that flight leaving at 12:22pm from...

Hotwire / hotel booking

Jon Kat on May 11, 2017
I booked my hotel and had a conformation for a hotel near the phoenix airport with an airport shuttle, with the airport shuttle being the most important feature of the hotel to me, because my car rental did not start till the following morning.  I later received a call from hotwire stating...

Hotwire / hotel... metro points

Clay cofield on May 9, 2017
My name is Clay Cofield and I booked a hotel stay on May 5th. You selected Metro Points hotel. The hallway was dirty and smelled of marijuana. We were bo.omarded with loud music and disruptive guedy all night.We sent 4 complaints to front desk of people arguing and fighting throughout the...

Hotwire / rental car - paid extra to hotwire, not able to get back my money or explanation

A Li on May 8, 2017
Itinerary 4003847602 Reservation was made with Hotwire. Paid $327.83 initially to Hotwire. Final invoice with Advantage was $1099.15 The total comes up to $1426.98 Shouldn't the $327.83 which was paid to Hotwire be included in the total paid to advantage($1099.15) Why am I paying Hotwire $327.83 Please explain. I am confused or missing something. Regards

Hotwire / itinerary #7233489045492 flight+ hotel+ airport transportation to hotel

shenchoyee on May 6, 2017
I booked two from Lax To San Antonio TX on May 6, 2017 to attend a wedding. The flight 4017 Alaska operating by compass as American eagle from Lax to Sat and the time departure to this flight 9.35 am is not exist. We arrived LAX was 7:28 am at Terminal 6 trying to check in with Alaska they...

Hotwire / flight

Donald James on May 6, 2017
Had a 10:40pm flight may 5, 2017 with American airlines. I arrived at 10:05pm and was denied boarding because I had luggage> I was told if I didn't have luggage me and my daughter could board. But since we had luggage we needed to be there at least 1 1/2 hrs prior departure time. Hotwire...

Hotwire / extremely dissatisfied customer/change in flight time/customer service treatment

mynewdentist on Apr 30, 2017
itinerary number: 7237522029823 Dear Hotwire, I want to make a formal complaint with regards to the way your services are run and the way customer service representatives treat your customers. I booked a round trip flight in January from JFK to Casabalnca to Toulouse (return flight Rome...

Hotwire / hotel they booked for me

Christy meek on Apr 29, 2017
I booked a Hotel through their site knowing that the reservation would be nonrefundable I also assumed that I would get what I paid for . Upon completing the confirmation they notified me of the hotel they selected for me I went to other third-party sites like trip advisor to look at...

Hotwire / many complaints that were never attempted to be resolved

Norman Kydd on Apr 24, 2017
I used hotwire several times. First of all I booked a hotel through hotwire for a hotel in ontario california. I asked for a 2 bed room. I was travelling with a disabled veteran that had an artificial leg because of the war. I was told by the hotel that since I booked with hotwire they...

Hotwire / my refund

Belinda hood on Apr 20, 2017
I was told I can use a debit card, to rent an vehicle and when I get to the location I was told I couldn't, I called your business before and after the booking to be sure the lady in formed me all I need is my driver license and the debit card I used, so now I am outta money I didn't have...

Hotwire / booked, bait and switch

Hari Iyer on Apr 18, 2017
classic bait and switch, booked seeing pictures of hotels like comfort inn, best western, clariyon, holiday inn express thinking will get one of these;instead got a worst hotel that I have stayed before, cigarette smell, really stinking rooms. called to change, they said no go, went up to...

Hotwire / customer service

Maxine Sulker-Hall on Apr 10, 2017
I called your customer service #at 3:20pm psttoday from my work phone regarding itinerary # 113794148 because when I contacted the hotel I was informed that they do not have a reservation for me and I was told that I need to contact hotwire. The agent on the phone his name was gray or grey...

Hotwire / charges on credit card 4870202575

Salomon0215 on Apr 4, 2017
On 03/12/2017 I booked a car rental for my father from the South Padre Island Airport in Brownsville, Texas. The total charges were $35.95 a day for 3 days. Taxes and fees for $31.53 for a total of $175.38. Now here is the problem that my father is having. When he traveled to South Bend...

Hotwire / unauthorized credit card charges

Rob itasca county on Apr 4, 2017
My name is Investigator Robin Johnson. I'm with the Itasca County Sheriff's Department. I'm currently investigating a fraud complaint in which Hotwire received an unauthorized payment of over $5, 000 from a debit card. On 04-03-17 somebody booked with Hotwire using a Visa...

Hotwire / hotel reservation

Steelerladylocs on Mar 15, 2017
First time using Hotwire to book a hotel. They advertised 78% off of a hotel that was supposedly a 3 Star and comparable to hotels in the area that went for $209 per night. They also showed pictures of several major hotel chains that were 3 star hotels I was familiar with so I thought 78%...

Hotwire / reservation confirmation never made with hotel

Kropster on Mar 12, 2017
Upon arrival to our hotel, we found that Hotwire.com prepaid payment never confirmed, nor paid them. We were stuck at the registrars desk for an hour not knowing if they would be able to provide us a room. After that first hour they got us a room but could not confirm anything while on the...

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