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Complaints & Reviews

paying the rest of your life for points you don’t use

Inn Seasons Vacation Club representatives say that we owe a fee every year for points we don't use. They...

Don't became a victim

I am looking for consumers who have been cheated in the purchase of timeshare property or points by Ric Lainhart, a time share sales rep who is considered a pariah in the time share industry. He has cheated many by promising to broker time share propertied to recoup consumers purchase of time share properties or points.If you have been swindled by Mr. Lainhart please contact me at [protected]. I am in hopes that with enough support and evidence Mr. Lainhart and companies that hire him can be brought to justice. I have received reports from other victims.

Diamond Member Fraud

My wife and I belive we have been the subject of a very well choreographed scam by InnSeasons. In thi...

Ethical Business Practices

Seems like I am not the only one, but over the past 10 years, Timeshares were sold to thousands of people in...

Not clean rooms front desk does not fix issue.

I will make a website soon to tell you Nightmare at InnSeason. Makes there beds using the same blankets and...


I purchased a points timeshare from InnSeason Resorts, which allows us to use any of their properties in New England.

I am handicapped, and have been many years.

InnSeason Resorts knew of my disability before the contract was signed. In fact, during the sales process, they put us up in handicapped rooms - several times. They have it noted in my record that reservations pulls up that I need a handicapped accessible room - specifically no stairs and a handicapped shower.

In the 3 years since I have owned the timeshare, I have been promised handicapped rooms and they don't deliver.

The most recent event was a week we reserved in NH a full year in advance! I checked several times prior to our arrival that we still had the specific room reserved. Upon our arrival - me, my husband, our 2 kids and their spouses - our room did NOT have any handicapped bath facility but it was down a flight of stairs. The 6 of us just drove 3.5 hours to get there, so we had to take the room. When we complained to the front desk, they said that was what was available and I must have written the room number down wrong... If I had only called once, I might agree. But, having made the reservation and called twice, that was 3 times I was verifying the room number. Clearly, they pulled a switcheroo.

Additionally, I was told by a res agent when trying to book bonus time (for which I upgraded to Platinum to get a better advantage) that the first floor rooms were not available for bonus time. That makes perfect sense, because the few (2 maybe?) handicapped rooms they have at Harbor Walk were never available. Oh, except when they were 'selling' us. Then we got to stay there just fine. Again, a switcheroo.

InnSeason Resorts is guilty of discriminating against people with disabilities. Something as simple as ground floor access and a shower with a pull down chair - which MANY older folks with limited mobility need - is in disproportionate supply.

InnSeason Resorts absolutely knew of my special needs prior to selling me a timeshare, and they used deceptive practices and sales tactics (lies) to get me to buy, knowing full well I would have little to no chance of actually getting a room I could use.

They need to make this right, with me, and with all the others who will be in my situation as they age. What is the point of having 'lifetime' use of a vacation property if you can't use it? None.

Special Assesment

InnSeason Resort at Pollard Brook special assessment fee. I don't consider bad economic times to be a...

Special Assessment

I am outraged by the fact that Innseason Resorts/Pollard Brook is charging its timeshare owners a special...