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We went to a trip in Mexico in May 2018 were we were lured to purchased the Royal holiday membership. During the presentation we denied interests multiple times due to the price. After we expressed our disinterest we were offered multiple different packages that was cheaper then the one before. We continuously expressed our disinterest until they provided us with a short cheap trail option to see if it would be more beneficial for us. This timeshare was explained in a manner that interested us as We were informed that we would receive a booklet upon our purchase and the booklet contained several different certificates that could be used. We were shown the booklet and it was explained how each certificate was worth a specific amount that we would use towards a vacation. We were told that we wouldn't have to spend any additional money besides the flight. However that was not the truth. Some examples of the certificate was a cruise ship, various days spent at resorts and airplane plane tickets. Along with the purchase of this time share we received two free five night stays at the Mexico resort and a buy one get one free plane ticket. We opened a payment plan to purchase this timeshare as we could not afford the whole amount upfront, the down payment was 500$ and we would pay 150$ a month for one year.
Once we arrived back home we looked into using the timeshare at a hotel in New York or Boston, and we were told it had to be minimum of a three night stay and they had no options available. While this was upsetting we thought no big deal we could use it on another bigger vacation. A couple months later we tried to use the free plane ticket and each site that we went on it stated our certificate was expired. We contacted our rep and she stated she reactivated it and to try again. We tried again and it did not work so therefore we contacted the rep again with no response back . We emailed and called multiple times and never got a response back. Finally a month later another person contacted us back stating the original person we were in contact with has gotten fired due to giving out false information. We were told that our ticket was never reactived and that's why we couldn't use it. At this time we had already purchased our airplane tickets so we did not have any use for that certificate at that moment. Fast forwarded to May 2019, my father got married and we wanted to purchase a vacation for him to use for his honey moon. We tried to book online and it seemed everything was sold out. So we called and spoke to a rep on what would be the best way to purchase a vacation. We wanted to use one one of the certificate as at this point we had not used any and thought we could get a good deal.
Over the phone we were told that we have to pay to activate each certificate, and this did not cover the all inclusive stay which we had to purchase per person per day. The vacation came out to over $5000.
This was misleading and was totally different than what we were originally told when we purchased the vacation at the presentation. At this point we felt that we were misrepresented. This could have been due to the multiple people trying to sell us this timeshare over the course of four hours during our vacation.
We filed a complaint with the Connecticut attorney general. At this point we had completed all payment except the last payment.
When we filed a complaint with the attorney general of Connecticut back in November of 2019 they did not respond until three months later (February 2020) During this time the company continuously contacted myself and my significant other through email and phone trying to collect the last payment. We politely denied their request and ask for any communication to go through the attorney as at this point we were lied to on multiple occasions and wanted our money back. Once this occurred they had a collection agency that is not licensed in Connecticut to try to collect the debt. We told the collection agency that we filed a complaint against this company and the amount due to misrepresentation.
At this moment we are requesting a full refund.
We have seen many complaints about this company and only wish we did more research.

fraudulent, extremely aggressive sales, illegal gift giving, park royal cancun a joke

I'm writing to let as many people know what happened to me dealing with Royal Holiday and the unscrupulous aggressive sales practices they exhibit at their resorts, promised gifts offered in exchange for listening to their timeshare/vacation clubs that are illegal per Mexico law, the fraudulent contracts and claims of benefits not in writing. Then I experienced first hand staying at one of their resorts and as members it took 45 mins to check in when there were no others waiting in line at the general check-in desk. Even though we were members we felt like we were being stalked on the property (i.e we went down for breakfast and upon leaving the restaurant our host was literally waiting there for us) with aggressive and badgering to sit down and discuss my membership. My gfriend got angry after telling her 3x that we were not interested until she was more assertive by telling her to "LEAVE US ALONE we're trying to enjoy our vacation!". Yes, this was on our 2nd day first thing in the morning. At Park Royal Cancun we experienced the elevators constantly out (not working) where we were FORCEd to walk up and down the stairs to our rooms. We even passed a couple of groups in the stairwell doing the same. And to add insult to injury with our experience one of my guests got TRAPPED in their elevator for 35+ minutes. That same guest was there celebrating their anniversary and the 3 nites they were there the air conditioning wasn't working whch I noticed looking at reviews of this property AFTER we left there has been numerous complaints from others about both elevator issues and lack of A/C. The GM at the resort named Jose Santacruz did NOTHING to remedy the problem. He played off a good front by wanting to sit down with me to hear all of our complaints but after leaving the resort back in late Dec it is now 2 months later and no followup from him whatsoever. Royal Corporate called to find out more details but as expected they did nothing. I would NOT recommend this resort to anyone.

Regarding the above issues about aggressive sales practices, badgering people at the resort to listen to presentations, gift and fraudulent contract I will explain now. Our other poor experience was at Playa del Carmen Royal Grand Riveria. Beautiful resort but the same problems with the harassment of their employees. They erect timeshare booths near the entrances to the restaurants where you have to go past them. They are relentless on trying to get you to goto their presentations. AFter several attempts they started offering us gifts which I later found out it is illegal per mexico law to exchange gifts to listen to a timeshare presentation. Initially they said you can only listen if you're married. We were not but they insisted we go. When we arrived we told them again we weren't married but a manager stated we should listen. After 30+ mins of listening we decided to leave but told we would not receive our gifts. So we stayed awhile longer to get them. Toward the end I thought the vacation concept was different than the extremely negative perception of timeshares so I thought I'd try it. While filling out the contract they put married. I questioned it and they said it was ok because the lady I was with was not on the contract. In a sense it was true that she wasn't nor would she be liable but after I left it dawned on me it was a fraudulent contract. If they were honest they would have changed right? They made promises that you could save up your points to stay at better properties or upgraded rooms which I later found out in year 2 that was FALSE. you have to use them by the end of yr 2 or you lose them. Another false claim the sale person stated. Regarding the points THINK ABOUT THIS. Why do you have to spend a minimum of $15, 000.00 to join a vacation club when you can do everything yourself by going under any of the travel websites that don't cost a PENNY. With that outrageous membership cost you really don't get any discounts on rooms. I've done a cost analysis on 10 different rooms and on average I noticed by doing it yourself you are still saving $120-300 by doing it yourself without any obligations. yes, no fees, no maintenance dues, no harassment of sales or customer service dept which I experienced all the time. There were a couple of months where I had customer service reps calling me 3-4x per month insisting that I call them so they can help me book a vacation using my points. With all of the above problems I personally experienced and have noticed numerous other people who've mentioned very similar problems with Royal Holiday I'm informing you to do your DUE DILIGENCE!!! Like they say the grass isn't always greener on the other side. One can always go spray paint the other side to make it look beautiful but when the rain and problems come the true colors come out. I'm building a website called SQUEAKY WHEELZ which should be up and running shortly showing the number of true complaints about Royal Holiday. Consumers will be able to see a common theme of problems and the ones that I always hear/see on the internet are unscrupulous aggressive sales practices, offering of gifts, fraudulent contracts and benefit claims, no true savings and I'll post more as I continue to assimulate my findings.

past time frame and we still haven't been refunded

We cancelled the membership while still on vacation at the resort that sold us it and were given an addendum stating we would get our money back in 1-5 business days and that the contract would be cancelled. It's now past that time frame and we still haven't been refunded. What do we do now? How do I pursue this further? It's almost $4000 Canadian!

timeshare vacation club - problem cancel contract

I would like to file my complaint with the Royal Holiday Vacation Club, which since I signed the contract number [protected] when I visited Cancun has been having several annoyances. From the beginning when I started to complain about payment terms promised by the seller and not fulfilled, the answer I heard was that the seller's word was worthless unless it was written in the contract.
After that I tried to cancel the contract, and the answer I got from the employee Danilo Pedro Amaral from the financial department of Royal Holiday, was that I could only cancel the contract, after paying everything, which I considered absurd, and I asked to answer it formally, his answer was that they do not answer anything in writing, probably following this orientation that the word of the Royal Holiday employee is worthless, so I questioned where was the Royal office in Brazil, and the answer was that they had no more, that had been closed, perhaps to avoid legal proceedings here in Brazil.
But finally, with the help from Mexico's consumer protection agency PROFECO (, who helped me at a time when I was already desperate with my financial situation, which was extremely complicated, and I couldn't get any support from Royal Holiday, but with the help of PROFECO I managed to cancel the contract, and as I made a point of receiving it formally, the representative of the Royal legal department, Diana Maldonado Flores, signed the letter of cancellation of the contract, in which she confirms that the same was definitively canceled, and that all previous documents are without legal effect.
But now when I finally thought that I would not have any more problems with this company, the employee Danilo from the financial department continues to harass me, charging me for pending issues of the contract that had already been canceled.
So I ask, what is the pending issue? since the contract has been canceled, or now, Royal will claim that beyond the word of its employees is worthless if it is not written, neither what its legal department sign before the Mexican authorities has any value?

the club never has any availability where we want to go and the maintenance fee increases every year.

We were deceived when we purchased this timeshare in Paradise Island, in I think 2004. We thought our base was there in Paradise Island. When we received the contract, they had slipped in Mexico. We have never been to Mexico and have zero desire to go there. The timeshare is paid off. Then they tell us that we can use RCI but did not tell us that they have a yearly membership fee too. We go in at least two vacations every year and can NEVER find anything available when and where we want to go with Royal Holiday or RCI. We end up hotel accommodations or resort accommodations while still paying forever increasing maintenance fees every year and a WORTHLESS timeshare. Wyndham/Royal Holiday needs to be shut down with their predatory practices.

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royal holiday is a big scam!!!

Keep harrasing, royal holiday are mre than crooks!!!, they are only care is to get sign people in every...

unavailability of resorts, lack of non-all inclusive, resorts increasing maintenance fees

When I first purchased my membership, it was a 1 week Ambassador membership. This gave me 1 week/year in a room that slept 4-6 people. There were over 180 resorts in the catalog, none of which were all-inclusive.

In 2008, at the Crystal Palace resort in Nassau, I "upgraded" to a 30, 000/year points membership after being convinced that my weeks membership would soon be worthless and I would need a points membership to continue using Royal Holiday. The upgrade cost $8000.00 additional.

Over the next couple of years, most of the available resorts were Royal resorts, all requiring all-inclusive payments over and above the maintenance fee. The resorts that were once available disappeared, replaced with locations in South America which I had no interest in visiting. The non-Royal resorts that we tried to reserve were never available and they always tried to point us to the Royal, all_inclusive resorts. It appears that the resorts that are not owned by Royal Holiday only set aside a few rooms for Royal Holiday members and they are always reserved.

If you compare the list of available resorts today with those in the original catalog, which I still have, you will see what I'm saying. I desire to terminate my membership and end the maintenance fee payments. As a result of spine surgery I can no longer use the membership and the fee is a drain on my limited income.

royal holiday is a big scam!!!

The trip to Cozumel was the end with Royal Holiday!!, after so many year putting money and upgrade the membership, and paying thousands of dollars!!, this is an SCAM!!
lier, paying for an all inclusive more than a regular guess, poor service, poor food,
poor customer service, . Annual feed incresing more and more. Is not worse it!!!
Try to book any other place than Mexico imposible and when there is availability is more expensive, end to to be cheaper online!!!.

they charged $4085.00 from our cc with out us authorizing it.

My husband and I thought we were getting a great deal by buying a Silver member club deal with 15000 point to...

vacation club

We purchased in March 2019 and my husband paid over $4, 000 that day for the down payment. We were told our...

royal holiday vacation cost is much more expensive compared with major travel sites

We're Royal Holiday members since 2011. At the beginning of every year we try to book our vacation for 2 adults. Same happened this year too.
Rep Ana (x.2536) gave us over the phone a price $2, 648.45 for Bavaro Princess resort in Punta Cana. To estimate total cost for this reservation we have to count our $460 annual fee which gives us 5000 points towards vacation every year and $267 cost per every year of our 30 years contract. Adding all these numbers for this 2019 booking bring us to $3, 375.45 ($2, 648.45 + $460 + $267 = $3, 375.45)
We checked online prices for the same vacation from major travel sites and found that it cost only $2, 569 for the same dates and accommodation. I can send a screen print from So Royal Holiday charges for the same vacation $806.45 MORE for 2 adults. I asked Ana where are our savings Royal Holiday promised to their members. Ana offered to try another resort. We have tried to book Grand Park Royal Cancun for the same dates. Like in the previous booking total cost of booking with Royal Holiday was hundred dollars more than it cost on major travel web sites.
Then we tried other resorts in Royal Holiday family. All the bookings with Royal Holiday were hundreds of dollars more expensive for the same dates and accommodations compare with online travel sites. I emailed screen prints from to Ana and Juan Fonseca to prove these low prices on the same bookings. However, Royal Holiday responded to us that nothing they can do and we have to pay $806 more than non-members for the same vacation and accommodation. What's a point to be a member?
Royal Holiday promises solid savings on vacation compare with prices from major travel agencies. They promise and demonstrate solid savings on the paper to make Americans to sign into contract. As soon as people sign they realize that Royal Holiday can't fulfill their promises. That's why huge amount of American consumers complain on this company. ABC News "20/20" even made their investigation to respond to thousands of complaints from American consumers who were scammed by Royal Holiday ( The company intentionally was registered offshore to be immune to US law. However, they target mostly American consumers and thousands of them were scammed.
Now why you see here some people have positive responses about Royal Holiday. I teach math in universities for many years. From my experience I see that many people can't do math calculations for their real life situations. So Royal Holiday exploit the fact that Americans trust and believe what they hear and most of them are not good with math. I'm sure people who rate Royal Holiday 4 or 5 stars are those people who never compared actual cost of their vacation including contract cost and annual fee versus costs on sites like kayak, Expedia, Orbitz, CheapCaribbean and others. They would scream if they calculate actual costs of their vacations including contract cost and annual fees that grows exponentially.
Well… it's their problem if they believe they save money with Royal Holiday.
The only time when we found the Royal Holiday vacation cost is acceptable is around hurricane season. However, the price on major travel sites also drop dramatically at this time. Again, no sense to buy from Royal Holiday even then.
We also were scammed by Royal Holiday promise to save on vacations because it looked great on the paper and we didn't have any experience with them. All these years we just deposited Royal Holiday points with RCI to get much better deal when we exchange. However, I have no problem just to stop paying them rising maintenance fee. They can't do anything to me because they are foreign entity with so bad reputation. Plus I keep all my booking examples as future arguments in fight with Royal Holiday in case if they try to bother me which I have big doubts based on other members experience.

problems getting cancellation!

While on vacation in Princess Hotels in December 2018, we were approached by a guy offering a tour of the...


I am currently staying at the grand sunset princess where we signed a contract with royal holiday. Upon...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club

problems getting cancellation!

We have had no end of trouble with Royal Holiday Club. We have tried to get our concerns and complaints addressed with this company from the very beginning, but have never received any answer or any customer service whatsoever. They have repeatedly refused to address our dispute or acknowledge any of our requests for answers in any form, no matter our requests, written or otherwise.

Our complaints are many:

1. We were told and led to believe that we earned holiday credits every year and that those credits could keep accumulating towards a future holiday. Upon getting home, we discovered that this was a misrepresentation of the facts and that the true facts were not revealed to us in the interest of full disclosure at the time of purchase. Apparently, we cannot roll over each year's credits and build up enough for a holiday. From what we have been able to discover since then, only 20% from the year before can be used and that isn't even automatic. This knowledge, had we had it upfront, would have definitely influenced our decision whether or not to buy into the club. Again, we have been extremely upset with the lack of full disclosure and the misrepresentation of facts, including outright lies in order to pressure us into signing up.

2. Sales person promised that the club credit is always cheaper than booking online, but reality is using the points that end up costing way more than any airline holiday package. Royal Holiday Club uses dishonest or deceitful sales practices in order to get us to enter a contract.

2. We were granted a signing bonus of an additional two years (24 months) two rooms credit. This offer was used to pressure and influence us to sign up. But ridiculously this offer had an expiry date of 12 months from date of issue. This is fraudulent by itself, and especially so as we informed them before signing that we did not plan to take another holiday in the next year. Royal Holiday Club fails to inform us of the terms and conditions of the contract, which state leads to difficulties in booking travel dates or obtaining the accommodations suitable or comparable to what was presented to us upon the signing of the contract.

3. We informed Royal Holiday of our issues in emails dating approximately 1 week after our contract signing (Dec 25, 2018). We have never received any reply or answer from Royal Holiday regarding our serious concerns.

4. We are trying to cancel the contract and obtain a refund days later only to find out that they only had 5 days to cancel, which there was no mention of prior to the sale and signing of said contract.

5. We were led to believe a lot of other "benefits" were available such as "renting out credits" and non-restrictive holiday bookings, etc. Nothing has been easy or straightforward with this company and we have been unsuccessful in accessing these benefits and have received no assistance or helpful information on accessing these benefits.

6. We have refused to pay Royal Holiday any more money as a result of their fraudulent business practices and deceitful tactics used to scam us out of our money while providing an inferior quality of service and benefits that are contrary to what was disclosed and promised us at the very beginning. Instead of addressing our concerns, Royal Holiday without ever ONCE trying to resolve our issues with information, answers, satisfactory customer service, and documentation in writing as requested on numerous occasions.

Although we enjoyed our actual holiday in Mexico, it is really shame that the Princess hotel allow such sales happens in this resort. This experience has definitely spoiled any desire to return to or to recommend Mexico as a holiday destination. It is highly unfortunate that what we thought would be a good investment and beneficial to our family and friends has actually helped this unscrupulous company continue to scam more tourists out of their money, and continue to misuse the beautiful natural resources of Mexico for their own financial gain and irrevocably mar the reputation of Mexico.

We wish that our contract be voided and rescinded and demand all monies paid to Royal Holiday to be returned as soon as possible. (Total of $6500 USD lost in payments)


misled and cheated on believe they would provide a quality service!!!

We were told and led to believe that we will be getting dreamed hotels with the holiday credits that RHC wa...

Mexico City Hotels

royal holiday vacation package

We are absolutely infuriated with how the sales rep's dishonesty in selling us this package. I would have...

royal holiday vacation club

On Sept. 14, 2018, my Husband and I checked in to Park Royal Cancun for a week stay, The next morning the phone in our room started ringing non stop finally I picked up the phone and it was a woman named Chris from the sales office she stated that she wanted to give us a welcome packet I told her to please stop calling it was really early for us due to the time difference between Los Angeles and Cancun, she wanted us to upgrade our membership, after I told them they would not be getting one more dollar from us and that I was trying to get rid of the current membership because they are a fraud, after that been said she left us alone. On the forth day of our stay the Hotel had no water service for over two hours, this means people were using the restroom and going to the buffet without washing their hands, after I complained and told them I could not eat there because everything had been contaminated the corporate Office in Mexico told me that I could only get a refund of the meals for one day and I am still waiting to find out how many points I will be getting back. I am asking that I get a complete refund this means money and points and I want Royal to cancel my membership that is a complete fraud and refund my money I have been with this membership for about 3 years and it is a complete fraud. What can I do to get out of this fraud? Rocio Maldonado, Los Angeles California

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    bboy64 Dec 30, 2018

    Were you ever able to get out of your contract?

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membership dues, inability to use timeshare and not honoring. agreed upon contract. would like all dues and fees paid refunded

Our membership agreement stated we had unlimited use of out timeshare at home base and our all inclusive fee...

this company is a scam

We bought a membership on 2015 but nothing that they said is true. We paid around 15, 000 for the membership...


No dia 08 de julho de 2018, chegamos ao hotel Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe para desfrutar da viagem de nossos sonhos.

Chegamos as 10h00, e já fomos abordados pelo Sr Douglas onde começou nosso pesadelo. Foi cobrado uma taxa de R$ 20, 00 que seria devolvido em um café especial agendado para dia 10 de julho. Nesse café ele informou que ganharíamos alguns brindes e que poderíamos disfrutar do café frente mar.

No dia 10 de julho, fomos abordados novamente pelo Sr Douglas, dizendo que gostava muito dos brasileiros e que queriam nos fazer um agrado, nos presenteando com uma garrafa de tequila, camisetas e acesso à academia do hotel durante nossa estadia e que teríamos um café da manha diferenciado em frente a praia . Em contrapartida, deveríamos assistir à uma pequena palestra de vendas, não nos revelando sobre qual seria o tema.

Depois de uma muita insistência por parte deste funcionário, que quase suplicou para que assistíssemos a apresentação e de uma promessa de que tudo duraria cerca de 90 minutos, fomos assistir a tal palestra. Fomos atendidos por uma moça brasileira chamada Jaqueline, que começou a apresentação de forma muito convincente, nos apresentando a Royal Holiday, um supostamente muito vantajoso clube de férias, onde compraríamos créditos em forma de pontuação, pelos próximos 30 anos e usaríamos essas pontuações para viajar.

Segundo ela, as vantagens por se associar a este clube de férias seriam inúmeras, pois estaríamos tratando diretamente com a administração dos hotéis, evitando empresas intermediárias, reduzindo o custo final das viagens. Perguntada sobre a idoneidade da empresa, ela deu inúmeras referências boas dizendo que (supostamente) a empresa tinha muitos anos de bom nome no mercado, com uma reputação inatacável. Perguntou sobre o que queríamos em nossas férias, sobre nossas últimas viagens e quais as próximas que planejávamos fazer. Foi-nos prometido que haveria inúmeras vantagens, desde descontos especiais em passagens aéreas até atendimento pessoal por um "agente de férias pessoal".

Posteriormente, após muita explicação sobre o conceito "Royal Holiday", fomos convidados a conhecer instalações prioritárias para sócios. Primeiramente, ela nos levou para a Royal Tower (descobrimos posteriormente que não era prioritária aos sócios, qualquer pessoa a qualquer momento, dentro do hotel, pode se transferir pra esses quartos, mediante um pagamento de uma taxa extra). Depois apresentou as villas, que eram como sobrados, para se hospedar com amigos e famílias, que seriam exclusivos de sócios (mais uma vez, mentira, qualquer um pode se hospedar lá).

Fomos levados então para a sala de vendas, onde vimos um vídeo institucional muito bem feito, onde várias pessoas supostamente se declaravam felizes por estar em um hotel da rede Royal Holiday e onde fomos apresentados a um gerente, também brasileiro, Sr Glawcon. Muito simpático, ele analisou rapidamente as informações gerais que a primeira vendedora havia colhido e munido de um guia de férias (prometido que seria nos dado, no caso de associação), ele nos deu alguns exemplos de viagens que poderíamos fazer com facilidade se estivéssemos no clube, além de nos prometer 03 anos de estadia gratuita (sem usar as tais pontuações compradas) em qualquer hotel da rede Royal. Explicou-nos que esses 3 anos oferecidos como cortesia não eram totalmente de graça, que deveria ser pago, em cada diária o sistema All Inclusive, no valor de U$49 dólares por pessoa. Ambos nos perguntaram quanto havíamos gasto com nossa agência de viagens em diárias. Informaram tbem que iriamos nos presentear com 2 cartas de 60.000 pontos cada para que possamos fazer um viagem que começamos a planejar que seria O cruzeiro da Disney em Barcelona + alguns dias de hospedagem em Barcelona / Madri e Franca. Informaram que teríamos que pagar somente a alimentação do cruzeiro.
Inclusive havíamos informado isso para o Gerente Rafael que nos atendeu na sala próximo ao restaurante.

Apresentou então uma proposta genérica, que poderíamos pensar com calma, com um valor absurdamente mais alto e uma proposta "diferenciada", que só seria apresentada nessa oportunidade em nossa vida, e que não poderíamos nem sair da sala para pensar um pouco sobre o assunto ou pesquisar sobre a empresa.

Depois de muita negociação, de repetidas negativas nossas, ele foi baixando os valores pedidos, até chegarmos a um parcelamento de quase todo o valor, para nos associarmos em um plano de 15.000 pontos anual por 30 anos. Numa pressão psicológica absurda, depois de mais de 07 horas de apresentação, uma demora para redigir o contrato (por volta de várias horas, na qual somos convidados a ficar tomando o espumante servido para "celebrar o momento"), de toda inconveniência daquele momento, finalmente somos apresentados a um contrato cheio de termos, sem leitura conjunta das partes, com estimulação pra que "passássemos os olhos" rapidamente sobre o mesmo, assinássemos e rubricássemos tudo e fossemos, enfim, aproveitar nossas férias.

Antes de tudo isso pedi para levar meu filho para o almoço pois ja era 14h40 e estávamos naquela sala desde as 10h00 da manha, mas disseram que se saíssemos daquela sala perderíamos todo a negociação, informei que nosso filho estava com fome, ele ja estava pedindo para almocar mas mesmo assim o Sr Glawcon informou que o contrato seria feito em 10 minutos.

Passado tudo isso, fomos curtir o momento. Dado que estávamos fora do Brasil, com um serviço de internet precário por parte do hotel, não conseguimos pesquisar sobre a empresa e sobre o plano de férias oferecido.

Voltamos para o Brasil e sem perder muito tempo, fomos pesquisar sobre a empresa Royal Holiday. Verificamos que a empresa tem péssimas referências, estando em recuperação judicial, não havendo confiabilidade mínima pra ficar associado a uma empresa dessas por 30 anos. Que os prometidos descontos em passagens aéreas simplesmente não existem. Que os 03 anos de hospedagem gratuita teriam que ser sim pagos, pois o sistema All Inclusive tem que ser pago e o valor não é U$ 49, 00 e sim U$ 99, 00 para hospedagem no Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe.

Fiz algumas simulações com relação ao que eu pagaria indo sem o clube e indo com o clube e o desconto é pequeno demais estamos falando em 20% no máximo de redução, porem temos que pagar um valor enorme.

Pelo Sr Glawcon foi vendido também a parceria com a rede RCI por 30 anos, a qual descobrimos no primeiro contato com nossa agente de viagens do Brasil, Sr. Bruno, que teríamos somente 01 ano desta parceria.
Decidimos verificar por conta própria, e fizemos cotações genéricas, tanto em baixa quanto alta temporada, e pelos próximos anos, seria muito mais barato viajar programando tudo por empresas como e CVC, para destinos da própria rede da Royal Holiday. Para hotéis conveniados da empresa, fora do México, a diferença de preços é ainda mais absurda. Ou seja, totalmente ao contrário da perspectiva nos passada no dia da venda.

Semana passada em ligação com o Bruno, descobri que os 120.000 recebidos não podem ser usados em cruzeiros, e somente em alguns hotéis previamente informados.

Nesse momento se quiser usar algum outro hotel tenho que antecipar o valor de U$ 600 da mensalidade.

Fiz diversas simulações infelizmente em nenhuma vi o beneficio que foi nos dito naquela sala, inclusive com os créditos que fechamos náo conseguiremos fazer nenhuma viagem legal.

Verificando tudo isso, decidimos que não iríamos sacrificar nossa renda pelos próximos anos para nos manter associados ainda mais agora que fui desligada da empresa . Decidimos ligar para a Royal Holiday e pedir o cancelamento do contrato. Fomos atendidos pela Sr Bruno Tentei contato com o Glawcon por Whatshap solicitando o cancelamento do contrato e o mesmo me informa que não receberemos nada do que já pagamos de volta. Juro que não consigo entender como devolvem nada se não usei NADA.

Estamos extremamente frustrados com a situação. O que era para ser um momento de alegria em nossas vidas está maculado, uma situação muito incomoda. Queremos o imediato cancelamento do contrato n° [protected], distrato ou algo que o valha. Queremos que a empresa entre em contato conosco imediatamente, num prazo de 03 dias úteis, para providenciar estes tramites. Sabemos que estamos amparados por todas as leis brasileiras e internacionais de comércio. Não havendo contato no prazo referido acima, entraremos com uma ação judicial.

Quero muito resolver tudo isso da melhor forma possível até para que possamos um dia voltar para algum hotel da Royal sem nenhuma imagem negativa,

Nào me recuso a pagar alguma taxa administrativa mas impossível que essa taxa seja U$ 2.800 sendo que não usei nada, dentro da lei isso não existe.

Inclusive quando estávamos na negociação falamos que tínhamos somente a RCI e acabei cancelando quando chegamos, ele nos cobraram 5% do valor que tínhamos pago e ainda estão devolvendo um valor que ficou a mais do valor.

Aguardo um contato o mais breve para que eu possa realmente dormir a noite,


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