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Royal Holiday Vacation Club Complaints & Reviews

Royal Holiday Club / problems getting cancellation!

Weiquan Yuan on Jan 29, 2019

While on vacation in Princess Hotels in December 2018, we were approached by a guy offering a tour of the resort and free t-shirts. He took us upstairs and we had to sign saying we would listen to a presentation. So much for the tour?! An hour turned into 4 hours. The sales persons in the...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club / cancellation

Tara Sherman on Jan 14, 2019

I am currently staying at the grand sunset princess where we signed a contract with royal holiday. Upon reading the fine print we discovered that what we were told does not match what is in our contract. We went in today which is only 3 days after we signed to cancel and we were told that...

Royal Holiday Club / problems getting cancellation!

Weiquan Yuan on Jan 6, 2019

We have had no end of trouble with Royal Holiday Club. We have tried to get our concerns and complaints addressed with this company from the very beginning, but have never received any answer or any customer service whatsoever. They have repeatedly refused to address our dispute or...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club / misled and cheated on believe they would provide a quality service!!!

Mario2020 on Jan 4, 2019

We were told and led to believe that we will be getting dreamed hotels with the holiday credits that RHC was would provide us every year. Then we find out upon our first reservation that there is always a fee to be paid to RHC according to the hotel chosen on top of the credits needed...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club / royal holiday vacation package

H.ann on Oct 29, 2018

We are absolutely infuriated with how the sales rep's dishonesty in selling us this package. I would have NEVER agreed to such a package if he had not assured us that we would have access to travel agencies with discounted airfare. Why would we waste the money on a package when we would...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club / royal holiday vacation club

Tiburcio/Rocio on Sep 23, 2018

On Sept. 14, 2018, my Husband and I checked in to Park Royal Cancun for a week stay, The next morning the phone in our room started ringing non stop finally I picked up the phone and it was a woman named Chris from the sales office she stated that she wanted to give us a welcome packet I...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club / membership dues, inability to use timeshare and not honoring. agreed upon contract. would like all dues and fees paid refunded

Taklog on Sep 19, 2018

Our membership agreement stated we had unlimited use of out timeshare at home base and our all inclusive fees would be guaranteed at the rate agreed. We are unable to book and are charged the regular non-member all inclusive prices. 10years and we have been unable to use the main reason...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club / this company is a scam

Iliana C on Sep 5, 2018

We bought a membership on 2015 but nothing that they said is true. We paid around 15, 000 for the membership and never used it. They don't have nothing available. Now, they are asking for more money to use my credits . This company is a Scam! I read about many complains in PFROFECO in...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club / holiday

Daniela Figueiredo on Aug 6, 2018

No dia 08 de julho de 2018, chegamos ao hotel Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe para desfrutar da viagem de nossos sonhos. Chegamos as 10h00, e já fomos abordados pelo Sr Douglas onde começou nosso pesadelo. Foi cobrado uma taxa de R$ 20, 00 que seria devolvido em um café especial agendado para...

Royal Holiday / royal holiday timeshare scam, please be careful

catherine bates on Jul 2, 2018

My husband and I bought from Royal Holiday on Oct.20, 2006. We paid 8, 520.00. We had paid annual fees since then. I have small dogs that I do not like to leave behind. None of the properties accept dogs, so I really don't enjoy my trips we are both 70 and we need to find properties that...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club / timeshare scam

Betty Uribe on May 30, 2018

We purchased out time share in 2003 paid off 2008 NEVER missed a payment. Only used it two times, out dates were NEVER available even though I tried book year in advance. Also the "all inclusive" was outrages cost for family of four. During sale they promised airline discounts, free point...

Royal Holiday / Royal Holiday Scam, solved!

DebraGibson on Apr 27, 2018

I signed a contract with Royal Holiday on Jan 2017 and sent an email within my 5 day period to cancel but they did not accept my cancellation. After multiple phone calls and messages left no one answered or called me back. I could not afford to pay them anymore and they sent it off to...

Royal Holiday / royal holiday tiempo compartido, cuidado!

lauren foster on Apr 13, 2018

Yo contraté royal holiday en unas vacaciones a puerto Vallarta a principios del año antepasado solo había dado el enganche y todavía lo estaba pagando .Nunca usé la membresía, pero hablé para cancelar debido a que no podía seguir pagando y me decían que no se podía cancelar. Les expliqué mi...

Royal Holiday / estafa de tiempo compartido con royal holiday

kimberly rodriguez on Apr 2, 2018

Vengo para contar como fue que yo caí en una estafa, sinceramente si me lo platicaran diría que yo no caería y que si no deseo un tiempo compartido pues simplemente no lo compro, pero ahora que soy una víctima veo las cosas muy diferentes. Te obligan a una plática de 5 horas, donde te venden...

Royal Holiday / estafa de tiempo compartido con royal holiday

walter estrada on Mar 24, 2018

En el 2014 adquirí un tiempo compartido en México con Royal Holiday, quise cancelarlo después porque los beneficios que me prometieron no eran tales, el vendedor nos prometió varias cosas y ya en casa vimos que no se encuentran en el contrato. Les escribimos en varias ocasiones, lo intentamo...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club / highly unethical behaviour

DukeB on Mar 20, 2018

I purchased our vacation club in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I was told that the points were retained from year to year and would build up; this was not true as I discovered after the fact. The sales person also stated we could sell our points for any year that we could not use the points;...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club / vacation club misrepresentation of contract

Yvette Rivera on Mar 16, 2018

Please stay away from Royal Hokiday Vacation Club. Long story but purchased after a 4 hour presentation in the Bavaro Princess Punta Cana. which turned out to be a nightmare. Within 5 days what was promised realized that credits do not transfer over and you lose them. Called to cancel and...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club / timeshare bait and switch

Ncuellar on Mar 10, 2018

When we signed our contract 15 years ago on March 4, 2003 it was difficult to get availability for locations in the United States but we booked 9 months in advance and went by their availability. While we paid our note down we hoped as technology grew they would become .More efficient...

Royal Holiday / horrible timeshare scam

Soccermom35 on Jan 24, 2018

My husband and I, while on vacation in the Bahamas in 2014, were approached by Royal Holiday to attend one of their short presentations on their vacation club. We stupidly signed up because it was presented as a great vacation option, you earned points every year which you could use to...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club / vacation contract issues - false advertising

Melissa Gernert on Jan 10, 2018

My husband and I were approached by this company while on vacation in Punta Cana at the Tropical Princess resort on November 20th, 2017. They offered us a drink which we weren't going to refuse since we were on vacation. Royal Holiday then proceeded to tell us how they can save us so much...