Pizzahutlate delivery


On the 1st of April 2015. I made a phone order of a big variety box from pizzahut. The time exactly I placed the order was 8.37pm...the operator told me it would be delivered in 45minutes. But after waiting for 45minutes I got a phone call back that told me to wait another my dismay after waiting for another half hour after the call I still got no pizza. I called the hotline & the operator told me to wait for him to ask the branch manager to calle back in 10minutes which I didn't got the call at all. So after 2hours wait I called again to check the status & the operator again told me that he would ask the branch manager to contact return I asked him to cancel my order instead. The operator said he would get back in after another 15minutes..I assume the branch manager from sri petaling called me. What she said the first thing was without acknowledging me as mr or anything...directly just said do u still want ur order...I said no..and she just hung up without any sort of apology. If this is the way pizzahut companies treats their customers then I would hopefully wish them goodluck because I would not have any future in dealings with them.

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