Pizza Huttwo hours after receiving the text that said the pizza was on the way and my kids are still sitting here hungry!


On 10/20/17 I put in an online order for the fall deal for two large pizzas and breadsticks. I got the first text at 6:04 stating my order was confirmed. At 6:30 I got the text saying the pizza was on the way. The pizza hut location is literally 4 min or 0.9 miles from the delivery location. (I googled it). I called at 7:09 and they assured me the pizza delivery guy just left and that it would be to me in a matter of minutes. 8pm rolls around and still NO PIZZA! I call again and this time they give me excuses about a bunch of orders and tell me it will be here in 10minutes...the time is now 8:46!!! I don't know what kind of games they are playing at 483 Meeting St., Charleston, SC but I do not appreciate this extremely poor service and will not be bringing them my business ever again! I had guests over and they have since left, waiting for the pizza I promised them. That was embarrassing and upsetting and I would expect more from a nationally known brand such as Pizza Hut but I have been severely let down. My children have not eaten dinner and now I will call for the third time to ensure my money is credited back to me as it is now almost 3 hours from the time I placed my order and I have to find something else to feed my family...Just got off the phone with them (9:08pm), they are very unprofessional and incompetent. No one knew what happened to my pizza, no one knew who I spoke to previously or why they told me it was on the way because now all of a sudden they can't see my order and said it must have been "voided". I wound up getting put on hold and they never came back. I did check my account and the money has been refunded. What a joke. Too late to cook anything, my kids had cereal for dinner! Can you freaking imagine little kids from 4-9 years old excited for pizza that never comes? Then having to have cereal for dinner???? At 9 o'clock at night!!! This is outrageous and I cannot believe this just happened. So disgusted with this situation but I bet nothing will change. Sad.

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