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My little cousin is employed at the Lihue Pizza Hut on the island of Kauai and calls me numerous times a month maybe weeks crying her eyes out because of how this manager (Rose) makes her feel or yells at her. My cousin is a special needs kid, and so at first I would rub it off being that she's young and needs to learn work ethics. Furthermore I realize she's being bullied undermine and verbally abused by this person. I'm concerned about this lady as to why she's in such high duty when she treats employees with disrespect and poorly, might I add her daughter is the other manager and her boyfriend is the main manager so that's a little odd. Please get back to as I would like to resolve this with a professional before I speak to this lady face face! Thank you so much


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      Oct 06, 2019

    It's not really all that odd that a whole family runs the restaurant since chances are this family owns that restaurant. These restaurants don't necessarily have to be run by a corporation with oversight. You will likely have to talk with the family and not Pizza Hut headquarters since it's unlikely the family's contract with Pizza Hut has any oversight clause, especially being out their on the islands.

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