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Sirvice who is advertise not work, website does not work propley and bad customer sirvice

I use multichoice for then 12years now I have always problems when I use the app dstv connect, when you phone in the consultant unable to help take a lot of my airtime, when you massage them on live chat they don't read, ask same question over and over to lazy to read, and on the end unable to help eskilate the problem and your never herd from them, when you use Facebook same storie, emails stays unanswered never reply some of them, right now for years I have a problem with reconnect holiday account, upgrade of sirvice, this weekend I upgrade to another pakkage on their website, system was fail and stuck my whole system, I phone in talk R200 out, further I live chat they was unable to help at the end take them 24hrs to get me on the go, after lot of hours of live chat, and further they advertise sirvice to do remote recording that was never work, multichoice sirvices are unprofessional and poor standards, and if they do that extra mile, all they say work from home, I ask them to phone me to explain to them in detail, so denied to do so, in my opinion they can closed the doors of multichoice, they are overpriced and give a poor sirvice and poor intertainment for lot of money

Advertisement of botched

During lockdown my children are at home during the day. The images used during all times of the day on DSTV to advertise the new series of Botched is offensive to me and my fmily and inappropriate for children. The showing of exessively large breasts and surgical interventions is not apprpriate for younger viewers. My kids have complained abot this a number of times. They ask me if it is not porn?


For 2 months I have been struggling with your company, you are very [censored]ing fast to take my money every month but still give me piss poor service. I have been calling for 2 month, every single time a call centre agent tells me that a manager will call me back... For 2 months I have not received any [censored]ing call. How many messages does one have to [censored]ing leave to give me a [censored]ing call.


DSTV has been increasing payments yearly and know during this crisis of Covid19 people are not working and can't pay for most of their bills Dstv has no remorse and their entertainment is lacking with repetitions of Movies, Soapys no live sports they should reduce their fee cause I feel like my fibre connection and a Netflix subscription cost 45% less

Premium / showmax / explora / catchup internet download speed.

I am a customer of 20 years standing pay close to R1000 p.m. for the privilege to be a premium customer but do not receive the service that I am paying for. For some 3 weeks I have been having issues with the download speed on both Catchup and Showmax. I have a 20 mbps fibre Telkom line. If I speed test my connection I get minimum 17mbps. When I use the connectivity checker om the Explora I during peak viewing times get 0.00 mbps and up to 7 mbps. I have had the line checked through Telkom and it is fine. I need you to fix this as quickly as possible as my patience with having to constantly wait for buffering is wearing extremely thin.

Prof. H.B. Klopper
Cell: [protected]

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Service from multichoice and its consultants

Mulitichioice is a very very careless organization when it comes to attending and satisfying customers complaints what it does it only eats our money we paying coz they arw good with that bt meeting our our complaint it's a problem, together with their consultant they dont do their job some of them they cant handle clients it so sad coz we paying to much money for this ill treatment from multichoice, if it were according to me i'd encourage all people to stop using dstv multichoice rather go for other same competitors

Poor service

The service that we receive during lockdown is not the value of the money we paying as we keep on watching one the same thing everyday, I feel that DSTV is ploitting us just because we loyal to the company. during this time where the are no sopies, no sport, no new movies the company was suppose to meet its clients in the middle by giving discounts or play movies that will be the value of the money we pay and I believe we not talking to deaf ears as DSTV act as if we are useless just because they dont have a competitor in SA we dont have options

Overcharging (over billing) for dstv technical service


Name and Surname: Jakob Genis

ID Number: [protected]

Email: [protected]

Cellphone: [protected]

Tax Number: [protected]

Clientele Legal Policy Number: [protected]

Home Address: Terrier Avenue 30






South Africa


In 2014 or 2015 I asked the domestic employee, called Violet, that still works at my house, if her son can come and fix my DSTV. Her son and another came and fixed it, but they overcharged(over billed) me with a invoice of more than R8000.00 which I did pay them. It is a job that was suppose to cost actually only about R700.00.

Here is Violet's contact details and address:

Here is the home address and contact details of Violet Mthembu

Name and Surname: Violet Mthembu

Home Address: 5953 New Ersterus F2    Avenue.                




South Africa

Phone number: [protected]

You can ask her what is the contact details of her son(DSTV Technician).  I'm not sure if she will lie while answering her cellphone and saying this is not the correct person.

What can you do for me in this case? 

Attach is a photo of Violet in the background.

Can you please email me back if possible to [protected] because I'm a lot at places that has low signal.

Thank You

Jakob Genis

Email: [protected]

Overcharging (over billing) for dstv technical service

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV


Haven't been told by a number of people that, since I was on the top package, I should get a dstv wi-fi connector so that I could watch showmax, especially as, at the moment, one is stuck at home due to covid19. So I purchased one, connected to the wi-fi etc but couldn't seem to watch showmax. I contacted dstv to be told that from march even people on the top package have to pay! However it doesn't seem to apply to people already watching it. What kind of service is this!! Some people on the top package can watch and others not! It would seem dstv has jumped on the bandwagon of people being stuck at home and so has decided to charge for this service! What does it say about this company?? While other companies are doing their best to assist people, dstv not only does nothing in terms of lowering the prices of its packages but actually puts the cost up for this product!! Doesn't say much for them as a company!


R825.40 unlawfully debited from my bank account. My account is not even activated and I have not been using DSTV services for the 8 months and on 26th April 2020 money deducted from my bank account. I called the call centre who said they will escalate to supervisor and billing team. I want my refund immediately. What you are doing is illegal. I want someone to call me back.

Sengkhathele reality show

Good evening

After watching Sengkhathele season 2 episode 3 I was very disappointed. The guy that was brought on the show was clearly high on something, I do not know what but it was not pleasant watching the show. How does production shot an episode seeing that someone is chemically out of balance.

I hope this will be corrected on other episode that Are still to come. Don't shot episode for the sake of shooting.


Stories on dstv channels.

I am so sick and tired of all the replays of the same movies/stories that you show ALL THE TIME. Like Bones, CSI. etc. All the fighting, shooting, killing, raping stories. Why can't you show good old family stories, love stories and so on for people who don't like watching violence on tv. You play Italian or whatever nationality movies dubbed into English which is so aweful to watch. I sometimes want to watch something and can't even find anything decent to watch. I am so sick of your movies that I am now getting Netflix and doing away with DSTV. You show absolute rubbish on TV, and the fees that we have to pay are so expensive. I have cancelled my DSTV now and gone onto Netflix where there are more decent movies to watch.

Reactivate my compact

41 Dulcimer Street
Tasbet Park
Date: 23 April 2020.

Dear Multichoice

I am Bheki Sibiya with account number [protected] would like to make payments arrangements and request Multichoice to reactivate my compact.

On the 14 April 2020, I had a telephonic conversation with one of Multichoice consultant whereby I was requesting assistance to change payment date from 15 to last day of the month with effect from April 2020, reason being that I got new employment and I will nolonger receiving salary on the 15 of each month but however I will get paid on the last day of the month beginning of April 2020 and please on how much prorata amount should I pay that will cover from 15 April until 30 April 2020. The consultant response was as follows:
1. Mr Sibiya I will change the payment date to last day of each month beginning of April.
2. Mr Sibiya you won't pay any prorata amount and you will stay connected until 30 April but however you will need to pay R591 end of April, and we agreed on.

Today this morning I found that my channels are diactivated. I call Multichoice to assist and they told me that I have to pay R209 to reconnect. however the last consultant today advice that I should request payment arrangements via this process as he can see that it was not my fault and poor explaination from the consultant who was helping me on the 14 April 2020.

Therefore I would like to make payment arrangements that I will be able to pay on the 30 April and request Multichoice to connect my channels today until month end and also advise how to pay on the 30 April that will cover May also.

Your urgent response will be highly appreciated and for more info please do not hesitate to contact me on [protected].

Kind regards
Bheki Sibiya

Keep on being disconnected

Please note we have been trying to get reconnected for the 3rd time and we are still waiting for reconnection. Paid once R3500 and now paid another R1500 and we still have been disconnected. We can not get through to the call centers and Dstv Malawi are not able to assist. We have provided proof of payment on account [protected]. Please urgently assist

2 year price lock and bad service

I made my 2y contract in end of February thinking the price is really R549 now I'm paying R849 or R1018 not...

Activation of services in the holiday house.

My account is [protected]
During the first week of march 2020, I called as usual to request that my services be inactive in my house and be activated in my holiday house because I was going to my holiday house. Due to the national lockdown I stayed in my holiday house. Sometime on the 15th april 2020, I findout my services were suspended. Upon finding out what's the reason I was told mg services were deactivated and I was owing r1921. For starters I am on premium for one subscription that I switch between two houses. That's when I learned that whoever I asked to switch me into the holiday house didn't deactivate my usual house and now I owe 2 months subscription because someone didn't do asked.

I called trying to resolve this among some of the errors experienced. But I was let to hold for 37minutes and eventually my call was changed up without any assistance. I had to call again and beg for the error to be cleared.

As for my account query I was told I will be called back of which it didn't happen. This pisses me off because I am not familiar with the self service and rely on this multichoice personal for assistance.

Consultants lied to me

I called in as my services were disconnected and the consultant told me that I need to pay r151.43 and I will be reconnected. After paying that amount they refused to reconnect my services and said that I need to pay an additional r305.43 for a package that I pay r359 monthly and I have already paid r550 + r155.00. The consultant name is azola and I have a recording as proof of what she said.

  • Ny
    Nyandeni Tee-Pee May 29, 2020

    What's new i'm also going through the same right now. the level of incompetency from both agents and supervisors is on another level

    0 Votes

Not prepared to connect dstv decoder

I have been trying to have a decoder connected to my account for the last 6 days. Only dstv can do this and referring, e back to whatasapp of the website is of no use. The call centre agents have rules that cannot be broken but cannot refer my request to a member of management.

I have a decoder that was passed onto me by my deceased aunt (3 years ago) and without a death certificate (proof that she passed it on) they simply refuse to budge. This is despite me being able to give them all the details pertaining to my aunt?

It seems my only way out is to buy a new decoder. But when asked where I can do so, they say at any of their centers. The trick is - there is no such centre where I live. So they refuse to hear my plea for an exception to be made and cannot help me with a new decoder!

Is this the way we treat customers during lock-down. Heaven help us when this is over - imagine how they treat customers in normal times!! The time has come for an alternative to dstv - watch this space!

advance payment not recognized, service suspended

I have 2 explora decoders plus an hd decoder meaning I have a 2 extra views on my compact subcription. From the 7th this month my services were suspended and received an sms stating I owe r138, an hour later I received another stating I now owe r238. After calling the call centreand explaining the payment was made early, I was reconnected and they blamed the system. Today the 12th I woke the services were suspended. After calling them for more than an hour I get told the supervisor will call me. After an hour waiting for the call from the "supervisor" I phoned back and spoke to another lady who expected me to explain my whole story again. I refused and I told her to speak khulisa the agent and mandla the "supervisor". After a moment this lady comes back activates my services and tells me the supervisor will reconcille the account. No mention of the r288 they claimed I owe. Dstv has become a day light robbery with an incompetent call centre staff.


Been with dstv for some years.

Every now and again recieve a msg that an amount is due for payment, without querying we do the payments.

On a few occasions dstv was confronted by myself regarding these payments as multichiice has disconnected the services, after proving to them that I have paid advanced amount and in credit balance, multichius advises 'OK' do the payment and we will pass the credit the following month. This never happens, neither to they call back.

January 2020 payment of R290
February 2020 payment of 849
March. 2020 payment of R798

All of which I had a separate package of for. R399 which had been cancelled.

Every month they disconnect the existing package saying do the payment and we will pass you the credit.

Enough to these scamsters, they need to be brought to book.

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