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Sirius XM Radio Complaints & Reviews

Sirius XM Radio / music subscription

Jun 14, 2019

My subscription is supposed to end on a certain day, it ended a full day earlier (keep in mind I am a full time employee and work all day), so I just went to work like I normally do. Fast forward to next day, I call in, ask why, they basically said it was my fault because I didn't call...

Sirius XM Radio / subscription cancellation refusal policy

Sep 14, 2018

Today I had great difficulty canceling my SiriusXM subscription because their employees are required to prevent you from doing so at all costs. Today I received a letter from SiriusXM Radio informing me that my annual subscription was about to automatically renew at a cost of $228.53 for their...

Sirius XM Radio / lifetime service scam

Jul 09, 2018

I also purchased, like many others, a 'lifetime' service, that I was told I could transfer up to three times during my lifetime. I purchased in 2008, and recently sold the car. Sirius refuses to honor my contract from 2008, and will only transfer to a 'new' radio if the radio was lost or...

Sirius XM Radio / lifetime subscription scam

Feb 23, 2018

Many years ago I opted to purchase SiriusXM's lifetime subscription option for $500. Monday, I purchased a new car and called to have my subscription transferred to the new vehicle. It was at that point I was informed that transferring the subscription was not an option, that my lifetime...

SiriusXM / life time subscriber switching service to a new radio after 3 tries

Jan 02, 2018

My 3rd satellite radio has died. The Onyx Plus was given to me last year as a replacement for a stolen one. SIRIUS will not activate my new Onyx Plus because it is my 3rd try. I just bought the new one right after Christmas 2017. Even though 1 was stolen, they count that as a new activation and...

Sirius XM / xm radio service

Sep 18, 2017

i ve been a customer for 3 years and i find this the worst company on the market. They have no clue that the service they provide has faults and is not worth what they change not to mention that they take money from you and don't want you to know about. don't fall for the 3...

Sirius XM Radio / bait and switch selling practices

Apr 10, 2017

Sirius contacted me and told me they would send me a free radio to extend my account to a second car for no charge. I received the radio and it took me over two hours to install it properly. I then called to have it turned on and they want to sell me a whole subscription to activate it! I...

Sirius XM Radio Inc. / satellite and internet service

Feb 15, 2016

I have just cancelled my subscription, in part because one of their employees - Joanna, employee # 78863 (in Cape Breton) lied to me when I renewed my subscription through her on February 12, 2016. She gave me a confirmation number of 387361571. She assured me that I would continue to...

XM radio / Charges after you cancel and sale the car

Jun 16, 2015

I cancelled my XM radio over a year ago. They confirmed it was cancelled. and they closed my account. I then sold my car. I keep getting past due bills. Every rep I talk to says something different. Every time I call, They are lying to me over and over again and they keep billing me. It i...

SiriusXM Satellite Radio / rebate delay

Dec 16, 2014

My husband purchased a SiriusXM satellite radio for his new truck at the beginning of July 2014. There was a rebate of $50 on the purchase of the radio with 60 days of service. After the 60 days were complete, I checked online on the status of the rebate. The status said "Pending Fulfillment"...

Sirius Satellite Radio / commercials

Nov 18, 2014

If you are looking for, commercial free music on Sirius XM satellite radio, you have waited way too long. Commercial free radio no longer exists. They not only have commercials between every song, now, they have infomercials constantly that are up to an hour long. Every new album that come...

SiriusXM / marketing, constant calling

Jan 26, 2014

SiriusXM call center at 866 903 7474 keeps calling to have me sign up for service. I called and asked to be put on Do Not Call list and they still keep calling. Calls started as the 6 month trial period for new vehicles ended. Thanks to Gwinnett Place Ford for sharing my phone number with...

SiriusXM / bait and switch

Dec 26, 2013

On Saturday December 21, 2013 I was contacted by one of their sales representatives. During the call I agreed to one-month of service for $0.99. I gave him my debit card number on the recorded line. Later that day I was Christmas shopping for my family, upon checking out my debit card wa...

Sirius XM / cancellation, do not call request

Nov 12, 2013

They keep calling me everyday even though I told them I do not want to extend my free trial I got with my new car. When I talked with Heather tonight, I must have said four times that I want to cancel and each time she offered me another "special." Finally I asked for her name, and stated...

Sirius / XM / unauthorized access to checking account

Jun 22, 2013

On June 18 of this year (2013), I installed a XM Sirius radio in my semi truck for listening pleasure while on the road. After installation, I was directed to call customer service toll free to connect to radio service. I called and spoke with customer service and the plan was set up. The...

Sirius XM / illegal telemarketing

Jan 09, 2013

I purchased a truck several months ago. It came with an offer for a free trial of the Sirius service. I did NOT elect to get the free trial, I did nothing to give my name or number to Sirius. I have never done business with Sirius, and my number is on the do not call list. Now Siriu...

Sirius Canada / Business practices

Jul 13, 2012

Poor customer service. They DEMAND a credit card to be kept on file and they unilaterally charge this card as the wish. Having spent a total of 87 minutes on HOLD over the past 3 days amounted to a total waste of time as I have better things to do. I still had a credit on my Sirius Canada...

Sirius XM Radio / pink flloyd

May 28, 2012

I'm very upset that you've put Pink Floyd on Deep Tracks station all weekend this holiday weekend. I'm thinking of discontinuing my subscription to Sirius this has upset me so bad. If I wanted to listen to Pink Floyd, I'd go buy the album or download it. You made a...

Sirius / XM Satelite Radio / Charge me for Video for 3 years

May 26, 2012

Oh boy, On the phone for hours like everyone else. My problem is that we cancel our Backseat Video in 2009, it did indeed shut off and no longer function. Great all done! Noooo... Just found out I have been charged all these years even though the Sat TV shows nothing except the number to...

Sirius Satellite Radio / this company is too big to care

Apr 12, 2012

I paid for a 5 year subscription that was to begin after the 3 month trial expired on my newly purchased Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have been contacted several times recently about renewing my subscription, which technically hasn’t begun. On 9/17/2011 (yesterday) I was contacted once...

SiriusXM / overbilling

Apr 10, 2012

I requested to cancel a subscription to siriusxm, who sent me a statement due 4/1/12 on a second notice and 5/1/12 on the internet site. When all attempt to keep me as a customer, to include a reduced rate of $4.95 per month for 6 months, same as the previous 6 months, failed - siriusxm...

Sirius XM / billing

Mar 22, 2012

Called to renew my account and kept on hold for an hour when I explained that I was not renewing because I was getting a new car (that had 6 months free satellite)! Immediately informed that I owed money for past service and was placed on hold for another 30 minutes and finally gave up.

Sirius XM Radio Inc. / cheated out of service

Mar 06, 2012

My boss bought me a life time membership when I bought my first new car, now mind you this - my boss was in my car w/ me on speaker phone when all this was being done and he paid the $500 on his CCard. I recently traded that car in for another and before I got the car out of the shop, the...

Sirius XM Radio Inc. / make it purposely difficult to cancel service

Feb 23, 2012

Called and talked to representative to cancel my service because selling car. They took my information and said they transfer call for what I thought was verification purposes. Call transfered to a recorded message where I waited for over 20 min for customer care person. Why couldn't...

Sirius XM Radio / constant phone calls

Feb 11, 2012

Receiving phones on a daily basis, sometimes 2 - 3 times per days from XM asking to update account information. Just received my third's 8:45 pm, I have asked a gazillion times to take my number off their lists and check their call record prior to telephoning my...

XM Radio Canada / XM Radio billing

Jan 11, 2012

In December I purchased a new car which has a 3 year free XM Radio subscription included. I had a subscription with my previous car, so I called to activate the new service and was advised I had to pay a Transfer Fee. I discovered during my conversation that if I cancelled the service on my...

SiriusXM Radio / over billing

Jan 09, 2012

I subscribed to a multi- year SiriusXM contract when I purchased my vehicle. I just received a notice (Jan 2012)--the same day the service stopped working--to tell me the service would be terminated if I didn't pay. I was not notified that the service was even coming due!!! I called...

Sirius XM Radio Inc. / improper illegal business policies

Dec 13, 2011

I renewed my subscription in may 2010.I was talked into a life time serivce was slightley more than the 3 yr fee.I spent 45 min while they walked me through the process.they accumulated the totals for this explained it was lifetime and it was a one time charge of $xxx.xx they confirmed the...

Sirius Satellite Radio / rip off

Nov 13, 2011

I have been a Siruis customer for several years but due to their constantly rising costs have chosen to cancel. I tried to cancel only one radio and was given a quoted cost to keep the second radio active. When I received the bill it was significantly higher than quoted. I called to...

XM radio / Deceptive billing practices

Oct 20, 2011

A year ago I contacted XM/Sirius Radio to close my satellite radio account due to a rate increase and low usage. I was on hold for over 1 3/4 hours undergoing three agent referrals before I reached someone who would assist. That person apologized profusely and offered me an incredibly...

Sirius Radio / scam artists

Oct 16, 2011

I hope that you can help me with a problem that I'm having with Sirius Radio. I bought a new car that came with 3 free months of Sirius and at the end of the 3 month period, I started getting aggressive calls from Sirius to extend my service for another year. I relented thinking that...

XM radio / Incompotant customer service, unauthorized charges

Sep 19, 2011

I recently perchased a new car that is not compatible with XM radio. I prepaid for a full year with my previous car, so I called to cancel that subscription. I was then told that they would sell me a portable xm radio for my new car for only 10.00$. And I was also told that the deal wa...

Sirius Xm Sat Radio / unauthorized billing

Sep 04, 2011

For almost a year we called, then called again and again to ask them to cancel our service. Each month they billed us so we consistently asked for a refund. After 11 months they finally cancelled the service but would only refund us $9.08 because we did not complain about the issue! I...

Sirius XM / harassing phone calls

Sep 03, 2011

Sirius XM does not and will not respect our nation's Do-Not-Call laws. Sirius XM does not and will not respect requests to remove someone from calling lists. I've demanded multiple times in writing that Sirius XM stop calling me, but the calls have escalated instead. Sirius XM...

Sirius Radio / widly overcharging

Aug 31, 2011

Before our Sirius Satellite radio subscription had expired (at the end of 2010), we called customer service and negotiated a new package and rate for the forthcoming year. Their renewal rate was about $265 for another two years, but we negotiated a lower one-year package price of $100. I...

Sirius Satellite Radio / fraudulent billing

Jul 02, 2011

Cosby of Sirius called me 12/30/2010 and asked for updated billing info, which I gave. She could not find any record of a credit I was supposed to receive toward my next bill, so I told her repeatedly and emphatically-do not bill... cancel service. She nagged me for 4 more minutes and I hung...

Sirius / Sirus Scam

Jun 30, 2011

(DD/MM/YYYY)31/08/2010 I subscribed to sirius canada for three months, As I spoke with the representive, it was only a ''test'' to see if I like their radio, so, there was no more charges to me. December 1 2010, the subscription Is suposed to end and my radio got thieved...

XM radio / Customer Service STINKS

Jun 29, 2011

Use caution when looking to XM radio for your entertainment needs. They have a good product but if you ever have problems with you bill they are completely impossible to work with. They have given me four different invoices in less than 30 days and still have not resolved the problem. On...

Sirius XM Radio / unfair billing

Jun 26, 2011

I received a bill from SiriusXM in May 2011 for $41. I called and told them I disputed the bill and was told they would settle for 1/2 but I had to pay immediately. I declined and said I would not be paying. This month I received a new bill for $46 with a late charge of $5.00. I called...

Sirius Radio / unsolicited email

Jun 07, 2011

I have tried via email to get Sirius Radio to stop emailing me advertisements about one thing or another. I have called at least 5 times and complained yet I still get emailed about this and that. You would thing they could get something so simple fixed but they cannot. Finally I cancelled...