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Complaints & Reviews

Lifetime service scam

I bought a lifetime service agreement from Sirius in 2010, and they have cancelled it...arguing that it was just lifetime per vehicle, then that there were just 3 transfers allowed (why if just per vehicle?)( and why had they transferred in 2014 to new car without discussion so this would have just been the second transfer), then that the transfers cost $75, which I paid in January despite my being angry, but they never did connect the signal in my car, and when I called, they said that was the last transfer allowed and since it was now July, too bad. Spoke to a supervisor who said he was going to forward my complaint to corporate and they would listen to my January phone call, to see if I was telling the truth.

The staff and supervisors lie. They can't even get a straight sorry as a good lie.

Guess what...no reply from corporate...and I have figured out that I can live very well without Sirius!

Unethical behavior

My husband and I used Sirius radio for about 4-6 months and decided that we know longer wanted to pay for an extra bill.
After we both cancelled, the phone calls have overtaking both our phones incessantly. Usually its a local number and not the same, therefore we answer only to hear a Sirius sales voice.
We are polite people, have nicely informed caller we are not interested, never the less the phone calls keep going.
The two numbers are [protected]-0655 with the ongoing harrassment it will encourage us not to seek a renewal if we choose to down the line.
Thank you, LIsa Lepine

Embezzlement of charges

Sirius bill went from 160.00$ for a year service on 3 vehicles, and they automatically renewed the next year when it came due for everything they could add to the account, of $551.00!!!. I called and canceled the contract, and, rather than refunding the charge to the credit card co. They put a credit of $551.00 on my account. Over the next 5 months of contesting the credit card charges, I was able to call and get one vehicle for a year coverage of $74.00 paid out of the credit, and a 6 mo. For another vehicle at $34.75 out of the credit balance. After numerous calls to sirius, and someone in the philippine islands, I was advised they had issued a check for a $444.00 refund — there never was one issued, and each time I called afterward to get it, I was finally told 6 months after the cancellation, they never got the $555.00, so they could not refund it — even when I pointed out there would have been no credit balance unless they received the money. Somewhere, someone with this co. Wrote a $444.00 check and stuck it in their pocket — I am trying to locate the government branch that I can report the embezzlement too, but let it be known: deal with this company using a credit card and risk going to the cleaners. Since I have the paperwork to proof all of the above, this is not slander< but it is fact.

Radio service

I was on the phone one hour with ben at siriusxm just trying to get my subscription switched. Ben was rude and verbally abusive & nothing was resolved so I hung up. I called back & christine said she was a supervisor... Same thing. Christine continuously talked over me and was also rude. I don't need this mistreatment, particularly in a pandemic. I told both, that although I just received my bill in the mail yesterday on may 20, it's dated may 7. I changed to ebilling before I called. I will not pay the balance of $249.51. I requested cancellation due to the verbal abuse and excessive hold time. When I got in my car 20 minutes my 2 year subscription had been cancelled without ever reaching out to me, when in fact siriusxm should have taken the position of contacting me first to offer some type of compensation for my lost time & mistreatment rather than losing a long-time customer. Such immediate cancellation without upper management communicating with me is indicative of their overall attitude including rude employees. Peace

Continual rate increases

I did enjoy using Sirius radio in my vehicle which originally started at $6.00 monthly and afterward increased to $8.00 per month at which I was relatively satisfied. There were some dead areas that I continually experienced with your service (ie. pulling into certain parking lots in different areas, traversing certain roads when there were hills on either side of the road while travelling as well as many other dead spots - parking 10 metres from a local convenience store I experienced absolutely no service as well). After my agreement with you expired I was informed I would have to pay an increased rate of $20.00 monthly with no opportunity to negotiate. At this point in time, I simply cancelled my subscription as I was no longer satisfied with your rates and your refusal to negotiate to a more reasonable where I could see myself continuing with your service. You do however, keep sending me letters and communications asking for my business back which, unfortunately, I have already declined as I feel your rates as they stand are no longer reasonable and I do not understand your rates increased so dramatically.

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Charge on credit card

I never authorized Sirius Radio to continue to subcribe. I got a charge on my credit card which I didn't authorize. Every January I renew my subscribtion for Siriius for the winter months. You can check my record. I do not authorize it any other time of year. I would like you to cancel the charged on my Amercan Express and I will order it again for the winter. If you don't do this, I will never order from you again.

Nancy Spenard

Music subscription

My subscription is supposed to end on a certain day, it ended a full day earlier (keep in mind I am a full time employee and work all day), so I just went to work like I normally do. Fast forward to next day, I call in, ask why, they basically said it was my fault because I didn't call them the day it stopped...ummm...it's my fault that YOU didn't end the subscription when it was scheduled? So if you went in for surgery on a scheduled day, and the doctor said you should've called because yesterday we were looking for you and sorry about your luck. WTF is that [censored]?!

Subscription cancellation refusal policy

Today I had great difficulty canceling my SiriusXM subscription because their employees are required to prevent you from doing so at all costs.

Today I received a letter from SiriusXM Radio informing me that my annual subscription was about to automatically renew at a cost of $228.53 for their minimum service. Last year I paid just under $100! I called to cancel because I am retired and I am no longer in my car long enough at one time to make it worth even a token amount (I have driven less than 2100 miles since January 1) and that is absolutely true.

The first person I talked to didn't have the ability or authority to cancel it and tried to, over and over again, convince me that I should not cancel (10 minutes of my time). I kept telling her, "...No! Please just cancel it..." several times and finally asked to speak to a supervisor. She argued with me some more for several minutes and then transferred me to a non-supervisor who proceeded to repeat the process for a full thirty-minutes. Time after time I told her I did not want any more sales pitches to just cancel my order. I finally told her that I would not renew my subscription and that if she did not immediately cancel it, I would report SiriusXM to both state officials and the Federal Trade Commission. After a few more sales pitches over my protests, I made it clear to her that I would never again do business with Sirius and that I would let everyone know about how I was treated. She finally reluctantly relented and processed the cancelation.

I talked to my wife afterwards and she reminded me that the same thing happened to her when she tried to cancel her subscription last year. This was obviously their company policy that was being followed.

Consider this a warning before you agree to even a trial offer from SiriusXM.

Lifetime service scam

I also purchased, like many others, a 'lifetime' service, that I was told I could transfer up to three times during my lifetime. I purchased in 2008, and recently sold the car. Sirius refuses to honor my contract from 2008, and will only transfer to a 'new' radio if the radio was lost or stolen. This was not the offer when I purchased.

This company is clearly changing the rules as they go along, and do not purchase sirius xm, especially any 'long-term contract they try to sell you (2-3 years), because they will change the price, or change the terms!

This company will likely have to go out of business soon and start up as another company, because this scam is going to escalate.

Do not purchase sirius xm.

Lifetime subscription scam

Many years ago I opted to purchase SiriusXM's lifetime subscription option for $500. Monday, I purchased a...

Life time subscriber switching service to a new radio after 3 tries

My 3rd satellite radio has died. The Onyx Plus was given to me last year as a replacement for a stolen one. SIRIUS will not activate my new Onyx Plus because it is my 3rd try. I just bought the new one right after Christmas 2017.
Even though 1 was stolen, they count that as a new activation and will not activate this one.
I was on the phone for 1.5 hours and on the internet for 1.5 hours (same time) trying to solve the activation. Not one representative would do it.
I requested my "Life Time Fee" returned, and they refuse.
The said the would escalate it and get back to me in 10 to 15 days!
No Way!!

Below is my entire "CHAT"
Hi there,

You recently chatted with one of our SiriusXM Chat Support Agents. Below is a copy of the conversation. If your question and/or concern was not addressed to your satisfaction, you may call us at [protected] from 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. ET Monday-Friday and 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET Saturday and Sunday. Thanks.
General Information

Chat Start Time Chat End Time Chat Duration Operator Interaction ID
Jan 01, 2018 18:11:00 GMT Jan 01, 2018 19:19:32 GMT 01:08:31 Jenny INT-va1appis11-[protected]
Chat transcript

Auto-Generated Message (18:11:01 GMT) : SiriusXM: Hi, I'm the Sirius XM Virtual Agent. I'm here for you!

SiriusXM: May I have your first and last name?

Visitor: Robert wiacek

SiriusXM: Thanks, may I also have your phone number, including your area code?

Visitor: [protected]

SiriusXM: Thanks, again.

SiriusXM: How can I help you?

Visitor: My Onyx Plus died. I purchased a new one and called to activate it. The representative could not do it and told me to email the Support team. My new ID is:J53C0D4W. I am a LIFETIME SUBSCRIBER. I was told I had to pay for the turn on. Last time I purchased this radio I DID NOT PAY 75.00 USD To activate the Onyx Plus. Please turn on my service NOW

SiriusXM: That's not something I can handle, but I'll connect you with a specialist who can help you.
Auto-Generated Message (18:11:01 GMT) :
This customer has not signed in. Please validate the account info for this customer if you need to access the account for answering the customer's question. If you are going to push the payment card, please add Account Id as the parameter in the slider command.

Visitor (18:11:09 GMT) : My Onyx Plus died. I purchased a new one and called to activate it. The representative could not do it and told me to email the Support team. My new ID is:J53C0D4W. I am a LIFETIME SUBSCRIBER. I was told I had to pay for the turn on. Latst time I purchased this radio I DID NOT PAY 75.00 USD To activate the Onyx Plus. Please turn on my service NOW
Kyle (18:11:30 GMT) : Hi, my name is Kyle. Thank you for contacting SiriusXM
Kyle (18:11:36 GMT) : Hello Robert!
Visitor (18:11:40 GMT) : hi
Kyle (18:11:41 GMT) : I apologize for the inconvenience.
Visitor (18:12:34 GMT) : ok turn it on
Kyle (18:12:53 GMT) : Let me check with my supervisor.
Visitor (18:13:58 GMT) : what is going on
Kyle (18:14:05 GMT) : One moment.
Visitor (18:14:09 GMT) : k
Kyle (18:14:42 GMT) : Please help me with the complete address and ZIP code.
Visitor (18:15:48 GMT) : 105 S, Pelham Rd
Visitor (18:15:57 GMT) : Voorhees, New Jersey 08043
Visitor (18:16:04 GMT) : [protected]
Kyle (18:16:11 GMT) : Certain changes made on your account may result in us sending you an email confirming the changes. Is [protected]@hotmail.com your current email address?
Visitor (18:16:20 GMT) : yes
Kyle (18:16:43 GMT) : Perfect. Thank you for confirming the account details.
Kyle (18:17:26 GMT) : As per account I see that your life time radio is reached the transfer option.
Visitor (18:17:42 GMT) : ?
Kyle (18:17:45 GMT) : As of now you don't have the option to transfer to new radio.
Visitor (18:18:03 GMT) : Bulll [censor]
Visitor (18:18:21 GMT) : Them you replace my Sirius Radio that dies
Visitor (18:18:45 GMT) : I had to buy a new one, and now you wont turn it on????
Kyle (18:18:56 GMT) : On or after September 8, 2007: Lifetime subscriptions associated with home, portable or dock & play radios can be transferred a maximum of three times.* Lifetime subscriptions first associated with or transferred to radios installed in vehicles by automakers or dealers are NOT transferable unless the radio is stolen, accidentally damaged or defective.
Visitor (18:19:38 GMT) : This is NOT an automobile radio!!!
Kyle (18:20:10 GMT) : Lifetime subscriptions associated with home, portable or dock & play radios can be transferred a maximum of three times.
Kyle (18:20:22 GMT) : I see that you've transferred more than 3 times.
Visitor (18:20:31 GMT) : this is the 3rd
Visitor (18:20:46 GMT) : first was the old style
Kyle (18:21:18 GMT) : I've check this for you!
Visitor (18:21:28 GMT) : then the last one was the ONYX it died 3 days ago, this I the third
Kyle (18:22:14 GMT) : Let me check with my support team.
Kyle (18:22:21 GMT) : Allow me two minutes
Visitor (18:24:13 GMT) : Support Center Support Home Answers Submit a Question to our Support Team Email Address * Required First Name * Required Last Name * Required Phone * Required Radio ID / ESN Ask Your Question * Required My Onyx Plus died. I purchased a new one and called to activate it. The representative could not do it and told me to email the Support team. My new ID is:J53C0D4W. I am a LIFETIME SUBSCRIBER. I was told I had to pay for the turn on. Latst time I purchased this radio I DID NOT PAY 75.00 USD To activate the Onyx Plus. Please turn on my service NOW Screen Reader users press enter to select a Category. Values selected:Activating My Radio Swap Service to a New Radio Category * This button does not work with screen readers. Please use the previous link instead. Activating My Radio Swap Service to a New Radio Attach Documents
Kyle (18:24:37 GMT) : One moment please.
Visitor (18:24:42 GMT) : K
Kyle (18:25:05 GMT) : I appreciate your efforts.
Kyle (18:29:14 GMT) : I'm checking Its taking some long time.
Kyle (18:29:34 GMT) : By the way you need to pay transfer fee if the you've the option to transfer.
Kyle (18:30:10 GMT) : Please change the browser and give a try to fill the form.
Visitor (18:30:27 GMT) : I know I have to pay but last time it was 25.00 or 35.00
Kyle (18:30:58 GMT) : I'm sorry the Life time transfer is $75 from long back.
Visitor (18:31:08 GMT) : ok get it done
Kyle (18:31:21 GMT) : Give me a moment.
Visitor (18:31:59 GMT) : battery on lap top is almost out. please hurry
Kyle (18:32:11 GMT) : Yes give me 2 more minutes.
Kyle (18:32:51 GMT) : I'm sorry, I've check with my support team and It can't be transfer as you've used transfer option 3 times
Visitor (18:33:50 GMT) : it was only 2 times. this is the third
Kyle (18:34:02 GMT) : The first transfer is on [protected] [protected] 12/28/2009
Kyle (18:34:12 GMT) : The second transfer is on [protected] N6RT0AC7 12/31/2014
Kyle (18:34:17 GMT) : Third transfer is on N6RT0AC7 MTGC1AME 11/05/2015
Visitor (18:35:20 GMT) : you see the 2nd one and the 3rd one are the same radio that failed you want the damaged one back
Kyle (18:36:17 GMT) : The second one is : [protected] to N6RT0AC7 on 12/31/2014
Kyle (18:36:33 GMT) : The third on N6RT0AC7 to MTGC1AME 11/05/2015
Kyle (18:37:01 GMT) : I'm sorry It can't be transfer
Visitor (18:37:19 GMT) : that's because it died...I didn't buy one because I wanted a new one, but because it died. just like this one that just died
Kyle (18:37:36 GMT) : I'm really Robert!
Visitor (18:37:48 GMT) : what???? I no longer have a Life time Membership Subscriber?
Kyle (18:38:48 GMT) : You've life time transfer, But you can't transfer the services as you've used 3 times.
Visitor (18:39:12 GMT) : You are not being clear.
Kyle (18:39:32 GMT) : Let me explain you clearly.
Kyle (18:39:57 GMT) : I see that you've transfer the services for 3 times It can't be transfer as of now.
Kyle (18:40:42 GMT) : Would you like me to help you with any other information?
Kyle (18:41:37 GMT) : Life time transfer can be done 3 times and you've reached the 3 times option.
Visitor (18:42:39 GMT) : I signed on as a lifetime member prior to you changing the rules/. Now I can't JOIN at all?
Kyle (18:43:30 GMT) : The rules are since we have started the life time subscription.
Visitor (18:43:42 GMT) : no way.
Visitor (18:44:31 GMT) : I'm Life Time I paid for Life time. Your radios fall apart.uy new radios because your radios fall apart and now I can't get service
Kyle (18:44:50 GMT) : I can help you with the customer agreement you can go through that.
Visitor (18:45:05 GMT) : go
Kyle (18:46:09 GMT) : HTTPs://WWW.siriusxm.com/pdf/siriusxm_customeragreement_eng.pdf?intcmp=GN_FOOTER_NEW_CustomerAgreementWebsiteTermsofUse
Kyle (18:47:15 GMT) : Please follow above link to check the customer agreement.
Visitor (18:47:23 GMT) : You gonna return my LIFETIME FEEClass action lawsuit? Is that what happens next?
Visitor (18:47:48 GMT) : Do I call Howard Stern?
Kyle (18:48:54 GMT) : I apologize for the inconvenience.
Kyle (18:49:02 GMT) : A supervisor is needed to process your request, please give me a moment while I get a supervisor. Thank you for your patience
Info (18:50:00 GMT) : Kyle has transferred this interaction.
Info (18:50:00 GMT) : The interaction has been transferred to Jenny
Jenny (18:50:05 GMT) : Hi, my name is Jenny. Thank you for contacting SiriusXM.
Jenny (18:50:13 GMT) : I'm Kyle's Supervisor.
Visitor (18:51:35 GMT) : This is very simple. I paid for LIFE TIME. I purchase your radios, they fail I in good faith buy a new one, One gets stolen, I buy a new one, it fails and now I can't get my Lifetime Service back on
Jenny (18:53:56 GMT) : I understand your concern, Robert.
Jenny (18:54:29 GMT) : However, as per lifetime transfer policy we will not be able to transfer services to a new radio now.
Visitor (18:54:59 GMT) : I have no other option? I want my service back on, or I will go start a class action lawsuit for ALL Life Time Members
Jenny (18:55:23 GMT) : If there is a way I would have definitely helped you on chat.
Jenny (18:55:35 GMT) : However, I recommend you to call at [protected]. They may help you further.,
Visitor (18:56:01 GMT) : Should I send you my Onyx Back and youll fix it so I can get back on?
Visitor (18:56:13 GMT) : I already called them.
Jenny (18:56:28 GMT) : Sure, I will help you with the phone number of our advanced technical team, who will help you fixing it.
Jenny (18:56:36 GMT) : Please call at [protected].
Visitor (18:56:45 GMT) : it doesn't power up
Visitor (18:57:11 GMT) : so they cant diagnose it. This is why I bought a new one
Jenny (18:57:12 GMT) : Once you call at the above number, they will check this for you.
Jenny (19:00:39 GMT) : I wish I could transfer services for you, however, we do not have an option.
Auto-Generated Message (19:01:17 GMT) : Visitor has requested for email transcript. The email will be automatically sent after the interaction is wrapped up.
Visitor (19:01:40 GMT) : I want my file time fee back if you cant help me.
Visitor (19:02:09 GMT) : life time money back
Jenny (19:02:35 GMT) : I'm sorry, as we do not have an access to refund lifetime money.
Jenny (19:02:50 GMT) : I recommend you to call at [protected]. They may help you with an alternate
Jenny (19:02:51 GMT) : Is there anything else that I can assist you with today?
Jenny (19:05:46 GMT) : Let me check with our support team if we have any other option.
Visitor (19:06:33 GMT) : K
Jenny (19:10:34 GMT) : Your patience is greatly appreciated.
Jenny (19:10:51 GMT) : I have checked with our support team also, I'm sorry as we do not have an option to transfer lifetime plan to new radio.
Visitor (19:12:40 GMT) : ?
Jenny (19:13:38 GMT) : Lifetime subscriptions associated with home, portable or dock & play radios can be transferred a maximum of three times.* Lifetime subscriptions first associated with or transferred to radios installed in vehicles by automakers or dealers are NOT transferable unless the radio is stolen, accidentally damaged or defective.
Jenny (19:13:47 GMT) : However, it has been transferred 5 times on your account.
Visitor (19:14:10 GMT) : 3 TIMES
Visitor (19:14:46 GMT) : 09, 2014, 2015 LAST RADIO'S LAST 1 YEAR
Jenny (19:16:54 GMT) : On 12/28/2009 you have transferred services from [protected] to [protected]
Jenny (19:17:26 GMT) : On 12/29/2014 you have transferred services from [protected] to N6RT0AC7 and on the same day you have transferred from N6RT0AC7 to [protected]
Jenny (19:17:44 GMT) : On 12/31/2014 you have transferred services from [protected] to N6RT0AC7
Jenny (19:17:54 GMT) : On 12/31/2014 you have transferred services from N6RT0AC7 to MTGC1AME
Visitor (19:19:27 GMT) : IM TAKING OTHER ACTION

  • Updated by robwiacek · Jan 02, 2018

    Lets start a Class Action Lawsuit against SIRIUIS XM because of their deceptive "Lifetime Subscriber" program.

xm radio service

I ve been a customer for 3 years and I find this the worst company on the market. They have no clue that the...

Bait and switch selling practices

Sirius contacted me and told me they would send me a free radio to extend my account to a second car for no...

Satellite and internet service

I have just cancelled my subscription, in part because one of their employees - Joanna, employee # 78863 (in...

Charges after you cancel and sale the car

I cancelled my XM radio over a year ago. They confirmed it was cancelled. and they closed my account. I then...

Rebate delay

My husband purchased a SiriusXM satellite radio for his new truck at the beginning of July 2014. There was a...


If you are looking for, commercial free music on Sirius XM satellite radio, you have waited way too long.
Commercial free radio no longer exists. They not only have commercials between every song, now, they have infomercials constantly that are up to an hour long. Every new album that comes out nowdays gets advertising on Sirius XM in the form of extended plays for the artist, and hour long infomercials to promote the new release of these works, and of many old REMASTERD works… and with the holly-days cumming up... yea it will get worse. They are already mentioning `BUY NOW FOR XMAS’
This goes for all music programming on Sirius XM radio. I just used the ones that I try to listen to, and thank dog that there are enough channels that you can switch channels to get away from the commercials, if you don’t mind changing channels all the time.
If you don’t want to pay for commercials, I suggest you stick with over the air programming. You get the same music just as much advertising and it is still free. As I write this, I have just now had to change the channel from Sirius Outlaw channel, as a INFOMERCIAL has just come on.
If I had not purchased a life time subscription when it was still possible, (since 2004) I would not be paying for this commercial programming.
Yea I have listened to the change as it has happened, so I can say all this with first hand experience. Back then there were channels that did not have ‘DJs’ pure music, not happening any more. The sheep are so PROGRAMMED to programming that not to many even notice the lies that, Sirius XM has commercial free music channels, ALL OF THE MUSIC CHANNELS are advertised as COMMERCIAL FREE …
Sirius-lee go back to `COMMERCIAL FREE' music, or quit advertising as such.
... --- ... Sirius-lee aggravated subscriber


  • Tc
    T Cannon Sep 01, 2010

    Yet another person turned over to a collection agency by SIRIUS after paying for 1 service period I found they automatically enrolled me in another and charged me without my permission. Where are all the lawyers, this has to be a lawsuit in the makings against SIRIUS. I really thought this was a scam against SIRIUS and was astounded to find out this is their business practice.

    0 Votes
  • Ab
    AbsPapa Dec 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    File a complaint with your state attorney generals office.

    0 Votes

Marketing, constant calling

SiriusXM call center at [protected] keeps calling to have me sign up for service. I called and asked to be put on Do Not Call list and they still keep calling. Calls started as the 6 month trial period for new vehicles ended. Thanks to Gwinnett Place Ford for sharing my phone number with this fine group. I wish some of my ex-girlfriends would pine over me the way SiriusXM seems to do.

Bait and switch

On Saturday December 21, 2013 I was contacted by one of their sales representatives.
During the call I agreed to one-month of service for $0.99. I gave him my debit card number on the recorded line. Later that day I was
Christmas shopping for my family, upon checking out my debit card was declined to my dismay. Upon checking my account online I
was found a $1.00 pre-authorization and shocked to see a second preauthorization for $357.33. I called and was told by a supervisor
the representative made a mistake and subscribed me to a 2 year plan and a credit was requested. On 12/25/13 $342.33 has been
credited back to my debit card. Leaving $14.01 still owed me. I have called and they said they are not willing to credit the remaining
credit showing on the account.

  • Ch
    Charles A. King May 23, 2014

    I received a bill in my name. I paid said bill ( $111.55) with a check (#131) drawn on my account! The payment was applied to another persons account and Sirius XM wouldn't correct the error when I called!!

    0 Votes
  • Ex
    exodus2112 May 25, 2016

    I had my account charged for 3 extra radios from an address 300 miles away- I called the local PD and within 1 hour all way satisfied and didn't even have to wait for bank to refund. about the only time in my life I was screwed ( at first ) but had not future repercussions

    0 Votes

Cancellation, do not call request

They keep calling me everyday even though I told them I do not want to extend my free trial I got with my new car. When I talked with Heather tonight, I must have said four times that I want to cancel and each time she offered me another "special." Finally I asked for her name, and stated in a firm annoyed voice, "Heather, I understand you are doing your job but I do NOT want Sirius XM and I want you to put me on the DNC list." She then gave me some disclaimer about it taking a few weeks, "Is that OK?" Really???? No, that's NOT ok. Take me off your list!!! I then hung up. How much do you want to bet that they call me again tomorrow??

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