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I have been so frustrated with the customer service at Multichoice, that I know revert to writing this down, as I cannot explain this issue one more time to someone who works shifts and finds it impossible to keep their word, and get back to me as they ALL promise.

REF number: [protected]

In March 2006, I disconnected my service with MultiChoice, as I moved to Mozambique for an unknown period. On 27 Fear I asked a friend, to phone Multichoice on my behalf, using my DSTV number, to inquire re the reconnection fees,(monthly and yearly) She did this, and concluded this conversation in saying that we will come back to confirm if we wanted to pay for this on monthly or a yearly basis. Thus not confirming it during the call.

On 27 March, to my shock and surprise I saw that the amount of R 858.93 was deducted by Multichoice. I was horrified. And then the terrible journey began to try and sort this out with your call centre. I phoned on 2/4/2007, spoke to Henri, see above ref number. All he did was to say the call will be retreated and he will get back to me before the end of the week, On Thursday I called just to find that nothing was done.

On Tuesday 10/4/2007 I called again (even though Multichoice said they would call me back. ) I spoke to Nicky, she escalated the problem to the complains manager. Later in the week I called again, and spoke to Marilynn Collins, to whom I had to again explain the full problem. She said that someone listened to the call, and that they said my friend requested reconnection. ON the same day Henri called to say that he did not listen to the call, someone else did.

I now requested to listen to the tape myself, and asked Marilynn to arrange for this for Sat 21/4/2007 at 09h00. On Monday 16/4/2007 I got a message from her to say that they had the tape at the front desk on 14/4/2007 --- I was amazed.

On 17/4 I called and asked to speak to Shawane, he actually listened to me, and even indicated that he can understand why someone might have misunderstood this request as a request for reconnection. I FELT HOPEFUL. He promised to make an appointment for me for 21/4/2007 at 10h00 and would get back to me


19/4/2007 I called again, asked to but put through to a complaints manager, as Shawane was not on duty, who would call me back within the hour, as the problem has been escalated (I now think this just means, the complaint has been filed in the dustbin)

When at 16h00 I still have not been contacted by Multichoice (within the hour she said) I called again, and asked the call centre person who answered Peter, to just put me through to a complaints manager, I got connected to Johannes Nkabinde, who said someone apparently did try and get hold of me. I however had no missed calls from anyone, and received no messages on my answering service.

He promised to again forward an email to Marilynn and Shawane and Nicky to get back to me to confirm the appointment for Saturday 21/4/2007.

I feel as a customer, that I have no value to you, that when a problem arise, you seem to think that it is my problem, and my perception is that I as a customer has no value to you. This saddens me and at the same time makes me really really angry. You have a customer complains department, yet I as a customer feels that you really do not care enough to help me. The experience I had with you really just makes me wonder if I want to be your customer. Should I not spend my money elsewhere.

I am in anticipation to hear the outcome of this issue, I would be most amazed if someone calls me back tomorrow.

Kind regards
Suzette van Rooyen
Suzette van Rooyen
Wheelchair Tennis South Africa
PO Box 1000
Mobile: +[protected]
Office: +[protected]

  • Updated by Sizakele McKarteeny · Mar 08, 2018

    Hi there. My channel 408 isnt playing. What is happening because I paid

  • Updated by Priscilla Van wyk · Mar 21, 2018


  • Updated by Inoshini · Apr 03, 2018

    I am very upset about glow tv been removed from dstv, there are many channels that are of no use, glow tv has millions of viewers and i dont see the need for it to be removed . Glow tv were airing series that you follow on a daily basis, unlike the repeats of movies that airs on dstv other...

  • Updated by Katlego Spooner · Jul 11, 2018

    Can someone help the SABC channels areblocked but other channels are playing fine can we get assistance bcos they couldn't help remotely

  • Updated by Rudy Naidu · Sep 10, 2018

    When called dstv...i was told that I can go to their branch in Umhlanga and they will replace my explorer. Spoke to Kevin from the insurance department and was assured that I will get a new explorer by tomorrow.
    Got home and got a call from Kevin again saying that I will only be able to get a new 1 in November beacuse as per the call with myself and agent, the 3 months waiting period was confirmed. Asked for the recording to be sent through and still nothing has come.
    My point being, why make a decision to give me the new explorer and also say that he will extend his arm and waver the waiting period, only to get a call from him saying that he cant help, yet the decision was made to help but instead will look for every way not to help.
    Pathetic service from DSTV Randburgh.

  • Updated by Vivian Torlage · Aug 23, 2019

    History Vaults and BBC life style is available on dstv catch up plus with internet, history vaults and BBC life style is not available at this time, can you please explain, why

  • Updated by Vivian Torlage · Aug 23, 2019

    dstv catchup plus has history vaults and bbc life style on dstv catchup plus, history vaults and bbc life style is no longer available on dstv catchup plus, why ?

  • Updated by Vivian Torlage · Aug 23, 2019

    history vaults and bbc life style has been taken off dstv catchup plus, why ?


  • Ro
    roger titus Jun 07, 2015

    I contacted your cape town office on sunday 07/06/2015 and was disgusted at your service you gave me id no 7306135183089 signal strength o smartcard n/a please before u send me a message that I must pay R861 again see that you've sorted out your call centre staff with the right tools to assist any one with queries

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  • Si
    Sisanda Voko Aug 14, 2018

    the installer does not keep appointment and when he decides to pitch during working hours days after the appointment he addresses his customer in a derogatory racist term: "Boetie"

    my dstv is still not installed. i would the installation done asap my name is Mabope.

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  • Ka
    Katlego Spooner Aug 15, 2018

    We had a problem whereby SABC channels are blocks and u thought it was decutor but is the channels the technicians couldn't help. We ask for help can someone assist us .

    Can someone contact us with this matter I don't know why SABC channels because this one's are free on TV

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  • Bu
    BusiMthimkhulu Aug 15, 2018

    hi guys,

    im just feeling a little frustrated im on the DSTV compact subscription on the DSTV app there are a few shows that are not there: Yobe and Lockdown, however you still have Date My Family and Abomama and those shows are no longer playing.

    please upload Yobe and Lockdown.


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  • Ks
    Ksingh123 Aug 15, 2018

    Multichoice has opened all supersport channels to subscribers free of charge and according to the CEO it is a way of thanking subscribers for their support.i am a premium subscriber and I pay for the sport channels so how is multichoice thinking me with this promotion.

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  • Er
    Ernstine Anderson Aug 20, 2018

    To whom it may concern,
    I am very disappointed to see the movie "Valentines Day " on TV again. I enjoyed this movie the first few times I saw it, but how many times can you show this movie? This is a real cheap shot to show this soooo many times. PLEASE do not show this movie again. Surely DSTV can do better than this!!!

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  • Mo
    Morné Swanepoel Aug 20, 2018

    I have sent many emails containing my documents and then just get a mail back asking for the same documents. It is in pdf format and my id is curtified and newer than 3 months. Please help me to sort this out im on the point of reporting you to all parties i can.

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  • Hi
    hightech1 Aug 20, 2018

    reboots at 5h15, 6h15, 7h15 and at 17h15, 18h15, 19h15 and sometimes in between
    agent in PE says I must buy a new unit as the programme is no longer available

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  • Pr
    Priscilla Van wyk Aug 20, 2018

    Good day

    I'm currently in Harrismith, Free State and I'm having problems to get my decoders installed by your acreditered dealership in this town

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  • Ka
    Karencasper Aug 20, 2018

    It is shocking and disgusting how muvh you charge for your services. Sick and tired of repeat after repeat after repeat of both series and movies. Common...we pay lits of mobey time to up your game. The fees are totally astronomical and due to the fact that you tie up all the sports we have no choice but to pay if we want yo watch sports.

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  • Te
    Terry Tee Sithole Aug 20, 2018

    I have paid my dstv R1500 yesterday and I called so they can reconnect I'm sure more than 7 times and still today my dstv is not connected. I could have used that money for something else what a waste of my airtime and money.

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  • Ja
    Jaros Aug 20, 2018

    Playing the same old movies and series of a decade ago is starting to get out rages. No new content is displayed on the new channels and you can only watch the same thing so many times. This is besides the glitches that you get frequently. It's like paying for no service and bad quality.

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  • Mi
    Michael Mthiyane Aug 20, 2018

    My Dstv had extra channels. Up until Sunday but the next thing, it's suspended.

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  • Ar
    AR Atkinson Aug 20, 2018

    Customer : 42819615875
    I received the explorer by courier. It was suppose to be with installation.
    It is a month later - still no installation.
    I call the call centre in Bloemfontein every week for three weeks - all I got from them is a Case nr : 27607 - Still no installation.

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  • Si
    Sizakele McKarteeny Aug 20, 2018

    Hi there. My channel 408 isnt playing. What is happening because I paid

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  • Ma
    Matibidi Aug 20, 2018

    I have settled my account in February but am still being billed for price lock, and am still waiting for the paid up letter, this is the 10th complaint am writing to you and no one ever assisted me

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  • De
    delisiwe Aug 20, 2018

    On 15/02/2018 I paid my account number 88442119 at the atm. My due date was 16/02/2018. On Saturday 17/02/2018 i woke up with only three channels. I sent an e-mail to date but no reconnection has been done till now. I called but it put me straight to call centre till my airtime is finished.

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  • Zo
    Zodwa Doreen Mqadi Aug 21, 2018

    I'm tired of DSTV sending me message about my account, which I pay on the 01-06-2018 please guys stop this I've payed my account.

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  • Ra
    Ravi. N Aug 21, 2018

    This channel keeps repeating movies. Sic and tired of the repeats. Considering moving to OVHD has more movie content.

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  • In
    Inoshini Aug 21, 2018

    I am very upset about glow tv been removed from dstv, there are many channels that are of no use, glow tv has millions of viewers and i dont see the need for it to be removed . Glow tv were airing series that you follow on a daily basis, unlike the repeats of movies that airs on dstv other...

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  • Za
    Zaitoonisa Enos Regal Aug 21, 2018

    Why was this channel discontinued with no consultation. Can someone please tell me. At this point I am very tempted to cancel my dstv subscription and to rather just get an Ovhd decoder... Once off payment and no subscriptions😣😣😣😣

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  • Ma
    Martin Stewar Aug 28, 2018

    Broadcasting Toyota advertisement by splitting the screen during Winter Olympics live viewing!! Totally and utterly irritating!!

    Wake up Multichoice!! You're really messing up the viewing pleasure!

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  • Er
    ernest t Aug 29, 2018

    I have been in contact with the call center to ask Price lock team to phone me so we can cancel a non existing contract since 2016 but they failed to contact me

    I have a range of reference numbers the latest is 41200722- I228

    Contact details 0713323306

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  • Jo
    Johanbro Aug 29, 2018

    Dstv drifta mobile for android

    Drifta stopped working on the android app
    The android app says it is "unable to connect to the authentication server." It is very annoying.
    On the computer it works fine
    Please solve the problem

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  • Dr
    Dre7 Sep 01, 2018

    The above mentioned ad about the new series "Dead North" is BLASPHEMOUS as it shouts out "Oh My God" in such a bad manner and in vain. The ad should be taken off air IMMEDIATELY.
    There is literally and clearly No respect for the Name of God.

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  • Kh
    khanyisaboycott101 Sep 01, 2018

    ive called about 5 times in 5hours to activate my new decorder and nothing was done.they kept telling me wait and hour .bunch of useless individuals .u pay for services and u get nothing pretty pissed off

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  • Ke
    Kenechukwu Sep 01, 2018

    I recently payed for your services earlier today but have not been able to watch anything on my decoder. I am requesting immediate assistance by your company

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  • Ch
    Charmaine Meyer Sep 01, 2018

    We relocated from Jhb to Cape Town and our furniture is in storage for the next 3 months. We would like to pair our smart card with the decoder at the guest house but are unable to get assistance from the call centre.

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  • Li
    Lindo Sep 01, 2018

    I have already paid but my dstv still not connected my I'd is9310085841082 for me they service is bad, they doesn't care about they customer. I tried to go to they app but no one helped me, I don't understand what else I have to do now, so can you please help me no reconnect my account

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  • Ek
    Ekwueme Sep 01, 2018

    DSTV No (41130107299

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  • Gb
    Gbadamosi Sep 05, 2018

    Good day,

    Kindly assist, I mistakenly made payment on smartcard number 1021037788 instead of 10210377981.My Dstv smart card number is 10210377981.

    What can I do to get my money back.


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  • Di
    Dina Potgieter Sep 05, 2018

    Good day.
    We changed from Normal Sabc to Dstv. We are paying R874 pm.. We are only paying for Advertisment. We do not get value for our money. Programs is so short because advertisment is taking more time per program. Please you are stealing my money

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  • Ka
    Katlego Nake Sep 06, 2018


    I have no problem with DSTV Playing all their programs but I feel that there is not enough airtime for christian movies. All the christian channels focus on sermons which I love but what about showing Christian Movies for a change? or is it not possible to get more christian movies or series on TV.

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  • No
    Nong Serote Sep 06, 2018

    Please refund service not provided and repair accordingly, old functional decoders removed and replaced with faulty ones. Bad service all round, contractor on air late and asked for food and airtime.

    Decoder still not working after making plenty call

    No more tennis please!

    Shame on you, behaving like a government department

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  • Sa
    Sats “Sats90210” 90210 Sep 09, 2018


    What happened to to history channel on the compact package. It was there and now its gone.
    Do you guys just add and remove channels as you wish?

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  • Ja
    Jayteeshoba Sep 10, 2018

    I've disconnected my explora on the 30th September it scheduled to cancel services on 02 October however my balance its still R 835.49 instead of R 365 of my single decoder . Do see the attachment for proof

    contact John 0743473463

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  • Su
    Sumayyah Nkosi Sep 10, 2018

    I need a call back I have waited for Katlego Tabane to email me so i can escalate my query and she has not!!!

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  • Ir
    Irfaan Sep 10, 2018

    I am writing as I am disgusted that DSTV will be broadcasting content for the LGBT community. I don't think it is correct to have this type of content on a pay tv broadcaster.


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  • Th
    Thoni Sep 10, 2018

    I spoke to a woman named Asanda she had such a bad attitude and when i asked her why she has such a bad attitude she told me it the way she speaks and she never even apologize which shocked me

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  • Ka
    Kabelo8608 Sep 10, 2018

    We have an error stating there is bad weather and thus all channels aren't playing. All of this whilst skies are clear. For all the amounts we pay DSTV you would think this could be easily resolved but we still get no joy either online or from the call centre!!! Very poor from such a big organisation!

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