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South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC] Customer Care Service


South African Broadcasting Corporation

Henley Rd & Artillery Rd, Auckland Park
South Africa - 2000

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 117 149 111(Customer Service) 3 2
+27 113 309 555(Tv Licences) 2 6
+27 117 149 744(Customer Service) 1 1

South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC] Complaints & Reviews

South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC] / demanding payment when I have submitted proof that I am a paid up customer. I have sent many emails and proof.

pieterspies on Feb 26, 2019

I have been harassed by nudebt and the sabc claiming that I owe them money. I have sent many mails to nudebt and the sabc with proof of payment through my cheque account. The problem is that the sabc allocated the payments that I made to a wrong account number. I have spoken to a lady at...

SABC / tv licence cancellation

Mpumi1 on Feb 11, 2019

I am complaining about a TV licence that was enrolled without me knowing. 2 years back I bought a TV at Astra furniture and I was never told about a TV licence, A TV was delivered without being told that I will be charged for a TV licence. Last year September I received a call telling me...

South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC] / illegitimate licence back charges

Nick Hall on Feb 1, 2019

Hello, Just spent 18 minutes waiting for the customer relations department to explain my case...18 minutes is unacceptable. As I was paying for the call I gave up in frustration. To keep it quick, up until June 2008 we lived in Paulshof JHB, paying our SABC licences annually. We sold our...

South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC] / tv license

Swanepoel on Jan 25, 2019

Good day I am very unhappy about the Dept of the TV license I send them an cancellation letter, then they need a affidavit to be fill in, done that and sent it on the 14/2/2018. This was done after they phone me and tell me I am behind with my TC license I did not payed anymore because I...

South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC] / annual fee

Eggzy on Jan 18, 2019

Good Day Tyler Koch id number 930623 0026082 ... I don't know where to turn My father passed away in August 2017, he left in his will a tv, my daughter, she never took possession of the tv as she still lives at home and I have one . My sister was living with my Dad at the time, she has a...

South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC] / noise pollution in sabc radio broadcasts

D.Gammon on Nov 9, 2018

SAFM is guilty of serious noise pollution in radio broadcasts. Each new programme item is heralded by an ear-shattering blast of sound effects. The listener has the volume set at a comfortable level to hear the programme content but, at the start of the next programme item, the station...

South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC] / cancellation of tv license

Victor Peyper on Oct 24, 2018

Hi, Please assist me. After receiving several SMS's of a bill over a R1, 000 for a TV license, I emailed SABC to inform them that I have never owned a TV set and that it must be someone else since all they have is my phone number and now my email. I will not pay the charges because I don't own...

South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC] / poor customer service

Lesley365 on Oct 23, 2018

I would like to confirm how the sabc just hands a person over without any form of statement or communication with regards to the payment due, and this to a group of incompetent managers and agents at vvm attorneys. I would like you to please request for these incompetent people who dont...

South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC] / tv licence cancellation

[email protected] on Oct 19, 2018

I cancelled my tv licence 3 years ago, I already spoke to a consultant at the call centre, I filled in the cancellation affidavit stating that I am cancelling my tv licence because my husband who is paying for the very same tv licence and we have a DSTV Decoder, we stay together, using the...

SABC / TV Licences / unfair billing

Linda1289 on Oct 19, 2018

No receipt of Invoices for years Unaware of outstanding amounts Not contacted by provider Over charge interest which is against the law and unfair billing which does not even occur with the banks. Threats to hand over when not even aware of account, when an independent company said they were...

SABC / TV Licences / unethical behaviour/lack of communication/disgusting service

clairemcr on Oct 17, 2018

Good day, I have been sending requests/spoken to various consultants to requesting SABC to cancel my licence as I do not live in SA. A few months ago I was contacted saying that you handed me over due to non payment. This after months of me sending you all the required information. I have...

SABC / TV Licences / tv licence still not canceled

LoveLight on Oct 10, 2018

Good day, I would like to cancel my sabc tv licence (417394616) and it seems that this has STILL not as yet been done to date despite all my attempts thus far. Please see my previous post dated 27 September 2017. I am not being harassed by a new company called VVM Debt Collectors for...

SABC / TV Licences / nudebt and tv license dept.

pieterspies on Oct 9, 2018

I have submitted ample proof that i have paid my tv license. The error is on sabc side not mine. The debt collection agency nudebt and their communication to the sabc is non-existant or they do not know how to communicate. STOP harrassing me with mails to provide proof of payment I have...

SABC / TV Licences / charge me twice of a tv license in one year

Lorinda.snyman47 on Oct 1, 2018

Below is the email I received, than I paid the amount, and then you charge me again! 3 phone calls, emails and more emails and still nothing was [email protected] 15 May 2018, 09:17to meDear Ms Snyman We apologise for the delay in response We have adjusted your account, the...

SABC / TV Licences / account payment

Monica Joubert on Sep 20, 2018

Good day I recieved an sms that I was handed over to MBD for not paying my tv license. What I dont understand is that I do not recieve ANY form of statement from SABC what so ever. So I assume that I need to make payments a certain time every year. I did attach the proof so you can see...

SABC / TV Licences / payment of tv licence 207511577

glendajanesmith on Sep 20, 2018

On the 22 august 2018, I went onto the sabc website to pay my tv licence. I decided to use my credit card to make the payment. I put in my tv licence number, went straight to all my details and to your secure system and continued making my payment. When I pushed the the payment button on...

SABC / TV Licences / I cancelled services

Pertunia Setshedi on Sep 15, 2018

Please see the attached screenshots Previously they had handed me over to MBD, when I finished paying them I requested for my tv license to be closed because I no longer have the tv which was stolen. I sent the request for cancellation twice. Dates 08/02/18 and 13/04/18. This is indeed...

Sabc 2 / 7de laan

Annemarie Steyn on Sep 12, 2018

The episode that was just aired was shocking and very disturbing. Sabc 2 & 7de laan has taken it just too far. The content is "very dark", promotes disturbing moral values, promotes violent aggression with the purpose to hurt another human being to the point of near death all this whilst...

SABC / TV Licences / programming

KAKAROT010 on Sep 12, 2018

i am absolutely sick and tired of complaining to sabc, nothing ever gets done. its absolutely insipid that the premier league is been shown on tv and Rugby not even a test match is shown on tv . Bloody Paying tv license for nothing, we get hounded by ridiculous people for paying tv licenses ad...

SABC / TV Licences / hassled by mbd staff who just hang up on me!! refuse to give me details!!

Lynda Wright on Sep 6, 2018

I am being hassled by your TV company MDB attorneys I think or alternatively TV Licences? They call and before i can finish explaining my concern they hangup on me!! Herewith the Acc no: 452114275 to pay R318.00. Kindly advise what this is for and when this took place?? This is very...