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McDonald's / customer service

2181 ST.JOSEPH BLVD., Canada

I went to McDonald's on Friday, March 8th. I ordered an Egg & Bacon McMuffin to go. I paid cash (which I never do usually). It was a new girl on the cash. She told me it was only her 2nd day (I believe). Quickly after, I got the impression that there was a problem with my order since my number was not appearing on the screen like all the other orders. Even customers after me, their order # was appearing right away but mine still wasn't, so I mentioned it to a person behind the counter. She assured me that my order was on the way. I did eventually get it but they never called it out. It just appeared to be sitting on the counter after a while. Unusual but nonetheless, I was on my way. It wasn't until I got home and pulled out my receipt & looked at my change that I realized that I was $5 short on the change back. I was supposed to get $16.05 back but I only got $11.05 back. It was obvious because there was only 2 $5 bills in my wallet, and the same amount of change I had before. So, I was not too happy because this wasn't even close by. I would have to go out of my way to go back, and I was too tired to do that, so I decided to wait until the next day. I figured it was the only way to get the proper change back. So, I went back the next evening. I didn't feel like it but I also didn't want to be out by $5. Everything today is already expensive enough. It's hard enough already. When I got there, I explained it to the girl at the cash, and she didn't say anything, she just walked away! I assumed she was going to get somebody else, and sure enough, she did eventually come back & tell me that her boss would have to come and open the cash register. Instead, what happened though, was that I had explain again what had happened, and she said she would have to call her manager to find out what the sales were the previous day (something like that). So, I had to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. The longer I waited, the more upset I got. First of all, I never got an apology. Instead, I felt treated as though I was the one making the mistake! The person I talked to, "Kimmy" she said was her name, was not willing or considerate at all about my inconvenience or humiliation of having to wait for so long for this to get resolved. It was ridiculous. I could not believe the lack of "customer service". It was so upsetting that we ended up arguing about it. For god sake, really? She just added insult to injury about the whole matter! It was a terrible way to resolve the situation. I don't think I've ever been more upset about the way that I was treated! It was terrible! Those people did not know how to deliver proper customer service. I will never go back there. That was a nightmare! Not the way I intended to spend a Saturday evening! That was an awful experience. One I will not forget. I can't believe that Kimmy cared more about $5 than to keep a customer happy. That's the problem with large companies today. They don't care about the customers anymore. That was so clearly demonstrated tonight. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Mar 9, 2019

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