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P Aug 03, 2018

I'm calling BS.

I bought a complete house full of appliances, nearly $10K worth, from Lowes in December of 2014 and took delivery in January of 2015. I bought the 'Extended' warranty plan on all 4 appliances for 3 years. On the jacket of the warranty and on their website, in plain english, it states:

"Major Appliance Protection Plans start the day you purchase them or date of delivery, whichever is later, and provide coverage for three or five years that goes above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty with our included benefits."

Basic math: Mfg. Warranty = 1 year + EXTENDED warranty of 3 years = 4 years.
Date of Purchase: Dec. 2014 + 4 years = Dec. 2018
Date of Delivery: Jan. 2015 + 4 years = Jan. 2019

Whichever date you use, my Samsung refrigerator, which has never had an issue, never used the warranty, should still be under warranty. When I called for service, they were adamant that the way to "interpret" the statement above is that
the 'included' benefits go 'above and beyond', but the time actually runs concurrently with the manufacturers warranty. At the very least, this is a very broad definition of the word 'extended', maybe it should be 'enhanced' or 'improved', but it certainly doesn't fit the common definition of 'extended'.

Lowe's has been horrible on follow up, horrendous with customer service and now they are screwing me out of my warranty with their 'interpretation' of plain english as defined by the fine print of their T&C's. Despicable.

On another note, stay away from Samsung appliances. I have had numerous issues with my dishwasher and washer/dryer combo, and now the fridge. Ugh!

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