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WaterBoss Complaints & Reviews

WaterBoss — waterboss 900

WaterBossSave yourself hours the guide is the worst guide I have ever came across. It will talk about the fittings that the...

Home & Garden  · Oct 16, 2019

Waterboss 380 — model#380 serial #[protected]

In the two years I owned it, I had to get replacement parts for the valves. The board failed twice of which one wa...

Home & Garden  · Jul 29, 2019

WaterBoss — 380 pro garbage

No where on Any of there products boxes or literature or their website does it specify the maximum working water...

Home & Garden  · Jul 12, 2019

WaterBoss — water softener model 900

Very rude customer support and only want to sell more parts when they have mis-diagnosed my unit. I am an industrial...

Appliances  · Apr 16, 2019

Waterboss 900 — e1 then ho error

I contacted the company and they forwarded new parts. Good for them. I could not get the new parts to seal, continuou...

Appliances  · Jan 11, 2019

WaterBoss — waterboss 380 softener

I purchased my waterboss at menards and I noticed recently that they no longer sell them. That was a red flag for me and...

Rockford Appliances  · Nov 29, 2018

Waterboss Water Softeners — Model 700

If you're one of the lucky ones that get a machine that stays working then good for you. But if it fails and I'll bet it...

Groveport Appliances  · Jan 31, 2017

WaterBoss — 900 Softener

I am a landlord in a rural part of Florida. I began installing the WaterBoss 900 softener for my clients to help remove...

Middleburg Landlords  · Jan 27, 2017

Waterboss / Water Softener Pro Plus 380 — Has not worked right from the day i bought it

I bought a pro plus 380 on 8/18/2012, we have had issues from day one with it. I have called at least ever few month...

2 comments Products & Services  · May 29, 2014

Water Boss — weak part break

I had no choice but to use this size in a small place in cottage. Concept is of this ws is wonderful but parts are weak. I...

1 comments Appliances  · Oct 15, 2013

Water Boss/900 — Bad Units

DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT. All the complaints you read about it are true. I am going to throw the unit away and chock up my...

WaterBoss 900 Water Softener — Poor product design, terrible customer support

After sending three messages to WaterBoss's on-line help department and not receiving a reply to any of them, I...

WaterBoss — Terrible customer service

I just got off the phone with Waterboss customer service. I have owned one of their water softeners for about 5 year...

Waterboss 900 — Faulty waterboss 900 timer!

I cannot recommend the Waterboss 900. In addition to myself, my brother bought one and we both had problems. He had to...

WaterBoss Water Softener — Terrible customer service from WaterBoss

I just got off the phone with Waterboss customer service. I have owned one of their water softeners for about 5 year...