Dualit Complaints & Reviews

Dualit / toaster

Jul 10, 2019

My Dualit toaster almost caught fire when the timer stopped part way, and yet the elements stayed on, getting hotter and hotter. It seems this has happened to many people before me and fires have been caused as a result of this design fault. Fortunately I went back to toast a second round...

Dualit / Fire risk


The toaster timer failed - so it stayed on, (toast removed as done) - indefinitely. Huge fire risk - but for fire alarm the house would have burned down as the surrounding area got red hot - fumes set off fire alarm thank goodness. Dualit's response 1. This is a commercial product...

Dualit / Bad quality product for expensive price

The Dualit 84036 Coffee Maker is in my opinion the worst thing anyone could possible buy to make coffee. It's hard to use, hard to clean and expensive. A cheap filter machine will produce FAR FAR better results, it definitely has done for me.