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Resolved poor service!

We purchased a Washer and Refrigerator from Lowes. About a month after purchase the refrigerator stopped...

wrong way to treat customers

I'd like to share with you an incident that has happened at my local Home Depot and the difference Lowes made for me. I have always been a loyal shopper of Home Depot and since I do not like change I was never planning on visiting any competitors.

Well Sunday, Aug 12 I decided to go to my local Home Depot to spend about $12,000.00 just on my kitchen. I also have other rooms to take care of but this was first. When I entered the kitchen design area I decided to look at all the selections they had and I liked a lot of them. When I passed the desks where they help you design your kitchen I noticed one associate helping a gentlemen and about two other associates towards the front of the kitchen area. I think the other associates were there for the washer/dryer section so I didn't bother them. Well ten minutes has now passed and after walking all through the department a few times I kept coming back to the desk where the associate was helping the customer. I know for a fact she saw me but was busy. I could sense they were finishing up and waited right there. When they were done she got up and walked right by me, I mean right in front of me! I figured she had to finish a transaction or something but instead she went to where the other two associates were and just started talking and relaxing with them.

I hovered right around her area and finally leaned against her desk. All of a sudden another associate named Corrie came around the corner and asked if there was anything I needed. I said "I would love it if someone helped me". She sat down at the desk and I asked her if she could help me since I didn't want the associate who just walked by me to help me. Corrie said she was in the middle of something but said "You should've said something?"

I didn't know as a customer I have certain rules to follow in your store. Why didn't she acknowledge my presence and then tell me she would be with me in a few? Nothing!!! Corrie kind of looked at me funny so I said could I please talk to the store manager. She told me he wasn't in.

I figured he wouldn't be, I mean it was Sunday. I said then get me someone else. Within 30 seconds two guys are standing there right in front of me. Asking me what the problem was and that I shouldn't be yelling. Now I'm pissed, you send two assistant managers who act like I am a hazard to the store, embarrassing me, and telling me I'm yelling. Not only was I not yelling, I didn't even talk loud. Come to find out my neighbors where there and when they passed by they saw the whole thing and later that evening asked why I was surrounded by these people.

Thanks a lot!

This assistant manager 'Steve' although he was professional could not understand what was wrong. When I told him what Corrie had done and how I felt he told me not to talk about her and that we can get you someone else to help you. I said this is not right that she just gives me a look like something is wrong and tells me I had screwed up on getting help. Steve says we'll talk to her privately and that I am not addressing him when talking about the problem. Are you guys hiring thugs for some made up security department? I really don't care what kind of story they give you because the bottom line is I had all the money to hand over to Home Depot, Corrie could not see why it was wrong for telling me, a customer that I didn't do my job by not saying anything.

The two Assistant Manager guys came to the conclusion that I should shop somewhere else instead of offering ways to resolve this issue or sorry this store could not satisfy you but flat out that I need to be spending my money somewhere else. Is this what you want?

I even told them that I don't want to go anywhere else and could they find me someone else. They said yes but the designer "Mark" was not in that day. Steve finally gave me the store manager's card and I left upset and confused.

I know this is not what Home Depot wants and the rest of the store has great people there. I like them and know some of them from experiences there. Now it seems this has to come to an end because you have one department and two commando style managers that think I'm out of control.

Now here's what happened when I left Home Depot.

I go to Lowes and walk to the kitchen department, there is one guy on the computer and another lady finishing something up. The lady stands up and says "Hello, I can help you in a just a minute. I'm just setting up an appointment." She proceeds to help me, sends me on my way with a ton of how-to books and examples and sets an appointment with me for Sat Aug 18. I walk out of the store and even the hot-dog lady told me to have a nice day. Do you know how good that felt?

I did call Home Depot customer care and they were very helpful and again I know this is not the stores way to treat someone, I'm not dumb. I just hope that someone tells Corrie that she should address things differently so she can grow to be the best associate for you. I tried to include Vinny the store manager in this email but his address is no good on his card.

Thank you,
Sal Warmann

  • Sa
    Sam May 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    While reading this, I could have sworn it was a woman until I read your name. Sal? Really? As a man, you should have a little more assertiveness and make your presence known while dealing with customer service. Home Depot doesn't pay at the highest range of the spectrum so don't expect people to just shine your shoes on the way in and pour you a latte while you wait. When someone finally tried to help you, without you going up to anyone, you still managed to get all pissy. This is the real world. Grow and pair. Bad customer service at a store like the Home Depot is nothing new. Guess what, you'll find the same thing at Lowes as well if you hit it just right. I only found your rant while searching for info on some scam email. I can't believe a man would even write about this crap. It happens everyday. If I wasn't waiting for someone at my job, I wouldn't even be writing this myself. I just wanted to blast you cause I was shocked to see a dude at the end of this letter. Here's a tip, you brag about how much money you have to spend on a kitchen, then go to a real kitchen vendor and buy your cabinets there. What do you think Home Depot and Lowes do?

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  • Ca
    Carmela Caputo Jul 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with the complaint agains Lowes and Home Depot. I would say 95% out of 100 do not know what they are doing. It is certainly not anywhere near what you see on TV. I live in Brooklyn, NY and they are the horrible.

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  • Te
    Texan Jul 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The people you are dealing with have never run their own company and have no idea how they should treat people. Those of us who deal with the public do whatever it takes to keep our clients. These people are working by the hour and its time to clock out!!
    Maybe if Home depot would pay them better??

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  • Da
    Dan Aug 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with you that these people are rude. Thats why I only buy stuff I know I won't have to ask questions about. If I have a lot of questions, I ask a friend or family member. Home Depot is nothing more than a home improvement version of Best Buy or Circuit City. All of which hire ###s to run their stores. If you go in to these stores understanding that the people you are going to deal with are ###s, then you'll be a much happier customer.

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  • Al
    Alynnc Aug 02, 2010

    It is not your right to customer service but a privilege, so be polite. Home Depot is a first come first serve business unless you have already scheduled an appointment to sit down with a designer. It is very likely that the designer at the Home Depot was scheduled to take a lunch break at the time she was finishing up with the previous customer. It is also very likely that she had to take that lunch on time due to another scheduled appointment directly after her lunch. If she had helped you at this point she would not have had a chance to eat in her 9-hour shift. Addressing you would had docked time from her scheduled time to eat. Home Depot leaders also reprimand employees that do not take their lunch on time. I believe the designer did what she had to do not out of rudeness but because of the many demands she was trying to satisfying. Lowe's certainly does not have the business Home Depot does so they are more readily able to help. If I had nothing to do as a sales person on commission I'd be all over anyone in my show room too.

    How would you like the pressure of people hovering over you while you are doing your job? If you expect to sit down with a designer when you walk in the door call ahead and schedule an appointment. Designing a $12, 000 kitchen doesn't happen in 15mins. Designing a kitchen is a lengthy process that normally takes two to three 2-hour sessions. Expecting to walk in, design a kitchen, and get out in an hour is a completely unrealistic expectation. So yes it is your fault for not understanding the business and for feeling you are to be treated as a god. Retailers have the right to refuse business, and when they see someone who causes a lot of trouble for nothing they know its not going to be a profitable deal in the end. If the Home Depot had designed your kitchen you probably would have found 10 other things to complain about. Then managers would markdown a couple thousand off your order and before you know it the business is in the negative in regards to profit. I think the Home Depot made the smart move.

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  • Mo
    momma333 Sep 04, 2010

    I agree with this 100%! Its absolutely amazing the difference between Lowes and Home Depot. It has never failed ever Home Depot I have went in I have received horrible service. There is many surrounding the area I live and I have yet to find one that has people that want to help you. When you go to LOwes several people will approach you and be MORE than willing to help. They all seem to be very knowledgable and want to help you make a good decision. At the Home Depot you have to hunt people down and then in my experience once you get help, its unsatisfactory. My sister ordered carpet for her home and set an appointment for them to measure. It took 3 appointments before someone actually showed up they did call to cancel just didnt show up. Finally someone measured but again no one showed up several times for the install. Needless to say she purchased her flooring else where. I dont care if these people dont make alot of money, Ive worked in retail making next to nothing and still did what I was there to do. It honestly seems like Home Depot dont real care if they make the sale or not! They have signs all over saying no one beats our price... Well Lowes does pretty consistently! I was getting new appliances so it was going to cost me quite a chunk so against my better judgement thought Id take a look just to see if theyd have a better deal. When I finally got service I asked the lady if thye were having the same 20% off appliances like LOwes was. After talking to her manager she said "well how many appliances do you want" I told her I need everything. She laughed and said my manager said he'd do it on one but not an entire kitchen! Ok fine but dont advertise tirelessly how you have the lowest prices because Lowes blew them outta the water as far as appliances were concerned. I write this only because I think a place that has such good prices and service deserves recognition. When leaving Home Depot that day I wanted to tell all the customers in there that Lowes is soooooo much better all around! I wish I could of but this will work instead! I have many other stories about Home Depots horrible service but I will leave it at that and just say SHOP LOWES!!!

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corporate blunder

I received a letter in the mail telling me that "Congratulations! You're being upgraded from my...

poor customer service

I just came from Lowe's and am not very happy. I went for paint and plants. Seems when they ask you if you need help, you really are supposed to say no - I asked the girl in the paint section for help choosing a color from some of the samples and she told me I needed to take them home with me and decide - all the time complaining to a co-worker about her schedule. I made my decision by myself and as big of an inconvenience as it seemed to be to her, she mixed it for me. Still, complaining to her co-worker, she never said, "it will be a few minutes while I mix this, or "i will be glad to get this for you" or anything. Her co-worker brought it to me and was nice and did tell me thank you. I went on to the garden shop where found a yard cart thing I wanted but it was a little beat up and dirty and scratched some. I asked the man if maybe I could get a couple of dollars off because of that. I thought he was going to ask, but he never came back. I went on to the check out at the customer service desk. The girl at the register was talking on the phone and at the same time, talking to another co-worker about something she had found and didn't know whose it was - a purse or earrings or something. Anyway, I asked her between conversations if maybe she could see about getting the discount. She sort of rolled her eyes and called someone else on the phone. A man (Thomas) appeared who was also on the phone. She took the cart over to him (about 8 feet away) and said something to him, I couldn't hear. He never looked up at me, but shook his head indicating no discount. I would have thought he would have said "No, I'm sorry, but we can't ..." or something sort of nice. But he never even looked at me, never smiled, just shook his head and kept on talking on the phone. I did not buy the item. And I did tell the cashier that if he had been a little more pleasant with his denial that I would have bought the item. I did want it, but it was really dirty and bumped up. So I left with my $50 worth of other stuff and got into my car and thought about turning around and taking everything back and going to Home Depot. But, I didn't. I probably will next time. I am not the type person who demands people kiss my butt when I'm shopping, but good grief, they could pretend like they care if I'm pleased or not. I don't usually write letters either, but maybe if more people did, things would change - maybe. Anyway, I don't know who will ever read this letter or if anyone who reads it will care if my little feelings were hurt or not. I suppose I feel better just writing.

P.C. McMeans

  • Me
    Megan Aug 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ok, well I see your point, however, I was a cashier at the Lowe's in Athens for about 7 months. I am pretty sure I know who you're talking about with the pain department, and trust me, we have had several complaints-yet no one ever says anything to her, not sure why? Anyways, the reason that Lowe's has poor customer service is because, unbeknownst the the customer, there are a billion other customers complaining at the exact same time, wanting help with something, wanting a discount, wanting to know where something is. And as cashiers our supervisors are constantly calling us, telling us when to relieve someone, or who gets a break next, and when to go to lunch. It is very hectic. Also, as a cashier, I was the last person people saw, so WE were the ones who got the angry people and complaints. I am not speaking of you when I say this, but people go to places like that and expect the entire store's attention, when there are 100 other people wanting the exact same thing, with only 40 employees working. I was the typical overworked and underpaid, and the people on the floor had it even worse, closing at 11 and coming back at 5 am. Thomas is also a very nice person and will bend over backwards for customers, and if he did not approach you correctly I'm sure it was because, as I've said, someone on the other end of the store was complaining and needed them. I no longer work there, but I know how customers are, because everyone is a customer, regardless of whether they work there or not-and you want to get in and out, as quick as you can. Sometimes, due to circumstances no one can control, that is not the case.

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  • Sh
    Shirleyf Nov 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The advertisement for Lowes is customer service. I have worked at stores with high demand on customer service and we did a good job at our job. It only takes a moment to please a customer. That's your job.

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very poor customer service!

I have noticed in the last few months that the Lowes in Bullhead City,AZ now has all former Home Depot employees. I used to enjoy shopping at that Lowes. It was great until I kept running into the old employees from Home Depot, from down the street. I quit shopping Home Depot because of there bad customer service and now those employees work at Lowes? I thought Lowes is supposed to be better than Home Depot, why hire there employees that give bad customer service? I might as well go back to shopping at Home Depot!!! Anyone else feel the same way?

  • Co
    ConcernedNYResident Jul 30, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Around here it's exactly the opposite. Lowes has horrible customer service. The employees will walk past you like you don't even exist. Home Depot employees go out of their way to see if they can help. There are three Home Depots and three Lowes within 45 minutes of me and it's exactly the same at each store.

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  • Ch
    Chumley Smithers Sep 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, I would go back to Home Depot. There's a good chance all those helpful people that used to work at Lowe's are now at HD!

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their service is horrible

On 5/6 I made the mistake of ordering Pella French doors from Lowes. 3 weeks later when the doors arrived the hardware (handles) were not included. In checking out the Lowes rep admitted he made a mistake on the order and the handles I ordered were not available. But there were not any handles included at all. Also the doors were not made correctly one was higher than the other. So the doors were reordered. 3 weeks later Lowes came out to install the doors. This time they did include handles which were to be brass. One was brass and one was silver. In addition, the dead bolt falls off in your hand every time you use it. On 7 9 Pella came out to but new handles on. They were the wrong handles. I called on 7 13 and was told that they were looking for instructions on how to install the handles. Today, 7 23 still waiting for handles. I have been told they are waiting to get them at the local Pella dealer and they could not be installed until 8 3. I will never again buy from Pella or Lowes. Their service is horrible. That is the nicest thing I can say.

  • Ab
    ABailey Jul 01, 2010

    I've experienced many of the same problems with my Pella Architect Series Windows and Doors, including cladding problems, seal failure, spotting on the glass, rotting wood among other issues. These Pella windows and doors were installed throughout my house in 1995. Problems with the windows began less than 10 years after installation. Pella refuses to acknowledge these claims. On my website, onlinelitigationdiscovery.com, you can see photos detailing the defects with my Pella windows and doors.

    I've very interested in hearing other people's similar experiences with Pella. If you have had these problems with Pella, please go to my website, onlinelitigationdiscovery.com and tell me your similar experience so that we may educate consumers. Thanks for your time! -A. Bailey

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poor customer service

I ordered a patio door from Lowe's at Woorbridge, VA. Paid $835.00 for the door and Lowe's installation. I told the clerk I wanted a good energy top of the line and I wanted the glass filled with argon gas. I wanted the brass handle. After 8 weeks (not 2 weeks what they said) the door was there and the 'professorial' was there too. Ripped (yes ripped) my old door away. and then he was put the door in. I ask about sealing and flashing etc on the door. He said the 'old stuff will work'. He said don't worry about. I've done more that a hundred of them. So, I just let him do his thing. That night it rained. Yep, it leaked big time. In the kitchen, down the basement. He had 'plugged' the rain vents with caulk. I un-plugged them after around a hour cleaning and around another hour finding the vents. After looking closer, the door frame is warped and the slider door will not close complete and won't seal. The molding inside was not complete caulking. I got the cert. for the door and say it's 'air filled' only. The handle is white plastic, not brass. The frame top and bottom is warped also. The door does not hit the bumpers, only it hits the frame. I have talking with three of there managers. I called NC twice. They said the dist. manager will call within 2 days. Right, called me another local manger. And, by the way, the $50 rebate bounced, said its not the door. The energy cert. will not work for the Fed. Tax credit. So, next step I'm filing a complaint with Fairfax County Consumer Protection.

  • Sp
    spiralsands Dec 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Uh oh, I just bought three Pella windows from Lowe's. But I'm gonna do my own installation. After hiring so many loser 'handymen' and being left with poor workmanship I know I can do it better myself.

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  • Ab
    ABailey Jul 01, 2010

    I've experienced many of the same problems with my Pella Architect Series Windows and Doors, including cladding problems, seal failure, spotting on the glass, rotting wood among other issues. These Pella windows and doors were installed throughout my house in 1995. Problems with the windows began less than 10 years after installation. Pella refuses to acknowledge these claims. On my website, onlinelitigationdiscovery.com, you can see photos detailing the defects with my Pella windows and doors.

    I've very interested in hearing other people's similar experiences with Pella. If you have had these problems with Pella, please go to my website, onlinelitigationdiscovery.com and tell me your similar experience so that we may educate consumers. Thanks for your time! -A. Bailey

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multiple mistakes and unprofessionalism!

I purchased countertops and had them installed from Lowe's of South Boston. It has been a complete disaster. The following is a sequence of events that took place.

Counter Tops

9 Feb 2007 Friday:
Ordered solid surface countertops and cabinet for kitchen island from Lowe's of South Boston. We specified that we wanted a solid surface countertop with no seams, bull nose edging, and easy to maintain that would not scratch... The salesperson Marybeth Chillemi insisted on the Formica Solid Surface. At this time, the countertop we picked was on a special promotion at $62.00 per sq foot reduced from the normal $72.00 per sq foot. I had taken a template of the existing cabinets and the new cabinet for the island came to 48.3 sq. ft. I would remove existing countertops and sink and install new sink when countertops were in place. It was set up for their contractor to come and make a template of the countertops on Mar 6, 2007 after I installed the new cabinet purchased from Lowe's. The new cabinet was to arrive by the end of the month to give me time to install prior to Lowe's contractor making the template.

1 Mar 2007 Thursday:

I received a call from the trucking company as to when I would be available for delivery. I told them I could be there the next day Friday 2 Mar 2007 for delivery. They said they only delivered in that area one day a week, which was on Thursdays and they would not be able to deliver until the following Thursday 8 Mar 2007. I contacted the installers to see if they could come and make the template the day after Friday 9 Mar 2007. They said they would have to reschedule and it would be delayed two weeks. I asked them if the measurements on the cabinet would be okay as it was and island. They said no that they had to make a template of the island or come back and there would be an extra charge. I told them not to reschedule as I would make arrangements to get the other cabinet there. I called the trucking company back and made arrangements for me to drive to Richmond and pick up the cabinets the next day. I was in Norfolk stationed at the Naval Base and I would take a day of vacation and pick them up and deliver to my home in Boydton Virginia. They said this would be okay. I picked the cabinets up on Friday and installed over the weekend and removed the existing countertops to be ready on Tuesday for the installer to make the template.

6 mar 2007 Tuesday:

A Mr. Rick Lucas with Five Star out of Salem Virginia the installer for Lowe's came to make the template on this morning. He did not make a template of the new cabinet, just took the measurements. He said they would not be able to install the countertops until 20 Mar 2007. This meant that I would be without the use of the cabinets and sink for (15) days. I told him I would not be able to be there on 20 Mar 2007 as I had to be at the Naval Hospital for pre-op for surgery that was scheduled later. My wife would be there.

8 Mar 2007 Thursday:

Marybeth Chillemi called and said there would be and additional charge of $135.00 that she left out of the contract and it would have to be paid before the countertops were installed or made. I explained to her that I had to drive to Richmond 120 miles away to pick up the island cabinets because Lowe's could not get them delivered on time to have the template made, to prevent another two week delay.

20 Mar 2007 Tuesday:

Five Star came and installed the countertops. My wife called me that night and said they installed the countertops, but there were some problems, that they had broken some supports on the cabinets and scratched the newly painted walls. They also corked the backsplash with corking that did not even match the countertops, The backsplash was to made as part of the countertop and not a separate piece, this was made very clear to Marybeth Chillemi the sales person at Lowe's as we did not want any seams and this was the whole purpose of getting new countertops. I told my wife I would look at them when I could get home and contact Lowe's.

30 Mar 2007 Friday:

I got home 30 Mar 2007 and checked the cabinets and installed the sink. While installing the sink, I found they had cut the opening for the sink to large and I had to build a frame inside the cabinet to support the sink and be able to fasten it in place.

2 Apr 2007 Monday:

I contacted Lowe's and explained the problems to them with the sink, the scratches on the wall that the wall had to be repainted, there were scratches in the countertop, one countertop was not square on the cabinet, the cabinets had to be repaired where they broke the supports and they did not cleanup their mess from installing the countertop. They said they would contact the installer and get back with me.

16 Apr 2007 Monday:

I contacted Lowe's again as they had not gotten back with me on the problems with the installation. They said they were waiting on word back from the installer.

26 Apr 2007 Thursday:

Called Lowe's again and spoke with Grant in install sales. He said he would send someone down on Saturday 28 Apr 2007 to check the cabinets when I could be there.

28 Apr 2007 Saturday:

Paige Fallen from install sales at Lowe's came to look at the countertops, she took some pictures and agreed that the workmanship was of poor quality.

1 May 2007 Tuesday:

Shannon from Five Star called to set up a time when they could come and look at the cabinets and he would bring James Koffman the sales rep for Five Star with him.

14 May 2007 Monday:

James Koffman called from Five Star and said they would be there to look at the countertops between 9:00 and 10:00 on Monday 21 May 2007 to check the countertops.

16 May 2007 Wednesday:

Called Lowe's and spoke with Shawn in install sales to let him know when Five Star reps would be there.

21 may 2007 Monday:

Shawn from Lowe's arrived at 09:30 and the reps from Five Star were an hour late arriving at 11:00. They inspected the countertops and said they would take care of the problem. Shawn from Lowe's insured that the problems would be taken care of as he had the power to make it happen and we would be totally satisfied. He said he would call us back on Tuesday 22 May 2007 to let us know what they were doing to resolve the issues.

22 May 2007 Tuesday:

Shawn did not call us as promised.

28 May 2007 Monday:

I went to Lowe's of South Boston to find out the status of the countertops as they failed to call and let us know. We talked with Shawn and he got a little huffy with us and said we were impatient ( I now question his professionalism ) We then went to the store manager Jeremy McNeil and explained what was going on and he said he was unaware of this problem and would call us the next day.

29 May 2007 Tuesday:

Jeremy McNeil store manager for Lowe's did not call as promised.

30 May 2007 Wednesday:

Shawn from Lowe's called and said they were still trying to get up with Five Star and would call on Friday 1 Jun 2007 with a definite answer and the solution.

4 Jun 2007 Monday:

Shawn from Lowe's called at 4:00 PM and said he had called Five Star 3 times with no results. He would call us back tomorrow 5 Jun 2007 Tuesday with a solution.

5 Jun 2007 Tuesday:

Shawn called at 12:00 noon to say the store manager Jeremy McNeil wanted to come and look at the countertops. They said they could be there between 3:00 and 4:00 o'clock. We said this would be okay. Jeremy the store manager said he would call us later in the week after he talked with Five Star and they decide who is going to pay for the damage, the replacement of the countertops and the fact that Lowe's did not order what we specified.

8 June 2007 Friday:

Jeremy Lowe's store manager called and said the owner of Five Star would come down and guarantee the work would be done correctly. Jeremy also said he would call us back on Monday or Tuesday 11 or 12 June to give us a date the work will be done.

13 Jun 2007 Wednesday:

We have not received a call from store manager Jeremy McNeil as promised.

14 Jun 2007 Thursday:

I called Lowe's Customer Care in North Wilksboro to inform them of the problem we were having with Lowe's of South Boston with the countertops and how dissatisfied we were with their service and the quality of work that was performed.

18 Jun 2007 Monday:

I still have not received any responses from Lowe's. I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau today to try and get this resolved.

20 Jun 2007 Wednesday:

I still have not received any response from Lowe's as to the solution. I checked the contract and found that Lowe's also overcharge the price of the countertop. The price was $62.00 a sq ft for 48.3 sq ft. $2994.60, but instead charged $3824.12 plus taxes $79.17 per sq ft. With all the mistakes, workmanship and no professionalism Lowe's personnel have shown, I want the countertops removed, a refund of the product, pay for the repairs to cabinets and I will buy new countertops from another supplier.

20 Jun 2007 Wednesday:

Contacted Customer Care at North Wilksboro as a follow up on complaint of countertops. I spoke with Jennifer and also got the telephone number of the District Manager Fred Anthony in Roanoke Virginia. He was not in and they said they would leave him a message to call me at home or work.

  • Wi
    William Barnhardt Jul 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same problem with a patio door. Same multiple mistakes and un-professionalism and the managers a are kids'. They don't have a clue on what is going on. Good Luck. I'm filling with Fairfax Count Consumer Protection office.

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  • An
    Angela Thompson Jul 11, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We re-did our bathroom and if Lowes could screw it up they did. Nothing worked out right. The sales guy sold us the cabinets and assured us the double sink would sit into them. Of course it did not. Had to go back for a different cabinet. The surround on the tub was busted, the tub was the wrong length. We spent over $1800 on this make over and Lowes gave us little to no help with the purchase. I climbed a ladder to get the fixture I wanted because there was NO one to help us gather all the stuff we needed. If you found a salesperson they claimed to not work that section and would get someone for us. Never saw anyone. It was so bad, the service, the knowledge, everything I wrote to their main office, which just forwarded it to the South Boston store and the manager wrote me this oh I am so sorry you had a bad experience with us letter, he did not even bother to put it on any kind of letter head. Just like the gentleman wrote, they tell you they will make it right but just keep putting you off or passing the buck.

    As far as the kitchen cabinets and counter tops, we re-did them last year and yes they screwed up our counters to. Had to come back out twice to fix the problem and my sink fixture is still not centered. I wish Boston Lumber in South Boston was cheaper I would deal with them always and never walk back into Lowes. Why cant we get a Home Depot? There are some very knowledgeable very helpful people who work there, its the ones that don't care that hurt them also so the whole store gets a bad rep.

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counter top install - noticeable error

After deciding to replace our kitchen counter we chose to purchase and install with Lowes, a solid surface Formica product.

The contractors came to install and despite the very tight fit of the counter in our small kitchen everything went well- at first glance. Upon further inspection we noticed they had cut the backsplash approximately .25" short, a noticeable error.

We decided that we would rather be reimbursed for the cost of the backsplash we paid for rather than have the contractors come back and reinstall (we believe further and perhaps worse damage could result from removal of the backsplash and we simply do not have anymore time to devote to waiting for contractors to show up to fix problems that should have been done right the first time.)

We called Lowes who then sent the contractor out to verify the complaint. We were told by Lowes that our only option was to replace the backsplash. They would not honor our request for money back.

Additionally, we had problems with the contractor lying to Lowes (and, of course, the manager at Lowes believed the contractor)- the contractor had stated we refused service during their visit to inspect the unsatisfactory work- this is untrue. They came nearly two hours late for the appointment and did not even have a new backsplash ready to install at that time, HAD that been what we wanted to do.

We were treated rudely and we were not given what we paid for. I paid for a job done well, instead I have paid top dollar for an uneven backsplash.

I don't have the time to wait for another appointment with incompetent workers, I simply want a portion of what I paid back in compensation. I am extremely disappointed. I purposely chose to use Lowes because I thought a large company would protect us from getting abused by contractors, unfortunately, I've found out Lowes at the heart of contractor fraud. I will not be using Lowes again until this has been problem has been corrected.

Today my countertop still is unfinished and I make sure to let visitors know exactly what company we worked with on the project.

  • Kn
    knicole Jun 14, 2011

    First of all, Formica is NOT top dollar countertop. Maybe if you purchased Corian or Granite, a warranty would have been included. If you wanted a job well done, then you should have let them replace your backsplash, then you wouldn't have to tell your sob story to every guest you had over. Instead you get no money back, and your back splash is still not completed. Try to realize mistakes can happen, and quit being so uptight, life is too short.

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  • Ug
    Ugean Mar 26, 2015

    I purchase a Formica counter top from Lowe's and their "certified" installer, who by the way installed it two weeks late, created a fabrication flaw along the visible edge seam. Now three month later after multiple visits from everyone under the sun, nastily Lowe's has indicated there is nothing they can do for me. The counter top edges have a dual stacking seam along the front edges that is unacceptable. They did offer to remove but said this is normal and it is likely to happen again. No da, if the fabricator is not good at what they do. Why would anyone expect a different outcome from the same fabricator!

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  • Al
    Alice Alton Sep 16, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had Lowes install prefab countertops I my kitchen and bath. The only complaint I had was that the installer thought I wouldn't see he used two different color calling (white and clear) because it was mostly out of sight. When I called Lowes they said he would return, which he did and said he ran out of clear that's why he used white. Very unprofessional. The installer also lived in Virginia so work had to be done when back in Chas area. I have used Lowes before with no problem. Lowes also does not call to see if you are satisfied or check on progress of job.

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late delivery of merchandise

We purchased a BBQ grill at Lowe's and they scheduled the delivery for yesterday morning. When it hadn't arrived by 2:00 pm, we called and were told it had been put on the 2:00 pm truck. When it hadn't arrived by 7:00 pm we called the store manager and were told it had been put on a later truck. When it didn't arrive by 10:00 pm we retired for the night. At 11:15 pm a truck drove up to our house, waking all of us, to deliver the grill. During the day, no one called to provide an update. Who delivers things at 11:15 at night? We won't be shopping at Lowe's again.

  • Mi
    Mike Chmura Oct 23, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Can't blame you a bit Ellen. A delivery at 11:15 PM is not only ridiculous, but pretty darn inconsiderate as well. As a retail manager myself, I have little tolerance for over promising and under delivering. I mean sometimes things do happen that are outside of our control, but for Pete's sake would it have been too much for them to give you a phone call and a sincere apology? I feel for ya! ~ CaptainMike

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  • Vi
    Vic P. Thacker Oct 30, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We purchased a refrigerator from Lowe's in Kokomo, IN last year. The salesman was a Mr. Jay Tucker. As part of the package he sold us an extended warranty that was to cover an additional 4 years after the manufacturers (GE) warranty expired.
    My wife and I have spent the entire day going trough a maze of telephone tag, trying to get service because the refrigerator was leaking. After talking to a "Stacy" who was to be transferring my wife to the department that issues the authorization for the repairs, dropped her call we tried calling her back. No one at Lowe's 888 service number knew a "Stacy". After being transfered to someone in the middle east who told us that Lowes did not offer such a warranty and did not service GE products anyway, I blew up and called the local store. This was this morning. After talking to a "Manager" named Travis Bloom he assured me he would resolve the situation.

    Meanwhile in order to prevent a major flood in our newly remodeled kitchen we called Bass Appliances, the authorized GE rep and as we found out is Lowe's sub contractor in Kokomo for GE service. They came out by 1:00 pm, and determined that the fan, waterline, and a circuit board were bad, ordered parts and did a temporary fix.

    Travis finally called back and told us it was still under the manufacturers warranty and gave us a GE number to call.
    We were finally told by GE that the unit was no longer under the one year manufacturers warranty, but under a Lowe's extended warranty. All this after Lowe's said we were still under the GE warranty.

    I can tell you this. the unit was manufactured especially for us because of the color and was manufactured in July of 06.
    My receipt shows Aug of o6. and we did pay an additional $100.00 for the additional 4 year warrenty.
    This is a bait and switch at a minimum on Lowe's part.

    All I needed from Lowe's service was an authorization for Bass Appliance to either bill Lowes or GE.

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  • Al
    Allan Campbell Aug 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I feel for you with your encounter with the phony extended warranty Lowe’s peddles. I have
    a Husqvarna zero turn mower that I let the salesman talk me into purchasing a four year extended
    Warranty for. This year I sent it in for some, what I thought was, minor adjustments on the front end.
    The warranty company sent a repair shop out to get it. (Mind you there are supposed to fix it on the spot).
    Now it is some 2 ½ months later and both the shop and the warranty company keep giving me excuses. The shop claims the warranty company is giving them the runaround about the repairs. The warranty company claims a different shop was sent out to pickup the mower, (not). Now the warranty company
    Claims they don’t know what is going on (truth). I’ve even talked to a “” supervisor, named Samantha, that swore she would find out what’s going on and get back to me by the end of the next day.
    Guess what, she lied!!!

    So I’m starting another week of crook and chase. Oh yes, without a mower!!!

    Recommendations: If you are going to shop a Lowe’s, stick to builders needs and home improvements.
    If you just can’t refrain from buying big ticket items, such as appliances or riding
    Mowers, save yourself some money for more enjoyable pleasures,
    DO NOT waste it on an extended warranty.

    Hood Winked
    By: Lowe’s Service Advantage

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Resolved gift card never received!

Over a year ago I joined the offer to receive a 25.00 gift card. However, even though I remained a member for like 6 months, I never did receive the card that I should have. I was supposed to receive a 25.00 Lowes card and also a 25.00 gas card neither of which I received.

Any help would be appreciated.

boycott the lowes!

Todd the store manager at lowes was fondling my 3 year old son in his shopping cart then threatened to have...

don't sacrifice quality installation for a lower price!

Don’t trust the commercial hype about how good their installs are. The installers look NOTHING like the one’s on TV. Sure price was great but then the install took place. Granted the buying process went ok, even though we waited for over a half hour for someone to enter our order at the store. No one knew how to enter a carpet install, seriously.

Basement Carpet Install:

To start, my wife took the day off for the installation. They told us the installer would be there between 8 and 9am. Then a call came that they were running behind. Next I get a call from my wife at 1pm they finally showed up. It turns out the carpet has a bad run, they can either keep laying it or pull off the job. I told them to go ahead and put it down, I would look at it later that night, needless to say it looked horrific. So we schedule new carpet install for a couple weeks later, with my wife being extremely upset because the carpet was supposed to be in before our wedding/gift opening, that didn’t happen.

2nd Try! The installers arrived early in the morning, in a beat up van with the carpet sticking out the back and grubby looking guys (I didn’t want to leave the house open, but didn’t have a choice). They pulled off the job early morning to finish another job in Kenosha then came back around 4pm, right during dinner! Wrapping up just before 7pm. Great Job….yeah right.

Word to the wise: Don’t sacrifice quality installation for a lower price. Never will we have a Big Box company do our installations.


sexual harassment

My wife works as a vendor for Lowes stores. Over the last three weeks a male employee at the Riverdale Georgia Lowes, Hwy 85 & 138 has said several sexually explicit remarks to her. The management seems not to care. If you or a friend experienced similar treatment by a male at this store or if you are a current or ex female employee that knows about this behavior at this store please email me.

  • Mi
    Michelle Jan 28, 2009

    I would, contact Lowes corporate office with this plus I would turn it in to the Vendors employer! This will take care of it or go to the Labor Board with it. I was a vendor for Lowes Stores plus an Lowes Specialist!! Good Luck, because Lowes likes to take advantage of its vendors and employees!

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installation services is very unprofessional!

I purchased 8oo square feet of Pergo flooring and paid to have Lowe's install it. I found out after the...

blades not mount on my existing harbor breeze ceiling fan!

I recently purchased a set of Harbor Breeze Philodendron custom fan blades (part # 124662) at a local Lowe's. Got them home and then found out they would not mount on my existing Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. The holes in the custom blade are grouped closer together than the standard Breeze motor. Went back to Lowe's to see about buying the proper fan mount brackets, but found out they are not sold separately for the above model blade. The only way you can get them is if you buy the entire motor assembly. Ended up returning the blades and getting a refund.

  • Pa
    Paul Laudenslager Feb 19, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We bought a home two years ago that has two brown Harbor Breeze fans on our covered patio. Due to strong winds, one of the brown bamboo blades has been broken off. I have been unable to find this blade and I need information on where I can locate it. Please, send us an email.

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Resolved we don't want to work for lowe's much longer!

We are an Installer for Lowe’s. Lowe’s Installers are base on score of 89% or better. We have a...

being avoided for their own mistake!

I purchased hardwood floors and needed the glue to install them. I went to Lowes to the flooring dept. where...

big scratch on the door of the refrigerator!

I bought a whirlpool refrigerator from lowes in elk grove, ca on 9/18/06 for next day delivery. The product was delivered to our house the next day. Unfortunately, the delivery guy made a big scratch on the door of the refrigerator. We didn’t want to waste the delivery guy’s time since they said one of the delivery trucks is out of service and they have a lot more to deliver that day. So we told them to move on and we’ll call lowes to schedule for a replacement. It took us almost a week of run around to finally get someone to respond and to schedule for a replacement.

The delivery guy came back the following saturday to give us the new refrigerator. As they arrived at my house, they quickly proposed to change the scratched door of the refrigerator instead of replacing the whole thing. They said this way we can avoid other damages. It made sense so I agree to change the door. Once the door was changed, it kept making this squeaky noise so I told them to just replace with the new refrigerator. That’s when the delivery guy finally revealed the truth. He said they can’t replace the refrigerator because the compartments inside the “new” refrigerator are broken. Unbelievable!!! Shouldn’t you check to make sure the product is in good condition before you deliver to your customer? Once again, the delivery guys were behind schedule. I didn’t want other customer to suffer like us, sitting around waiting, so I told the delivery guy to move on and i’ll deal with lowes. I called lowes back to explain the situation and asked for another replacement. The delivery manager, heather wilson, responded with an attitude and said they don’t have any in-stock and she doesn’t know if they’ll order more. This lady is not a customer service person at all! She didn’t even apologize for sending us a broken refrigerator. So I told her I want to return the item. She said she’ll send the delivery guy back the next day to pick up the broken one.

Another week has gone by and I receive a phone call from another delivery manager by the name of chris. He was very sympathetic about the situation and asked if I could give lowes one more chance to make it up. I told chris that if he can get me the same refrigerator and deliver it to my house by the end of the week, i’ll give them one more chance. Sure enough, he got the product and scheduled for delivery. That saturday we got our refrigerator. However, in the process of bringing the refrigerator into the house, the delivery guy broke one of the legs on our staircase and scratched two other legs. Can’t they do anything right? The delivery guy wrote up his report and said he’ll submit to lowes delivery manager and she’ll get in touch with us.

Almost a week have gone by and no words from anyone at lowes on the broken staircase. So I called chris since heather is not willing to assist us. He said the delivery manager, heather wilson, should have contacted me right away on this. Well, obviously this lady doesn’t want to talk to me. She’s the worst customer service person i’ve ever spoken to. So chris said he’ll look into this and get back to me. Shortly thereafter, a guy called me and said heather told him to call. He said he’s the subcontractor for lowes who does estimates on issues like this. So he scheduled an appointment with me, but gave me a four hour waiting window. This is not a delivery. It’s an estimate for crying out loud. What kind of business is this? You broke someone’s staircase and now you’re making them wait for four hours just for you to come out for an estimate. It’s insane. That’s going to waste another half of my day.in addition, i’m probably going to have to wait another four hours just for them to show up to fix the staircase, not to mention the time it’s going to take to fix the darn thing. This is ridiculous!! I insisted that they give me a specific time they’re coming out because i’m tired of waiting around for them. They said they can’t give me exact time because the four hour time span is their policy. What kind of policy is that? I can understand for a delivery, but not for an estimate.

Until today, the problem is still not resolve.

Does anyone out there have any suggestion on how to elevate this issue? I have already send email complaints to lowes, but haven’t gotten any response. I’m so fed up with this.

I will never buy anything at lowes that requires delivery service again.

  • Ru
    russell Jan 10, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Listen you probable live in a tiny house with a tiny doorway just like most of the homes i deliver too. you probable had no intentions of tipping the poor guy when he delivered you your product. lets take a moment to ponder this. a bartender will get a couple of bucks for pouring a 4 oz glass of booz, a delivery guy would get if there lucky $30 for a delivery for carrying a 300lbs of metal through a tiny door way do you think he's gonna care if he scratches your door hell no.. i would be upset with lowes not the delivery guys. its your responsibility to make a clear path for the guys. did you? did you remove the outside door to make it a quicker delivery i will bet you didn't. so now he's a sub contractor and your crying about a broken peg on your stair case. it will come out of there pocket not lowes to have it fixed. so suck it up and fix the stair case yourself. i have seen so many complaining people about the most dumbest thing. maybe you should try to carry a 400lbs refrigerator on your back and see what will happen. thats why its called an accident....

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  • Ch
    Chillieann12 Jan 11, 2017

    @russell Taking pride in work regardless of what you do in life. You obviously like that. You dirtbag

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we were amazed at the attitude of the associates

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I went to Loew's to get a small shade for our newly refurbished...