Mr. Appliance Complaints & Reviews

Mr. Appliance / lg refrigerator ice maker invoice #4265293

Jul 27, 2019

Set the appointment I waited two weeks before hey could see me. On 6/03/2019 the repair person made the diagnosis and informed me that the ice maker was the problem and I paid the same day for the new ice maker so that he could order the part. My next appointment was set for 6/15/2019 to...

Mr. Appliance / appointment no show/uncaring attitude/tried to scam

Oct 25, 2018

I've been trying to get an appointment for weeks. They only work M-F from 8-4, the same hours I work. On a day I did not have an appointment, I received a message from a tech(Nick) that he was on the way to my house. Later I received a second ( kind of irritated message from Steve concerning...

Mr. Appliance / I am complaining about service call price and my credit that I have not received.

Jul 13, 2018

I called Mr. Quentin out to my home July 2nd, 2018, I was told by his office personnel that he would come out on Tuesday July 3, 2018. The page does not state a service call fee, this lead me to think about not calling, because they apparently have something to hide and they do. When a...

Mr. Appliance / payment requirements by mr. appliance

Jun 03, 2018

Forcing the consumer to Pay in full for appliance repair when parts have to be ordered a not in the best interest of the consumer. This is not the norm in the industry and requiring upfront payment will force selecting a different service organization which I assure I will do the next time...

Mr. Appliance / dishwasher service

Apr 23, 2018

Buyer beware! Original problem was leaking water and not cleaning dishes satisfactorily. Three visits, $320 wasted. Problems were worse after "repairs"! Ordered part, charged me in advance. Installed part, made problem worse. Removed part and left. Telephone agent was rude and not...

Mr. Appliance / phuc theesmo ronnz

Nov 07, 2017

Mr. Appliance of Spring TX service call cost me $142.50. — Two guys (senior guy plus a trainee) come at 400p to look at refrigerator and microwave. — Before he moves switch to ON, senior guy spends 1/2 hour trying to train younger guy and to diagnose ice-maker which I had turned off for...

Mr. Appliance / lg tromm washer machine not running properly

Sep 14, 2017

Mr. ApplianceA so called, repair technician came to our house for our LG Tromm Washer Machine not running properly. When he arrived he started our washer machine, my wife informed him the display previously had a "LE error code". Without any additional troubleshooting, he diagnosed it "a bad stator and...

Mr. Appliance Rochester New York / washing machine repair

Aug 28, 2017

Mr. Appliance of Rochester claims on their web page, that they “ Deliver fast service and exceptional quality results” which is the furthest from the truth from my own experience along with other people that posted negative Google reviews. Mr. Appliance sent and inexperienced technician to...

Mr. Appliance / washer

Aug 14, 2017

Mr Appliance showed up on time and wore their shoe covers. They did remove a piece of metal from my machine. I did not recognize the metal piece. They charged me $177. My washer ran a cleaning cycle and then I tried to do a load of clothes. It got stuck at the same place in the cycle. I...

Mr. Appliance / this is a very high priced, self serving, non reliable company.

Jul 17, 2017

Technician arrived over an hour early, outside of scheduled arrival window. Prices were more than double 7 other repair companies I later called. All refrigerator needed was a $50 water valve in icemaker. Repair would have cost me well over $250. The techiciansaw fit to tell me how he...

Mr. Appliance / poor service, unprofessional and likely scam artists

Mar 10, 2017

I hired Mr. Appliance of Boca Raton to repair a dryer in January 2017. They came out found the problem and gave me an estimate. They stated they needed to order a part and needed a deposit of $170. I called multiple times to find out if they part was delivered and to schedule the repair. I...

Mr. Appliance / washer machine and refrigerator

Jan 14, 2017

They came and fixed my wash machine, charged me 470.00. Then it messed up the same day. Came back the same day and fixed it. Then 3 weeks After my refrigerator broke, so I called them again. They came out and charged me 369.00 dollars. So it's only been a week, now my washer is broke...

Mr. Appliance / appliance repair

Dec 30, 2016

If you don't like being surprised by an excessive price of repair, stay away from mr. Appliance. They fixed two refrigerators and ended up charging me $3, 200! Yes, you are reading this right. Three thousand two hundred us dollars to repair two refrigerators. And just to be clear, total...

Mr. Appliance / cash payment without receipt

Dec 08, 2016

Mr. Appliancelast 01/12/2016 i have travel from Dubai To Doha by emirates airlines, ticket number :[protected] . Doha emigration Department not issued the Qatar visa for me, so, i back to Dubai by next flight of emirates airline. Emirates Air stuff taken QAR 250 by cash and given hand writing board pa...

Mr. Appliance / poor quality and poor service

Nov 07, 2016

Used Mr. Appliance of Susquehanna Valley, York, PA 17402, [protected]. to work on my Viking oven Lenny, who is the franchisee, fixed it a year ago. It stopped working again, so I called him back and we set up an appointment where I had to sit there and wait for him. He did not show up. He...

Mr. Appliance / ge refrigerator repair and service

Sep 22, 2016

On a Wednesday afternoon visit I found my Mother of 85 years’ refrigerator to be running but not cooling and I called Mr. Appliance for repair in Boca Raton, FL. Upon diagnosis I was told the refrigerator needed a new “Control Board” and an “ Evaporator Fan” which was not running to cool the...

Mr Appliance / Washing MAchine

May 03, 2016

I have made numerous calls and have gotten awful customer service from Mr Applaince. They are the NASTIEST most incompetent group I have ever have never gone on line to complain about anyone until Mr Appliacne came into my life I would NEVER NEVER recommend using them

Mr. Appliance / ge refrigerator

Apr 18, 2016

I had a serviceman, Spencer, come out & did not touch my refrigerator. I opened the doors to show him there was water leaking under the deli drawer. He went over to his IPAD click in some numbers, turned it around to show me $436.00 to fix. I asked how do you know, you haven't...

Mr. Appliance / whirlpool dryer repair

Mar 04, 2016

Called for repair and showed up next day, took a total of 5 minutes to tell me what I had already known, In need of new motor due to the mechanism that holds the belt onto the motor sheared off and the belt needed replacing..Tried to tell the woman that when made appt., did not want to hear. ...

Mr. Appliance / gas range repair

Dec 10, 2015

The original service call to repair my range was on 8/18. The repairman appeared polite and efficient. He told me the repair cost would be $330. He ordered parts twice and returned twice to work on the range. Getting the parts delayed the process and added to the expense. The repairs were...

Mr. Appliance / frigidaire warranty repair

Nov 27, 2015

I set up an appointment through Frigidaire with Mr. Appliance as they are a local authorized warranty repair company. They were set to arrive between 12:00 and 4:00 PM. They never showed up for the appointment and never called to say that they could not make it. I called after 4:00 PM to...

Mr. Appliance / poor customer service

Nov 23, 2015

Mr appliance repair person Randy came to my home for a repair in doing so he broke the oven/display on 10/12/2015.. I have made numerous calls and have gotten poor customer service at best excessive holding no return call from Ashley Ellen up to and including the franchise owner Tammy...

Mr. Appliance / misdiagnosed problem & broke my oven in process & will not repair or return calls

Oct 15, 2015

We called Mr. Appliance b/c a light was broken on my Viking stove. Not only did it take 6 months and 4 appointments to repair the light but they broke my bake feature on my oven! After agreeing to order the 3rd part that they "think" will repair the oven- they won't take our phone...

Mr. Appliance of The Western Shore / broken dishwasher

Nov 11, 2014

Mr. Appliance came out to fix our broken dishwasher. They said that it needed a new pump. We took a second day off of work for them to put this pump in but they did not run a full cycle and as soon as they left we realized that the dishwasher still didn't work. We had paid them 249...

Mr. Appliance / washer

May 17, 2014

We hired them to fix our washer . He shows up says he thinks its the motherboard but when he calls it in they tell him to order a cheaper part . It takes 5 days for the part to show up plus 3 days for him to show up to install . Well it was still broke .. So again he shows up same thing...

Mr. Appliance / dryer repair

Apr 01, 2014

BUYER BEWARE!!! Mr Appliance came to my home to repair a lack of heat issue with my dryer near the end of 2012. The technician was very nice and while he was here he sold me a 3 year service contract on my washer and dryer. Shortly after he left, the dryer no longer heated again. They sent...

Mr Appliance / incomplete order yet fully billed

Apr 23, 2013

My initial order placed with DOUG of business concerned was for 2 Miele Hepa cat/dog filter o/n 23781 of 28/2/13 for which I was charged $61•40. The goods arrived promptly, but were NOT original Miele filters & the filter didn't fitin vaccum. I rang the company & spoke to...

Mr Appliance, Epping NH -warranty repair for Total Protect / Fraud. Breach of contract, criminal ineptness

Sep 01, 2012

Mr. Appliance willfully misreported the accurate description of a condition of a dishwasher that they were contracted to repair. They did not inform the warranty company, Total Protect, that the pump was broken but instead told them that there were screws installed incorrectly on the kick...

Mr. Appliance / mr appliance charged $65.00 for a service charge that was diagnosed wrong


Mr Appliance charged $65.00 for a service charge that was diagnosed wrong and refused to come out again to give proper diagnosis of the problem without another $65.00 service charge. I replaced the ONE PLUG timer that they said was wrong with it and it did not work. The owner said that I...