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A&E Factory Service Complaints & Reviews

A&E Factory Service / employees

Saedie Vega on Jan 25, 2019

Yes y'all have a gentleman by the name of Sergio Vega Jr working for y'all that is giving out his own business cards and while he's giving them out he saying he does this because he needs a backup plan Sears is going out of business and he has two charges on his record one would be assault...

A&E Factory Service / appointment scheduled and missed by the technician.

batdevil on Nov 16, 2018

Our refrigerator failed on October 19th. We have a Sears service contract and called them to have repairman come out. The soonest they could come out was October 25th. They arrived (two service people-one an apparent supervisor and the other a rookie) on the 25th. After an hour, it wa...

A&E Factory Service / lg dishwasher

Hefleye on Nov 12, 2018

Horrible customer service! They seem to install refurbished parts which then break in a short time, they only give you a 90 day warranty so most likely the part will break after 90 days and you have to pay for them to have another service call and labor costs etc. ---AVOID AT ALL COSTS ...

A&E Factory Service / salt lake city, ut

D.Duchon on Oct 24, 2018

A&E hires the most incompetent, rude, condescending group of unprofessional agents. Nothing gets done. I will be without a clothes washer for a month by the time they get their act together. Part was ordered on 10.10.18...cancelled order on 10.10.18, repair appointment was scheduled for...

A&E Factory Service / lg dishwasher

Diane Coggins on Sep 28, 2018

I had 9 repair calls from A & E of Ocala, FL. Yep, no shows, late, & just plain terrible service from Wally & Mike. Finally got replacement OK from Sears & find out that it should've been replaced after the 3 service call. Shouldn't these employees know this ? At almost $300/ call I gue...

A&E Factory Service / samsung refrigerator repair (lack of)

nester05 on Aug 11, 2018

8.11.18 We called for repairs because our refrigerator quit cooling. 7-16-18 Serviceman came out and assessed the issue. He said he would order parts for the repair which were to arrive at our address within a week. An appointment was set for him to return and repair. Only one part came in...

A&E Factory Service / lg refrigerator

Roger Trudeau on Apr 23, 2018

I called A&E for a repair and it is now 18 days later and I still have no refrigerator. Was supposed to be fixed the 19th of April. Tech came to house did repair and next day still not working! Called A& E and was told could not comer back until the 23 of April!! A&E could have come back...

A&E Factory Service / dryer

freiberk on Dec 16, 2017

I've been working with A&E to get my dryer repaired since April. It is now December. The company sends technicians to do the repair and have either 1) ordered the wrong part, 2) don't show up, 3) show up after dark, 4) don't order the part at all, 5) act unprofessionally and...

A&E Factory Service / service tech, asking for money to repair an item already covered by the warranty

Corey Lingafeldt on Nov 2, 2017

11/2/2017 Chico Ca I think may have been the most unprofessional company I have ever had to deal with. I had a tech come to fix my ice maker. He came, diagnosed the problem, then told me he couldn't fix it because it was still under the manufactures warranty and that I need to contact...

A&E Factory Service / 2 days off of work and no show

TriciaN on Oct 26, 2017

Warning: A&E Factory Service Repair. WARNING: Made two appointments under our Sears Home Warranty. 1st time, no show. 2nd time- note on the door they were here- so were we! Bob even saw the van sitting down the road at a public park! Still, no refrigerator...

A&E Factory Service / repair of frigidaire stack laundry system

Roxanne Soliz on Jun 8, 2017

On June 2 a repair man came to fix my washer. It is part of a Frigidaire stack laundry system. He told me then, that this was a learning opportunity because he did not know anything about this system. He fixed the washer just fine, but after he left the dryer didn't work. I have called A&E...

A&E Factory Service / lg bottom mount freezer

Thomas Caron on May 31, 2017

A&e has been working on this unit since last september. Replaced condenser, compressor, and dryer. Then it died again. They found leaks on the soldering joints. Tech came out and re soldered the joints using too much solder he plugged the lines. A different tech came out and was here for 5...

A&E Factory Service / incompetent and possibly sociopathic "repair"

Elliot_ on Mar 16, 2017

I have an LG refrigerator that has broken many time. This time, the warranty company sent A&E. It was the worst experience! On the first visit, the technician did not even pull the refrigerator away from the wall or run any diagnostic. I told him the extensive history -- that the...

A&E Factory Service / repair lg refrigerator

Mvp2448 on Nov 17, 2016

Refridgerator failed to cool on 10/9, 3 service calls later the A&E tech after contacting the LG Technical Center they requested he preformed a vacuum test it failed. The A&E tech recorded and photographed the readings declaring the refrigerator not repairable. He said A&E would forward...

A & E Appliance Repair / appliance repair

NealtheReal on Sep 23, 2016

This guy never called me to tell me a service price and then he quoted me $1, 000 on my new microwave without using voltage meter, wtf? he didn't want to do the job, he complained all the time he was here, he was very unprofessional, very late, very messy, never put all the parts back...

A&E Factory Service / repair/customer support

K Redinbaugh on Aug 29, 2016

I never write reviews, who has time. But I have never had such a terrible experience trying to get service and resolution. repeated dropped calls, refusal to allow me to speak with a supervisor. No clue as to what to do to fix the issue. Parts not ordered, could not follow up with the...

A & E Factory / repair of samsung refrigerator

George-Ann on Aug 26, 2016

On August 15, 2016, I have a technician from A & E Factory come to my home to fix a water leakage problem in the Cool/Select Pantry of my refrigerator as well as a sheet of ice underneath this drawer. He cleans out a tube behind the refrigerator and tells me I won't have any more problem...

A"E Factory Service / Sears / Service tech did not call or fix item

jjbooboo35 on Aug 16, 2016

I called sears as my mower had a issue> I just got it in May. IT made load growling noise then the blades stopped working thougth maybe the belt broke but it didnt. My brother sharpened blade and looked at it and it work with load noise again for only a short time and blades quit again...

A&E Factory Service / service call

Brandy Hailey on Jul 20, 2016

They came out and looked at my washing machine, and ordered parts to repair it, scheduled me for an appointment for 7/19 between 8-12. So 7/19 gets hear and the reminder call recording says they will be here between 12-5. Not when I was scheduled, but ok, I can deal with that. 6pm come...

A&E Factory Service / whirlpool refrigerator ice maker

2010peg on Jun 27, 2016

On June 20, 2016, I called A&E Factory Service and scheduled an appointment for service--I was told it would be one week for repair--Monday June 27, 2016. Today (6/27/16) I called for a time schedule they would arrive--they had no record of my previous call on 6/20/17. I have a prepaid...