Lowe'sbait and switch

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Bought a discount freezer along with a refrigerator and a dishwasher. the salesman stated that he had to order the refrigerator and the dishwasher and wanted to know if we wanted delivery of the discount freezer. We stated that we did not want to pay for two delivery charges and ask him to deliver the freezer along with the refrigerator and the dishwasher.

well when they delivered the freezer it was a wrong model and in wrong color. We asked what happened to the freezer that we bought. they sold the freezer to another customer since it was still sitting of the display floor. We asked for a correct freezer and they sent another freezer again in wrong color and a different model. Complained to store manager and they finally sent another freezer that was returned to the store for what reason we do not know.

Now I am in the process of taking them to the small claims court for bait ans switch tactics.


  • Ej
    EJ Fudd Jun 14, 2013

    went to 1 lowes they had on display a Whirlpool dishwasher at a great price..went to buy it..sorry is not in stock and we can order it.
    then Looked up a near by Lowes online and found a Bosch DW at a great price ordered it, got a call sorry we have none in stock and can not order it.
    Went to 3rd lowes they had the same DW as 2nd but it was $80 more, they would not match the price of the other Lowes 15miles away but it was instock so I ordered it. got a call day before delivery. item is to damaged to deliver, dont have any more and can not order it.
    Called a 4th lowes they did not have the Bosch DW instock BUT they COULD order it at $150.00 more then the lowes I bought it from but it was to damages to deliver and they could not order
    NICE advertise low prices but charge them more if they really want the item..you make Sears and Home Depot look good

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  • Da
    Darwin Stevens Jul 07, 2020
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    Bought a craftsman riding mower from Lowes, the day it was delivered I got a call saying the one they were delivering was a used mower and did I know it. No I bought a new one. They said they will give me a more expensive one that was new. I said sure, why not, good deal right? The one they brought me was actually a lesser model that wasn't as powerful. 15.5 hp vs the 16.5 I bought. They told me I got oh so much better a deal. Never buying from them again. They refused to do anything about it

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