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Customer service

On March 27, 2020 me and my wife traveled from Port Orange Florida to the loves at 1657 US-1, Ormond Beach...


My name is Rita and I was in the restaurant sitting down and was just looking around and watching t.v. and eating and I noticed
Mrs shavonda getting laughed at by I believe Mrs.Barbara and Mrs. Nicole because Mrs. Barbara ask a gentleman what he was waiting on and he said he was waiting on wedges made fresh.
I thought it was mean and unprofessional.
Mrs Shavanda was very respectful and assured the customer and customers she is getting done.

Supervisor Greg

I am a Pepsi rep who is filling in for the normal rep so I went in this morning said hello to cashier and...


Yes, I would like to file a complaint I went in to a interview at Loves truck stop in ocala. The lady whom interviewed me her name was sharon and I felt she was displaying racism towards me. One of the managers told me to take a seat I took a seat in front of her while she was in another interview with a lady the same color talked she talked to her very positive and happily and hired her on the spot. She then came up to me and said what is your name and acted like I wasnt suppose to be there for a interview? She said I have to check the computer she came back and said I never had a interview but I have the screen shots on my phone and while she was interviewing was very rude and kept shaking her head and huffing and puffing holding her head saying why did you leave lowes to gander she kept shaking her head asking why why why and had nothing to interview about loves she judged me the whole time she was also with someone else Katie and they both treated me very different then the person who interviewed before me I was very uncomfortable in that interview I never in my life have had such a unpleasant interview and then I told her I was interested in overnight because I wanted to keep my daytime job at gander she kept shaking her head and saying this will never work I couldnt believe how uncomfortable she made me feel. I believe I did not get the job because she didnt like my color she was very judgmental I have worked in retail for 3 and half years and if been to many interviews and have never had a experience like this I am truly upset. In the middle of the interview i almost didnt even want to finish the interview an i was really interested in working here. I had a interview for circle k today and they were very nice and friendly didnt ask why I left my past jobs and make me feel like I made a horrible decision going to gander? The lady that interviewed me at lowes didmt care about my qualifications at all and when I got up she rolled her eyes at me an puffed and I felt them laugh as I was walking out?

  • Updated by gopro lamber · Mar 06, 2020

    She treated me very rudely in my interview the whole time huffed and puffed and made me feel horrible about my decisions out of Loves. She asked why would you leave lowes to go to gander and kept shaking her head and basically I didnt hsve the qualification to her because of my job outside of loves? This was the store in ocala florida and it was sharon and Katie who treated me very rudely and tried to make me feel bad I left lowes I told her I was happy at my job at gander and never asked anything else or anything in regards to the loves job! I am very disappointed in this experience.

Cashier/customer service representative

I had a long trip and needed to stop in and get some gas, cigarettes and soda it was late 1 am. I had my girlfriend go in and pay for the items while I waited by the car to pump the gas. She comes out and says they were rude and wasn't listening to a thing. only taking to another coworker and a women about getting a different job at eby brown And how to get the application and how to apply. he gave her the wrong cigarettes and she had to repeat herself multiple times because he wasn't listening or paying attention to her. Then I get out of my car after listening to get tell me about the horrible experience she had!!! To pump my gas and I waited about 3 mins or so for the pump to come in and it wouldn't work so I hung it up and tried again still didn't work so I walked into the store and asked if they knew why the pump wasn't working and the cashier his name on his shirt said DANIEL looked at me and said DID YOU PAY FOR GAS AND I SAID YES SIR AND HE LOOKED AT THE COWORKER BESIDE HIM AND SAID LISA DID YOU RING HER UP AND SHE LOOKS AND ME AND SAYS NO. I said I didn't come in and pay for it my girlfriend did and he said who is your girlfriend. I was in shock at this point like really I'm being accused of not paying for my gas !!! And now I have to tell him who my girlfriend was so I continued to explain to him what she looked like and what color shirt she was wearing because it wasn't busy at the time, again in was 1 am in the morning!!! He said go get her I was so mad at this point so I pushed open the door and went and got her. She comes in and he's still acts like he don't remember her. I was so disrespected and embarrassed she was upset at this point to. The lady Lisa who was working helped us fix the problem which was that again HE DIDNT LISTEN AND PUT US ON PUMP 1 AFTER SHE REPEATEDLY TOLD HIM PUMP NINE because just wanted to talk instead of work when she came in the first time. HE DIDNT EVEN APOLOGIZE!!! I will not stop here again. I am not a thief or a lair. I eat lunch here everyday and get gas before work. He has no customer service skills. I'm very disappointed!!


I recently visited the loves in Hinton with my family. During our visit I I saw a woman smoking drugs in her...

general manager

I was a former employee at loves. Nichelle was very unprofessional telling me to "get my [censored]...

gas pumps for automobiles

Pump would not accept debit card, even as a credit card. Unbelievable that you are ignoring technology that...

calzone from godfather's pizza

Jimmy lopez manager and his assistant nadia ybarra... Informed me today that someone that inspected them said...

sad treatment of people with disabilities by coworkers

I am a longtime customer of Loves. Never before have I seen a decent employee who may have some disabilitie...

customer service

I was in your Weatherford, tx location last night and was treated horribly by the manager on duty...

tire pass

November 3rd 2019 stop the thing loves travel center Ontario Oregon Pulled into the tire pass two Gentleman...

Love's Travel Stop

water in diesel

On October 29, 2019 at 3:52 PM I purchased $70 worth of diesel fuel on pump number three at store number 716...


On Saturday Aug 3rd around 11p, I was in Loves in Dayton Ohio shopping around when I heard an employee by the...

lottery kiosk

I spend money on keno however the reader never works and I'm sick of it..the [censored]es at the counter are...

They took additional fee when I paid with my debit card

I recently was scammed by Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores Inc., when I purchased gasoline from the gas pump. I paid with my debit card and later that day I checked my account and found out that this company charged me again for $35. I contacted their customer services and asked these guys to return money back and the rep excused and said that it would take 3-5 days to return the money. Unfortunately, this person lied to me and still hasn't refunded. I just want to warn all other people users of their gas pumps.