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Love's Travel Stop reviews & complaints

Love's Travel Stop complaints 59

Love's Travel Stop - Gas pumps

Why do you allow your customers to block the gas pumps after they have already paid at the pump and pumped their gas and then go inside the store and leave their vehicle sitting there blocking the pump when there are multiple cars waiting to get gas?! I asked the inside Park for assistance with the situation and she said too bad they couldn't do anything about it! BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Why do you allow your customers to block the gas pumps after they have already paid at the pump and pumped their gas and then go inside the store and leave their vehicle sitting there blocking the pump when there are multiple cars waiting to get gas?! I asked the inside Park for assistance with the situation and she said too bad they couldn't do anything about it! BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Love's Travel Stop - Customer service at Subway

I sure hope I'm doing this right. I've never had to put a complaint in Ever until now. My family and I were traveling for the Holiday when we stopped at the Loves located on I40 west and Arnot road...

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Love's Travel Stop - Employee harassment

About a week ago my husband and I met a friend at loves he was on the side of the store where the swing and table are he had gotten there about 5 mins before we did, shortly after we met him an...

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Oct 22, 2021

Love's Travel Stop - Oil change

They did an oil change on my 97 gmc c7500 and used the wrong oil and put 10w30 in it?!?!? And charged me for 44 quarts when it only takes 19! Impossible to get ahold of anyone to resolve this issue!

Desired outcome: Full refund

Love's Travel Stop - Career

I was told by my daughter who left to be a manager of training I could work for love's and I would be applying for a shop advisor as I have done in the past, I waited for 6 weeks for her and let her...

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Love's Travel Stop - Company

I observed that loves Travel stop is racist an watch black employees an treat them differently. I got wrote up for being late an I always had doctor notes if I was sick. Store side employee misty did several no call no shows an still had her job, same as restaurant side multiple people are late everyday an don't show up an still have there jobs an there all white employees including the gm Mika means

Desired outcome: Sue

Love's Travel Stop - Customer service

I was at Love's in Monroe, LA. The manager with pleases in Chester was very loud and rude. I asked for hot biscuits and she had a problem with that. The other manager told her some more biscuit...

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Sep 17, 2021

Love's Travel Stop - Chester's

An employee keeps posting on social media about there is a bunch of "meth heads" working there. Its not a good environment. She even says her manager is covering up for them. That employees make drug...

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Love's Travel Stop - Lamiqua at the loves in port Allen Louisiana

My boyfriend was parked in his 18 wheeler and woke up to this girl banging on his doors screaming at him to move or she would call the cops. after he said he would move she continued screaming and...

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Love's Travel Stop - Service and cleaning

Jackson Tennessee Loves The restroom was vary dirty. And wend I ask for cream for coffee the lady was rude about it. Please look into itThank you Dwayne Curl [protected]

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Love's Travel Stop - Business

Store 308 in Marion, NC has cooling issues. The chocolate is melting. You go in to cool off, but you come out hotter than before. The cashier on the gas side is working her butt off, while there...

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Love's Travel Stop - Subway# 68768 reg 7 Clerk : chesters.

My father and are truck drivers(team driver) and we stopped and loves store # 718 time was 15:[protected] to shower and eat at chesters. Disappointing that they had no chicken and tenders. I ask the clerk and he said ( that's all there is we have nothing). I ask if he could make some and he said we have nothing. This is the second time we are dissatisfied with the service.

My email is

Thank you.

Desired outcome: To have hot food at all times.


Love's Travel Stop - Rude employee

She bangs on my door to make me move my truck very rude I got stuck because of inadequate signage backed out hit the barrier. I'm tired I just needed sleep then I see her and said thanks she says should be in a parking spot sarcastic . That's the way you treat your guests? I spend alot of money at loves I use to only fuel at loves probably not anymore ill take my business elsewhere. It's not right we work hard if you didn't want my business just say so there are lots of other truck stops. Have a good day I'll be taking my 302 trucks somewhere else from now on.

Desired outcome: Hire better people she needs to go work elsewhere.

Love's Travel Stop - Hub wheel seal repair april 18th,2021

We get Wheel Hub seal Repaired at one of your Location in Michigan on April 18, 2021. Still under 90 days warranty we get Re do this job on our Local shop in Canada jun 22, 2021. Because there was no choice to move your Location back 2-3 hours Drive.
The Original Invoice number is [protected].
Please contact me as soon as possible.
Please see attached copies of Both Invoices.
MY PH:- [protected]

Love's Travel Stop - Unethical behavior

The Love's Travel Stop in Joseph City, AZ, resides on the eastern outskirts of Joseph City. There are no other businesses or homes in that area. An enormous amount of trash and bottles of urine lie...

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Love's Travel Stop - Service at tire center

Checked in needing a tire repair was told had a tire repair and a mud flat to replace. No problem except 1 man working and others standing around doing nothing . They call the guy with mud flap to be replaced takes 35 min for him to come over. Could have fixed my tire in that time been here 2 hours and end isn't in site need to hire people that work and not stand around bsing

Love's Travel Stop - Customer service

Employee Stephanie was very rude and disrespectful, employee called me a "[censored]" and stated "Get the [censored] out" in front of customers the young lady with the khaki and black Love's hat standing next...

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May 12, 2021

Love's Travel Stop - Tire Repair

I arrived at the Loves on Highway 301 in Orangeburg at 2:30 in the afternoon. I needed all 8 of my drive tires balanced. After waiting 3 1/2 hours on my truck, they only balanced 4 of my tires complaining the whole time that they couldn't balance them. And to top it off, they bent one of my chrome hub covers and said they ran out of wheel weights so they could not do them all. The service techs obviously don't know what the hell they are doing. This is the sorriest service I have ever had!

Desired outcome: I wanted all 8 of my tires balanced and they still could not do but 4 because they didn’t have enough weights.

Love's Travel Stop - Harassing while showering

I arrived at 1539 Madison ave, aurora, NE 68818 right when a thunderstorm hit and saw a tornado across the freeway.Iam from California so I've need seen anything like this. So Iam already on decided to shower to get my mind off storm. So Iam trying to take my time but all the while I can hear one employee out side my door the hole time. And the for the very first time of all the loves I've been to employee nocks on my door and asks me if Iam still using bathroom what is it to him . These people are really an sensitive to what Iam going thought . Recipe of shower checkin 9:17 I felt I had no choice to get out of shower at 10:17 I was out and it's still stormy and nobody in line for shower. I've just don't understand what would make them do this . Thank you Christian [protected]

Desired outcome: Not sure cause I’ve never have this happen to me

Apr 29, 2021

Love's Travel Stop - Management

The tire shop manager previous GM of the store is a sorry excuse for a manager. Being a married man still found it ok to have relations with an employee in which destroyed 2 families and yet he still has a management job at this store I don't see how that is acceptable. This could cause big problems for this company he broke the rules he should be permanently terminated and it filed on his work record I think this should be addressed make an example of this unloyal and rule breaking clown and show that it's not right to do this. He should not be allowed to ever hold another management position anywhere.

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