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CB Retail Stores Love's Travel Stop Propane delivery person was incompetent
Love's Travel Stop

Love's Travel Stop review: Propane delivery person was incompetent

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At the Loves at 70 and 310, East of Columbus, OH, I had brought my RV to get the ASME propane tank topped off. I'll try to keep this short. The "technician" that cam to fill my tank was incompetent. He did not loosen the bleeder valve when filling the tank, in fact, he tightened it with a six inch pipe wrench. Despite my complaints that he did not loosen the bleeder, he continued without a word. I asked if there was anyone else who knew how to fill tanks, he responded by calling the truck service department, stating that there is "a customer with a question about his RV" - no mention of propane. The response was take RV issues to RCD (1/2 mile down the road). I pointed out to the technician that he never mentioned propane and his response was a smirk - passive aggression.

I took my complaint inside and was met with lesser trained personnel whose only response was "he was trained by the company" and they stonewalled, but that is probably all they could do.

Since this incident, I have had this tank filled twice, both times those technicians opened the bleeder valve while filling the tank and stopped when liquid propane bled out, which is the procedure that I have seen followed when filling ASME tanks over the past five years.

I don't what is going on at this Loves, but I would stay away from having a propane tank filled there, use the RCD West of there along the access road on the South side of the 70 freeway, but RCD does not fill propane on weekends at this time. The rest of the Loves facilities there are fine as far as I know.

Desired outcome: What I would like is for Loves corporate to look into this and correct their training procedure for filling propane, correct the technician's training and teach better customer relations.

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