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staff returned to work immediately after returning from trip, small community Coboconk, told to by lcbo

coboconk lcbo, staff did not self isolate on order from lcbo although she wanted to. EXPLAIN!


In the past week I went to our local LCBO at 556 and to my surprise the door was locked, the closed sign off and employee taking cash to the office so I am assuming that it wa...

empty returns not accepted

I just returned from the licensed LCBO facility in Stevensville to return emptys and buy product. They refused some of my emptys based on thier 5 case return policy I had 9 cases of empties to return. The young lady told me I could go to the beer store if I didnt like it . The empties were cans so very light and easy to handle. I put the they would not take empties back in my vehicle made my purchase and left . It is my understanding the L.C.B.O is required to accept all returns and I am a bit frustrated that I ahve to go back as she said in a couple of hours to get rid of the rest of my empties.

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    cplcbo Jan 10, 2020

    Greetings, The LCBO does not collect empty bottles or cans. This is done by the beer store. I recommend that next time you return there.

    If you have any more questions feel free to contact HelloLCBO at 1-800-668-5226.

    Thanks for shopping at the LCBO.

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This complaint now spans 2 years of this issue.
I live in Australia and I am trying to use LCBO's online shopping facility to purchase a simple gift card for an Ontario resident.
A year ago when I tried this the LCBO would not accept my credit card payment because although they allowed me to input my home (billing) street address, country, postal code, etc...they mandated that I select my CANADIAN PROVINCE from the usual drop down list of option to input a non-Canadian state or province!?!?! Clearly this information was never going to match my credit card details and so my payment could not be processed.

So this time, when I tried again, the web site now accepts all forms of overseas addresses, and it even took me to my own banks authorization code site, etc, after which the LCBO site came back and said "We could not process your transaction - please contact your bank."...which I did. And my bank said "We authorized the purchase, here is the authorization code that we sent the LCBO, the payment is pending for them to collect - by the way we have had other complaints about the LCBO's online shopping, and unfortunately you are now going to need to get the LCBO to write to us in order to release your money back to you."

Isn't it in the best interest of the LCBO to sell to overseas shoppers???
Didn't the people of Ontario pay for the international shopping facility of the LCBO's web site???
Why has it been more than 2 years and it still doesn't work (still can't sell products to a customer with a valid Mastercard for delivery within Ontario)???
...and why when I wrote to the LCBO about having my money tied up in their glitchy web-site does nobody write back???

Attached is a screen shot of my online pending payment to the LCBO that I have no access to until they agree to either complete my purchase or release the money back to me.


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    cplcbo Jan 10, 2020


    helloLCBO is the first-point of contact for internal and external LCBO customers seeking customer service and support. helloLCBO supports several channels of communication by phone, fax, email, live chat and our multi-channel support portal

    Go to

    Thanks for choosing the LCBO.

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rude, miserable unprofessional employees

I have frequently purchased at this location. The employees need to have an update on customer service. More training is required. Stocking should be done on down time and...

rude staff!

I'm on my way to hunt camp, I dropped in to get a case of Budlight (cans), there was only one staff working, she was at the front counter serving a line up. I searched store...

rude cashier stephanie

I went to your Durham Centre location today with my 31 year old daughter, I was buying some beer, wine and a bottle of vodka. I texted my husband to confirm this is what he wanted...

store policies

Depending on the answer this is question. Can a gas station/corner store make you spend half of your returns in their store? Every time we go to cash our empties we are told that we have spend half of our return in their gas bar, is that not double dipping for the owner and is that a standard policy. One of the attends gives us the full amount for our return because we are regular customers there... Can the store owner do this?

bacardi oakheart spiced rum

How in the [censored] do you guys get rid of the best rum you got on the shelves? This is an outrage, the new spiced [censored] you guys came out with taste like moose piss. I am saddened at...

I am complaining about the service experience I had while inside lcbo

I approached a male CSR, Alex, and asked him for his assistance in giving me white wine recommendations for gifts and for consumption at home. He showed me a couple bottles in...

cashier behaviour

I went to the store to buy some beers me and a friend of mine i was he gave me a hand along side handle one of the beer crates while i had the others i am 24 while he is 22 a...


I went to store #001 on September 7th at approximately 10:10 PM. I asked one gentle for my selection, he was very pleasant and due to my condition he got it for me. I proceeded to the cash. That's where I met Yuktha, complete opposite of 1st gentleman. She didn't serve me because of my handicapped, I was very embarrased and hurt. I went to store manager, she was able to get someone else to serve me proving I wasn't under the influence of anything. All I have is an handicap that requires me to use a cane and my left eye is completely shut. And my speech is a bit off!

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    cplcbo Jan 10, 2020

    Corporate social responsibility is a key element of the LCBO’s mandate and has been since its inception in 1927. As part of our responsible service program, LCBO Retail employees demonstrate their vigilance in preventing sales to minors, those who appear intoxicated or those attempting to shop for either of those individuals every day. LCBO also has a number of initiatives encouraging responsible consumption and help prevent impaired driving. In this case the CSR made a mistake, this does happen.

    The ultimate goal of the LCBO is to meet and surpass customer expectations while serving customers with disabilities. Comments on our services regarding how well those expectations are being met are welcomed and appreciated. Feedback regarding the way LCBO provides goods and services to people with disabilities can be made by contacting: Phone: helloLCBO/alloLCBO Contact Centre - 1-800-668-5226

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customer service representative brenda

I am visiting Woodstock and overall I really enjoy it, but I just got back from the LCBO and watched the LCBO employees do a bunch of [censored] that is not ok. I used to work at the...

behavior training practices

This is a wacky store. I am a 61 year old businessman wearing dress pants and a collar shirt. Its sunny outside, and 5pm. At the checkout with a lineup of people watching on I am...

LCBO — customer service. bad management

My friend went into this lcbo location where she has purchased alcohol several times and never had her Id. She is 27. She also has a broken foot. She comes out and I enter the...

Liquor Control Board of Ontario — service

On multiple occasions I have witnessed and had the opportunity it to have the harsh undermining rudeness of the young (20 to 21) man serve me and today was the final straw. I am a...

LCBOrude cashier with poor customer service

I visited LCBO at the Victoria Park and Finch location just to get last minute father's gift as a surprise for my dad. I ran out the house in a rush only took my phone and visa card with me. I hardly get asked for ID nowadays because I am in 30s. The cashier name Moussie asked for my ID, without letting me explain, he was rude, no empathy at all towards my situation! I understand it was my mistake not getting my ID when they just trying to do their job. But Moussie's terrible attitude and high ego absolutely upset me! What does customer service mean anymore? A liquor store should not act like as if I am a chief trying to steal money from the bank. I came back with anger and my ID, without further empathy, he told me to "ease" and not to throw card on the table. Really? He did not even look at my ID in the end!! This is very disappointing as this particular LCBO employee is trying to use their authorized empowerment to make trouble for customers! If this check ID who look under 25 is really to suspect the minority, then why do they even go buy liquor without an ID? There are so many ways to drink underage without visiting LCBO, please, do not let stupid policy ruin the all the resource, money and time wasted on nurturing customer service!

LCBOstock on weekends

Pontypool LCBO is consistently out of stock on several items but more so on Coors Light products. At 4pm on a Saturday afternoon and they have no more 24 bottles so you are forced to buy cans or 15 bottles for a higher price is ridiculous. They blame it on a wedding but it happens all the time. With mosport every weekend and people traveling north, there should be no excuse. I will start shopping in Newcastle or Bowmanville to get what I want and it will be cold.

LCBO — manager of the store has poor customer service skills

Today is June 12, 2019. I came across of single 473ml Budweiser cans advertised on sale for $2.50 save .20. I bought 6 cans. The price came up as $16.20. After I paid I asked if...



I wanted to touch on a customer service experience I had with an employee this past weekend at your 2946 Bloor St W, Etobicoke, ON M8X 1B7 location. I frequently visit this location from time to time and purchase products almost every other weekend, so I'm very familiar with most of the staff. A gentleman (a balding guy with long greasy hair coming from the sides) served my mom and I with the most disrespectful, malicious tone a "cashier" could have. I mean, we came in there for a bottle of wine but left with this mans attitude burdening on our shoulders. This isn't the first time I've encountered him mistreating customers because I've seen him do it many times before, just this time I can't keep quiet since he disrespected my family and I. I spoke to the manager Ryan after (who didn't see the whole incident as he was helping a customer carry out a few things) but he seemed to be invited to this type of attitude as he brushed my mom and I off as nothing happened. I would like to see something done about this, if not I will petition around the neighboured to have him removed as I believe he is a threat to your business and the community at broad. Having people like that is a disease and he seems to think he is protected by the laws the company has given him, when in fact it is the customer that has power and I want this situation rectified. I will visit over the next few months to see if anything has changed.

Thanks for your time,

Look forward to some action on this.

  • Am
    𝘾ameronGA May 27, 2019

    Just to let you know that this incident made me so angry that my mother and I got into an argument. I punched her in the face. Now she won't talk to me thanks to this jerk.

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LCBOstaff (cashier)

I just went to the lcbo at carleton place today (may 18 2019) around 3pm. I was buying some tall boys (mostly ipas) and a bottle of white wine for the weekend. The cashier, whom I wish I got his name (he wore glasses that were tinted, had grey hair, a buzzcut and asked if someone just completed a sweep log) but seemed to be power tripping was extremely rude and I have never felt so harassed at an lcbo before. He stared me down while I was unpacking my alcohol for him (trying to be polite as I know that's annoying for cashiers to do themselves) and I felt uncomfortable from his gaze (I am a 30 year old woman and he was very creepy). I gave him my id which was my passport since my driver's license just expired and he yells "she's going in a trip! When does the plane leave?!" of which I think is entirely inappropriate. I told him my drivers license is in my wallet but is expired if he would also like to see that. He said no, looked iver my passport for a long time... And then put through the transaction. Lcbo needs sensitivity training for their cashiers. I refuse to feel harassed when I shop there. I have every right as anyone else and I hope one day someone geta their workers on film and contacts cbc or marketplace and exposes this inappropriate behaviour. It shouldn't be a right of passage to not be harassed at lcbo once I start getting wrinkles or start looking older... I'm 30 years old and have been able to drink for 11 years now..

LCBO — cashiers are aggressive, rude and belittling

I was in the LCBO Oakville on Oak Walk Drive. My boyfriend and I are in are 30s and my boyfriend had ID, however I did not. I understand LCBO policy and we were not allowed to...

LCBOalario central valley, cab. sauv. wine 2018 chile

UPC Code [protected] & black box has an L then what looks like a slanted 8314 followed by date 2018/11/10 750ml size

I purchased a bottle 3wks ago & opened it same day of purchase. It tasted like wine vinegar! I was planning on bringing back to store but forgot about it (it was stored in paper bag in a cool place)...I just tried it again (after 3wks) & the taste improved a little but still not drinkable -- Unfortunately I tossed it out instead of returning it to store! I just wanted to let you know I won't be buying Chilean wine anytime soon. In my opinion it should have stayed in Chile aging longer or shipping container requires temperature settings to be checked!
Thanks. Jackson Griggs Merlot is great as is Boudacious Smoothe White!

/Rosemary Long-Morgan

alario central valley, cab. sauv. wine 2018 chile
alario central valley, cab. sauv. wine 2018 chile

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    cplcbo May 03, 2019

    Feel free to contact our help-desk if you have any more questions at 416-365-5900 or toll-free 1-800-668-5226. Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm

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LCBOcustomer representative using foul language

Customer service representative named preet used foul language
Location : central plaza, 128 queen st s, mississauga, on l5m 1k8

After getting gifts for my friends anniversary, I asked for gift packing and I was told that gift packaging is only for 750ml; paper packaging was available ;
Date of incident : 20 april 2019

She used foul language when asked additional paper packaging, before billing;

She has no right to use foul language for asking additional packaging.

Why customer service training is not provided.

Please take proper action against the representative '


  • Cp
    cplcbo May 03, 2019


    As our employees are human, they will let a bad word slip from time to time. Though we do not like hearing it was in-front of a customer. Gift packing is available for ALL purchases, not just 750 ml. Also asking for an extra brown paper bag or two is totally allowed. We will look into it.

    Feel free to contact our help-desk if you have any more questions at 416-365-5900 or toll-free 1-800-668-5226. Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm.

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    cplcbo May 03, 2019


    The CSR was completely right to deny you service. As per our TOS, that can be found in each and every store, we hold the right to refuse service is no ID is produced, not only to the person who has no ID, but the entire party who is shopping with the person in question., as it is possible that alcohol can be provided to minors.

    Feel free to contact our help-desk if you have any more questions at 416-365-5900 or toll-free 1-800-668-5226. Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm.

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LCBO Beamsville Ontario — I was refused service.

My daughter, son and I were shopping at the store in question. My son was carrying the basket and we were all adding items to it. When we got to the cash my daughter (27 year...


I just wish to find out if the company has any Cameroonian employees. There is a scam carried out in the name of this company. A certain Fuh Everline with contact number as +[protected] who claims to be the liaison person to this company. She promises job offers to young Cameroonians, collects huge sums of money from them, even takes their passports for visa to Nigeria and nothing is ever left to remember the venture except for the frustration families end up in.

There is yet another who has begun the exploit. The person goes on Facebook by the name Camille Wilson. please check this out.

Here attached is the copy of the passport, video of whose visa on it they did to convince us that it is authentic.

  • Cp
    cplcbo May 03, 2019


    This sounds like a scam.

    Feel free to contact our help-desk if you have any more questions at 416-365-5900 or toll-free 1-800-668-5226. Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm.

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    cplcbo May 03, 2019

    Shopping with Someone Underage? If you shop in LCBO stores with a son or daughter or anyone who’s under 19 years of age, please don’t ask the child or teenager to help you bring alcohol to the checkout counter. We don’t want to inconvenience any customers, use a shopping basket, cart or ask our staff for assistance.

    There are eight forms of acceptable photo ID:

    • Ontario Driver’s Licence

    • LCBO Bring Your ID (BYID) Card

    • Canadian Passport

    • Canadian Citizenship Card

    • Canadian Armed Forces Identification Card

    • Certificate of Indian Status Card

    • Permanent Resident Card

    • Ontario Photo Card

    Feel free to contact our help-desk if you have any more questions at 416-365-5900 or toll-free 1-800-668-5226. Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm.

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LCBO — service

I was with a family member, we are both over 21 and I did not bring my licence. Just because I carry a single bottle to help my family member out, and I didn't have ID, we were...

LCBO — rude customer service

I'm a regular customer at my local LCBO! Every time I go I get silent treatment and rude looks from two employees whom work together. I was close with one of the ladies daughter...

LCBOhorrible customer service

Location 396 St Clair Ave W has always had horrendous cs representatives, but this time it was something else. Rude lady, who's name I unfortunately did not remember, screamed in my face that my health card is expired and I can not buy alcohol, despite me explaining that it is still a valid ID and I have used it before, because my new health card is coming in the mail .
All I want is to speak with the manager, who as not present at the moment, identify that woman and know that there has been a penalty.

  • Ir
    iraIrus Nov 09, 2018

    At the time when I used the health card it was not expired. Where did I say that I used an expired health card before? I just stated that they used my health card the last time. It was not expired then. The whole point is a expired health card is acceptable ID. It still has my birthd

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  • Cp
    cplcbo Nov 13, 2018

    Hello, LCBO policy is we cannot accept any for of ID that is expired for numerous reasons already mentioned in this topic. You are in the wrong.

    Feel free to contact our help-desk if you have any more questions at 416-365-5900 or toll-free 1-800-668-5226. Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6:00pm,
    Saturdays 9:00am - 6:00pm.


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  • Ch
    Cheech28 Apr 15, 2019

    @cplcbo Who hired you? Your whole response is littered with grammatical errors. Extremely unprofessional for a government run business.

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LCBOclerk providing bad service

On Tuesday evening, October 15, 2018 at about 6:45, I purchased products at the college park location. At the cash register, the clerk (with the name tag Ronald or Roland), processed my purchase
I asked for $100 cash back as I paid. I was told I could have $60. He stated "I dictate what money you can get." When he proffered the cash, he included too many $5 bills, placed the money on the counter and told me to sign the receipt. I asked him to count out the money to me and I was told it had been counted, I should count it myself.
I was not happy with the number of $5 bills and said so after watching customers ahead of me paying with larger denominations. He suggested I move to another line up at another counter to get more money - which I certainly declined. He then called security
The manager was on his way out but stopped to inquire about the situation.
Besides the poor service and over reaction by the clerk, the cash - which was still on the counter - was only $50!!! Thankfully, I had never touched the money.
After being told by this clerk: "this is my till", I moved some paces away while the manager discussed the situation with this clerk.
Upon realizing the clerk's error in offering me the supposed $60, the manager offered me 3 $20 bills asking if I would accept these bills.
The manager acted courteously towards me and apologized for not having a business card at hand and suggested I visit if I wanted

I was stunned by the clerk's service overall. Rude and pompous was my impression. He purposely would not meet my request for cash back, called for servurty and then "after counting [the money]", shorted me by $10!!! Was he attempting to pocket the $10 himself?

I believe this clerk needs to reacquaint himself with the policies of your corporation. Certainly, in the vast majority of my interactions with your staff over decades, I have received courteous and professional service. This clerk made me feel demeaned and upset. He clearly intended to misrepresent the amount of money which he offered in low denominations when he had $50 and $20 denominations available. I had asked for $100.
He "dictated" I was only able to receive $60 and then tried to cheat me on that amount!

I hope you can insure his training is up to LCBO standards if I am ever unfortunate enough to be in his check out line again in the future

  • Cp
    cplcbo Oct 22, 2018

    Greetings, the LCBO is a not a bank. We are doing YOU a favor by providing cash back. Our CSR's are only allowed to give a max of $500 and ONLY if we have enough in the till. You will get whatever bill or change size we have. If you do not like it walk to an ATM. In this situation we find the CSR was in the right and not you. Feel free to contact our help-desk if you have any more questions at 416-365-5900 or toll-free 1-800-668-5226. Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6:00pm,
    Saturdays 9:00am - 6:00pm.


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LCBO — service

Employees (Natalie, Darcy, Lisa, Kelly) treated my elderly mother like some kind of criminal!!! She made a mistake thinking you can put a freebie lil bottle on a bottle of triple...

LCBO — service

So i went to the lcbo today with my fiance i wasnt buying anything and didnt touch anything this girl asked me for my id i said i didnt have it and she was was very rude to me im...

LCBO — service

August 11/18 aproximatly 3:30 pm, I walk in LCBO located 37 King St E, Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0 I put my purchase at the cash no one was in front of me. The girl (staff) wasstanding...

LCBO — unprofessional service

There is a LCBO in Sauble beach, I have been in there numerous times throughout the years, I recently had gone in the store and I tried to get someone's attention to ask where a...

LCBO — bush beer

I'm so annoyed! I stopped st the lcbo and picked up a case of tall cans. When I picked up the one 6 pack to put in the cooler, 2 cans came out of the rings and smashed in the...


On July 29 between 1:00 - 2:00, I walked in the beer store with my son and was treated horribly by an employee. There was a handwritten Bristol board stating that they were out of bottles of Corona, but had cans. I simply asked the gentleman for 12 cans of Corona and he told me they didn't have any. I responded that the sign stated that they were out of bottles but had cans. He was very rude and responded "I know what I have." I simply said "But your customers don't know because of what is written on the sign." I then asked for 24 bottles of Blue. He got on the microphone and said "24 Blue, AND TAKE YOUR TIME." I was standing by the conveyor belt, four other customers were served promptly before me. As my beer came through, the same gentleman pushed it with such a force, that if I hadn't spontaneously stopped it, it would have smashed right through the front window. I somewhat raised my voice and said " Easy boy." At which point he responded "Don't call me boy, get out of my store." Afraid of what this guy was capable of, coupled with the fact that my son was with me and I didn't want to create an even bigger scene, I simply said "Look, you almost broke my arm, and look how many witnesses are here." He got mad and yelled "GET OUT OF MY STORE AND DON'T COME BACK NO MORE, YOU WHITE MAN."

Both myself and my son are so bothered with this incident and are requesting that disciplinary action be taken to make sure that no one else is treated this way by this employee. I looked to see if he had a name tag but did not see one, but can easily identify him if I had a picture. I will not step foot into this store for fear of this guy losing it (sane people don't act this way).

I trust that you will take this matter seriously and let me know the outcome.


Cosimo Daniele
41 Lockheed Ave
Maple, Ont
L6A 1X9

  • Cp
    cplcbo Sep 28, 2018

    This is not an LCBO issue. Please deal directly with the Beer Store. They are not associated with the LCBO

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LCBOcustomer service - store #641 - a cashier by the name is selena.

Hi there, I just made a trip to the LCBO store at 501 Appleby Line in Burlington. The rule of thumb for any good customer service is that the check out process can't be longer than the actual collection of the goods at the store. I was lining up at the checkout line managed by someone by the name of SELENA, she keeps chatting up every single customer, she looked intoxicated under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. By the time the teller next to her has served 3 customers, she was still chatting with the people in front of me and when I complained saying that she was being disrespectful of my time, she refused to cash me out and I had to leave the store without the reason I came in. I understand most of the people working at the LCBO stores are part time without any proper customer service training but I really think they can do way better than the lousy/non existent customer service I experienced today.
If you need to reach out to me for further clarification, please do so my cell phone number is [protected].
Angelica Mosquera

  • Cp
    cplcbo Sep 28, 2018

    Our CSR's are not needed to rush. They can take any amount of time they need with each customer to make sure they have the best experience possible.

    "without any proper customer service training" We over train our employees with Customer First training, so this statement is not correct.

    Please contact us at 1-800-668-5226 for more help. Monday to Friday 830am -6pm.

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  • Ch
    Cheech28 Apr 15, 2019

    @cplcbo Your response indicates that you have an IQ below 80.

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LCBOhill farmstead beer release.

First offered 3 beers from Hill Farmstead Brewery and Keep6 Imports, as part of a limited release set to go on sale online through LCBO website at 11am July 23rd. with a limit of 4 bottles per person. The LCBO website crashed, leaving consumers to wasting hours of their time.

The Hill Farmstead offer was rescheduled for today (July 27th, 2018) with a release time of 8:30am this morning with a limit of 2 bottles per person.

The website went live approximately 20-25 minutes early, leaving consumers who were waiting for the product to go live at 8:30am, waiting for a product that was "sold out" 20 minutes before it was supposed to go on sale, wasting a lot of people's time once again. There is also speculation that the site went live early to accomidate LCBO employees first before actual customers. Now maybe our time isn't worth much more than a "sorry" to the LCBO monopoly, but even Keep 6 Imports is saying that they were "let down by the system" and that in future they would find a "better way" to get their beer into the hands of the people that want it. The LCBO has proved themselves to be unreliable in the face of a limited release. Let all suppliers know this. Two debacles for one release.

hill farmstead beer release.
hill farmstead beer release.

  • Updated by mangotango · Jul 27, 2018

    These pictures are what Hill Farmstead buyers were greeted to upon the 8:30am scheduled release.

  • Cp
    cplcbo Sep 28, 2018

    This was a while quantities last sale, different internet speeds and computers will affect this.

    Please contact us at 1-800-668-5226 for more help. Monday to Friday 830am -6pm.

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Liquor Control Board of Ontario — customer service complaint for location 3730 lake shore blvd w, etobicoke, on m8w 1n6

July 19th, 2018, approx 1pm, my husband a HS teacher stopped by to pick up a bottle of Vodka today only to be mistreated by a cashier with Blonde hair . He asked for a box because...

LCBO — government

On July 18, 2018, I entered the LCBO on St. CLAIR Ave in Chatham, Ontario with my husband, and asked a customer service rep, Shirley, to help look for a specific wine. A Pinot...