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CB Retail Stores Love's Travel Stop Employee sexual harassed me
Love's Travel Stop

Love's Travel Stop review: Employee sexual harassed me

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8:04 pm EDT
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Yes I'm a customer who was simply using the bathroom at this store and monitor located in Monte Vista Colorado I was going to purchase a few items but first I needed to use the restroom while in the restroom and employee by the name of Alize I believe a blue-headed blue haired young little girl stated that they were going to call the cops on me because I was doing drugs and their restroom which I was not I was taking a number two a poop and I told the young girl what do you mean I'm doing drugs can you smell my [censored] what are you doing back there by the restrooms anyways are you trying to be a pervert and watch me use the restroom or are you trying to smell my butt that's disgusting I'm really really really feeling harassed right now and really disgusted in the service that that employee is providing there at Love's Travel Stop here in Monte Vista Colorado I believe she needs to be fired she should not be hanging around the bathrooms trying to smell people's butts I was simply in the restroom for less than 5 minutes but due to her actions I cut my restroom break short and decided not to give my business no more and I had rode my bike exactly 2 miles from my house just to come to this Love's because of certain products that this store contains that others do not and I'm simply more Angry than ever I do wish that management there at that store is retrained on how they should go about people's restroom breaks if a customer walks in they should not be hanging out by the bathroom trying to smell in my opinion people's butts are trying to be sneaky and checked me out while I'm using the bathroom and be a pervert I feel sexually harassed and I also feel just harassed in general it's a crock of bull I refuse now to go to this store due to the sexual predator employees whom work at this location. I'm so close to calling the local law enforcement to file a sexual harassment claim but for the publics view I will refrain from doing so to save your stores reputation I do recommend action be done for future events where others may feel harassed as I just did today is Saturday September 9th, 2023. Thanks you for your time I hope this individual getting terminated serves as a lesson for other employees currently employed to new employees in the future.

Desired outcome: I want this individual terminated and other employees to be informed that standing by a public restroom door smelling ones butt sexually disgusted me feel harassed more than 1 way

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